East Coast Man

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I finally got the nerve to text him. I was back in my hometown and after two weeks hanging with family I was bored. More to the point, I was horny. I hadn’t cheated on my man in a while, but I felt frisky being home with all my high school boys, and my man was at some crazy weekend party. I needed a distraction, but so far my boys were missing all the clues. I hadn’t been back home in years. I live on the West Coast and have for fifteen years.

I had been thinking back on Kray. In high school we were getting hot for each other but then his buddy made the moves. His buddy became my first everything and Kray and me drifted into acquaintanceship.

But now my first everything was dodging me and I was needing some loving. I thought of Kray, but felt so shy. Most men run from me. They all want me until I want them. I didn’t want to scare him, but I was leaving in three days.

‘I had a dream about you last night. It has been so long. I hope we can connect before I leave.’ That was my text.

Moments later my phone buzzed. It was Kray. He had time that night.

I was so excited and nervous. Would he just be friendly, I wondered. That would be cool, normally, but I wanted to play. I needed some East Coast cock.

Kray was fifteen minutes early. I was ready and jumped in his car before my mom and sisters made it weird. We went to his place, cracked some beers and finished watching the Sox game. It was just like old times. It felt good to be home.

I took a chance and curled up into him. He put his arm around me. I felt his heart rate increase. He was excited. I let it build playing the good girl. My pussy was already wet though.

With my head on his chest I could watch his shorts and after a few mishaps reaching for my beer I noticed the growing bulge. Also I was tracing my fingers up and down his thigh, but as if I was thinking about batting averages.

Eventually he reached down and cupped my chin. He pulled my face up and began kissing me. We started making out. It got hot and heavy quick. And after a few minutes, my fingers found his shaft, wrapping his shorts around his stoutness, I squeezed. It was an exciting discovery. balgat escort I had never known he was this substantial.

He pulled me on his lap. I ground my yoni on his bulge as we continued making out. When his hand made it under my skirt he groaned discovering no panties. He was ready right then and there, and so was I, but I wanted a little more. I jumped up and excused myself to the bathroom.

When I came out, I went to the kitchen, not the couch. I cracked open some new beers and we tried to shoot the shit. I knew it was going down and I wanted to savor it. Plus he was big and I was slightly taken off guard and enjoyed letting him see it. After a few minutes though we were kissing again. Then my shirt was gone and he was suckling my titties.

I got down on my knees and took my time extracting his cock from his shorts. I wasn’t prepared for this thick hunk of sausage. I don’t eat pork anymore, but I miss the sensation of eating hot dogs. I felt just like being a kid at the ball park except I had my mouth around a grand slam. I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to handle it inside me, yet my pussy lips were sopping wet and eager for a try.

But I was master and would master this cock. Just the head filled my mouth. I licked all around and kissed his soft underside. I carefully and slowly sucked and licked every inch covering it with my saliva. I would look up at him too. He would groan in satisfaction every time.

I quivered at the sight from his position. I can see how attractive I am in the way he can’t stop looking at me and groaning. His giant cock in my hand and mouth with just my lips around his head. He let me suck him for a really long time. I did it really slow not letting him take over, even when he wrapped his fingers in my hair trying to penetrate deeper into my mouth. I gagged, but I wrapped both my hands around his shaft, so that he didn’t bury his shaft in my throat. He was losing control a bit from my teasing.

He picked me off the floor and carried me to his bed. I wanted him bad but I was weary of his size and his strength. I didn’t want him to tear batıkent escort me up too badly in his passion. He layed me on my back and pulled my skirt off me. I was naked now. Laying vulnerable as this large man from distant times stood at the foot of his bed engorged and hungry for the fulfillment of a lot of fantasies. His stout cock jutting over the waist of his shorts. I put my feet on his hips as he brought his head nearer to my lips. He tried to grab my hips but I held him at bay, scootching away as necessary.

I slowly let him enter me, but only his head. My feet on his hips let me keep him at my pace. He was good to me, knowing his size. That made me want all of him, but after several minutes I couldn’t take more than half of him. It was my turn.

“Get on the bed” I told him. He played down.

I climbed up on the bed. I straddled his thighs and stroked his cock. When I was ready, I planted my feet to either side of his hips. I normally couldn’t maintain this for long but my instincts told me his substance would hold me up. I squatted down and gently loaded his head inside me, stroking his shaft. I looked him in the eye as I slid downward. My groan turned howl as his cock stretched me open. My pussy was juicing around his shaft as I stalled with him 3/4 loaded inside me.

He reached up and pulled my face down and kissed me deeply. With his other hand on my hip he eased me all the way down. I groaned in his mouth as I felt myself settle on his fullness. My inner thighs planted on his hips. Somehow the angle making it fit. His shaft spasmed inside me sending agony and ecstasy rippling through me.

I couldn’t sit still but I couldn’t release him either. I rode him good and long. Slow at first, and then my thighs were burning. I straddled him with my toes tucked under his thighs. Then grinding on him I cummed on his shaft.

He liked that and kept me there till I cummed again. His shaft was a dream inside me.

Finally he stood up, picking me up in the process. His shaft slipped out as he put me down. We made out for a bit and then with his hands on my hips he turned beşevler escort me toward the bed. He slapped my ass and I climbed onto his bed. I looked over my shoulder questioningly as I arched my pass, as if to say, ‘is this what you want.’

I have found that nothing seems to satisfy a man more than sidling up behind another man’s woman and planting his shaft in her wetness while she moans prostrate before him.Kray knew I had a long term thing back home, so seeing my sexy ass propped up on his bed, dripping wet off a double orgasm, I could see his manhood growing as he gazed at me. I reached back and pulled my thighs apart.

He lined up his head and pulling my hips he slowly drove into me. I just groaned writhing my hips to make room for his shaft. I was so wet that he got right into me. I was really screaming as he slammed home. His bed was shaking and squeaking as he took me. I looked over my shoulder to witness the all out surrender. His hands wrapped around hips, my knees on the edge of the bed, just under my tits. I could see his torso pumping above my round bottom, which I had jacked up to him as much as possible. My pussy lips were stretched so tight around his shaft that it hurt and I only wanted more of it. His eyes met mine and he groaned and pounded me harder and deeper. I yelled every time he sank into me.

“Fuck!” I screamed as I squirted on him. I didn’t orgasm, just squirted. He laughed and grabbed my hair, pulling me back but holding my ass down. His cock was super swollen and he was growling now. I looked over my shoulder and he saw it in my eyes.

“Where do you want this?” He growled.

“On my face.”

Grabbing my hips he fiercely thrust into me several times as if he couldn’t stop. Then, in a fury, he pulled his cock out and yanked me around. His load was already shooting though. I felt it on my thigh, a glob on my breast, another spurt right in my cleavage, and then I stroked the rest onto my lips as I looked up at him.

He stood there looking down at me, shuddering. I cupped his balls and gently squeezed. Another drop of cum for my reward. His knees were weak now, but he couldn’t break the vision up. My cum on his spasming shaft that I was suckling the head of. His cum on my ass and face. I wasn’t so sure he pulled out in time and that felt good too. Part of the risk and the excitement.

His eyes told me everything, as mine betrayed me too. I knew I would be visiting my family more often. Kray had 15 years of fantasies to unload.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32