East Meets West:…

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East Meets West: the Internet Connection

It was a rainy East Coast morning as I slugged my leather bag over my shoulder and headed to the train station. What the heck am I doing? I thought to myself. I sipped my steaming morning mocha. I was dressed in my favorite black wool skirt, gray tight cashmere pullover sweater, black hose, and my favorite Donna Karan black pumps. I looked like I was headed to a business meeting. This meeting was under the guise of “business.” I had worked under contract for this man whom I had met on the Internet. No, it was legitimate work– not a woman-of-the evening kind of work. I worked in public relations and I had found his name on a freelance website. Here I was, and after 3 years of contact with him we were finally meeting.

We had chosen New York City as our destination. I am from California and was visiting the East Coast on vacation and was taking the train from upstate to the city. I’m insane, I thought to myself over and over as I nestled into my seat on the train. As the engines whirred and stirred, my heart pounded thinking of our many sensual conversations, late night chats, and sweet orgasms that had swept through my body because of him.

He was married. He was honest and straightforward about his status. He was young and we were beyond sexually compatible with each other. I swore we were sexually made for each other. Our conversations didn’t turn sexual until about a few years into our contact. After the business dealings, our emails grew to a more personal and deeper level. We were friends above anything else though but there was a catch to this Internet friendship: we were friends who wanted to fuck each other.

I lived with my boyfriend but our relationship was tenuous after being broken up for a year. I wasn’t unhappy but something inside me wanted to push the limit and see where this meeting led me with this sexy man. It was risky and dangerous, but hey we were both bad Catholic kids who craved evil adventures with each other. Who knows what could happen?

The five-hour train ride whizzed by as I thought about our meeting. I arrived at Penn Station black umbrella in hand and my briefcase slung over my shoulder. I was wrapped snugly in my coat. I saw him standing nervously by a pillar. I immediately went up to him, halo izle touched his arm, and smiled at him. He gave me a warm hug and at that moment, the ice was broken and we both felt comfortable.

We hailed a taxi and we drove through the pelting rain to a quaint and lovely hotel in a very posh section of the city. He told me he couldn’t wait for me to see our room it was beautiful and perfect for me. How sweet, I thought. We walked into the grandiose lobby holding hands. I couldn’t believe he was here and that I was with him. He was dressed in charcoal grey slacks and a black sweater. He was casually sophisticated. He was cute and sexy at the same time 6 2 with a husky build that towered over me. I had never been with a man with his type of build before. I’m petite (5 ft) so it would be interesting to see how our bodies meshed together in bed.

I was starting to get butterflies in my stomach as we approached the door. He turned the key and I gasped. The room was a deluxe master suite filled with rich antiques and decorated in smoky hues of reds, rusts and greens with a 4-poster king size bed directly in the center of the room. It was sensually rich and perfect for our tryst.

“It s breathtaking, isn’t it?” he whispered, as he led me to the window and pointed to the gorgeous, misty skyline view.

“Yes,” I could barely mumble as I felt his warm hands slide down my back.

We took off our coats and he hung them up for us. I was starting to feel warm and comfortable yet nervous and excited. I noticed a bottle of champagne chilling on ice in the corner with delicate strawberries and a bowl of cream in a silver bowl sitting on the round mahogany table.

We looked at each other and time froze as he walked over to me and put his arms around me.

“I can’t believe I have you here,” he breathed in my ear.

“I can’t believe I’m actually here,” I laughed softly.

He kissed each of my cheeks and then felt his warm, soft lips on mine. My heart was pounding and my arms were shaking as I kissed him tentatively. Our kissing grew more fervent as I felt his strong, sexy hands roam down my back and to my ass. He grabbed my ass cheeks playfully and moaned into my ear.

“God, I have been thinking about touching your sexy ass ever since I high rise invasion izle heard your first orgasm over the phone.”

I felt myself growing wet and my body was tingling. My nipples hardened against the soft, black satin of my bra. I wanted his hands all over me. That was when my brain turned to mush and we were two mad people– rushing and roaming our hands over each other. I felt his tongue slip into mine his hot, warm tongue tickling and taunting mine. My juices poured out of me from his kisses alone.

I didn’t remember how or when our clothes came off and that he led me by the hand to the bed. He asked me to keep on my black silk thong. I felt bold and as we kissed I straddled his stomach. I then reached down and pulled his sweater over his head.

“So does your theory still stand? I want to show you how much I want to be here,” I purred teasingly into his ear running my hands down his broad, bare chest.

“Mmmm. So you prefer to be on top is that it?” he challenged as he reached up to tweak my rock hard nipples with his fingers.

“Yes. I want you to prove to you how much I want to be here,” I said grinding my silk-clad pussy into his stomach scooting my body down so my pussy was in direct contact with his crotch.

I felt his hard cock straining against his pants. My pussy gushed as I ground harder into his crotch and felt our heat mix together. Without wasting another minute, he gently pushed me off while he took off his pants and boxers in one fell swoop. I could hear his labored breathing and his slow, sexy smile gleamed devilishly at me as he planted me back onto his stomach.

He stopped and started kissing my mouth again and caressed my 36-C rounded, full, creamy breasts (one of my best features next to my ass). My nipples were so hard that they ached and my pussy was a fountain.

“God I need to be inside you now, girl,” he moaned hoarsely against my mouth.

I looked down to see his cock straining against my stomach a beautiful, thick, rigid cock waiting for me. The sight of his cock almost caused me to spasm with a mini orgasm. I had been dreaming about his cock every night and now here it was against my skin. I reached down and touched him for the first time. He exhaled loudly as my skymed izle fingers play with his turgid tip pre-cum oozing out of his tip. I brought the pre-cum to my lips and sucked it from my fingers. He bucked against me as if he was about ready to cum.

“Not yet. I want you to explode inside me and I want to take a very long time riding your beautiful cock.”

I pushed my soaking wet panties to one side and crouched over him. I directed his tip to my shaved pussy lips only a small thatch of dark bush on the top. I rubbed his tip enticingly around my lips. He sat up watching me intently a look of sheer torment and pleasure on his face. I guided his granite-like cock inside me as I sat on top of him. I almost shouted out his cock completely filled me. I rode slowly at first– up and down in and out teased him and brought him to the edge a few times. He reached down, found my clit and played with my swollen nub as I ground my pussy on him. I rode faster and harder.

“God, I love fucking you. I imagined you would feel this amazing. I love how you fill up my pussy completely,” I moaned loudly.

“Please fuck me. I need to feel you cum all over my cock, girl. I need it right now. I ve waited too long for your sweet orgasms,” he begged me and grabbed onto my curvy ass and rubbed and caressed my cheeks with his soft hands.

I became a mad woman riding him and fucking him like it had been centuries since I ve fucked a man. I couldn’t fuck him fast enough or hard enough. I felt my clit swelling and I could feel my climax building. Our orgasms hit us both at the same time in a frenzied, maddening climax.

“OHHHH GODDDDDDDDDDD, I’m cumminggggggggggggggg,” I screamed loudly as my pussy exploded in wave after wave of crashing orgasms.

“Oh girl, here I cummmmmmmmmmmmmm, God it feels soooooooo gooddddddddddd!” he groaned wildly as he shot his cum inside me feeling his cock pulse and explode inside my warm, wet pussy.

After we both calmed down and came back to Earth I collapsed on top of his broad chest my face flushed and my heart pounding like crazy. I felt his heart beating out of control as well as I rubbed my cheek against his chest&his hands were buried in my hair.

I slowly got off his cock and and curled my body up against his warm, damp, and very sexy body. I felt lightheaded and drowsy.

He looked over at me and whispered, “Yes, you definitely proved that you wanted to be with me.”

I sucked slyly on his earlobe and seductively teased back, “Fair is fair. Now it’s your turn to prove how much you want to be with me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32