Ellen – A Life Bk. 01

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What follows is a fictional story teased from snippets of my life. I’ll let you wonder about which parts are ‘real’ and which are ‘fiction’. Everyone is over 18 and no one was harmed in the writing. I hope you enjoy!


Since you asked, I’ll tell you. I can’t tell you everything since that would take too long and many find it uncomfortable to hear. So, in the spirit of inclusivity, I’ll start with my eighteenth birthday celebration. It was a weekend I was totally unprepared for, yet should have seen coming.

My birthday occurs late in the school year and often conflicts with all of those late spring events that schools pile on to close their calendars. So, in the early spring, my parents informed me that my celebration that year would be in June, after graduation, and include a trip to the mountains for a weekend. I was super excited.

You may not believe that, especially if you had one, or two, bad parents. But my folks are not only loving, they are super cool. So the idea of a weekend alone with them was totally acceptable. In fact, when I finally confessed to them my relationship with who the world thought was my best friend, Jenna, they totally supported us. And Jenna’s folks did, too. We were neighbors and had been for my whole life. Everyone was close. Just how close I was soon to discover.

As the weekend approached, I got more and more excited while Mom and Dad got more and more mysterious. The week of, Mom, always the detailed lawyer, gave me a packing list. It was brief: “2 pairs of jeans, 3 sweatshirts, sandals, toiletries (including a razor).” That was it. I could only assume she neglected underwear because, why mention the obvious, right?

I texted Jenna about it on Wednesday and she was all evasive and even avoided seeing me which made me super frustrated. She and I had had a standing date on Thursday nights for like, forever. So I turned to take matters into my own hands, so to speak. I had a really nice dildo that could provide a half-decent orgasm but when I searched for it, I couldn’t find it. I was left to the old-school fingers – not nearly the O I wanted, or needed, but at least I calmed down.


The next day was Friday, the day we were scheduled to leave. That morning at breakfast, I got to the kitchen first. As I was preparing the coffee, Mom came in wearing only a sports bra and panties. Now, before you think I’m going for shock value, that, in itself, was not totally unnatural. Both Mom and Dad have always been a bit free with their bodies around me and I just thought that was normal. I was in the sixth grade when I learned that it was not normal for everyone.

At a sleepover at Michelle Palmer’s house I was scolded for not wearing a robe at breakfast. I apologized and changed back into my clothes, since I didn’t own a robe and learned my lesson. While most people are cautious in their skin, my family was not. We weren’t nudists, but we weren’t prudes, either.

Anyway, you should also know that both Mom and Dad are very fit. Mom was around forty-two then and she still rocked that sexy gym look. Some cellulite had crept to her thighs but not much could hang on the muscles she had from being a frequent swimmer. She’d been an NCAA champion at the 400 meter and never really stopped.

Dad, for his part, was a cyclist and tried to put in ten miles a day, either on the road or on the stationary bike in our gym. He was diligent at keeping a six-pack, a fact that, I will admit, I enjoyed viewing.

“Have a good night, sweetie?” Mom said as she came behind me and kissed the top of my head. Mom was about 3 inches taller than I, Dad was a good six inches taller.

“Not bad,” I responded, unwilling to admit the missing dildo or Jenna’s avoidance. I felt her hands on my shoulders, gently kneading them.

“You know, your Dad and I have been waiting a while for this moment.”

“What? My birthday?”

“Yep.” She kissed my head again but let her lips linger longer than usual. “The birthday…and the weekend.”

I turned to face her, my back against the kitchen counter. She was beautiful. Just a few faint wrinkles traced her face but they only added to her allure. She’d already applied her light make-up and I smiled at her warm smile. Her breasts pressed against mine and hers, at 38D, were winning against my 34Cs.

We stared at each other for a moment, then she leaned in for a kiss. At first I thought she was going for my lips but she turned to my nose. I remember thinking it odd but then it got odder. As she kissed my nose again, she added a light lick. Then, as she stepped away, she let her fingers graze over the sides of my breasts. Since I’m being honest with you, I can tell you that a slight thrill shot through me. I charged it to needing Jenna’s touch and no more.

“Where’s Dad?” I asked as I sat down at the table with my bowl of Cheerios.

“He went up early this morning to set some things up.”

“Set things up? Weren’t y’all there just two weeks ago?”

Mom sat down next to me. “Well, there silivri escort are a few special surprises we have in store.”

Her grin was one of those ‘I know something you don’t’ kind. “You look like the cat that ate the canary. Should I be worried?” I chuckled.

She placed her hand on my arm and kneaded it gently. “Not worried. You know we love you, deeply. This weekend will be more than you could have imagined.”

I looked over at her and again saw something in her eyes that spoke to a deeper feeling than I had seen before. The word ‘smoulder’ flitted through my mind but I rejected that in hand with a soft chuckle.


“Nothing Mom, just a weird thought.” I got up from the table and as I pulled my arm back, Mom let her nails graze across my skin. That sent real shivers through me. What in the world was going on? As I went to my room to gather my suitcase and bags, I texted Jenna. “Mom’s acting weird.”


“Jenna! That’s it? Come on!”

“Relax, baby. You’re gonna have a great weekend!”

I closed the chat in frustration. If one more person told me that! I gathered my things and toted them to the door and soon, we were off to the mountains. Me and Mom; who, for the occasion, wore a loose button-up blouse that she refused to button beyond the first three, leaving her breasts rather free. Again, that’s not overly unusual for us. I wore a pair of very cut-off jeans and a white tank top all over my green string bikini.

As we drove the three hours up, I frequently stole glances at my Mom. I’m not embarrassed to say that I was attracted to her. My relationship with Jenna had turned on my sexuality years ago and I only recently learned the allure of an older woman.

Her breasts, as I said, were larger than mine and there were not just a few nights that I imagined my mouth on them. Even then, in the car, I blushed at the thought and pushed it back. Why doesn’t she cover herself more? I soon blushed again when I felt myself getting damp. I turned my gaze out the window to hide my red face, a continual problem with my fair skin. I can never lie in the light of day. I thought of puppies getting drowned in the river that meandered along the roadside. It didn’t help much.

About an hour away from the cabin, Mom pulled into a gas station. In itself, not unusual but it just so happened that there were five motorcycles parked there also. Mom got out without buttoning up her blouse. She leaned in to tell me that she’d only be a moment and I caught a full sight of her ample breasts. I know I bit my lip and I know she saw me. God, I thought, when did my Mom turn into a slut?

As she walked into the dinghy store, the bikers walked out. I watched them check her out and one looked toward the car and saw me. I slumped down in the seat, but it was too late. Two of them followed Mom in and the other three walked over to the car. Within minutes, three biker dudes were standing outside my car door, leering and suggesting things that I had only heard in porn videos.

As one guy blocked the view to the store, the other two took out their cocks. I tried not to look, but what’s a girl to do? I looked, and watched them stroke themselves hard. As they did, I rubbed my pussy through my shorts. I could hear them encouraging me to show something. In order to advance them along, I lifted my T-shirt and pulled up my bikini top, revealing my tits for them. According to the spunk that hit the window, they appreciated my efforts.

Soon, they dispersed and I regained some composure. As Mom approached the car, the bikers stared at her. But what I detected was not lust as much as admiration. At the car door, she turned and said something and nodded. They mounted up and roared off.

“Mom, what the hell was that?”

“Language, young lady.” She offered her mild rebuke as she started the car.


Mom looked at me, then her eyes saw the gooey ejaculate on the window and she smiled. “I see someone enjoyed your brief company.”

“Mom! Oh my god!” My face flushed yet again. But even as my face grew red, my pussy twitched at the thought of making a man cum simply by being, and I smiled.

“I think thou dost protest too much.”

We spent the next hour in silence and soon drove up to the family cabin.


The cabin is situated a half mile off the main road and is accessible only by a gravel one-lane drive. My attention was caught immediately by the large bouquet of balloons that festooned the mailbox. I smiled at the image of my Dad buying them and tying them there. Then, as we drove closer to the house, a series of handmade signs: Ellen is she…who turns sexy 18…she thinks she’s Hot Stuff…we don’t know her enough…that will change…Happy Birthday!

If Mom could have seen my confused face she would have laughed out loud. As it was, there was no time. We rounded the last turn and the house came into view along with two cars, Dad’s Beemer and the Adams’s Mercedes. I nearly şirinevler escort leapt from the car before Mom brought it to a full stop.

All four of them came out onto the porch as I clamored out and raced to Jenna. “Jenna! You big liar!” We hugged and kissed. I soon turned to my Dad and gave him a huge hug which he returned.

“Glad you made it, Cupcake.”

I then hugged Mr. and Mrs. Adams, both of whom I’ve known all my life. Mr. Adams, Tom, was shorter than my Dad but just as fit. He was a financial consultant and amateur boxer. His wife, Jenna’s Mom, Paisley, was a short petite doll with close cropped brown hair and dazzling brown eyes. She spent her days as the head librarian at the local college.

Jenna obviously got her body type from her Dad which stood her well in her chosen sport of softball. She stood around 5 foot 4 and weighed 125. Her dirty blonde hair was almost always in a ponytail. Her breasts, which I knew intimately, were beautifully rounded D cups and although her ass was round and full, those glutes were tight.

The men grabbed our luggage and we all entered the cabin. The family cabin is built on a slope. The front door opens into the main floor with an open floor plan. A large sitting area, an eating area and a kitchen. A bedroom and an attached bathroom is on one side, on the other side is another, smaller bathroom and a spiral staircase. Upstairs are two bedrooms with a shared bath and downstairs is a playroom with a pool table and another bathroom. The hot tub is on the lower porch while the upper two floors each have porches with seating.

I stopped short upon entering. Dad had indeed been busy. The sitting furniture had been drastically rearranged to the sides and the floor was covered in pillow and throws. Candles, as yet unlit, were placed all over. I looked at my Mom, expecting her to voice some complaint. But she only grabbed Dad’s arm and said, “It’s beautiful, baby.”

“Yes,” interjected Paisley, “I, for one, can’t wait to do some celebrating.” I glanced at her as she clung to Tom’s hand. Her hair framed her face and accented her brown eyes that peeked out from behind a pair of black-rimmed glasses. She was wearing a tight orange T-shirt that proclaimed her allegiance to Clemson. I couldn’t tell if she had on a bra. Her shorts were nearly as short as mine and Jenna’s. Paisley’s tanned legs were thinner and tanned. She sported an anklet around one of her delicate ankles.

Jenna squeezed my hand. “We get the main bedroom!” she squealed and dragged me off to see it. As she did I looked back at my parents with a questioning eye. Mom and Dad only smiled. Like I said, they had been supportive of us, but they never actually encouraged our relationship. This was a whole new level.

Once Jenna had me in the room, she shut the door behind her and pulled me close. We kissed, long, deep, like the lovers we were. I pressed my body to hers and felt her respond. We knew each other so well. We knew exactly which buttons to push and when.

She walked me backwards to the bed and I fell back on it, pulling her with me. I was so horny after not getting my dildo and that incident at the gas station and, embarrassingly, my Mom. We were naked in minutes and 69ing in another. Jenna’s pussy was bald, like mine. Though I do leave a tuft of orange near the top. Her labia are thick and her clit is like the eraser on a new pencil; great for sucking on.

We made love, enjoying each other, relishing the feelings of ecstasy that came with each orgasm, until we both lay breathless on the king size bed. “God, I love you, Jen.”

“I love you, Elle,” she replied as she snuggled up to me, softly kissing my shoulder.

“I suppose we should rejoin the group, seeing as it is MY party.”

Jenna giggled. “I hope you’re not too tired?”

I propped up on my elbow and pushed her back on the bed, planting a firm kiss on her full lips. “I could go another round. You know me.”

Just then the most startling thing happened, my Mom opened the door, without knocking and proclaimed, “Get your cute butts out here, girls. It’s time to party!”

“Mom!” I protested, then turned to see her and gasped. There was my mother, topless and unashamed. Her breasts were beautiful and I stared at them. She smiled.

“Like em?” she asked as she ran her hands over them, tweaking her own dark nipples.

Jenna interrupted us by getting up and slipping on her shorts…only. “Come on, sexy. Let’s party!” She bounced from the room and I heard giggles on the other side of the door. I just sat, naked, on the bed.

Mom came over and sat next to me. “Ellen,” she said, “I know this all might be a bit strange..”

“A bit? Mom, come on. You’re topless, for god’s sake and the Adams’ are here and…”

She put her finger to my lips and nodded to the door. When I looked, I was speechless yet again. There stood Paisley Adams in only a thong. Her perky breasts accenting a body that many high school girls would die şişli escort for. All the time, I only saw her at the library in frumpy business clothes or at her house in jeans, T-shirts, or sweats. I had always wondered but now I was floored. “Oh my god…”

“Come on out birthday girl.” Her voice was delicate yet laced with a sexuality that made me take notice.

I looked at Mom for clarification. “Baby,” she said, “Paisley, Tom, your father and I have been partners for a long time.”

It took a moment. “Partners? You mean…you and Dad and…y’all…swing?”

Mom nodded. “That’s one word.” She sighed. “As you and Jenna grew up we decided that we would introduce you both to the lifestyle on your eighteenth birthdays. But seeing as school was in session, we put it off until now.” She hugged me, her naked breasts pressed against mine. “When you finally told us about you and Jenna, we were so happy. I know you’ll love what we have planned.”

I sat there stunned. It was a lot to take in. At the same time, my mind was a blur with images, all of them incredibly hot. “But…did Jenna know…about all this?”

Paisley stepped into the room. “We told Jenna a few months ago. We had to because her birthday was first. We swore her to secrecy and I see that she fulfilled her obligation, which earns her a treat.”

My Mom snickered at Paisley’s comment. “Ellen, there is one thing. If, at any time, you feel uncomfortable and want to leave or be alone, all you need to do is say the word. Okay?”

“Okay, I guess. What word exactly?”

Paisley spoke up. “Pick one, a safe word should be unusual, not something you might say in the heat of the moment. For example, ‘stop’ is the worst safe word in the history of safe words.” They both giggled.

“I see. Okay,” I thought for a moment, “Mozart…that’s my safe word.”

Mom laughed. “See, Pais, always the musician.”

Just then another shock came. (Actually there were so many that I should just stop saying that. Just know that the entire experience was shocking.) I heard Tom Adams’ voice saying, “Are you guys coming out or what?” And then I saw Tom Adams, standing in the doorway, naked.

Like I said, he was shorter than Dad, but fit. I didn’t know how fit until I saw his body. He was compact, like Jenna, and ripped. His ab muscles directed my eyes down to his flaccid cock that dangled in a tempting way. I bit my lip.

“Look who else likes Tom’s cock,” Paisley teased.

“Well, Pais, she is my daughter, after all.”


I followed Paisley and Mom into the main room, trying to take it all in. Dad was in the kitchen wearing a chef’s apron…only a chef’s apron. Jenna welcomed her Dad back into her arms and they cuddled on the floor. Paisley kissed my Mom and walked over to join her family. Mom went to the kitchen to help Dad. I stood there, what’s the word? Shocked, right…shocked. My parents, swingers. My girlfriend’s parents, swingers. And all together, what are the odds?

You know that feeling at a party when everyone is talking in groups but you? That was me then. Until I heard my Dad. “Ellen, could you lend me a hand over here?” I turned and saw that Mom had disappeared.

“Sure thing.” Anything to distract me from this strange new world. I walked over and stopped short, yet again. Mom hadn’t disappeared, she’d dropped to her knees and was sucking my Dad’s cock behind the counter. I looked at her, I looked up at Dad. “How could I possibly help?”

He placed his hand behind my neck and pulled me closer, stopping when our lips were just a hair’s breadth apart. “You’re so precious to me, Cupcake. But now, I want to share with you all of me.” His warm breath spilled over my face and I caught my own breath shallowing in anticipation. He kissed me. At first, softly, gently, then with more passion. I became lost in his scent and the feelings welling up in me that my Daddy was kissing me like a lover. That, and the sounds of my Mom sucking his cock a few feet away, revved me right up.

I began to feel my body respond. Then I felt his tongue licking and I opened my mouth to receive it. The thrill was beyond all comprehension. It was at that moment that I felt Mom’s hand on my thigh. As our tongues danced, my Mom began to gently play over my now damp pussy.

Dad continued to kiss me. We made love with our mouths in a way I hadn’t before, even with Jenna. And all the while, Mom sucked on his cock and felt me, never penetrating me, just massaging me gently. Sometimes she rubbed on my button, other times she ran a finger between my damp lips.

Dad’s hand found one of my breasts. He gently squeezed and we both moaned. His fingers pinched the nipple, not hard, just enough that a tremor shook me to my core and my knees weakened. Mom pressed up on me with her hand as I sunk down and the sensation, along with my Dad’s attentions, made me all the wetter.

Then came the moment, one of so many. My Dad’s kisses became jarring and I could feel him tensing up. I knew what that meant, so I just leaned into him more, encouraging his lust. He finally broke our kiss and made a guttural sound as he ejaculated into Mom’s mouth. I looked down and watched her, amazed. She took four shots in her mouth then pulled back as Dad shot number five on her face. That sight was amazing. So amazing that I came, too. Right on my mom’s hand.

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