Edging Practice Pt. 03

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Amy Faye

Edging Practice (3)

Declan stared in shock as his dad continued to stroke in and out of Emerie’s pussy. He wasn’t stingy by any means, but his fucking father? He thought he was dreaming for a moment, but couldn’t deny the ultra realistic movements of the bed, the smell of Emerie’s wet sex in the air.

Declan wanted to be upset, but as he looked over at Emerie, splayed out on the sheets next to him, her naked body shining with sweat, fucking beautiful tits bouncing in tandem with his father’s thrusts, he felt himself growing harder and harder.

He didn’t know if either of them had noticed that he was awake, but it only took him a moment’s time to make them aware as he leaned over and took one of Emerie’s nipples in his mouth. She let out a shocked whimper as his teeth applied pressure to her nipple, laving the sting away shortly afterward. He was rougher than he normally was, almost punishing her taut skin this time.

Aaron took notice of his son catering to Emerie’s breasts and felt a strange sense of pride. A part of him had expected Declan to wake up and immediately try to put an end to something that was unstoppable, this however, was a pleasant surprise.

Emerie was lost in the sensation of a father fucking her, stretching her sensitive cunt out, and a son who was now sucking her nipples raw. She grappled for the sheets as her third or so orgasm lifted her body clean off the bed, and moaned gutturally, her voice crackling through the air in a way that made Declan pause.

“Give her a go, son,” Aaron pulled out of Emerie without warning, a warm splash of her cum spilling out at the sudden mamak escort emptiness. Declan rose to take his father’s place, he didn’t know why he wasn’t stopping whatever this was, but he had never wanted to be a part of something as bad as he wanted to now. To have a hand in the pleasure Emerie was experiencing would be something he’d jack off to 10 years from now.

Aaron took up the spot lying next to Emerie and lifted her weakened legs for his son to enter easily, “Keep them up,” he growled in her ear, before reaching down and spreading her cunt open for his son. Cool air assaulted Emerie’s slick folds, she could feel her hole clenching and unclenching with anticipation for Declan’s cock, and the rough fingers that held her open.

Declan was about to put on a condom when Aaron interjected, “She likes her cunt stuffed with raw dick, right Em?”

When no answer was supplied, Aaron rubbed her clit feverishly, “Am I fucking right, Emerie?” She could hardly get out a “yes,” before she was braced on another orgasm, but Aaron stopped right when she closed her eyes in expectant bliss.

Declan took the cue and pushed his muscled hips forward, feeling Emerie’s juicy cunt grip his bare dick for the first time. For a second, he couldn’t move because if he did, he would come the hardest he ever had. She was all wetness and velvety tight walls that kept him in her hold, her juice dripping all the way down to his balls. With his father spreading her pussy open, Declan had a clear view of the pink snatch that refused to let go of him. Her moans had grown less ofise gelen escort frequent now, and were replaced with whimpers and soft, exhausted pleas.

“Make her beg, Dec,” Aaron ordered, the sergeant that Declan knew his father to be was apparent in that moment, this was a superior giving his soldier an order. It was easier for Declan to look at it that way, so he let go of any and all reticence when he plunged back in, throttling her guts with his length. Nine full inches of pure male rendered Emerie speechless as her cervix was pounded back-to-back, gone were the whimpers and once again she was screaming and pleading.

“Oh, my God! Declan! Declan! DECLAN!”

Her voice went hoarse as Declan’s father rubbed her clit once more, spitting on it as his son pummeled the brat into the sheets. The uncontrollable squelching sounds of her pussy splashing filled the room, stroke after stroke drove her further and further into the bed until she went mute from the pleasure.

Declan didn’t know what came over him as he flipped Emerie over, stopping his father’s ministrations to her swollen clit. There was only a brief pause of breathless relief before he shoved back into her from the back, his abdomen clapping against her rounded ass. It still wasn’t enough for him; Declan took a frog-style position and began fucking the life out of Emerie. From Aaron’s view on the bed, he could see her eyes rolling back into her head, her lush mouth dripping with drool from pure carelessness.

She shrieked as his son’s thrusts grew even deeper, practically otele gelen escort impaling her on his dick. When that familiar, shuddering look passed over her face, her body locking up, Declan smacked her ass and snarled in a voice that Emerie had never heard her friend use before:

“Suck my dad’s cock, and don’t you dare cum until he does.”

The power that thrummed through Declan’s body as she obeyed and got even wetter was like ecstasy. There Emerie was, bent over like a complete slut for Declan while about to stuff his dad’s cock in her mouth just as he demanded. There wasn’t a drug like this in the entire world.

Her soft lips wrapped around the engorged phallus with a suctioned perfection. It quickly became evident that she wanted to cum, and she wanted to cum fast. Her head of golden hair bobbed relentlessly on Aaron’s dick, wide blue eyes locked with the slate gray of his as they watered with the exertion of taking Declan’s dick to the hilt. A garbled choke erupted from her throat as Declan increased his speed, but she didn’t stop sucking Aaron’s cock.

Aaron looked down at the gorgeous girl getting hammered by his son and fought to keep himself from erupting all over her face. Something in his expression must have given away how close he was because her sucking turned frantic, strings of spit hung from his thick, heavy cock as she popped him in and out of her mouth before letting him hit the back of her throat. She felt herself about to squirt and knew that she could only hold on for a second or two before she collapsed.

Aaron fought, he fought hard, but then the minx spoke, “Please cum,” she begged in between long sucks, “My little pussy needs to cum, please, I won’t take it for granted ever again,”

“Please give me your cum, Mr. Lachlan,”

Somehow, the request triggered an orgasm from father and son, their groans joined by Emerie’s scream as she fully let herself go for what felt like the first of many times to come.

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