Educating Pam Ch. 08

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3D Hentai

Writers note: The eight chapter of my story about Pam whom I had affair with back in 2001. All the events here actually happened. This chapter brings this part of the story to a close but the tale is far from finished. It is a little shorter than some of the other ones. As before there is some bathroom play. Keep the comments coming! Two more chapters of this story are waiting to be told so stay tuned.


All too soon it was the last day that we were going to be able to get together. I knew it was going to be very difficult for both of us and in a way I was hoping that she would have wanted to call it off. But she didn’t and I knew that she was in so much pain over all of this, that my calling it off would have been devastating for her. Her last day of work had been the previous Friday. A few of the nurses she worked with including Kathy took her out for a good-bye party at a bar. Pam called me at the office that Saturday. I had told her that I was going to be in there working on a programming job. She said it was very nice but very sad. Her and Kathy were the last ones to leave and they cried a lot.

Her husband was giving her a lot of grief as well. He left the job of packing the house to her and the kids. Even when he was there at night, all he would do is complain about how much wasn’t getting done. Her comment on all of this was, “I told him that he had better plan on spending some of his money and have people there to put stuff away. I’ll do my clothes and the kids clothes, but that is it. The pile of boxes can sit there until hell freezes over.”

She had told me on Monday that her period had started. Her comment was, “of all the damn weeks for this to happen.”

I said, “it doesn’t bother me.”

She answered, “I know. But still.”

She also told me during our Tuesday ICQ chat that she was going to try very hard not to cry, no matter what. But I knew that was going to be very difficult for her and for me as well.

The sun was shining that morning but being the middle of December the weather was cold. Pam had told me that she could get there for 9:00 AM and could stay until 2:00 PM. I called and made the arrangements with the motel ahead of time. I got there around 8:50 AM, paid for the room, then drove up and got it ready. 9:00 AM came and went. I was starting to think that maybe she wasn’t going to show up but around 9:20 AM she pulled up.

“I’m sorry,” she said as she got out of her car, “there was an accident and I got stuck in traffic.”

“That’s okay,” I said as she walked in the door, “I’m just glad that you are here.”

We kissed and she walked over to the table and set down her purse. I watched as she pulled off her coat and set it on the chair. She reached her purse, pulled out the tube of lube and something that was blue and folded up. Pam closed her purse and turned towards me. She had on the same sheer blouse and denim skirt that she had always worn and as she had done the past few weeks, the blouse was completely unbuttoned and opened, and only the top button of the skirt was closed which gave me a clear view of her pubes. I walked over to where she was standing and put my arms around her.

We kissed and I asked, “no hairbrush?”

She smiled, shook her head a little, and answered, “I decided to give it rest. I’m back to being a little afraid of it. Besides, your hand works just as good.”

I laughed and we kissed again. I slid my right hand inside of her blouse and started playing with her left breast. My right hand moved down and started stroking her pubes. She pulled her head back and looked me in the eyes. As I slid my hand deeper in between her legs to her clit, the fingers on my hand that was holding her breast tightened gently around her nipple. I started playing with them. Her breathing got heavier as the feelings took hold of her. She pulled me back into a kiss and we kept kissing until she climaxed. She brought her cheek next to mine and I kept on playing with her.

Pam starting making, “Oh! Oh! Oh!” noises then cried out, “oh my God!” as the next orgasm grabbed her.

I moved my hands around her in a tight hug as she shook. We kissed again. I moved my hand back around and undid the button at the top of her skirt. At the same time her hands went to my pants belt, then the catch at the top and finally my zipper. As I removed her skirt and dropped it on the chair, Pam slid her hand inside the top of my underwear and started playing with my cock. I resumed playing with her clit as well. It wasn’t long before she had another hard orgasm. We kissed for a while then finished getting undressed.

Pam picked up the folded blue item and opened it. It was one of those absorbent pads like they use in a hospital. She said, “I got a box of these years ago to catch diaper leaks when the kids were little. If you want to, but it’s going to be a mess.”

I replied, “we will see. Maybe later.”

She said, “okay,” and put it back on the table. She got the lube, went into the bathroom, tuzla escort got a hand towel, and placed them both on the bed. I walked over to the bed as well. We stood there and kissed for a while. She asked quietly, “I’m not going to tell you how many or how hard, just please make it feel good?”

I answered, “I will Pam.”

I sat down on the side of the bed and she knelt across my knee. The first ten spanks were like I always did, not real hard and I played with her in between each spank. I rubbed her clit to an orgasm after the eighth one and gave her the other two, as she was cumming.

She didn’t make much noise as I was spanking her, just a loud, “oh yes!” as she came.

The next twenty I did a little differently than I had before. Each one was hard, but this time I waited close to a minute before delivering the next one. I started off alternating cheeks but then started hitting the same cheek twice in a row in the same spot. Pam was breathing heavy and I kept looking down at her face but she wasn’t crying.

After the eighteenth one, I asked her softly, “should I finish this or go for ten more?”

She looked at me and replied, “ten more, please?”

I gave her the next two and let her rest for a little. I was lightly stroking her back and her ass cheeks as I waited. Finally I started in on the last ten. I could tell that she was fighting hard to hold back the tears.

As I was sitting there after the eighth spank, I said, “just let it go Pam. Let it go.”

I delivered a very hard slap to her left cheek. She let out a shriek and started crying. I waited as I had been doing and gave her the last slap just as hard to her right cheek. Again she shrieked and the crying got harder. I let go of her arm and released her legs. She lay there for a while crying and then slowly stood up. She leaned forward and kissed me.

“Thank you,” she softly said, then she laughed a little and went on, “damn that was nice!”

I just smiled as I crawled on the bed and she followed me. We lay side by side, kissing and touching. She was really fired up from the spanking and would climax with just a few strokes of her clit. I played with her cunt lips and asshole as well.

After about ten minutes of this I said, “whenever you are ready dear.”

She laughed and replied, “I’ve been ready.”

I thought that she was going to get on her knees but instead Pam reached up and grabbed one of the pillows. She rolled on her back, folded it in half, lifted her ass of the bed, and slid it back under it. She grabbed her knees and pulled her legs way back. I got the lube and knelt between her legs. I lubed her asshole and then my cock. I put the tube down and wiped my hand off. I moved in close and pressed the head of my cock right at her asshole. I leaned forward a little and slowly pushed in. I got in about two inches and waited a little. I leaned forward and kissed her.

She smiled and said, “fill her up!”

I laughed and gently pushed my cock all the way into her ass. We lay like joined like that for a few seconds then I started slowly screwing her. I had one hand on her breast and was playing the nipple as well. I would lean down and suck on it from time to time. She would start building to a climax and I would pick up the pace just enough to bring her over the top. Each one was very hard. After the first one she let go of her legs and wrapped them behind my ass and placed her arms went around my neck.

This went on for fifteen minutes and I asked her, “is your ass getting sore?”

“Not at all,” she replied, “not at all.”

I did stop and put some more lube on my cock. I started back up and we screwed for another five minutes.

Pam said, “when ever you are ready.”

I kissed her and I started screwing faster with long strokes and she started tensing up from her impending orgasm. I couldn’t hold back any longer and I pushed back in all the way as I pumped the first shot into her.

That was all she needed and she climaxed again very hard, this time with a loud, “Fuck!”

I fired the next two blasts of sperm without moving and then went back to a slow screwing motion as she came down from her orgasm. I pushed back in deep and we lay there kissing as my cock slowly shrunk down and slid out of her ass.

She smiled and said, “damn that was really nice!”

I laughed and said, “I love you.”

She looked me in the eye and replied, “I love you too.”

We kissed for a while and I got off of her.

“I am going to wash off, ” I said.

She said, “let’s go pee and wash off in the shower.”

I replied, “okay.”

She rolled off the pillow and then got off the bed. I got off from the other side. She walked over to her purse and got a Tampax out.

“I had better change this one,” she said as we walked into the bathroom. She went over to the toilet and set it on the back. She said, “get in the shower, I’ll be right in.” So I did and ucuz escort a few seconds later heard the toilet flush and Pam walked into the shower. She had a bar of soap with her from the sink. She said, “I didn’t put the other one in so it’s going to be messy.”

I smiled said, “so what?”

She laughed and moved up really close to me. She put her left arm around my neck to steady herself and lifted her right leg. She placed her right hand under her knee to get it up high. I pressed in even tighter, grabbed my cock with my right hand and pressed it into her slit.

“Deeper,” she said softly.

So I moved in farther so that it was right at her cunt. We kissed, she started to pee and I did the same. I rubbed my cock head around in her cunt. She pissed for a long time. We kept on kissing after we were both done. I pulled my right hand out and placed my left hand on her cunt. I slid two fingers inside of her cunt and started to finger fuck her.

As she got close to cumming I pressed my thumb on her clit. Pam pulled her mouth off of mine let loose with a loud “yes!”

Since I already had her going I kept working her cunt and clit for two more orgasms. I pulled my hand out and she let her leg down. She kissed me again then turned and started the shower running. I washed my hands off under the water and then I got the soap and washed her off between her legs. I handed her the soap and she washed my cock off.

“Turn around,” she asked, which I did. I felt a soapy hand start sliding up and down my ass crack and then finger press against my asshole. She slid her other soap-covered hand to my cock. Her finger pressed in deep inside of me and she started playing with my cock. She was nibbling at my neck and ear with her lips. Even though I just came, it didn’t take too long before my cock was semi-hard again.

After a few minutes I said, “turn around and bend over.” She did this and I rinsed the soap off my cock before I turned off the water. I pressed my cock against her cunt and pressed in.

“Oh yes,” I heard her say. I screwed her with hard and fast strokes. She screamed, “fuck!” and climaxed. I kept on pounding. Her cunt was very slippery and while I could have came I decided to save it for later. After she climaxed two more times, I pulled out of her. She asked, “aren’t you going to cum?”

I replied, “not now. We still have plenty of time.”

“Okay,” she said as she straightened up. I turned the water back on as she turned back around and we washed each other’s parts off. I turned off the water and she backed out of the shower and went over to the toilet. I got a towel and started drying off as she wiped herself and put the Tampax in. I handed her a towel and dried her back off with mine. She did the same to my back and we walked out of the bathroom got back on the bed.

Pam said, “gee, I guess they aren’t coming here anymore,” and pointed to the other room. We hadn’t heard the screamer from the other room the past few weeks that we had been there.

I replied, “I guess not.”

I looked at the clock and it was only around 11:00 AM. We lay there on our sides for an hour kissing and touching. Talking a little but not saying a whole lot. I sat up and laid down to where I was looking at her cunt. She lifted her leg and I moved my head in to suck on her clit. I felt her lips close around my cock and she started sucking it. This went on for a while then she climbed over me and I got on my back. We continued to sixty-nine from that position. She hadn’t climaxed at all, I was just going gently enough to hold her close to the edge.

I got the lube and squirted some on my finger, which I buried deep in her asshole.

She stopped sucking and said, “hand that to me.” I did and a few seconds later felt her lubed finger slide into my asshole. She wiggled it a few times and I heard her giggle as she started sucking me again.

It didn’t take long for Pam to climax and it was very hard from all the built up passion. She pulled her head off of my cock and screamed. She shook hard and then came again almost immediately. I stopped both my fingering and my licking to give her a little time to recover. I felt her lips wrap around my cock and I resumed what I was doing although a little gentler. It took longer for her to climax but again she had back to back ones. I would wait until she settled down and then go back to my licking and fingering. This went on for about 15 minutes.

Pam said, “one these times I’m going to bite you!”

I laughed and replied, “you are doing fine. Why don’t you get off and let me finish inside your ass?”

She said, “no. I have a better idea.” I slid my finger out of her ass and she pulled hers out of mine. She stepped off to the side and switched around so that her face was at mine. She kissed me and straddled me. She rubbed her cunt up and down my cock a few times then moved down between my legs. I opened them wide and I felt her finger ümraniye escort push into my asshole again. She wrapped her other hand gently around the base of my cock. I looked down at her as she said, “I hope that you aren’t in a big hurry.”

I smiled and replied, “not at all Pam. Take all the time you want.”

She moved her mouth over my cock and started to suck it. She wasn’t kidding about taking her time. I’ve said before how good Pam was with her mouth, but this time she really outdid herself in that department. She would get me right to the edge of coming and then would slow back down until I relaxed again. She was at for at least ten minutes. I knew that I was going to shoot a damn big load by then.

She stopped for second, looked up at me, and said, “I love you.”

I replied, “I love you too Pam.”

She resumed sucking me and this time, her fingers tightened around my cock. There was no turning back at that point. I fired three hard shots of sperm into her mouth and there were a couple of after throbs as well. She let go with her hand and I felt her finger slide out of my ass. But she kept on sliding her mouth up and down my cock as it got softer and kept it there for a few minutes afterward. She was gently licking it with her tongue.

She pulled her head up and said with a smile, “that was a really big one.”

I laughed and replied, “it was all your fault!”

She laughed as well and climbed back on top of me. Again she sat her cunt down on my cock and leaned forward. We kissed for a long time. She pulled her head back and looked me in the eye for a few minutes without saying anything. I knew how bad she was hurting inside. Then she leaned over and pressed her cheek next to mine and we lay like that quietly. She climbed off and like we had done before, we spent another hour kissing and touching. I fingered her to a few more orgasms but they were quiet ones.

It was around 1:15 PM when she said with a little laugh, “I have to pee again.”

I replied, “I might have a little.”

She asked, “but before we do, how about ten more spanks?”

I looked at her and answered, “if you want.”

Pam pushed me on my back and climbed on top of me. She moved up over my stomach. She was close enough that her ass was within easy reach of my hands. She kissed me and then placed her head along side of mine.

I alternated hands and cheeks as I spanked her. They were hard slaps and I waited a long time in between each one. She would bring her head up and kiss me for a while and then rest again along side of my face.

After the eighth one she whispered, “use both hands for the last two.”

I said, “I will,” and waited a few more seconds. I brought both of my hands down hard on her ass. She jumped a little but she didn’t make a sound. I was expecting her to start crying but she didn’t.

Instead she laughed a little and said, “you can do better than that.”

I replied, “you will have bruises tomorrow.”

She pulled her head up and kissed me. She smiled and rested it again along side of mine.

I waited and waited. Finally I pulled back and slapped her as hard as I could from that position.

“Fuck!” she said quietly, then added, “thank you.”

I replied, “you are welcome Pam.”

We kissed for a little while and she got off of me. We got off the bed and like before she got another Tampax out of her purse.

“Might as well do it right,” she said with smile.

We repeated the fun we had in the shower before except that my cock wasn’t going to stay up long enough to screw with. But that was okay. We went back out in the room and started to get dressed. She had her bra, panties, and slip in her purse. I walked over, picked up her bra, gave her nipples one last suck and then I put it on for her. She kissed me and I went back to getting my own clothes on. We didn’t talk as we got dressed, there wasn’t a lot to say at that point. She did kneel down and tie my shoes for me like she had done before. Finally it was time to leave.

I said, “let me know that you got home okay. I will be back at the office.” We kissed one last time. I started to say, “I love you,” but she pressed her finger against my lips. She smiled and we walked out the door.

Pam got into her car and started it. I watched as she started crying. I started to walk over to her the car door but she backed out quickly. She pulled ahead a few feet and stopped. I could see that she was crying very hard but then the car started moving and she left without looking at me. I was worried. She shouldn’t have been driving, not crying that hard. I thought about trying to follow her as I got into my truck but then decided that wasn’t going to be for the best. I dropped the room key off and I headed back to my office. After I got there I took ICQ off of Away mode and waited for her to come on-line. And waited and waited. She never did and I was upset. I hoped that she was alright but I had no way of knowing for sure.

The rest of the week and the weekend went by painfully slow. I figured it would be a few days until they had the computer set up and back on-line but I sent her a quick email anyway. She had told me that she was still going to be using her same Hotmail email address.

“Write me and let me know that you are okay. Love,” was what I sent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32