Ella is a Pain

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Ella was a huge pain in the ass.

She was a relative of mine who needed help moving into her new home, finding a doctor, getting to and from the appointments. Basically, she needed help in doing everything humanly possible for her.

Above it all, she was depressed. When I asked her why, the answer was always the same.

“I am 76 years old,” she would say. “There is nothing for me now. I am an old woman.”

“You aren’t that old,” I would counter. But she would always give me a ‘meh’ sound, flick her hand at me, and dismiss any further comments.

Now Ella wasn’t all that old looking. She was short, about 5’2″, and weighed in at about 135 pounds. But what amazed me was two things. First off, the first time she met me, I had made a racy remark to her about something, and her nipples damn near knocked me into next week. They were about the size of a good cigar, and at least half an inch long. The other thing that was enticing about Ella was a simple fact: she never had children. It made me wonder, would she still be tight?

Now, as I was visiting her over my lunch hour from the plant, she went into the old routine, “I am so old Gerry.”

“You’re not old Ella.”

“I am too. I just can’t do all the things I used to.”

“Like what?”

“You know, stuff.” Not really a brain-teaser statement, given that even at 76, her nipples immediately began to get hard.

I leaned back into the chair and stared at her. “Ella, are we talking about sex?”

She made the famous, meh sound, and waved me off. But the nipple barometer notched itself up a little higher.

“You are talking about sex aren’t you?” She just stared at me, the fact I had found her out, was pushing her mind into high gear.

Although given how little she could do on her, I wondered how far she would get. “I don’t think I need to talk to you about that. You’re my nephew.”

“I am your nephew by marriage. Not really a relative. And Ella, there is no one else here, but you and I. Who is going to know what we talk about?”

“I don’t know Gerry. It seems, funny.”

I smiled at her. “It only seems funny to you.”

She didn’t say a word for a moment, then looked at the floor. “I don’t know.”

“How long has it been,” I wondered out loud, “since you made love with anyone.”

“You mean my Johnny?”

“Anyone, Ella.”

She fidgeted for a moment, then looked up at me. “About 30 years.”

“Years?” I asked incredulously.


“Holy shit Ella. Haven’t you missed it—-Making love?” By now her nipples must have been in pain, they were so erect, pushing the material of her blouse and bra towards me.


“Wow, I can’t imagine having gone that long without sex. Would have driven me crazy.” As soon as I said it, I knew she wouldn’t see the irony in the statement—given her current situation. But I thought it was shit-funny.

“I know. But all the men my age, who might be interested, aren’t interested in anything other than a bridge partner. No one wants anything to do with sex.”

I shook my head in wonder. “I can’t believe that.”

She leaned towards me, and whispered in a conspiratorial tone, “and they don’t have a clue what to do anyways.” She leaned back, and gave her famous, “meh,” and was done with the thought, and tossed herself back into the chair. “It drives me crazy,” she said. “Just thinking about it, makes me crazy.”

“You look a little tense, Ella.”

That seemed to deflate her a little. “Yeah. A bit. It’s all this talk about sex. And you’re my nephew.”

“By marriage.”


“That means that we aren’t blood relatives.”

I got up, and without a word went behind her, and started to rub her shoulders. She started to object, but once may magic fingers began to weave their spell of relaxation, all objections faded away. I slowly worked the tension out of the muscles all along the tops of her shoulders and her neck, while she relaxed enough to let her eyes close and rest her head against the back of the chair.

“That feels very good Gerry,” she purred.

My hands wandered inside her blouse, and under the straps of her bra, and my fingers warmed her upper chest area. Through the gap created by my hands, I could see right down to her chest and the bra that was struggling to contain her tits. Her skin was soft, buttery and so welcoming.


She leaned forward and asked, “could you massage a little lower down my back?”

“Not here, Ella. It’s too hard to lean forward over the back of the chair. Why don’t you lie down on the couch?”

“Do ya think so,” she asked me? But Ella was already starting to get up off the chair when she spoke. When she lay down on the couch, her arms crossed under her head and she relaxed almost immediately. I could see her body sigh. I knelt beside her, and started on her lower back. With long, heavy strokes, I worked my way from the small of her back, to her shoulder blades. My fingers found and exploited the tight muscles ataköy escort bayan all down her back. I could tell Ella was falling into the massage. Her breathing had gotten deep, and her eyes were closed. There were small purrs, emanating from her as the massage deepened.

My fingers slid under the thin material of her blouse, and small jolts of heat passed between my fingertips and her skin, as it made contact with her back. “Do you mind if I go under your blouse?”

“Mmmm,” was her only response.

I pulled up the material a little more, pulling on the edges to allow easier access to her skin. Ella lifted her abdomen to my ‘not-so-subtle’ hints, and I pulled the blouse up even more. It only gave me access to another four inches of her body. So I looked down at her and asked, “More?”

She lifted up her body, but the material wouldn’t budge. “I’ll turn around Ella, if you want to undue the top and take it off.”

“Take off my clothes?”

“Pretend it is a bathing suit you are wearing, not a bra.”

“But it is a bra.”

“True, but I can’t do much more the way it is.” My hands continued to work along the muscles accompanying the backbone with little feather touches. My hands probed higher, and slid under her bra. “And you could undue this too if you wanted.”

There was a long moment, before it appeared a decision had been made and she looked up at me. “Turn around.”

I could hear the rustle of clothes for a couple of minutes, then the soft give and take of the couch as she lay back down again. “Okay.”

Her blouse and bra were hanging over the back the couch, and she was lying, half-naked in front of me. Her breasts had pushed out a little from her weight, given me a wonderful view of erotic, soft flesh.

“Ready?” I asked.


My hands slowly started to work the heat our bodies develop into Ella’s back. Each muscle I found, I followed with my fingertips, and gentle, even pressure that helped release it. She continued to moan lightly under my touch. As my hands warmed up to her skin, she seemed move closer and closer to a strong physical connection between the two of us.

With light, brushing strokes, my fingers ran up and down her sides, following the soft curves of her breasts as they swelled beneath her. As my fingers repetitively passed down her side, they crew closer and closer to where her chest met the couch.

My finger dwelled a little longer on her breasts, with short little caresses back and forth, then I moved to longer and more forceful massages of her back and sides. When I ran my fingers up her sides again, I was a little more forceful—-testing the waters—- and pushed them slightly under her tits, and closer to those wonderful nipples.

Ella didn’t move, but continued to enjoy my strong hands roaming all over her body.

After another ten minutes, I lightened up the pressure on her back, and whispered in her ear, “are you awake?”

“Mmm,” is all she said. Her eyes didn’t flutter open, but her breathing changed just a little, and she asked why I was stopping.

I laughed, “I have been massaging your back for half an hour Ella. I can’t do anything more on this side.” The comment left open possibilities, which she was pondering as my fingers continued to pulse along her sides, and over the soft skin of her breasts. I leaned forward and got close to her left ear. “Unless you want to do the other side,” I asked, pushing the point. “I could get a towel to cover yourself if you wanted me to.”

“No,” she said, reaching up to her right, and grabbing her blouse, “I’ll just use this instead.” Ella placed the blouse carefully over her breasts, and rolled over on her back. The thin material of the white blouse, did nothing to cover the dark chocolate of her nipples.

I stared in raw amazement at her breasts. Though she was on the better-half of 8 decades old, there was little sag to them. They hung slightly to the sides, but nothing nearly what she could have. They were ample too, probably a d-cup size. The nipples were just perfect, about half an inch in diameter, with areolas that were a heavy brown colour and two inches round. I must have stared a little longer than I wanted.

“Enjoying the view?”

“Um, yes. Sorry.”

“It’s no trouble. I just can’t believe that you find them attractive. It has been a long time since anyone admired my tits the way you are.”

“Oh I am, Ella.”

I moved to the end of the couch, and started the long slow massage again, this time at her neck and shoulders. I watched her breasts heave up and down, as my long, strong motions forced her body to deeply relax. Ella’s nipples were definitely on high alert.

As I wandered down her chest, my fingers gingerly probed the edges of the blouse, and pushed them back a little more with each successive massage stroke. Ella didn’t seem to mind, her eyes were closed, and her breathing had returned to that deep, calming ataşehir escort bayan meter. My hands would start at her collarbone, then firmly push down her chest, my fingers running gently down each side of her breasts, ending each gentle probe a little closer to her erect nipples.

Finally, I take a chance, and let my fingers surround the nipples, both at once and feel their soft roughness. Ella lets go with a little purr, but does nothing. With each successive massage, my fingers grasp her nipples a little more. After a few minutes, I push down the blouse and have a peak at her tits in their entirety for the first time. I must have been staring again, because her eyes are open and she is staring back at me.

“You like?”

“Oh yes,” I answered. Now, there is no pretending to massage, my fingers are tweaking the still erect nipples even more.

“Pinch them harder Gerry. Harder.” Her hands hold onto mine, “make them hurt for me.”

The eyes closed again, while both our hands massaged then alternately pinched her nipples. Each little tweak caused Ella to catch her breath. Her cooing got louder as her breathing deepened. As my hands slid from her breasts to her tummy and began to work down her body, her breathing stopped and the world was suspended for a moment. I almost worried that I had gone too far. My fingertips brushed over her belt and descended quickly between her legs, cupping her pussy in a single, smooth movement.

When I looked down at Ella, her eyes were open, and staring at me in what can only be described as pure animal lust. She let out a little exhale and slowly slid her legs open. My fingers drew little circles on the crotch of her slacks, while hers were still playing with her tits.

It was a very erotic scene for the both of us.

It wasn’t long, until the dampness of her pussy, began to seep through her slacks. The heat of her wet pussy had migrated quickly to my fingers.

All of this excitement pushed my cock into action. While not big, I was desperately horny, so my cock was stretching the fabric of my blue jeans to their very limits.

Ella noticed the bulge, moved one of her hands to my cock, which she vigorously rubbed through the material of my jeans.

Then, in a move that caught me off guard, Ella shoved my hands out of the way and quickly undid her belt, fly and button, then guided my hands under her pants and underwear directly to her pussy. As I suspected she was wet with anticipation, and my finger slid easily inside her pussy.

I also found out I was right—Ella was very tight. She had married later in life, and had bore no children, so her pussy was still holding tight in her later stages of life. Her pussy gripped my finger as it slid fully inside her. Ella caught her breath again. “Oh,” she said huskily. When my finger slid out, almost out of her cunt, he hand shot down again, holding it in place. “I’ll get used to it Gerry, don’t stop.”

My fingertip circled around her engorged clit, and then pressed forward deep inside her again. Each stroke and caress brought her closer and closer to an orgasm. Each stroke saw her pushing her pelvis into my hand, willing it to finger fuck her deeper and deeper.

“That feels so good Gerry, don’t stop. Mmmmmm.”

Her hands reached for my belt, then my pants, greedily shoving them along with my boxers to the floor. My cock bounced up, anticipating, longing.

Now, Ella didn’t stare at it in awe, because of the mammoth size—we aren’t talking about a 13 inch behemoth here. But her hands wrapped around my 7 inches quickly, guiding it to her mouth. It was a very erotic moment, watching this 76 year old aunt inhale my cock.

She had sucked a cock before that much I knew. Her tongue slid all along my shaft, flicked over my balls, then back up. Somehow, the sight of her opening her mouth to make room for my engorged cock was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. Ella did something no one else had done before, she stayed on the helmet, bobbing her head slightly up and down on it, her tongue swirling around the head, then flicking me into ecstasy.

It took only a few minutes for my balls to tighten, and I knew I was going to cum.

“Honey, I am close to cumming.”

Ella let my throbbing cock slide from her mouth, kissed the tip, then looked up at me. “So am I.”

With that her mouth opened and she licked a long, hot circle around the head of my cock, and seductively slide it all the way into her mouth. Her hands were cupping my balls, gently squeezing.

Her legs were opened wide, and I watched as my finger slid faster and faster into her hot box. Her pelvis was pushing forward with each stroke. Her clit was protruding proudly. Each stroke, saw my finger roll over it, causing a shudder to ripple through her body, then it pushed deep back inside her.

“Oh hon,” I said as my orgasm began to take hold, “I am going to cum for you. Oh, baby, here it avcılar escort bayan is.” I felt my balls empty, as I shot a long, hot load of cum streaming into her mouth.

She muffled a small gag, then drank it all down. I watched as the muscles in her throat worked to drink it all in. As my orgasm ebbed away, her began to ramp up. Her pushes onto my finger increased in tempo, and small moans began to creep out of her throat. Ella’s hand came up and grabbed the shaft of my cock, pumping it quickly.

“Yes, Gerry,” she heaved. “Oh right there,” Ella added, as my finger slid deep inside. “Deeper, deeper,” she counted, “faster honey, deeper.”

Suddenly her body tensed, her teeth gritted together and time was suspended for a brief moment. When my fingers pushed back inside her, the gates opened. “Oh my God Gerry, I’m cumming!! There it is for you baby, can you feel that?”

I certainly could. Her pussy was pulsating, grabbing my finger in neat, easy rhythms. Gently I added my index finger to her pussy and she moaned even loaded.

“Harder baby, harder. Harder!” Then her hand came over mine, and held it steady inside her pounding pussy. “There hon, that is because of you. Thank you honey, that is amazing.”

“Ella, I liked my orgasm too. I just can’t believe we waited this long to play.”

“You wanted to play before?”

I drew my hand in a small circle, gently rubbing over her clit. Her body shuddered again and she let out an “Oh.”

“I have wanted to, since the first time I saw you without a bra on. I have always been a fan of your nipples honey. I kind of hoped that when I saw your nipples get so hard when I was around, that it was for me.”

“I am glad you noticed. I was excited by your body. I remember that time. You were in boxer shorts and a t-shirt. I wondered what was down—there.”

“Now you know.”

“I do. And I am glad I do.” Her hand kept working on my cock, and slowly it began to regain some composure and fill with blood. “Gerry, it has been almost 20 years since anyone has made love to me. Will you?”

“Ella, I would love to.”

I moved down the bed, and settled between her legs. I could feel the tip of my cock slide again her engorged, slick lips.

Slowly, my hips pushed forward, and the shaft of my cock slide along her pussy. I lifted her legs up and nudged the head of my cock into her hole. It was so tight.

“Slowly baby,” she pleaded with me. “It has been so long for me.”

“I will.”

I placed the helmet into her pussy and let it sit there for a moment. Then slowly pushed forward about an inch, forcing her pussy to accommodate my cock.

“Oh baby you are filling me up.”

My cock backed out slightly. I could feel the juices cool on the head of my hard-on, then I pushed forward again to the same point. When I put pressure on my hips, my cock slid a little deeper inside her. Ella’s hands grabbed my shoulders, holding me in place.

While I know it wasn’t true, she gave me a compliment when she said, “You are too big for me. Go slow hon.”

In about 5 minutes I was only about halfway inside her. But her hips were moving slowly, pushing the head of my cock deeper and deeper inside her wet pussy. I was fucking her slowly, only with one inch pushes, but I knew it was rubbing again her clit and that was driving her into another orgasm.

“I am going to cum again Gerry. Oh your cock is bringing me off again. It is so big, it is filling up my pussy.” Her hands went to my hips guiding my movements. She wanted shorter, faster jabs into her pussy and I responded by giving her what she wanted. Ella’s breather shortened and those small moans began to release from her again.

“Oh my God Gerry, here it is. Here it is again,” and I could feel her pussy begin to suckle the shaft of my cock.

That effervescent movement drew me closer to an orgasm as well and I lost control of my hips. In a heartbeat, we went from short, erotic little pulses, to a long steady movement forward until I was completely in her pussy.

“Oh Gerry, you are too big. It feels so good to have you in there, but you are so big.” But her hands responded to my rocking motion, and soon her orgasm erupted again. “Oh again, it is so hard baby, my orgasm is so hard.”

She looked up at me, “Faster, harder, Gerry fuck me harder.”

We moved together, my balls slapping into her ass as we screwed on her single bed. The tightness of her pussy pushed me over the edge again, and I thrust hard into her. “Oh baby, here I cum again.” With that, I released a second time. It was heaven for me to fill up her pussy with my semen. In a couple of minutes we were both spent. We rested for a few moments, with my cock still inside her pussy.

I could feel her breathing settle after a couple of minutes. I propped up on my elbows and looked at her. “Well, that was fun wasn’t it?”

She smiled, almost looked embarrassed, and nodded. “It was fun.”

“Am I too heavy? I can get off of you if you like?”

“No it is fine. I like having that weight on me,” she smiled slightly, “and in me.” With that, her pussy gave my cock a little squeeze which sent an electric shock throughout my body.

“I love how you can do that Ella.”

Her hands were running over my body, “I can do so much more than that you know.”


She smiled again, “Rest up, we’ll keep going soon enough.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32