Ellen’s Tale Pt. 05

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In Part Four we saw Kym hire an escort girl for an hour in an attempt to settle a question about her sexual orientation. She is still attracted to Anna but there is a rival for her affections when one of Anna’s colleagues, Shobi steps up and offers to put her up for the night when ex cop, McNally fails to turn up for a bail appointment. Shobi’s intentions however are far more mercenary as she homes in on Anna, seeking a way in. Gitti is drafted in to talk to one of McNally’s friends and see if she can help locate him. Ellen is now at Jacinda’s place and the two are drawing closer together.

The blinds had been drawn on the windows of Lynette’s Salon in Beaumaris but there was still a light shining between them, indicating some staff were still inside. It was well known that some tv personalities sometimes booked an after hours appointment in an attempt to stop people gawking and taking pictures through the window. To that effect, Lynette had hung her usual sign in the door. Private Appointments Only. Ring bell for assistance.

However, the only private bookings she had that evening were a former detective, Gitti and a serving detective, Angie and they weren’t celebrities by any means but Lynette prided herself on making ordinary working people feel like celebrities even if it was just for show. Angie had been treated to a freebie and now it was Gitti’s turn. Lynette wasn’t being entirely altruistic though, she needed to keep her hands busy whilst police made plans to locate ex detective turned criminal, Roy McNally and take him back to a police station to discuss the bail conditions he’d just broken.

“What do you think?” Lynette fluffed out Gitti’s hair.

“I like it,” Gitti plucked at a lock of hair in the front, “it’s almost manageable. My boyfriend in Sydney will have to reconsider relocating to Melbourne,” she turned her head to one side.

“Just as long as he doesn’t want to move in,” she continued, “that’s a bridge too far. I value my privacy and women are much easier to live with,” she examined her new hairdo.

She’d lost two inches off the bottom so that her hair fell to three inches past her collar, it had also been thinned out at the sides and top, giving her an elongated bob effect. It looked professional and yet also alluring, she managed a tired grin as Lynette carried her instruments over to a small sink just beside the mirror in front of the chair. She glanced at the front window. The salon had closed half an hour ago and the only other person in the establishment was Angie.

“What do you think, Angie?”

“About what? Your hair or letting men move in?”

“The second one,” Gitti replied

“Yeah, that does it for me,” Angie smiled, “if they want to stay more than one night I show them the dog kennel out the back and tell them to talk it over with Rastus and his son, Milo.”

“What kind of dogs are they?” Lynette looked at her in the mirror.

“Rastus is part blue heeler, part kelpie and part bull terrier and Milo’s mother is the labradoodle that dug a hole under the neighbour’s fence. Her owner is Selena and I agreed to take one of the pups in exchange for the old Holden my ex brother in law dumped on my nature strip.”

“An interesting exchange,” Lynette replied.

“It was,” she inclined her head and looked at the front window, “she had just bought a similar model Holden and wanted mine for spare parts and Rastus needed a playmate.”

“So, you don’t have a bloke?” Lynette carried her instruments over to a nearby sink.

“Not me, although I do confess to a passing attraction for Selena though but she’s been seeing some woman in Wantirna so at the moment I’m happily single.

“I’ve thought about switching sides. I had one brief affair with a married woman five years ago,” she glanced at her.

“And how was it? Just out of curiosity,” Gitti asked.

“It was better than I thought, you could say it was addictive, but I knew that if we kept going I’d be out of control and it would kill her marriage.”

“What do you mean by out of control?” Angie glanced at her phone as it beeped.

“I need exits,” Lynette replied, “you don’t go through three marriages, two defacto marriages and a slew of lovers without developing an exit strategy. Even with Ken, as much as I like him, I have my exit already worked out,” she stopped as Angie touched the screen and raised the phone to her ear as she walked to the window.

“My youngest daughter is pregnant and wants to move back to my place for a bit of support from her mother. Ken’s not the fatherly type and he definitely won’t cope with my broody daughter living there at the same time. When she moves back in I’ll suggest he moves in with his ex brother in law until Helen gives birth and then of course I’ll be the doting grandmother, again and he’ll fade from view.”

“You don’t just kick him out?”

“Heavens no, he’s not a bad man, he just has an inflated view of himself,” she replied, “he’s on his seventh draft of the great Australian novel and he’s only written half the book.”

Angie lowered the phone a minute bursa escort later as Lynette dried the scissors and combs she’d washed, she turned around and nodded.

“Well?” Gitti swung around in the chair.

“They’ve got him in custody,” Angie replied, “he actually saw the police car cruising by the house and stepped out to wave the car down. He’s been taken back to Frankston for a bit and then they’ll transfer him to the Assessment Centre for the weekend and possibly longer, depending on what they can arrange for his co-accused. They need to keep them separated for now.”

“Has he mentioned me?”

“I really don’t know, they’re getting ready to question him again.”

“So, what happens now?” Lynette turned the tap off, “do you need a statement from me?”

“Not yet,” she replied, “he’s walked out before we sent in the soggies so he knows the game is up. He would have known we’d come and see you sooner or later and his only other option was to stay under the radar and try to go interstate.”

“I really haven’t had much to do with him for the last three years. He used to drop by for a haircut and a bit of conversation every couple of months but then he got that place up the bush and I never saw him. He just rang me out of the blue and asked for a temporary place so he could prepare for his upcoming trial,” she folded her arms.

“I honestly thought he was checking in with his bail officer, until you showed up,” she nodded at Gitti, “I didn’t want him staying with me, I’d seen the news reports but he never discussed things like that with me. He said it was better to stay a clean skin.”

“You think she’s telling the truth?” Gitti looked over at Angie some twenty minutes later as they drove away from Beaumaris.

“You’re asking me?” Angie stared at her, “you’re the one with more experience.”

“I get the impression she’s covering her tracks but considering the charges he’s facing I can’t say I blame her but Roy just walking out to give himself up sounds suspicious.”

“The police car would have given it away,” Angie conceded, “that’s the problem with hunting your own, they know your moves before you make them. We can give him the story about an anonymous tip off but I’m not convinced he’ll buy it.”

“But he’ll probably leave her alone,” she replied, “when she said he’d called her a clean skin it seems to imply that he wants to keep her out of the loop. God knows his ex wives have all given him the heave ho, she’s probably the only woman left who actually talks to him.”

“Let’s hope she doesn’t ditch her current partner and try to reach out to Roy, she needs to stay on the right path and who knows? Find herself a woman? They tend to be less trouble.”

“Where are you going?” Gitti stared at the service station where Roy had been left a couple of hours ago, “what about Tom?”

“He’s gone back to the station to oversee the interview, so I’m on taxi duties tonight,” she took out her phone, “I’d better let the girls know the coast is clear.”

“No, you drive and I’ll text,” she picked up the phone and tapped out a message.

Gitti: Coast is clear, sorry about the little scare. A certain person tried to get creative with his living arrangements, but his accommodations for the weekend have been sorted out now and he’ll be explaining himself to his Lordship on Monday. On my way home. How are you? And did you contact Anna?


Ellen picked up the phone and read the message from Gitti as Jacinda carried the polystyrene food containers over to the bin. A smile nudged her lips a moment later.

Ellen: Thank fuck for that. I’m cool, I’m crashing at Jacinda’s and Anna is staying over at Shobi’s joint tonight. I’ll pick up Tab tomorrow morning so I’ll be back by about 10 or so.

Gitti: Thanks you’re a gem! Have a good night. Don’t forget to text Anna and give her the good news.

“Everything all right?” Jacinda glanced over as she walked back to the sink to wash the cutlery.

“Yeah, everything’s cool, they must’ve picked that bent copper up.”

“And?” Jacinda looked over at her.

“His accommodations have been sorted out for the weekend, which is police code for he’ll be in the cells getting three meals a day.”

“Is that the copper they were talking about on tv?” Jacinda started rinsing off the cutlery, “the one who was charged with possession of illegal guns?”

“Yeah, I told the cops he’d been a regular at the clubhouse years ago, he was probably the one who supplied them with all the fire power.”

“There’s some scary bastards around,” she shivered, “and what scares me is that some of them are in uniform.”

“The bikies had their own uniform too, I don’t know what it is about men and uniforms. Whether it’s police uniforms, army uniforms or other kinds of uniforms but people wind up getting bashed or killed.”

“You’re painting with a pretty broad brush there,” she chuckled, “doctors have uniforms, so do the paramedics, it’s just the ones with guns I like to think have my best interests at heart.”

“I need to call Anna and give bursa escort bayan her the good news,” she tapped her phone, “you fancy another wine?”

“Yeah, why not? It’s not like I’m driving and you’re still staying the night?”

“That’s the plan, ma’am,” she straightened up as she heard the pre recorded message telling her that the caller was unavailable.

“Huh, she must have turned her phone off,” she waited for the message prompt and then left her message.

“Hiya, it’s me. Your phone was turned off. Gitti just told me the coast is clear so you can head back home if you want. She’s on her way home right now… okay, bye now.”

She hung up and stared at the phone.

“I’ve never known her to turn her phone off.”

“Actually, I’ve changed my mind, I’ll have a Bundy and Coke, the rum is in that shelf up there,” she nodded at a corner cupboard door to her left.

Ellen walked past her and opened the door, the corner shelf was on rollers and as it rolled out she noted the bottles on the shelf. There were a half dozen bottles, a mixture of bourbons, rums and a bottle of single malt. There was also a bottle of Kahlua and a bottle of vodka.

“Yum,” she smiled dreamily, “remember our favourite drink, Black Russian?”

“Oh, God, how can I forget that one,” Jacinda turned around suddenly, “fuck it, let’s go for broke, let’s have a Black Russian, I’ll get the Coke.”

Ellen frowned as she took down the Kahlua and vodka, recalling the last time they’d had this drink. It had been after school and they’d both been quite tipsy although Jacinda was decidedly the worse for wear and had passed out.

“I remember the last time we had this,” she closed the door, “you passed out.”

“And I had to wash my mouth out with Listerine before mum got home,” she smirked.

“I remember something else though,” Ellen placed the bottles on the island bench, “you lying on my bed and me just staring at you. I think that’s where it kind of started for me, even though it took one shitty marriage and a few boyfriends before I finally stepped over the line.”

“You never mentioned that before,” Jacinda glanced at her.

“And for good reason, we were best mates. You can’t just come out to your best mate and admit you feel like kissing them.”

“And my mum would have had me in front of a fucking therapist anyway.”

Ellen said nothing as they prepared the drinks, each woman was lost in her own thoughts and then she broke the silence when she raised her glass.

“Fuck the world.”

“I want to get off,” Jacinda clinked her glass against Ellen’s as she repeated the second part of their childhood toast.

They sipped their drinks and Jacinda shivered as she savoured the warmth.

“Ooh, that hits the spot, come on let’s get comfortable.”

They made their way through to the couch and sat down next to each other. Ellen fixed her eyes on the fading light outside, the street lights had come on and she shifted her position slightly.

“We had a joint last time.”

“I’m long past that phase,” Jacinda murmured.

“Me too, I have the occasional one but I never take it home.”

“Home,” she glanced at her, “so, what’s the situation like between you and Anna?”

“It’s complicated,” she took another sip, “I mean I like her, and I get the impression that if I made the right moves then she’d step across the line but I find myself holding back.”

“Why? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“Because of the way she is right now. She’s just ended her marriage, she’s had to vacate the marital home and move into Gitti’s joint, she’s holding it together pretty good to be honest but if she and I start licking each other’s clits then it could tip her over the edge. I don’t know her that well, and if it all goes tits up then she’s living on the same property as her now ex girlfriend.”

“I wondered about that,” she nudged her leg lightly, “but I didn’t want to ask last night.”

“That’s because we were too busy fucking each other’s brains out,” she grinned, “I had a grin from ear to ear.”

“Was I that good?”

“Well yeah, but the thing I liked as well was you walking out the door and then leaving this brooch behind like a trophy. Oh shit, sorry, clumsy me kind of thing.”

“You’ve ticked one box then,” Jacinda stared straight ahead, “I love my privacy, my last girlfriend wanted to set up a home here, she works at Bunnings and she was always bringing home catalogues or taking pictures of things for the home like bathroom fittings, furniture and things for the house, things for the garden. She took more interest in redecorating than me and I’m the one putting on my overalls and doing the work, when I have time,” she took another sip.

“I knew it was only a matter of time before she moved in. She would’ve have fallen out with her housemate and then turned up on my doorstep one night with her entire world packed into garbage bags and I’d be fucked. I would take her in just for a few nights or weeks but that would be the end for bursa merkez escort me, to get her out I’d have to break up with her.”

“So, you had a big fight.”

“Not quite,” she flinched, “we had words, strong empowering words like finding the balance, taking time out for me, self loving but in the end I had to tell her straight out that I need time away from you and you need to do something about your dreams. She wanted to go back to college and study nursing but it was always talk, she never did anything concrete to actually enrol or do courses to help the application.”

“You were her crutch?”

“Pretty much, she had the tattoos and the tough talk but I was the butch one.”

“Tatts don’t make you tough anyway,” she took another mouthful, “but getting back to the topic, I like my living situation. Gitti has never given me a time limit and in fact I think she’d probably try to stop me leaving by lowering the rent. She loves having Tabitha running about the place, she can’t have kids because she’s infertile so all those maternal instincts are unleashed onto Tabitha, and if I get involved with Anna it just upsets the dynamic.”

“So, you wouldn’t move in here then.”

“Fuck no, and I love this place. It’s awesome and I can’t wait to see what it looks like when you finish with the other rooms but nuclear wars and killer asteroids aside, I’d come here to have dinner or a coffee,” she put a hand on her leg, “or fuck but I have a home that I love.”

Jacinda’s eyes narrowed as she looked down at Ellen’s hand.

“Speaking of fucking, I want that brooch back, it was a present from mum.”

“And you’ll get it back,” Ellen rose and walking to the window, fiddled with one of the knobs that hung from the side.

“The other one,” Jacinda murmured.

Ellen closed the blinds, shutting out the world and turned towards her. Jacinda was still holding the glass in her hand and she had a strange half smile on her face as Ellen walked towards her.

She took a few seconds to gather herself. Jacinda had agreed to the ‘terms’ for the safe return of her brooch, she had to dress in uniform. Admittedly it was a half hearted attempt arranged with clothes from her wardrobe. She’d found a grey, knee-length skirt, white blouse and black jacket, which now hung over the back of a kitchen chair. The striped tie that had belonged to her ex husband lent a pseudo schoolgirl look to her outfit but in true Jacinda style, she’d also donned a pair of sheepskin boots. Ellen’s outfit on the other hand was more dramatic. She wore a white trouser suit and a white blouse with a placket hiding the buttons and cream shoes, the aforementioned brooch was fastened to the top of her blouse.

A few moments later she stepped forward, keeping her eyes fixed on her. Jacinda returned the gaze measure for measure from her position on the couch.

“So,” Ellen leaned over and grasping the coffee table, moved it to one side, “you’ve been a very very naughty girl,” she took the glass from her and put it on the table.

“Yes, I have. I hid something from you.”

“I know,” she straddled her, “I found it under my pillow.”

“I hid a brooch,” she reached up and grabbed the brooch but when she tried to undo it Ellen pushed her hands away.

“No, you can’t take it now,” she slid her hands up over her front, “first we have to punish you.”

“And what is the punishment?” Jacinda asked as Ellen’s hands slid over her jumper.

She got to her breasts and Jacinda’s eyes narrowed as Ellen squeezed them, a slight smile tugged at her lips as Ellen found her nipples beneath the clothes and rubbed them slowly. Her eyes were fixed on Jacinda’s as she worked and then she leaned forward and moved her hands up to her collar and kissed her on the lips. Jacinda reciprocated when Ellen opened her mouth, they broke free briefly and she brought her hands back to her breasts and kissed her again.

“We need to educate you,” she her hands down to her belly and then up under her jumper.

“You’re the boss,” she smiled, “and I’ve been a very naughty girl. Can I touch you?”

“Of course, but you can’t undress me,” her hands moved further up to her breasts and Jacinda’s eyes flickered as Ellen rubbed her nipples through the blouse and bra, “but if you want your brooch back you need to learn a few lessons.”

“And then?” Jacinda looked down at herself as Ellen drew her fingers along the edges of her cups as she kept rubbing her nipples.

“It’s time you learned about submission.”

“I like submission,” Jacinda sighed as Ellen eased her hands up to her shoulders, taking the jumper with her, “my middle name is Submission,” she leaned forward as the jumper slid up her back.

Ellen grabbed the jumper and leaned back as she dragged it over her head and down her arms. She held the jumper aloft like a trophy and then slung it over the back of her couch.

“Now,” she grabbed her tie and slid her fingers up towards the knot, “it’s time for your uniform inspection,” she pulled the tie out of the top of the knot.

“Well?” Jacinda giggled.

“Hmm, mm,” she kept pulling, “it seems to be in order, but just to make sure,” she pulled the rest of the tie out of the knot and then pulled the knot free and let the tie dangle loosely from her neck. A moment later she grabbed the tie ends and leaned forward to kiss her on the lips.

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