Educating Pam Ch. 09

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Writers note: This is the ninth chapter of my story about Pam whom I first had an affair with back in 2001. This chapter covers the period from 2002 until 2006. All the events here actually happened. The bathroom play gets a little wilder so be warned. Keep the comments coming! There is one more chapter of this story and it is fairly long so it might take me a little while to get it completed, but keep watching.


After email that she sent me in the middle of April of 2002, Pam started writing me every week. She told that she would start the email early in the week as soon as she had read mine but would keep adding to it as the week went on. Most times she would send them out on Sunday night.

Getting her life back together wasn’t easy for her. She told me that for the first month it was a real challenge not to slide back.

She said, “the feelings that dragged me down in the first place were still there. I wanted to feel good about myself but some days it was tough. But I knew that if I gave into them I’d be right back in my hole and there was no way that I was going to let that happen again.”

She talked a lot about trying to lose the weight she had put on. It took her a few months but one week she said, “finally my old bras and panties fit! I’m going to slow down on the diet a little but I am going to try to take a few more pounds off.”

I did ask her how much weight she had gained. Her only reply was “one bra and panty size and it was getting kind of tight in the panty department.”

About two months after she started getting her life back together she said, “the other night, the kids were at school activities, so it was just me and him for supper. I was taking a sip of my wine and he made the remark that he thought that I was drinking too much and that I was getting fat. I counted to ten very slowly and then ripped him a new asshole. It would take too long to tell you everything that was said but I told him in no uncertain terms that if he ever made a remark like that again that I was going to move into the guest bedroom permanently and the door was going to be locked every night. He apologized but like always it wasn’t very sincere.”

Also about the same time she sent, “I guess I should tell you this. The real reason that I went off the deep end was that early in January I got a call from one of the wives of another of the guys that worked in the office with him back home. Her husband had told her that my wonderful and caring husband had been offered the plant manager job there about a month before I met you, but he turned it down saying that he wanted to run some place bigger. At first I was really angry but then it hit me hard and that is when I just melted down. I have accepted it now but at some point there will be a price to be paid. You can trust Pam on that promise!”

I told her about what was going on with me as well. I emailed her pictures of the store when I opened it and she thought it was great. Up until the time I moved into the store, I had worn a suit and tie every day during the week. But if I had a day that I wasn’t going out on any calls, I just started dressing in jeans and a shirt. After a few more months, except for a few places, I pretty much stopped wearing suits. I would just get into some nicer causal clothes if I had to go on a client call. I also seemed to miss a few haircuts. I didn’t let it get real long at first but it definitely was a change from my professional look. I had sent her a picture of my new look and she liked that as well. As time went on, I let it get long enough to the point of where I could pull it back into a ponytail. I also started growing my beard back over the winter months since I was spending a lot of time outdoors at flea markets even during the winter months.

She would always start her emails off like she used to do on ICQ with the stroke count after her husband did his thing each week. Sometime she would add comments like, “he was in and done so fast that I didn’t even realize I had been fucked until the sperm started leaking out,” or, “just once I would really like to feel like something other than his sperm toilet!”

Her son graduated from high school that June. They came back to this area for the graduation but it was a very quick trip and there was no way that she could get away. The same was true of Christmas time, which she wrote, “it was one day driving out, stay there for two days, and then we had to drive right back. We hardly got to spend any time with anyone there.”

A year after she moved, I asked her if she looked around to find someone else to have fun with. She replied, “I did go back to that website that I met you on. I made a profile and the next day I had over one hundred emails, all of them from jerks. I just deleted the profile and never went back. I’m not really looking but that doesn’t mean if the right guy comes along that I won’t. I realize how lucky I was to have met you and I’m not going to rush into anything else. How about snowpiercer izle you? I am sure you have been busy.”

I replied, “I haven’t been looking much either. But I do have to confess that a few months ago, I was at a client who is about ten miles north of the motel. I stopped up there for gas and I ran into the screamer from next door at the motel. She gave me her card and told me to call her sometime. So I did. We got together twice. It was nothing but a fuck for the sake of fucking. Raw and nasty from the start to the end. Then she found another young guy and that was it. She fixed me up with a friend of hers. She wasn’t bad but I only went with her the one time. I guess I am getting picky these days.”

Of course Pam replied the next week, “the screamer! Oh my, I know you gave her a good cum shot!!”

Pam would tell me about all sorts of other things going in her life as well. She wrote, “he had to have a television in the bedroom. I was against it at first but I got used to falling asleep with it still on. Then he got a DVD player for it. At first he would rent regular movies but then we started with the Saturday night porn show. It is so much fun watching all these people fucking their brains out knowing that all I am going to get out of the deal is a pop, pop, fizz, fizz, at the end.”

The best part were some of the comments that went on during the movies.

She typed, “we were watching this porn flick and he kept talking about great the one girl’s tits were. They were about as big as mine. I rolled over, pulled up my T-shirt and said it’s real shame that I don’t have a great pair of tits. He looked at them and didn’t say anything. I rolled on my back with the shirt still pulled up but he didn’t even bother to touch them as he made his weekly sperm deposit.”

A couple of week later she sent, “he asked me while we were watching this week’s great adventures in fucking why I didn’t suck his cock any more. I told him that I would but that he would have to kiss me when I was done. He said sure as long as I washed my mouth out good first. I told him no, right after for a least a minute and there had better be lots of tongue involved. He got a disgusted look on his face and that was the last I heard of that subject.”

Another week she wrote, “I got asked last night why I didn’t shave my thing like the girls in the video. I told him it was because that no one would notice if I did. He said that he would notice. I said I shaved it on Monday. He reached over and felt under my nightie and said no you didn’t. I said my point exactly. That was the end of that subject.”

One of the best ones was, “they must not have checked the DVD package because it had the wrong one in it. Instead of the usual assortment of young babes getting their eyes screwed out it was a pee video! There were women pissing on themselves, pissing on other women, guys pissing on women, and women pissing on men. It was great! Of course he got freaked out after about five minutes and was going to turn it off but I grabbed the remote and told him oh no you don’t. I had a great time watching it. I was making all these comments about how nice it must feel and was cheering them on. About half way through I looked over and he had moved as far as he could away from me without falling off the bed. And no pop, pop, fizz, fizz, for Pam that night either. I think he was afraid that I was going to piss on him!”

She also said, “one week when he was away I borrowed his card from the video store and rented another pee movie to watch along with a spanking one. I got so damn horny watching them. But was nice to be able to take care of that problem in the bed rather than sitting on the toilet. And I took care of it. A lot of times!”

But the best one was about anal sex. Pam wrote, “we were watching the usual Saturday night porn and as the one chick was getting her ass fucked, he told me that he would like to try that sometime. I rolled over on my side facing him and said oh really? That is great. One of the girls I work with has a brother who is gay and she says that he has a really big cock. I’ll talk to her next week and get you a date with him. He got very quiet. His eyes were open wide but I didn’t think he was breathing. Finally he slowly moved as far away from me as he could get. No pop, pop, fizz, fizz, either!”

Pam would experiment sexually from time to time. She hadn’t given up on the idea of spanking herself.

She wrote, “one night when he wasn’t around, I decided to give the old hairbrush another try. But this time I didn’t get too crazy. It hurt but I did twenty. At least I could sit on my ass the next day.”

Another time after she had watched the pee and spanking video’s she wrote, “I had to try this. I know you will think that I am getting really weird but one night after he fell asleep, I had to go take a pee. I took his cup off the bathroom sink and filled it up with piss. I took a drink. It was salty and well you so help me todd izle know. I was going to spit it out but I swallowed it. I didn’t die on the spot so I drank a little more. I washed my mouth out with water afterwards, but it wasn’t too bad.”

Then a couple of weeks later she sent, “he was out of town one night last week. I want to try something I saw in the pee video. I drank a whole lot of water and I waited and waited until I thought I was going to explode. I laid down in the tub, pulled my legs and ass up high and let it rip! It was neat. And yes, I had my mouth open. I got a little in but I will need more practice getting the aim right. And yes I know, I am getting really kinky but so what?”

Pam found a place that sold sex toys. She said, “I was really nervous going in there but once I was inside, it was like wow. I never imagined that they had all this stuff. I picked out a small soft plastic dildo that looks like a cock. I was really embarrassed to go pay for it. There was this really ugly looking guy at the counter and I got creeped out from the way that he looked at me. That night I ran a bubble bath and had some fun. I started with it in my pussy but it was small enough that with a little soap it went right in the old butt. It wasn’t as nice as having you in there but it still felt good.”

The years went by quickly as they seem to do anymore. Email after email. Since she worked days and there was always someone around in the early evening, she couldn’t get on ICQ to talk. Her oldest son started college and was a senior. Her second son graduated high school and was going to college as well.

Her daughter had just graduated from high school in June of 2006, but hadn’t decided what she wanted to do as far as college so she was just working and living at home. She had been quite a handful when she was younger but for while it seemed like she was doing better. But there was that one night.

Pam wrote a month after she graduated, “my daughter turned eighteen last week. She went out with some friends that night and got really drunk even though the drinking age here is twenty-one. Thankfully she wasn’t driving. They dropped her at the house at 2:00 AM and I woke up after hearing her banging around. I got up and watched from the bedroom door as she went into the bathroom that the kids used and started puking. I went in and she was there kneeling down in front of the toilet but she had let loose before she got there. It was big mess. She wasn’t passed out but she was pretty drunk. I had her strip and I made get her in the shower. She didn’t much like the fact that the water was cold but I really didn’t give a damn. I let her out, helped her dry off, sent her off to bed, and I cleaned up the mess. The next day I called off from work. I haven’t taken hardly any time off so they didn’t give me any trouble. I got my daughter out of bed at 9:30 AM and we had a little chat in my bedroom. Over my knee with the hairbrush! I told her it was that or I was going to take her car away from her. You would have been so proud of me. Twenty real hard spanks. I took my time and yes, those last two were very special! Even though she wasn’t driving this time, I do not want to have to deal with that problem. After that we spent the rest of the day together and had a really nice time. I think she learned her lesson but we will see.”

The big surprise came on Monday of the second week of September of 2006. I got this email from her that read, “My dearest. I want to let you know that I am coming home next week to spend some time with my mother. I will be driving out on Monday and going back on Friday. I already have a room reserved at a local motel for Wednesday morning. So if you aren’t too busy, I am sure that I can make the day very nice. Just let me know! Love Pam.”

I read it twice to make sure that it was real. I wrote back and said, “hell yes I will be there! Just let me know where it is. I can be there for 8:00 AM and I can stay all day. Love.”

She replied, “I thought that you might have some free time.” She told where it was and what kind of car she was driving and added, “I’ll be there at 8:00 AM waiting for you.”

This was great. I never had high hopes of us being able to get together again, but then I never gave up on the idea either. I spent the rest of that week and the first part of the next week counting down the hours.

I got to the motel a few minutes early. As I pulled into the lot, I spotted her car and pulled in along side of her. We both got out of our vehicles and walked up close to each other. I just stood there looking at her for a few minutes. She had on a long coat like she used to wear and I could see a denim skirt below the hem of it.

She asked with smile, “is there a problem?”

I smiled back and answered, “no. It is just that I wasn’t going to believe that this was actually going to happen until I saw you.”

She moved close to me and we hugged tightly. sokağın çocukları izle We pulled our heads back and had a nice long kiss as well.

Pam said, “the room is waiting.”

This motel had two floors and our room was on the second floor. The place was nice. Or course there was a king-sized bed that already had the covers stripped off.

I remarked, “I see you were here already.”

She answered, “I checked in yesterday afternoon. They said since it is a Wednesday we could stay until 5:00 PM if we want.”

I laughed and said, “if only I was twenty years old again!”

She smiled and replied, “that is okay. I’m sure that we will find something to do.”

There was a chair over in the one corner and she walked over to it and took off her coat. She turned around and she had on what looked to be the same denim skirt that she always wore but she had on a different blouse. It was flesh colored and not as sheer as her other one had been but I could still see her areolas and nipples clearly though it. It was unbuttoned all the way down and pulled to the sides so that her chest and stomach were clearly visible and the skirt was only fastened at the top and her pubes were visible as well.

I said, “you look very beautiful Pam.”

She walked over to me and replied, “thank you,” then added with a smile, “although I was hoping that you would say good enough to eat!”

I laughed, pulled her in close and we kissed. I reached around and placed both of hands on her breasts. They still felt wonderful and her big nipples were already hard. I played and squeezed as we kissed.

Pam said, “this is one of the things I really miss. I play with them but it never feels this good.” I started squeezing her nipples harder and at the same time twisting them. She kissed me hard and I pinched even harder. I waited a good twenty seconds before I relaxed and went back to light playing. Her breathing had gotten harder as I was twisting them. She said after I stopped the hard pinch, “damn that was nice.”

I asked, “how about if I make it nicer this time?” as I slid my left down to her pubes.

“Oh yes,” she answered, “please make it very nice.”

I ran my fingers in and around the thick patch of soft hair. I stroked her front with my fingertips and would gently twirl the hair in between my fingers as well. I slowly made my way down to the top of her slit and then worked a fingertip down in there. The whole time I was still playing with her breast with my other hand and we were kissing deeply as well. I slid my finger in deep into the gooey wetness of her cunt and I pushed it right in.

I said, “you are really wet.”

She laughed and replied, “I have been like this since last week when I decided to do this. I have had to wear panty liners to work, it has been so bad.”

“I guess you missed me then,” I remarked with a big smile.

She didn’t say anything, she just pulled me into a kiss. I moved my finger in and out of her cunt and then wiggled it around in there a few times. We kept on kissing but I could feel that she was getting very excited. I put my thumb on her clit and moved my head along side of her head.

I softly said, “are you ready?”

Pam said, “you have no idea how ready I am.”

I pulled my hand back a little and went back into her cunt with two fingers. I started pumping them in and out and at the same pressed down hard on her clit.

She tensed up and climaxed within seconds. I kept pumping and pushing and before the first orgasm was over, another one hit her hard and was followed by a third. I stopped moving my hand but left it deep inside of her.

She was breathing like she had just ran a marathon as I heard her say, “I missed you so very much.”

I replied, “I missed you too Pam.”

She kissed me hard and said, “let’s get undressed. You can play all you want over on the bed.”

I slid my very wet fingers and hand out of her cunt. She reached down, lifted it up and with a little smile, pulled them to her mouth and licked them off.

I said, “that is a new trick.”

She laughed and replied, “you have no idea of I have learned.”

I said, “sounds like I have unleashed a monster.”

She replied, “but this monster has been saving it all for you, ” and we kissed again. I undid the button at the top of her skirt and set it down on the chair. We broke the embrace and she opened the cuff buttons on her blouse and that joined it. She reached up and grabbed my ponytail, gave it a couple of light tugs, and said, “this is going to be fun!”

I walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge. Pam followed and knelt down in front of me. She opened my bootlaces, pulled them off, and then my socks. She reached up and went for my belt buckle. She undid that, then unbuttoned the top of my jeans, and pulled down the zipper. She reached around and grabbed both my jeans and my underwear. I lifted my ass off the bed so she could slide them down to the floor. I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled that off. She stood up, gathered all my clothes and my boots, and walked them back over to the chair. She walked back to where I was sitting on the bed, bent down and kissed me.

She said, “I really need a good spanking but I need to have your love inside of me even more.”

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