Elle Returns

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My cock twitches thinking about Elle. I’ve heard she’s moved back.

As I lie back stroking my cock, my mind drifts off thinking about possibilities…

As soon as she walks through the door we’re all over each other.

We both know we’re here to fuck, to get naked, to use each others bodies and have some dirty hot fun.

My cock is already hard and I know she is able to feel it as we press our bodies against each other, pulling each other in closer, wanting each other.

I’m going to control her, to use her as a fuck doll. We’ve talked about this before and she likes to be a submissive slut. She also knows that she’s not allowed to cum until I allow her.

The kisses are passionate, becoming more insistent, lips pressed hard and tongues swirling around each other. I can feel her sucking my tongue as she grinds up against my cock.

Damn I want my dick in her mouth. A hand in her hair and I slowly push her down to her knees. As she looks up at me, smiling and with a hungry look in her eye, I tell her to use her slut mouth and show me how much she’s missed my cock, show me how much she loves to be a cock worshipping whore. As she pulls my cock out I hear her moan her appreciation.

She licks the head of my cock once, pushes the tip of her tongue into the slit of cock head tasting for precum and then proceeds to swallow my cock, inch by inch. I can feel the tightness of her throat around my cock head. She grabs my hips and moves me forward and backwards, guiding me to fuck her mouth with every inch of my cock.

Pulling my out I can see it’s covered in drool, a strand hanging between her lips and the swollen head. Damn that is so hot. Using her spit as lube she’s stroking my dick, pulling it down so it bounces back up to her face. My hands in her hair pulling it tight, controlling her I push my cock back in her mouth, slowly fucking it, then harder as she grabs my arse, soon I’m fucking her mouth as hard as I can. She really has become a submissive little fuck doll wanting me to roughly face fuck her.

Moving back to take my cock out of her reach, I instruct her to kneel, hands in her lap in obedience. Waiting patiently as she watches me stroke my cock right in front of her face, just out of reach, every time she leans forward to lick my cock I move back slightly, teasing her, making my eager slut wait and telling her if she’s a good little filthy whore for me I will reward her with the taste of my cum. As much as I’d love to cum over her face it will have to be another time.

I tell her to stand up and strip. Taking off her long jacket she’s left wearing a crotchless body stocking and heels. Her nipples already so hard and poking out, her cunt perfectly framed, her white skin in contrast to her flushed pink cunt lips. She can see how it turns me on, my cock flexing up and down as I think about how incredibly sexy she looks and how she came ready to fuck.

Turning around, she bends over, pushing her arse out and spreads her arse cheeks for me. My eyes are drawn to the butt plug in her arse and I praise her for being a well trained slut ready for me to use all of her fuck holes.

Taking control of her body I position her up against the wall, hands above her head, legs spread wide and arse presented to me, wiggling and ready to be played with.

I instruct her to keep her arse pushed out, that shes a little sub slut that needs to be spanked. She nods and waits to be spanked. I want her arse cheeks to be flushed red and stinging with pleasure pain. Firm spanks on each cheek, alternating, repeated spanks on the same cheek, seeing a redness slowly coming to her cheeks, the sound of my hand against her skin and her moan after.

Every time she moves her hips forward I stop, stand and firmly grip her hair. Pulling I head back remind her to keep her arse pushed back for me to play with, and when she complies I deliver a heavy spank, punishing her. Beylikdüzü Olgun Escort When she’s trembling, reaching her limit I stand behind her, gently rubbing her stinging skin and telling how good she is being for me, that she’s earned a reward and I’m going to play with her arsehole. Slowly pulling the butt plug until it nearly pops out then watching her arsehole swallow it back in. In and out slowly fucking and teasing her arsehole. It’s so much fun using her like this.

I want to run the tip of my tongue around her arsehole so I pull harder, not letting the butt plug slide back into her arse. The butt plug pops out and I’m surprised to find it’s actually anal beads. My cock throbs knowing that she was inserting these beads up her arse before she came round, getting ready to be filthy little anal whore for me.

Slowly pulling each bead out, seeing her arsehole stretch around it, hearing her gasp and moan each time a bead pops out until the last bead pops free. I ask her if she wanted to come from that and she nods. But you know you can’t cum until I tell you too.

Kneeling behind her I spread her arse cheeks and run my tongue around her arsehole. Licking it gently, my tongue in circles, slowly flicking the tip of my tongue up and down, feeling your naughty arsehole open, wanting me to push my tongue in deeper until I’m tongue fucking your arsehole as deep as I can. Using her as a dirty fucktoy, building your pleasure but not letting you cum. Damn I want to feel her body against mine. But first I push the anal beads back in, pluggin her arsehole so when I bury my cock in her cunt she’ll have both holes filled. The spit from rimming her arsehole makes it easier to push each bead back inside her arse. It’s so dirty and hot watching her arsehole open and swallow each bead.

Standing up, pressing my body against her I push her against the wall. My fingers intertwined with hers, my body weight pinning her there, controlling her body and reminding her she’s a submissive fucktoy for me.

My hands graze down her skin to cup her breasts. Her nipples pushing out through the body stocking, making it easy for me to roll her nipples between my fingers, feeling them harden from pleasure as I gently kiss down the side of her neck. She moves her head to the side, exposing her neck, making it easier for me to kiss and bite, squeezing and releasing her nipples, pushing her closer to her pain limits. Feeling her push back against me, grinding against my dick, her breathing heavy.

Putting my feet inside hers I force her to spread her legs wider. Wrapping my arm around under her breasts, My other hand glides down to her pussy, cupping it, feeling the warmth in her cunt and making her shudder. Holding her tight as I increase the pressure on her pussy, whispering to her that her submissive cunt belongs to me.

Sliding a finger between her engorged cunt lips, separating them, I can feel her cunt is soaked. Ripe and ready to be fucked. Tracing my finger back and forth over her slippery hole, circling around her clit, swollen and hard, feeling her tremble. I bring my finger up to her mouth and she eagerly sucks it. I ask if she’s looking forward to sucking her cum off my cock and she moans in response. I tell her that good little sluts suck my cock clean after every time they cum on it. She nods eagerly. I turn her head so I can kiss her again, as our tongues swirl I finally get my first taste of her delicious cunt juices. God she tastes so good.

Dropping my hand back to her cunt I push the tip of my finger into her slippery hole, slowly pushing in deeper. Adding a second finger to fill her. Damn she is so tight. I can feel her cunt muscles squeezing my fingers. I praise her for being a good fuck slut, for keeping her cunt tight and good for fucking. I smile thinking about how her tight cunt will be a loose stretched fuck hole when I’m done using her as Beylikdüzü Otele Gelen Escort my fucktoy.

As my fingers push deeper inside her I can feel something smooth inside her. She giggles. Guessing she’s got some ben wa balls in her cunt I tell her to push them out into my hand, the first one pops out as she gasps. It falls into my hand and I raise it up to her mouth and instruct her I hold it in her mouth, to taste your own juices.

As she does that I tell her this is why your cunt is so tight isn’t it. You’ve be walking around with these stuffed up your cunt hole and you’ve been working your pussy muscles to make sure they don’t drop out. She nods.

Putting my fingers back inside her cunt I can feel a second ball, push it out for me. I can feel her body tense and another moan as she pushes the second ball into my hand. I put it into my mouth and suck it clean tasting her. Putting the balls aside I go back to kissing her, the taste of her cunt in both of our mouths.

My dick so hard, grinding against her arse as she pushes back. It’s too much, I want her so bad. I angle my cock down so it’s now between her legs, pressed up between her pussy lips. We slowly thrust back and forth, so close to fucking, my hard cock sliding between her fat lips. So close, all I have to do is pull back further and my cock head would be lined up with her open cunt hole, another thrust and my dick would be buried in her aching cunt. But I’m determined to make her wait. As much as I want to fuck her I know she has a greedy cunt and I want to tease her more first.

Crouching down, putting hands on her hips I turn her around. She moans asking why did I stop, my cunt needs your cock.

Her flushed cunt is right in front of me, pink and swollen, her hard clit so prominent. I run the tip of my tongue up her clit making her moan. Doing it again slightly harder I feel her body tremble, so close to cumming already.

I remind her she isn’t allowed to cum yet and go back to licking my tongue up and down her hard clit.

When her things start to shiver and she’s oh so close to cumming I stop and pull her cunt lips wide apart exposing her pink fuck hole. A long drip of pussy juice leaks out and drops onto the floor. That’s so filthy and hot that she’s so horny her cunt is dripping. I grab her arse and pull her closer, burying my tongue as deep as I can in her slippery wet cunt hole. Tongue fucking it as deep and hard as I can. The scent, taste and feel of her pussy filling my senses.

While I’m doing this she starts begging for my cock, begging to have her needy cunt filled with a big hard dick, that she needs to be fucked and used like the submissive whore she is.

I stand and instruct her to lie back and spread your legs. Finger that cunt but no cumming. You can get close but no cumming. You’re only allowed to cum with my cock inside you and every time you cum you’re going to suck my cock clean. Messy little squirting sluts need to clean up the mess they make. Now spread your cunt lips apart, I want to see your gaping pink fuck hole.

Kneeling between her legs I can see how flushed and swollen her lips are. I suck her fat cunt lips before I spread them apart and spit into her open fuck hole. Pushing a ball back inside her it slides in so easily, her pink hole is so wet and slippery. I push the second ball in just as easily. With my lips on your pussy I instruct you to push them back out into my mouth, I want to taste you, my tongue flicks over her clit teasing her before the first balls pops into my mouth. I catch the second ball and bring it up to your mouth. You open your mouth and take the ball. I know you like the taste of your own cunt. You taste so good. I want to stretch and fill her dirty fuck hole so I push the balls back into her slippery hole and stand up. I line my cock up and start pushing my cock head into her cunt as well. Stuffing Beylikdüzü Rus Escort her full, I can feel the balls moving as I push deeper in to her.I want to stretch her tight little cunt, my hands on her nipples pulling and teasing them, pleasure and pain. Eventually I have my dick completely buried in her hunt, slowly thrusting in and out, causing the balls to move inside her stuffed cunt.

She’s begging please may I come and I keep denying her. No you don’t get to come yet you horny little slut.

To her disappointment I pull my cock out and tell her push the balls out. One, two they get pushed out covered in juices. I start finger fucking her, adding fingers to stretch her open, She takes four easily. Without the balls inside her, her cunt feels like a gaping fuck hole. Curling my fingers so I’m touching her G spot, stroking back and forwards, pushing her closer to an orgasm and squirting.

I get on my back and tell her to straddle me, lining my cock up with her cunt, watching the look on her face as she slides down and buries my cock deep in her. A few short moments and she’s moaning shes going to cum.

Pulling her down and wrapping my arms around her I hold her in place. You’re not allowed to cum yet, she shudders and begs to be allowed. Reaching down to her arse I oh so slowly pull them out the anal beads.

The first bead pops out and I can feel her cunt squeeze around my dick and sudden warmth as she squirts. She makes a long groan and her body shudders, her cunt convulsing around my cock.

While she’s lying in my arms I ask what are we going to do with a greedy little fuck slut. You just couldn’t control yourself could you. A big dick buried in your aching cunt and having your arsehole played with pushed you over edge. She admits she is a needy slut and had to cum. And she needs to cum more.

I tell her shes going to make this up to me in the future. But for now she needs to clean my cock of her fuck juices. She spins round and eagerly starts deep throating my cock. Her flushed cunt over my face and I can’t help but lick her up fuck juices. After sucking my cock and straddles me again, a big smile on her faced as she pushes my cock head into her open cunt. She’s lost in her pleasure as she rides up and down on my cock. Wet sounds as she grinds down. My dick hard and curved against her spot, plunging into her needy cunt, smooth wet skin sliding against each other.

It doesn’t take long before she’s cumming again, her body shuddering as she squirts with my cock buried deep in her.

Again and again. It’s so hot how she can cum so many times. After teasing and making her wait so long I’m happy to a fucktoy for her to use, to help satisfy her hungry cunt.

And every time she cums she enthusiastically gets off and sucks my cock, licking my balls and cleaning up all her dirty squirt juices. Smiling at me, so happy to be a good little filthy slut with a satisfied cunt and a hard dick to worship.

When she finally collapses, spent and in an orgasmic daze I gently roll her on to her back. Kissing my way down her drenched body I lightly kiss and lick her sensitive cunt. Feeling her body make small shudders.

I spread her legs apart and instruct her to pull her cunt lips apart, to expose her gaping pink fuck hole so I can jerk off in there and use her as a cum dump. She watches me wanking, stroking my big dick and tells me she wants my cum, she is a cum slut for me and to use her cunt. Hearing her say filthy things makes me blow my load into her gaping fuck hole, her cunt all creamy and messy, a beautiful slutty image. She pulls me over to her and takes my cock in her mouth, slowly sucking it up and down, milking the last of my cum out for her to swallow.

After shes done cleaning my cock we curl up beside each other, skin on skin, slick with sweat, warm, happy and in a fuck daze. Both of us luxuriating in an intense fuck session.

Curled up, I tell her she was a very good submissive fuck slut and I remind her that when she leaves to only put her coat back on, so that when she gets home covered in our fuck juices, reeking of sex, with cum leaking out of her used cunt, she knows she was a massive slut and deserves this again. That I will happily be a fucktoy for her pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32