D’s Story

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He’d sent her some pictures, so she could get an idea of his size. So, she was quite pleasantly surprised when answering the phone two days ago, she found the object of her wayward thoughts on the other end.

She’d been working on her book, and had run into a small block, which didn’t happen very often, so she had decided to go into the kitchen to make coffee and to stretch her muscles, which had become a bit stiff from sitting so long. As she waited for the coffee to start, she reached to answer the shrill ringing of the telephone.


“Hi Sexy!” The pleasant sounding, male voice said.

“D!” She grinned widely upon recognizing the greeting she associated with only one person.

“How’d you guess it was me?” He laughed, while being very pleased she’d recognized him.

“The greeting, silly.” She was still smiling as she quickly sat down, for her legs had suddenly gone wobbly.

“To what do I owe the pleasure of this call?”

“Well, I’m going to be in the area on business, and thought, and hoped, you might like to get together for dinner.” He crossed his fingers as he waited for her answer.

“Why, D! I’d love to. When are you planning on being here?” She quickly crossed her ankles to try and stem the surge of desire that had suddenly blossomed in the middle of her body.

“Well, I have some meetings scheduled on Monday and Tuesday, so I thought I’d head out this weekend. Is that too soon?”

She could hear the smile in his voice when he spoke. Smiling in return, she answered him back.

“No, D. But I do have a suggestion though. Not to sound overly forward or anything; but I know that there are numerous conventions going on in town and most places are going to be either booked full, or too pricey. I have a spare room that you’re welcome to use.”

Suddenly laughing, and blushing, she continued.

“I can offer you some of the same amenities that the hotel chains do; just not the same prices.”

“Why, Sexy! Are you blushing over there?” He grinned and teased.

She burst into a fit of unsuppressed giggles, which told him all he needed to know.

“Uh huh, I thought so.” Laughing in return he continued, “I graciously accept your offer. Are you sure this weekend won’t be too inconvenient for you, or too soon?”

“No, D. I’ve run into a snag on the current book, and I’d love the company. This weekend will be fine. What time are you arriving?”

“Well, the company booked me on the 6am flight, via Delta. I’m sorry if that’s too early.”

“Ohhh no. I’m usually up by or just before 6 here anyway. And I realize that you mean 6am Eastern Time. Tell you what; when you land, give a call, and I’ll send a car round for you. We’ll have breakfast ready when you get here. Deal?”

Hearing the obvious pleasure in her voice, he accepted and smiling wider, he rang off so he could start packing.

That call had been on Wednesday and this was Friday.

Friday morning dawned bright and clear. She arose with a smile, and got dressed, saving her shower for later, and went into the kitchen to make coffee.

Having started that, she went back down the hall to the guest room and threw open the French doors, letting the cool dawn breezes in. Turning from the doors, and walking over to the Queen-size, black iron canopy, she made quick work of stripping the bedding.

As she crossed thru the kitchen for the garage, the smell of coffee filled the air. She quickly put the bedding into the washer, set the dials, and then headed back up the short stairs and her first cup.

As she sat at the island counter, with its butcher-block top, Glenda came into the kitchen from the other wing.

“Morning Missy,” she said with a smile.

“Morning Glenda. You’re up early, or is it me? Is James up and around yet? I have need of him to go to the airport later. A friend is arriving from the East, having been booked on Delta’s first flight at 6.”

“Yes, Missy. He’s out washing the car as we speak. You sure do seem happy this morning.” Grinning, she added, “Is this friend male?”

She couldn’t stop herself and suddenly blushed.

“Glenda! How did you know?” Laughing at her sudden embarrassment, making the blush all that more pronounced, she continued, “Am I that transparent? Never mind, it’s all right. Don’t tell me!”

Both ladies laughed as Glenda agreed she’d set the sheets into the dryer and remake the bed in the guest room. Yes, she agreed, she’d put a vase of Sterling Silver roses on the dresser, in front of the mirrors. And she’d turn on the ceiling fan before leaving the room.

With her second cup of coffee in her hand, she headed off to her den/library and her book. She needed the distraction.

With the block gone as suddenly as it had appeared, Jynx had gotten two chapters typed and saved, and was well into the third, when the phone rang, startling her – so intense was her concentration.


“Hi Sexy! We just landed, but we haven’t deplaned yet.”

“Oh, D! Hi yourself. Okay, thanks for the heads up. I’ll send James round now, to meet you outside of Baggage ucuz escort Claim. Are you fairly loaded with luggage?”

“No, dear. I’ve learned to travel somewhat lightly.” She could hear the easy laugh in his voice and was able to envision the wide smile.

“All righty then, D. Look for the Jamaican with the Gold colored Lincoln Luxury Towne Car. He should be there in about 25 minutes. See you in a little bit.”

“Ok, Sexy. Sounds good. You’re sure this is no bother now?”

“No, D, it’s not. Really. Ciao for now.” She quickly replaced the receiver in the cradle of the phone and headed for the kitchen on a run.

“Glenda! James!”

“Yes, Missy?” Two voices chimed in answer.

‘Good Morning James,” she said as she hurried into the kitchen. “Iree! Don you look fine dis mornin’,” she grinned as she quipped her accent.

James teeth flashed white as he responded to her quip with a smile of his own.

“Iree! Missy! Shore I do, Mon. What be on your plate dat you go ’bout rushin’ in here like dat?”

“Phone, James. Me friend, he be at da a’port. Could you go an fetch him up, please?”

Standing up and donning his cap, James flashed another smile, kissed his Glenda, patted Missy on her cheek and strode for the door.

“Now you, Missy. Git to dat showa! You don’ won to be meetin’ dis mon an not be sweet. Glenda got dis end o things. Go!”

Quickly giving Glenda a hug, she headed off to her room and a cool shower. Within five minutes, she came back into her room to find a light and airy dress of shaded blues was laid out for her, and a vase of Lady Diana roses had been placed on her dresser.

She quickly dressed, having opened her lingerie chest; she slipped into the briefest pair of small clothes she could find, and a strapless bra of ice blue. She then raised her arms and let the dress glide over her head. Stepping into her white sandals, she decided against wearing stockings.

Picking up her favorite fragrance, she sprayed just a bit into the air and walked into the mist, leaving just the lightest of scent on her cool skin. Looking in the mirror, she gave a quick swipe of Mauve lip rouge, and then she was ready. She stepped to the window just as the car drove up.

Walking quickly down the hall, she reached the foyer just as the door swung inward and James, followed by D, entered.

She smiled as she approached the tall male who stood behind James. Her small hand went out in immediate greeting as she drew level to the man.

“D! How nice to finally meet you. Please, come in. James? Would you mind taking Mr. D’s luggage to the guest room on the East side please? Thank you for going to the airport for me. Would you buzz Glenda? Ask her to come and unpack and then steam press Mr. D’s suits for his meetings too please?”

“Yes, Missy. Be glad to do. You enjoy yer visit now, Mr. D. You goin’ ta be Iree!”

Whistling, James picked up the luggage, then went down the hall toward the guest room, leaving the couple to get acquainted.

“Please D, come in and relax. 6 am flights can be brutal. If you care to remove your shoes, your feet will be more comfortable and won’t swell.”

They strolled across the foyer and into the cool living room, in a leisurely and companionable way. D’s eyes were busy darting around the room as they entered, but they always came back to rest on the petite woman beside him.

He let his eyes rove round the big room, from the tall semi-circle ceiling, to the Dusty Rose carpet beneath his sock clad feet. He’d opted to leave his shoes by the door at Jynx’s suggestion.

He noted, with approval, that though the carpet was a Dusty Rose, the curtain sheers at the French Doors facing the watery alcove were the palest of pinks, and a set of Pale pink sheers spattered with Burgundy and Mauve rose buds hung at the windows, and billowed and rippled in tune with the breezes coming from the bay windows found on either side of the door. The sound of her voice brought him out of his perusal.

“D?” She lightly touched his lower arm so as not to startle him.

“Why don’t you sit here on the sofa so Glenda can bring us the breakfast she prepared?”

“Huh? What? Oh! Yeah, sorry.” He sat down on the sofa next to Jynx, trying to still the sudden urge to kiss her lips.

Glenda brought in the tea trolley and its array of dishes, with their mouth-watering aromas, and set it next to Jynx. She slipped just as quietly from the room, as she had entered.

“After we finish up here, I’ll show you around if you like, so you can find your way so you won’t end up getting too lost.” Jynx couldn’t stop smiling; and she was sure she was blushing. D was just being too nice to comment on it.

“Mmm, this food is delicious and the tour sounds great!”

Sitting back, feeling refreshed, and slightly over full, he debated about speaking his mind. Clearing his throat, he forged ahead.

“Jynx, are you sure this is no imposition? This looks like it’s an awesome place you have here. I just can’t believe there’s no one here other than you; and ümraniye escort your help, of course. Don’t you ever get lonely though? I don’t mean to sound rude here, but I am finding it very hard to believe you’re unattached.”

She met the directness of his gaze, with one of her own. She placed her left palm, gently against his right cheek before she mastered her voice.

“D, let me answer your questions, in order, as best as I can. Ok? Item

: No, this is really no imposition. Item

: This IS an awesome place. Item
: You’d best believe that there is no one here other than myself, Glenda and James here in the house, and the outside help; and now, you. Item : Yes, I get lonely; and No, you’re not being rude by asking. Even though mother is no longer living, I guess I haven’t thought about ‘becoming entangled’, with someone of the male persuasion. My book, or books as it were, help keep me “entangled” enough as it is.

“What with the manner of her illness, it made it very difficult to even think about attachments; let alone the forming and becoming attached to someone. I know that didn’t get said right, or come out right; but that’s the jist of it. I’m looking very much forward to your stay here.”

Laying her hand lightly atop his, she continued by saying again, that she was going to enjoy having the company around.

She put her cup and saucer onto the table, stood, and turned to D, asking him if he was ready for the tour. They decided to go out by the front door, so as to allow D to slip back into his shoes.

The piece of property was really large. It was green, and lush. There was a stable, a greenhouse for her flowers, a conservatory, and the house had a huge wrap-around porch that went from the front of the house to the back, which D noted, was screened in so that one could enjoy it at night and not be bothered by the insects. There was even a dock and a boat.

Tucked away from the view of the main house, he saw what looked like a potter’s cottage.

“Jynx,” he said pointing, “what’s that building over there? On the other side of the hedge.”

“Come on, I’ll show you. Mind your step here, the walkway dips because of the tree roots.”

On the other side of the hedge, was a pool, complete with a sauna and a hot tub.

“This is my own private get away when I run into a block with my writing, or just get way too stressed. Not even Glenda or James comes to disturb me, unless I tell them I’m expecting company. Turn around and follow where I point.”

D turned around and Jynx came and stood slightly behind him and just off his right shoulder blade. He was very aware of her nearness now, and he ached to turn around and pull her to him. Her perfume had woven itself into his thoughts and he was becoming more and more aroused.

“See,” she said in a low voice just below his right ear, “you can only just see the Eastern most end of the house from here.”

He could stand it no longer. He turned suddenly to his right, and facing her, grasped her by the upper arms, pinning her arms between them. He pulled her up against him, and ground his arousal hard against her.

Keeping her arms between them, he quickly moved his hands to capture her head between them. Then he was kissing her, his mouth slanting hungrily across hers, and his tongue forcing her lips apart.

He could feel her nipples hardening against his chest, and his skin burned to feel them, naked against him. His hands were now roving the soft contours of her body, feeling her breasts getting heavy as they swelled.

He dragged his mouth away from hers and allowed them to each draw air into their lungs. Lifting her chin, so he could see her eyes, his voice sounded harsh even to his own ears.

“Jynx, make no mistake that I’d like nothing better than to take you, right here, right now. I’d love to let my hand make you wet. Wetter than you quite obviously already are. And don’t tell me you aren’t. I can smell it.”

To prove his point, he grasped the hem of her dress and slid it in an upward movement until Jynx could feel the cool of the shade on her suddenly hot skin. Still D continued to move his hand up her leg and then over her hip. It skimmed the top of her small clothes and slid inside, seeking the warmth of her center.

Finding her apex, he forced her legs apart with his knee and slipped the middle finger of his right hand into the velvet wetness of her pussy.

“AAAAAhhhhh! I knew I’d find you wett. You want me, don’t you? Right here, right now.” Moving his finger in and out of her pussy, he felt her juice surround his finger and he quickly inserted one more. He now had two fingers buried in her juice, pumping her. His hand nudged her legs to part more, and she complied with his request, willingly.

“Tell me what you want. Tell me, please.”

Jynx wanted him. She wanted to feel the cock from the pictures, pumping into her; in and out. Fast, slow; shallow, deep. She wanted to feel his thick hardness enter her pussy and sinuously move in and out, almost withdrawing from her wetness, üsküdar escort but then slipping his cockhead in and out of the opening to her pussy, letting her juices flow down his hard, thick shaft.

She wanted to ride him, feeling him squirm under her, pushing down on his cock and then moving in such a way that his shaft worked against the underside of her clit.

She groaned against his mouth, grinding her hips against his hand, and gripping the two fingers within her wet pussy.

“Yessss,” she ground the word out. “Yes, I want you right here and right now. But I also want to ride this.”

Her hand moved up and down, in a stroking movement, against his shaft by where he held her hands captive.

“I want to feel you sink into me, but I want to feel your cock grow as I hold him in my mouth first. I want you to taste me, and I want you to lick me. I want to feel your cock thrust within me, and your fingers as well. Does that answer you?”

All D could do was nod. While she had been busy speaking, he’d managed to slip another finger into her wet pussy and her juice was running down his fingers. But he really wanted to save hitting her ‘g’ spot until later, after he’d put his cock into her pussy. He wanted to make her cum again and again, as his fingers dove for her ‘spot.’

He remembered the story that she’d sent to him, and how he had ached and wanted to the guy in the story. Easing his fingers from within her pussy, he brought them out of her in such a way as to stroke her clit. She shivered and groaned loudly.

“Now that I know what you want and how you want it, you need to get prepared. Do you have any toys to aid you in your preparation? For tonight, you’re going to cum – over and over and over. I’m going to make you cum at least eight times before I release my load.”

Pulling her against him once more, he slipped his hand back inside her panties and into her pussy. This time the three fingers just slid in. He slowly removed one, and moved it back toward her ass. He felt her tense as his wet finger played with the puckered hole. He felt her begin to shake.

“Shhh, Jynx. I’m not going all the way in right now, just a little though. I’ll save my going all the way in for later, after I’ve fucked your pussy. I’m just finding out how sensitive you are there.”

The violent shaking didn’t abate as he continued to stroke the sensitive opening of her ass. He slowly tried to push inward against the small hole, and was quickly rewarded for his effort. It opened slightly, and he gently slipped the tip of his finger into her small, tight hole.

Holding his finger still, he thrust the two within her wetness back and forth, rewarding himself with hearing the squish of her juice. She was ready for him right now. It would be so easy to spin her so that her back was to him, slip her dress up and off, then bend her forward, and move his fingers deeper into her velvety wett well with more ease.

“Do it, D.” Her voice whispered harsh against his ear.

“Do wh..?” How in the Sam hill had she been able to read his thoughts? He hadn’t spoken aloud that he remembered. How did she know what he was thinking? He found his voice and tried again.

“Do what, Jynx? What do you want me to do? Find your voice and tell me.”

“Make me cum, D. Make me cum for you. But while you do, I want to suck your cock. I want to see it and feel it before me. The pictures are nice, but they have left me wanting the real one. I want to pleasure you while you make me cum. Please.”

Her blue eyes pleaded with him. He felt her pussy grip his fingers again, pulling them deeper into her wetness. God! How he wanted to fill her with his cock! He ached to feel the head of his cock slip into her waiting pussy, gripping him as he entered her. He was fast losing this battle.

Quickly undoing his belt, and sliding down the zipper on his trousers, he felt her questing fingers reaching in to let his hardness fill her hands. The cool fingers enclosed around his girth, and she pulled him over the top of his bikini briefs, moving them down, so his cock and balls were exposed to her gaze.

As she bent forward and took the swollen cockhead between the lips of her mouth, a shiver of extreme pleasure skittered down his spine and pooled at the base of it. He wound his hands in her long hair, holding her head against him. Slowly he started moving his hips back and forth. He could feel her tongue glide along the soft underside of his cock and then curl around it, cradleling its weight.

He felt her lips open and close around his overly sensitive head. God! Her mouth felt almost as good as her pussy did. They were both wett. He watched as she slid her mouth up and down and over his engorged shaft, then he felt her tongue snake out and lick his balls. He suddenly thrust his hips forward, driving his cock into her mouth.

“Mmmm, Sexy; if you keep that up I won’t be able to save my cum for later. I’ll lose it right here. I don’t want to cum yet, Sexy. I want to wait.”

Jynx didn’t hear him; she was lost in her own world. His cock felt so good sliding in and out of her mouth. She went down on it as far as she could, licked his balls, and then came back up his shaft; then repeated the process, down and up. Then she quickly started flicking the tip of her tongue over the ridge along the side of his swollen head, then salved across the top, stopping just over the slit on top.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32