Elise Ch. 05: Annita

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Alexis Fawx

Elise was enjoying a mid-morning cup of coffee when the phone rang. Lisa was busy in the kitchen so Elise answered it. “Hello. I’m Annita, the colleague of Dick Browne,” spoke the voice at the other end in a very pronounced Spanish accent. “Dick left some business unfinished, so I wondered if I could come round and take over,” continued the voice.

“Sure, I’m not busy this morning, so swing by,” replied Elise.

“Thanks! I’m in the area so I can be there in about half an hour”, continued Annita.

Elise finished her coffee and then passed by the bathroom to tidy up and brush her long black hair. She was dressed as usual in a mid-length wrap-around skirt, white boob-tube and 3-inch block-heel mules. Sure enough, the doorbell chimed before she had left the bathroom, and Elise ran down back to the sitting room as Lisa ushered in her guest. Not surprisingly, the woman was a beautiful buxom Latina with wide hips and a narrow waist, either Venezuelan or Colombian. Aruba abounded with beauties like these since Aruba was a mere 26km off the coast of Venezuela.

Elise settled back into an easy chair and offered her guest a similar one opposite with just a small side table to hand off to the side. “So, I’m Annita. I work out of Aruba with Dick on the timeshares that interest you. We shall be going back shortly and so I wanted to meet you and try and finish what Dick started,” said Annita.

“Yes. I remember Dick’s visit here very well. We got side-tracked by some personal business that interested us both very much,” said Elise.

“Really?” replied Annita, “If tesettürlü escort I’m not too forward, may I ask what it was that interested him so much and side-tracked him from our business?” Annita continued.

Elise looked straight at Annita and a slow broad smile spread across her face. “You don’t know?” she asked.

Elise kicked off her mules and drew her legs up so that her heels were on the chair just as she had done for Dick. She clasped her hands around her legs, and of course, the wrap-around skirt fell away to the side. Still looking directly at Annita, Elise said, “Would you care to hazard a guess now?” queried Elise. Annita’s face was a picture as the penny finally dropped. Her eyes left Elise’s face and slowly went down to the same place that had fascinated Dick. Once her gaze hit that spot, it never moved. Indecision was apparent in Annita’s face, but regaining composure, she made her decision and then her move. Her mind said to her, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” With her mind now made up, she slithered off her chair and moved on all fours across the short gap to where Elise was perched. Elise knew of course that she now had the situation covered, and as Annita approached, she unclasped her skirt letting it slide away, and rolled up her boob-tube exposing her large full breasts with the massive brown areolas and long brown nipples.

Annita firmly lifted the legs of Elise one by one over the arms of the chair and buried her head between the milky white thighs of Elise, working her tongue türbanlı escort into the mass of long black pubic hair, her hands reaching for and stroking those orbital boobs. Elise moved her pelvis forward to receive more attention as Annita licked and tongue-fucked her hard.

Annita was now fully committed and carefully manoeuvered Elise around so that her pussy was uppermost. Now Annita stood up and bent forward, forcing the legs of Elise horizontal as she continued servicing the full-bodied cunt of Elise.

Shortly after Annita arrived the phone rang and Lisa answered it immediately on the kitchen extension. It was Dick announcing that he too was almost at the door, and so Lisa ran to let him in before the doorbell sounded. She had a rough plan in her mind, and as Dick entered the hall, she closed the door quietly and turned to Dick. “Stay here a minute or two, please Dick,” said Lisa in a pleading way. To reinforce her request she dropped to her knees and unzipped his fly, eagerly looking to release the member that she knew was hiding there. As the member came into sight, she took it into her mouth and worked it quickly up to a rigid state. Dick bent down and picked up the maid. Knowing full well that there would be no panties interfering, he placed her carefully onto his dick and eased about 4 inches inside her compact pussy. Working her up and down she quickly came to an orgasm and Dick then placed her back onto the floor. “Thanks,” exclaimed Lisa, as she ran off back to the kitchen, forgetting to usher tüyap escort him in.

Dick made himself decent again and entered the living room. We know the sight that greeted him, with Annita bending over Elise with her head buried in her pussy. Dick needed no further introduction. He knew both ladies and their needs. “Annita, it’s me,” Dick ventured. Moving in behind Annita he lifted her short skirt over her waist and quickly rolled down her panties, lifting her left leg to release the garment. What was before him now was the best looking ass that one could ever hope to see: broad, clean, shiny and a pale amber colour. Dick lost no time dropping his own pants and boxers, thinking to himself how lucky he was that he had not needed to cum inside Lisa. No problem with this big, bulging pussy. He already knew it well and that his full 7-plus inches was not a problem.

Wrapping his arms around Annita’s waist Dick probed for entry. Annita was already soaking wet, so wet in fact that his swollen member slipped inside easily, with the passage slick and warm. Elise slid down until she could lick Dick’s balls as he commenced to give Annita the roughest fuck he could muster: just the way he knew she liked it. Dick discharged and pulled out slowly. Elise was now in an ideal position to catch the fluids starting to drip from Annita’s cunt, and eventually to slurp the remainder direct from her juicy pussy lips. Dick collapsed into Annita’s chair and watched as the ladies completed their repast.

Elise spoke, “Dear Dick. I’m not going to demand attention from you right now, BUT you have to promise me here and now that you will give me and Jacques your full and dedicated attention once more before you leave for Aruba.”

“What choice do I have?” replied Dick. “To be quite honest, that is exactly what I had hoped you would say. Now please, Mrs. Devereaux…er…Elise… can we finish the business that we are supposed to be here for?”

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