E , J Ch. 04

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This story is copyright of destinie21. Don’t view this story if you are under the age of 18 or if otherwise prohibited by local law. Everyone else Enjoy…

Jerusalem was back in the states and trying to get back to the woman she used to be. The woman who’s mind wasn’t constantly on Evelyn Masters. She wanted the woman out of her head and out of her heart, but no matter how often she tried to convince herself that all that was between them was a fierce mutual attraction she knew better.

Still she was out to prove a point although she wasn’t quite sure exactly what it was, all she knew was that she had lost something in Tahiti. Those last few unexpected days that had been added to their trip due to a tropical storm had made her realize that she had lost control of herself and her emotions. No matter how many times she’d vowed to stay away from Evelyn, she just couldn’t seem to resist the woman’s allure. That loss of control over her emotions and self control had left Jerusalem feeling vulnerable and weak and she wouldn’t be those things, not again.

The only time she’d dropped her defenses and let someone into her heart and allowed herself to both need and be needed she’d gotten her heart broken. Though she would never admit it she was too afraid of the hurt to embrace the other emotions that rolled through her body like a storm. So here she was trying to forget everything especially one Ms. Evelyn Masters

She’d traded in her business suits for a low cut one piece shorts jumpsuit. The skin tight black fabric clung to every curve and was cut just in a dramatic V that stopped just above her belly button. She’d paired the outfit with a thick black leather belt adorned with silver studs. The belt rode low on her hips drawing the eye to their soft fullness. The outfit was made complete by the black leather thigh high boots that she wore. Her bold beautiful features and her stature alone would have been cause for more than a little bit of attention but the outfit and the extra inches the boots added to her height had people staring as she breezed through the doors of club Silk like she was a VIP. None of the status she had here had anything to do with money or position, but everything to do with the fact that she knew the bouncer who was actually an off duty cop, and his brother who was the owner of the club.

Silk was always packed and jumpin, which meant there was always a line. Part of the draw was all the fine women that could be found inside. In addition to the patrons the club itself had a full staff of women bartenders waitresses and dancers. The first two levels of the club included girls who danced in the skimpiest of outfits but were never fully or even partially nude. The third level was for those patrons with a VIP pass, this level of the club appeared smaller than the bottom two levels only because the main room and bar were smaller and more intimate, this floor featured strippers and cage dancers who got completely naked. The waitresses and bartenders were topless and the bottoms consisted only of thongs and g strings. Most of the girls on the third floor could be “rented” out for 1500 dollars for every half hour they spent with a customer.

The front part of the third floor was smaller because the back was laid out like a hotel with eight rooms. Four on either side of the hall. The rooms were fully equipped with beds and bathrooms and hot tubs. The rooms themselves also had to be paid for 200 dollars would buy you a half hour and as many watered down drinks as you could handle. Trevon, the club’s owner made money hand over fist with that operation alone. Many of the cities high rollers could be found taking advantage of Silks special services, after all there was the opportunity to have the dirtiest raunchiest sex you wanted with any assortment of beautiful women (while there were only eight rooms available there were more than 20 girls on staff on the third floor.) With no possibility of being found out. Thanks to Trevon’s brother who everyone called Deuce and some “donations” to the police department the things that went on in the back rooms of Silk were never brought to the light.

Jerusalem Could have gone up there and handpicked a woman to drive thoughts of Evie from her mind but she wasn’t into being one trick among many, plus she’d never had to pay for sex and she sure as shit wasn’t about to start now. She came through the doors ready to dance and looking for the woman she would take home tonight. She moved her hips to the beat of the music, she danced alone shaking her head at the men who tried to move in and dance all in her face and her space. Most of the men here had the same thug or wanna be thug mentality and didn’t mind adhering to the typical but negative male posturing, that caused them to take the lyrics and flows of the rap and hip hops songs a little to seriously, She was drinking but not out to get drunk since the last thing she wanted was to be out of control. She took a break from the dance floor and the hot crush of sweaty bodies that packed the space and moved toward the bar, partially altıparmak escort because she was thirsty and partially because she had spotted exactly what she was looking for.

A short thick woman with skin like dark sweet fudge, who was looking sinfully delicious in a short tight deep green lycra dress that clung to her bountiful curves. Even standing here at a dark smoky bar in the middle of a city this woman’s shape brought to mind homemade biscuits, black-eyed peas and southern fried chicken. Talk about soul food Jerusalem thought to herself as she passed the woman and settled herself on the opposite end of the bar. She’d been watching the woman for a few moments and in the time she’d seen her turn down at three dances from three different men. She always said no with a smile but the way she held herself and turned away from them without a second look made Jerusalem smile, the woman exuded confidence without coming off conceited.

Jerusalem waited a few moments more, continuing to study the woman’s face. It was all angles contrasting with the curvy roundness of her body. Her lips offered the only fullness on her face they were plump and luscious and painted a deep dark shade of burgundy. Her hair was a wild array of locs that fell to the middle of her back and her hair was a sandy brown color with hints of red instead of being black. Jerusalem motioned to the bar tender and sent locs a drink called purple passion, watching for the woman’s reaction. At first she declined with a shake of her head, until the

bartender turned her own head and pointed directly at Jerusalem. The woman let her eyes rest on Jerusalem for a moment before accepting the drink. She licked her lips and mouthed the words thank you before lifting the glass to taste the liquid within.

Before Locs had taken her second sip of the drink Jerusalem had made her way over to the woman. The woman turned to her and laid a pair of unsettelingly brown eyes her. Jerusalem looked the woman in the eyes before letting her gaze drop to the woman’s sculpted thighs and

smooth calves, she had already taken more than one look at the rest of the woman’s figure but didn’t mind letting her eyes linger all over her, before returning her gaze to her eyes.

They stayed at the bar only long enough to finish their respective drinks before Jerusalem took the woman’s hand and lead her out to the dance floor. The dance floor was a virtual free for all, hot sweaty bodies bumping, grinding and stimulating sex. The men took every liberty and the women offered no protest, seemingly enjoying the somewhat negative attention. Whether this was the case or not was another story altogether, and not really Jerusalem’s concern. All she knew was that this atmosphere played in her favor. She wrapped her arms around the stranger’s neck pulling the shorter woman closer and pressing her own body against those full supple curves.

The woman responded by spreading her thighs and circling her hips as she ground her pussy against Jerusalem’s thigh. Jerusalem couldn’t hep but smile, Locs definitely had something on her mind. She pushed her thigh more firmly against the woman’s sex and let her hands slide down to the ass that had her thinking about soul food and child bearing.

“What’s your name?” Even with her lips pressed against the woman’s ear Jerusalem had to shout to be heard over the music.

“Deeva” the woman replied, standing on her tip-toes to get closer to the taller woman’s ear. Then she swirled her tongue into that same ear as she moved her hips just a little faster.

Jerusalem smiled again wondering if the change of pace had to do with the switch from one song to another or if it had more to do with the wet spot she could feel against the naked skin of her thigh. She lowered her head slightly and spoke her own name to the woman. She felt the tips of Deeva’s nails pressing into her shoulders as she dipped her hand slightly lower and pressed her

fingers between the woman’s ass cheeks, she could feel the outline of a lacy thong beneath the thin fabric of the tight dress.

She wasn’t excited exactly, she just got off on the fact that this beautiful total stranger wanted her bad enough to let her take liberties that should have gotten her slapped. Even with the girl in her arms the image of her boss flashed across her mind. Without meaning to she gripped the woman’s

ass a little tighter. She was everything Evelyn wasn’t and right now all Jerusalem wanted was to drive the image of the fair woman from her mind body and soul.

She took her hands off the woman and felt Deeva step back slightly there was question in the woman’s eyes as she licked her lips. Jerusalem grabbed her hand and led the woman from the dance floor to the door. The stranger followed her willingly. She wasn’t about to take this chick to

her house or anywhere near where she lived. Instead she lead her to the car and headed toward a nearby hotel. While she was driving Deeva watched her with those startling eyes, and ran her

hands bursa anal yapan escort over Jerusalem’s’s thigh trying to slip her manicured nails beneath the fabric of the tight shorts she was wearing. The girl’s touch made Jerusalem feel slightly nauseous but she couldn’t and wouldn’t turn back now. She wasn’t sure what the hell was up with her, she felt like she should at least be a little turned on by this fine voluptuous chick who was sitting right in her presence and had made it clear that she was down for wherever the night took them but other images of another woman filled her head no matter how she tried to push them away and force them back. She had to do this had something to prove and she wouldn’t give in even though her heart wasn’t in it.

The constant thoughts of Evie both angered and scared her, she felt backed into a corner, choked by some invisible hand on her throat, she had to deal with this shit now before she went crazy. Before she knew what she was doing she had pulled of the highway and turned onto a quiet residential street. The clock in the car glowed telling her it was just a little before three o’clock in the morning. The street was quiet and seemingly deserted, all of it’s residence tucked safely into bed. She pulled over to the side of the road and put the truck in park before snatching the keys from the ignition and opening the door. She saw worry and curiosity in Deeva’s face when the interior light came on. Still she jumped out and went around to the back. She was only out of sight for a few moments and when she came even still when she tapped on the tinted window of the passenger side she could tell she had startled the woman.

Deeva opened the door slowly, she’d managed to tuck her fear away and replace it with that down for whatever attitude, now she was just curious. A smile formed on her full lips when she spotted Jerusalem wearing a thick red strap on over the tight one piece jumpsuit. She was out of the car and on her knees before Jerusalem spoke a word.

The stranger’s glossy lips seemed to glow in the street lights that graced every few feet of pavement out her in the suburbs. Her head bobbed and weaved as she deep throated the crimson shaft and Jerusalem could hear the wet slurping sound of the girl’s saliva coating the cock, going at it like that shit was the real deal. She let the blow job go on for a few more moments loving the visual, then she tugged a handful of the soft locs on the woman’s head.

Deeva let the toy pop out of her mouth before she stood and let the tall dark beauty to lead her around to the front of the truck. Jerusalem pressed the willing woman against the hood of the truck feeling her shudder as her thighs touched the cool fiberglass. She would have like to stip the girl naked and right out here in the cool night air but she settled for yanking up her dress and exposing

the smooth orbs of that firm juicy ass.

There was a green lacy thong nestled between her ass cheeks and once again Jerusalem was loving the visual. She took a few moments to spank the woman and make her firm ass jiggle. Deeva moaned and squirmed against the hood of the car and then without warning Jerusalem grabbed the panties and ripped them clean off. Again the woman squirmed and moaned.

Jerusalem wasted no time plunging a finger into the woman’s pussy. It was hot wet sticky and oozing like a peach that had sat too long in the heat of the summer sun. Jerusalem slipped another finger between the woman’s fat lips and moved her hand in hard rapid storkes.

Deeva moaned louder her breathing ragged like she was already on the edge.

Jerusalem smiled she was definitely aroused now and about to fuck the hell out of this chick.

Taking her hand away she spread the woman’s thighs just a little further and pressed the head of the cock against the pussy her fingers had just vacated. Deeva pushed her hips back begging for it with her body before opening her mouth and doing more of the same.

“Come on tear that shit up…”

Before the girl could say whatever else she had to say Jerusalem plunged into her pussy pressing herself against the woman’s ass and circling her hips she took the woman hard and fast gripping her thigh with one had while she used the other to play with the girl’s stiff slippery clit.

“Fuck…fuck…fuck…hit that shit” Deeva almost screamed, matching Jerusalem’s rapid rhythm as she pressed her hands flat against the hood of the truck and pushed her ass back trying to get it deeper and harder.

Jerusalem fucked the girl until she fell limp against the car completely spent, panting sweating and still moaning just a little as the aftershocks of multiple orgasms rippled through her.

Jerusalem was wet and aroused but as she pulled out of the girl with a wet sloppy pop she knew she didn’t want Deeva to even try and touch her. She had gotten off on the whole raunchy public display even if there was no one there to watch, and she’d liked the control she’d felt over the bursa bayan escort woman and the situation but right now all she really wanted was to be alone. She let the intimate stranger rest wile she unstrapped and put away her toy then she got into the car without and said

“Let’s go”

Barely even glancing at the woman. Deeva wanted to talk and ask questions that Jerusalem had no interest or intention of answering, she mostly evaded answers and did a little light but forced flirting until she had driven the short distance back to Silk. The parking lot was all but abandoned, only a few cars remained one of them belonged to the woman next to her.

Deeva was slow to leave her new companion trying to linger around hoping that this wasn’t just a one night stand. She wasn’t looking for anything but some fabulous casual sex and maybe a little public sex once in a while, but Jerusalem barely even looked at her, making the girl glad she had lied about her name. She didn’t even bother to ask for the tall dark beauty’s number and Jerusalem didn’t even pretend to want hers.

She got out of the car slamming the door, she couldn’t be mad at the woman for treating her like a ho , hell that’s how she’d acted and the sex was hella good but she knew she didn’t deserve this coldness and what she took as contempt. She may have acted easy, but she knew she was worth at least a smile and a goodbye.

Jerusalem pulled off before the woman had walked the few paces to her own car, she wasn’t trying to be a bitch and she knew she shouldn’t have dismissed the woman in the manner that she’d done but she was to focused on what was going on in her mind to notice what was going on around her.

The whole time she’d been taking the woman images of Evelyn had danced trough her head it was Evelyn on the car begging Jerusalem to fuck the shit out of her, was Evelyn on her knees deep throating the toy that would be in her only moments later. It was Evelyn that she wanted but in the end it wasn’t Evelyn sitting next to her on the ride home, and for some reason all Jerusalem wanted to do was curl up in a ball and cry.

Evelyn sat in her dark bedroom, staring out the window into the night. She’d been home for a month now and for the first week she’d wanted to blame her sleeplessness on jet lag even though she knew that only lasted a few days. Now she knew there was something else disrupting her sleep and making her toss and turn all through the night. Well someone rather, she was almost glad that Jerusalem had been virtually ignoring her, it made it easier to blame the girl and be mad when all she really was, was hurt.

She, Donnie, and, Jerusalem had been working long hours to get the Garner project underway, so Evie knew she should be tired and she was, but every time she closed her eyes she saw the face of the woman she didn’t want to want. She was afraid of what her desire would make her and afraid of what she was pushing away.

She told herself she couldn’t be in love, and was almost convinced except for the ache in the middle of her chest that greeted her every morning, that exact same ache that had greeted her like an old friend in the days after Topher left her. But she’d known him for so long, they’d built a life together, how could Jerusalem have inspired the same feeling in her after only a week and some change? This had to be infatuation, and she wasn’t about to change her life over some fierce sex and a little bit of emotion.

She didn’t even think of the fact that the time she’d invested in her fiancé had been a pitiful waste. And that as much as she thought she knew him she hadn’t picked up on the fact that he was about to rob her blind and take off with her conniving back biting ex best- friend. She didn’t let it cross her mind that she had been willing to trust that, when at times her heart and head told her better

no she wouldn’t think of those things because they would confuse the issue even more.

Then there were the thoughts she couldn’t help like the way she wanted to hold Jerusalem, when she cried and when she didn’t. Or the way the mere thought of the girl could bring a smile to her lips before she remembered not to smile, or the way that Jerusalem’s eyes told her that she was the most beautiful woman in the room in just a glance. She couldn’t forget those things or the way they made her feel, so here she was sitting up wondering where Jerusalem was emotionally and physically and how come she couldn’t find the courage to ask.

Donnie was the only one in the trio not trying to exorcize one of the women from his mind. But like the two of them her couldn’t seem keep either of them from his thoughts. Evie hadn’t told him where she was at emotionally but he could see she was hurting and he knew his friend well enough to guess why. He’d known she wouldn’t be able to treat what happened between her and Jerusalem like some Tahitian treat, he’d known that even as he watched the affair unfold. He also knew that as open as Evelyn was to accepting other’s she had to be struggling with her own sexual identity, he’d seen it and gone through it himself. He didn’t necessarily think that his friend was suddenly gay or had been closeted for years but he knew that it was natural for people to question their sexuality even if the same sex experience had only been an aberration although in Evie’s case he wasn’t quite sure it was just a one time fluke.

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