Eight of Irish

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Big Tits

All I wanted was a quiet drive to the moors or something. Rob and I were having a nice peaceful weekend away from the madding crowd and it is something we had been planning for an age.

But what I got was that am much more and Irish Rob fucked me to the core!

They say you don’t really know anyone until you’ve slept with them and I understand that to the full.

Rob is from Dublin and he knows how to fuck.

I had been delirious about this weekend and thinking just how nice it would be just to spend a night with Rob when, up to then, our weekly sessions were limited because of him living up country with work commitments.

It seemed forever we had to rush something that was so very beautiful and so, because of that, there were times we were both unable to get complete gratification, I guess because of the time factor and so it came the point that everything had to be rushed which was such a shame, because what we had together was something so very special.

I felt I really wanted to spent time teasing him, he loved that and so did I. But it usually turned out that the oral stuff, meant to last before it built to a crescendo was disappointing to say the least because, invariably Rob looked at his watch so I had to settle for a quick suck and a very rough fuck, with me hardly primed for his entry.

So I just longed for this weekend when we would have none of the clock watching, when we could both just relax and enjoy each other to the full.

So that first night away with each other the air was electric as Rob could not wait to rid me of my jeans.

There we were, both of us, frantically stripping each other and me saying:” Hang on Rob, remember we have the whole weekend and for once there is no time limit, right?

He just bunched my privates in his hand and squeezed a little and said he was sorry, But it did not stop him from dropping to his knees and instantly begin sniffing down there like gaziantep escort he was a mad hound dog. Then, grasping my bare hips he twisted me around and immediately started to sniff my ass. It was like I felt a draught between my cheeks as he spread them eagerly apart and pushed his face between and feeling his exploration of me was divine, now I really could relax and enjoy the quality of our sharing. I leaned over, spreading my legs but still standing, it gave him more access to me and I felt his mouth invading my being, his lips and tongue tasting me, the way he was lifting my cock to expose my balls to the full, then everywhere he licked me, declaring what a great fuck I was and soon he was where I wanted him to be more than anything, with that firm primed cock inside me.

I felt the surge of its heat and beat as he worked it up me, prompting me to move from side to side to help him. It was an out of this world feeling and now I could enjoy it to the full, and when he paused with it full inside I closed my eyes to savor the moment, his hot breath was tickling the hair at the nape of my neck.

“How does that feel Pete? He said with that deep gorgeously sexy voice.

I gave him a wiggle and felt it lodged inside me. So tight that I was unable to work, my rectal muscles as I usually liked to do in mid fuck -but I said it felt divine and I adored his fuck.

“Then we had better get fucking” he said and I was about to feel the full thrill of Robs hard cock thrusting in and out of me like a piston engine and. Man! That was fucking!

As he slid it from me I felt the usual slap across my ass cheeks, it was Rob’s way of saying than you and I was not adverse to that, so long as he didn’t slap me too hard, he said he loved to see my ass cheeks bounce when he did that – and I went along with that. In fact it opened new horizons really because just that little slapping made the thrill even more lovely and sustained like he would give me a good tanning, enough to flush me up as he put it, which would ultimately lead to a lot more of his concentrated licking and nudging down there.

Then the sound of his pleasurably moans as he gently spread me again, not that long after the fucking, so that he could taste my fresh fucked hole he said and then very soon, when I saw his cock raise once more, that was the signal for me to go for it and get a taste of his well fucked cock, and that was real heaven just to lay there facing each other down under and enjoying the nectar accumulated by that very deep and generous fuck.

I simply loved the feel of his gorgeously formed cock; it was like a sculptured work of art. I loved to roll it in my palms, squeeze the head between thumb and forefinger, watching it pop through each time I squeezed hard it was like a jack in the box popping out for a new sound sucking. And so I stretched back that foreskin and indulged in an awful lot of tongue teasing, licking the divine p-hole too with still some cum dribbling through, as if expressed by my deep form sucking. His balls are divine too. I love to cock and ball him simultaneously.

I could never get enough of him and as I felt him gobbling me deep throat I thought I’d try the same with him. It was a matter of practice, holding one’s breath and gulping down the head until the whole magic length of pure unadulterated cock was engulfed ,

I did it something I’d wanted to do for so long and the feeling it leaves in the throat afterwards is absolutely gorgeous and I want to experiment more doing those wonderful things with Rob who loves to poke my ass as he does the same. I look down and can’t believe just how he manages to get a full length into his throat like that and to watch him do it is so good, seeing just how much he is enjoying it, and by the time he has had his fill of that I am ready to receive his fill once more but this time well and truly deep up my ass where he has been patrolling with those two long fingers of his, stretching and widening for the big onslaught!

“Let’s fuck it over the kitchen table this time Pete” he says.

He often took me that way but usually after coming up behind me at the kitchen sink and giving me a right good feel and balling. He enjoys his pocket billiards too when he dips his long fingers into my jeans pockets and find my cock, squeezing it between each pocket as he makes me jump and jerk, and it is not very long before he has me stripped and – with a pillow placed under my stomach, to give him the right fucking height, he is inside me land I am complete again, well stretched over and held down with his strong hands as he soon pumps me up to the very hilt and I am once more plundered by eight inches of Irish cock wanting its all of me and it is wonderful

That weekend went so very quickly but it took me a week to fully recover. For one; I could not sit own properly for a couple of days, feeling the bruises after Rob’s sound spanking, that which started just as playful after fuck slapping developed into something much more when he planted me across his lap and gave me what for.

I could still feel him inside me three days after – it was a real odd but wonderful sensation though, like a sensation which made me feel I belonged at last, and I knew I truly bloomed to Rob, because it wasn’t just the heavy fucking and everything, but I realized I loved the guy too,

I hope that he loves me too. He has hinted he does but that is usually during when he is fucking me.

Whatever, I am in complete trance about him , in fact I am besotted by him and every minute of every day I feel he is with me.

I want him again for another weekend, a long weekend this time and I vow I will truly do anything he wants.

I know he had ideas but he keeps me in suspense. Or rather as he says in suspenders, Does that mean he wants me to do role play with him methinks, does he want me to act the part of a gir.

Watch this space…:

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32