Earl , Francie Ep. 03: Peggy

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Earl invites Ron

Earl Houck considered what he had been told the previous evening. He and his wife, Francine, were 60 plus year old swingers and had recently, at Earl’s suggestion, been inviting other couples to their home to swap partners. They had agreed to try and invite a couple every week. They were inviting some of the swinger club members but were also looking for new, and especially younger, blood. Last night, a beautiful redhead, Eva, had been his partner and she had brought along her twin brothers for Francie (as Francine was called). Eva had mentioned to Earl that Ron, a young man whom Earl had met at a sex party was actually staying in town with his aunt and uncle contrary to Earl’s belief that Ron had gone back home to Idaho to complete community college.

From the sex party Earl knew that Ron was good at pleasing women and had the bonus of a large penis. He was sure Francie would enjoy him. Eva had told Earl that Ron was quite popular with the women, despite his very youthful appearance. Even though he was almost 20, he looked to be only 14 or 15. Earl considered that that would mean Ron could possibly bring along a sweet young thing for him. Earl dialed the number Eva had given him. “Yes,” he thought, “I’m a dirty old man.” Then he smiled to himself, “and happy about it.”

After presenting his proposal to Ron he felt obliged to add one requirement, after all he didn’t really know Ron or the girls he knew, “Be sure she’s over 18, don’t want any legal age issues.”

Ron had replied simply, “I don’t know any girls under 18.”

Ron invites Peggy

Ron thought about Earl’s request. He wasn’t that anxious to be fucking an elderly woman. But Earl seemed like a nice guy and he had dropped that hint about his wife having an “educated vagina”. That had his curiosity up. There was the issue of what girl to bring along for Earl. Earl had said Eva had already done it and Earl had been at the party with most of the girls he knew. But there was one …

He had initially met Peggy in the cafeteria and had introduced himself to her, not just because she had been looking at him a lot, but because she was really cute. A round face with round eyes that seemed to have a perpetual smile, a genuine, “I like life,” smile. There seemed to be nothing phony about her. And her body seemed soft and enticing in just the right places. maybe she was a bit overweight but she wore it well and, large breasts, large hips even the slight tummy seemed very sensual especially in the modest dresses she wore that perfectly enhanced her figure.

Then she had asked him to take her virginity. Not many girls do that. It was Ron’s impression that it was the guys trying to get girls to give up their virginity. Ron had been flattered and studied the subject carefully. He wanted to do it in a way that would leave her satisfied. He liked and cared for all the girls he had sex with. But Peggy seemed special. It was certainly an honor to to be asked to take her virginity.

She had proven to be a bit naive, and yet surprisingly academically knowledgeable about sex. She also talked about it with no reservations, expressing her curiosity and knowledge freely.

He had taken her virginity and, so far as he knew, he was still was the only guy she’d had sex with. In their conversations she freely confessed curiosity about other guys. Earl might be a chance for her to experience that. She didn’t seem to have any qualms over the possibilities. And she was very curious about penis sizes. Most of her knowledge about that came from watching porn with guys with large penises. Earl had a very small one. Ron thought that might be an attraction to her.

When his aunt had asked him to help with his cousin’s birthday, he had immediately thought of Peggy as someone who could help him. She had been a hit with his aunt’s family and his young cousin even started calling her “cousin”. He took her to school every Monday and Wednesday and they did homework together at her home. Then they’d do homework with sex at his place on Saturdays. He realized she was easily the girl he saw the most. So it was an easy matter to talk to her in the car on the way to school. She kissed him as she got in and failed to resist the temptation to grab his cock through his jeans. She asked the frequent Wednesday question, “So, who was the lucky girl last night?”

Ron usually took a different woman home after chem lab every Tuesday. “Courtney.”

“She’s the ‘Care Bears’ young looking one?” Courtney dressed like she was only 13 or 14 and carried it off, usually wearing Care Bears or My Little Pony clothing. Her very small size apparently allowed her to shop in the girls clothing sections.

“That’s her. She may dress young but naked, it’s a different matter.” Ron had become comfortable talking with Peggy about the other women and his sexual activities. She had successfully hidden her jealousy, partly because he spent so much time with her, but it was always present.

“I guess you had a good time then.”

“I Kağıthane Escort always do when she does,” Ron had learned to put the woman’s pleasure first and found that had the bonus of increasing his enjoyment.

“I’m sure she always does.” Peggy knew that all the women Ron bedded enjoyed it. That’s why he had his pick of a dozen very attractive ladies.

He mentioned something Courtney had told him, “She’s thinking of becoming a prostitute.”

“What?” Peggy was astonished.

“Apparently thinks that since guys like the young looking girls she could make, like $10,000 a fuck. Says she could make a mint doing something she likes.”

“Hard to believe.”

“Don’t know. But I’m not paying her.”

“She should pay you.” She squeezed her hand around his cock to indicate his penis size was a factor. They laughed.

“But I have something to ask you.”

“Sure, anything.”

“There’s this guy I know, Earl. He and his wife are swingers.”


“You know they have sex with other couples, exchange partners, that sort of thing.”

“Oh?” Peggy took away the implication that they wanted she and Ron to join in. “I don’t know. They want us to participate?” The idea was enticing but repugnant at the same time.

“Earl asked me to come and swap with them. I’d fuck his wife and I’d bring someone for him.”

“You thought of me first?” Peggy felt more indignant than flattered. “I’ve never had sex with anyone but you.”

“You’ve said you wonder what it would be like with other guys. And you’ve wondered aloud about penis sizes. Earl has a little one. You’d experience the extremes.” Ron forced a smile, unsure of how Peggy was responding.

“And, you want to fuck his beautiful wife.”

“Well, no, not really. I’ve never met her. Besides they’re both at least 60.”

“You want to hook up with an old guy and his wife? What on Earth for?”

“He’s a nice guy and he asked so I thought I’d oblige. Thought you might want to do it because of your curiosity. I can invite someone else. Maybe one of the girls who know Earl.”

“Earl gets around.”

“It’s not that. He was at the party.” “The party” was a sex party where Ron had met most of the women he had sex with. Peggy hadn’t attended but it was legendary among Ron’s women.

Ron asked Peggy to decide by the next Chem Lab tomorrow afternoon so he would have time to ask someone else or decline Earl’s invitation.

Peggy kept a diary and here’s how she described what happened:

Ron asked me something today. You’ll never guess what he wanted. Of course, not sex with him. That’s to be expected. I think now we will be doing it every Saturday. God, I look forward to doing it again. I know he sees me more than any other girls. He only sees them on Tuesday and Thursday and different ones each week. But I see him for homework at my house with my brothers and sister on Monday and Wednesday, homework and sex every Saturday. We are so close. I know he loves me, even if he doesn’t say it.

Anyway he asked if I’d be willing to have sex with some other guy. A 60 year old guy! Can you believe that? Apparently this old guy and his wife like to hook up with young couples. The guy has sex with the girl and the wife has sex with the boy. Ron said he thought I might be interested because I have talked to him about sex with other guys and about penis size. He says this guy has a tiny one so I could see the difference in size. I am way curious about what sex with other guys might be like. I just don’t think it’s a good idea for me to be asking them.

I don’t know whether to do it but Ron wants to know by tomorrow ’cause he has to invite someone and it’s less than two weeks away. I do know I can’t ask Mom about this. She’d definitely freak out over me fucking (yeah, I used the word, Mom would freak out over that too) an older, MARRIED, guy. She’d be all over me about even still hanging out with Ron after he suggested it. I’ll miss having her advice but some things I gotta decide on my own. Ron said that Eva, that redhead at Hooters had done this with Earl and his wife so I texted her to find out about it. She acknowledged she’d done it with her twin brothers and said she’d had a good time. Said she thought I might enjoy it and that Earl was a nice guy and knew how to use his “tiny prick.”

So I told Ron I’d do it. Maybe a bad idea but I’m really curious about sex with other guys. Older guys are supposed to be better, at least according to some internet stuff ’cause they have more experience. I’m also curious about just how small a tiny penis is. Anyway it’s a week from tomorrow.

Twins! I wonder what having sex with twins might be like. Maybe I could get them to fuck me. Am I getting to be a slut?

Peggy and Ron arrive

Ron picked Peggy up and they went to the Houck’s. Based on a suggestion from Eva She wore a simple white and floral print dress that fit tight around the bodice and flared gently at the waist, hanging softly from Kağıthane Escort Bayan her hips, Underneath she wore no bra and nylon, see through, thong panties she bought just for the occasion. When the Houcks answered the door, Ron was pleased to see that Mrs. Houck was an attractive, even though much older, woman. Here’s how Peggy later described her impression:

Eva had told me what to expect but it’s still surprising to have the door answered by an older couple wearing what they were wearing. Francine wore a bra and panties under a see-trough nightgown. Earl wore a very tight fitting pair of boxer briefs with an obvious bulge at the crotch which made me wonder if he really did have a small penis. He also wore a very tight T-shirt that showed off his chest and abdomen.

Earl had told Francie that Ron was young looking but she hadn’t realized how young. It would be like fucking a kid. Earl had told her he was 20 and sexually skilled but Ron’s appearance made her doubt it. Peggy impressed her. Here was a young girl who looked like a young girl should, not skinny but verging on voluptuous, wearing a dress that perfectly suited her and with the cutest, sweetest, smiling face and round eyes,. “Isn’t she the most darling thing?” she asked, “Give us a twirl, dear.” She took Peggy by the hand, lifted it over her head and encouraged the action. Peggy’s dress flared up as she swirled around, briefly exposing the unshaven bush visible through her panties.

Earl could only agree and kissed Peggy on the cheek.

The Houcks had developed a routine for their swapping get togethers. They sat at the couch and played an icebreaker game using cards with questions ranging from innocuous to sexually explicit. As Peggy explained in her diary:

We played a kind of game with cards that had personal questions on them we were supposed to answer. Some were quite explicit, like I was supposed to say whether I liked big or small “dicks”. I said I’d only had Ron’s so I didn’t know but hoped to find out. Francie had to tell what sexual position she liked and Earl had to say whether he preferred his “cock” or balls to be licked. I thought it was kind of funny that they never actually called a penis a “penis” or testicles, “testicles”. They also used other words for vulva, and genitals and kept calling a clitoris a “clit”, I had to ask what some of the words meant. That was kind of embarrassing. There were lots of other questions, some less sexual.

Peggy was uncertain of what to do with her hands. Earl had his arm around her shoulders and she thought that if they were going to have sex, he might want to be more intimate. The case was that he just didn’t want to do anything to make the young girl uncomfortable. She was the first participant in these evenings who he didn’t know. Ron had a hand on one of Francie’s breasts and her hand kept stroking his penis. That emboldened Peggy who kept glancing at the large bulge in Earl’s briefs. And when he answered a question about whether he liked his testicles to be licked, she decided to touch it. He felt her light touch and put his hand against hers to encourage her to apply more pressure. The bulge yielded to the pressure. It wasn’t his penis making the bulge, though when she pressed down she could feel a short, hard rod.

Earl smiled at her beckoning and she leaned in to kissed him on the lips and push her tongue into his mouth. She wrote in her diary:

Yes I did, diary! I decided that if I was there to have sex with him, I might as well kiss him. He responded and I had to look over at Francie after to see if she was upset and she winked at me! I was starting to feel excited and, guess what? I pulled my dress up a bit, took Earls’ hand and placed it at my crotch, well, actually on my thigh as far up as I could.

The questioning continued. Francie asked Peggy to describe her most intense sexual experience. She thought everything with Ron was pretty intense but described the morning after he took her virginity and they played around in bed. Earl asked Peggy about sexual fantasies. She told them that before she lost her virginity, it was just to have sex under a variety of circumstances. “But now,” she told them, “I wanted to show myself off to a lot of guys the idea really excites me. Maybe a nudist colony or stripping in a strip club. The strip club sounds most exciting. Having a bunch of guys watch me get undressed and show my body off.” Then she went to an extreme, “it might be especially exciting if I could have the guys watch me be fucked on stage.”

Earl said he knew of a couple of nearby nudist colonies and Ron said there was an amateur night at the strip club where Sarah worked and that Eva participated in the amateur night competitions.

Francie had a couple of questions she liked to use when she was ready for sex. She would just ask one, even though she didn’t have the card but she liked to play by the rules and was happy when she drew the card with her favorite. “Do you prefer unshaven, shaved or Escort Kağıthane trimmed pussies?” she asked Ron, flashing her unshaven genitals. He gave the desired answer, “hairy,” and she swept him upstairs to the master bedroom.

“That was the right answer,” she laughingly told him on the way.

“Didn’t need your obvious hint,” he replied with a smile, “Peggy doesn’t shave hers either.”

Peggy with Earl

Sitting alone with Peggy, Earl couldn’t have been more happy with Ron’s choice. Not only did Peggy have exactly the well filled out figure Earl loved but she had the cutest face. And more than that, she seemed to be totally enjoying herself. He liked her looking at his package encased in the tight boxer-briefs which Earl always wore to emphasize what physical assets he had. He knew his penis was small but he had large balls, so large that his penis was sometimes hidden from view. And she had really taken to feeling him up. Squeezing his scrotum through the fabric and trying to grasp his cock.

Then there was her answer to the question about number of sexual partners. She had only had sex with Ron! What was it about inexperienced girls that increased his level of excitement?

Recollecting her answer to the question about her fantasy, he asked, “Maybe you’d like to live your fantasy and strip for me.”

That wasn’t exactly her fantasy, “I want to strip in front of a bunch of guys. But I don’t mind doing it in front of you.”

She began dancing awkwardly, moving her hands and hips slowly in the way she imagined a stripper might. She glanced at the audio system on the wall, wishing for music to make dancing easier. But didn’t ask because she had no idea what kind of music might come out if it were turned on.

It was as if he read her mind. “Maybe some music, what kind would you like? fast? slow?”

As part of her home schooling her mother had insisted that she, like her brothers and sisters, attend some ballet and ballroom classes. “Slow, a waltz or ballet,” she requested, continuing her awkward movements.

Earl took the remote and within seconds the familiar strains of the waltz from Swan Lake began. More than familiar with it from ballet classes, Peggy began swirling in time with the music and lifting her dress to reveal her panties on the crescendos. She managed to unzip the back without missing a step and revealed first one, then the other breast. She dropped it to her ankles and expertly stepped out of it during the soft, lilting section and was twirling to the main theme, wearing only her thong.

Earl was enthralled and, as she came close, stopped her by grasping her waist and began kissing her nipples. The warmth of arousal spread out from her breasts and she leaned into him wondering if this was what the guys in the strip clubs did. Then he slid one hand down to her crotch and cupped it over her genitals, giving then a soft squeeze. She shivered in anticipation and moaned, voluntarily, as encouragement. She never moaned voluntarily with Ron, it just seemed appropriate with Earl, maybe because she’d seen how the girls in porn videos are always moaning and groaning.

Encouraged by her reaction, he put both hands on her hips and slid them down, entangling them in the thong straps and pulling it over her thighs,exposing her genitalia. His head came down as his hands pulled the underwear to the floor and he embedded his face in the softness of her bush. The waltz became forgotten background music as his tongue sought out her clit. His hands ran through her pubic hair and spread her labia so his tongue could better attack the hard nub. She threw her head back, giggled in pleasure and spread her legs to give him better access. Her body jerked in a prelude to orgasm and Earl replaced his tongue with a thumb. Its rapid movements brought her off. She squeaked in delight and her legs buckled. Earl caught her as she toppled back and dove in, once more, with his tongue as he lowered her quivering body to the floor.

She lay gasping on the floor, Earl knelt between her legs admiring her hairy pussy glistening and spread open from his handiwork. “Don’t you think it’s about time you stripped for me?” she asked with a broad smile.

He stood and responded, “You showed me yours, so I show your mine?” and laughed.

Peggy didn’t see the joke but laughed politely. He was straddling her so she could reach the bulge at his crotch and squeezed it, “Yes, show me yours.”

“Perhaps we should retire upstairs to the bedroom,” he suggested, helping her up.

She kissed the outline of his penis that showed through the fabric of his briefs as she stood, “See you upstairs,” and walked calmly to the stairs. Earl followed, watching her butt jiggle with each step and admiring the way her inner labia peeked out from her fleshy, hair covered slit as she ascended the stairs in front of him. He grasped the soft fleshy buttocks at the top of the stairs to direct her to the guest bedroom.

The words written in Peggy’s diary expertly describe what happened next:

Earl led me to the guest bedroom. I sat on the bed and he stood in front of me, took my hands and placed them on his hips over the waist band of his briefs. As soon as he began pulling off his top I realized that he wanted me to pull the briefs down, so I did.

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