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HI aggain its yash
This story had happened when I was 18yrs old. My parents were settled in a village 40km from Ernakulam. There were no good colleges near by our village. So I had to go to Ernakulam for my college. It was difficult for me to go all the way to college from my home everyday and also my parents didn’t have enough money to admit me in the hostel. So the only option left was to stay with one of my distant relative ANJU who was living in Ernakulam. She readily agreed to this option because she was staying alone in her home, as she had not yet married although she was 33 yrs old.

So my college life started out there from my ANJU auntie’s (we call her shobha too ) house. Now about Auntie she was an average looking woman with about 160cm height and around 55kg FAIR complexion, short light brown hair till her shoulder, shining black eyes. Although she didn’t have very big pair of tits they were very firm and they stood upright. Her ass was bigger when compared to the normal expectations. She was working in a private firm and had very good income that she didn’t know how to spend, as she didn’t had many relatives. So my life out there was pretty lavish. I had a room with attached bath near my auntie’s in the 3-bedroom house. We became good friends in no time as she was of such friendly nature and also because we both had no one else out there to mingle with. She lived a jolly life may be because she wanted to forget all her past. (Her past was full of tragedies, which I don’t want to explain now and even you wont be interested in all those sad stories.) She used to go have drinks with her friends during the parties but she never used to be really so much drunk that she looses her control.

But after one late night party when she reached the house I found that she was totally drunk and she had a bottle of beer in her hands when she knocked the door. When I opened the door hearing the bell ringing I saw ANJU auntie leaning on her back on a pillar with the beer bottle in left hand and a ladies cigarette in right. On seeing me she smiled and said sorry for disturbing during the late hours. She told that she is in a great mood after the party and she wants to drink and smoke all night. I looked at her whole body. She was wearing body tight jeans and a white low neck short Kurta with 2 buttons, the top one being open.

I helped her in into the drawing room and she sat on the sofa. She kept the bottle of beer on the small table and asked me to sit there to give her a company. I asked her to stop drinking for the day and go to sleep but she plainly refused to the idea. She was so drunk that she was speaking a lot. She jumped from topics to topics. I remained a mere listener not interested in her talks. But I couldn’t resist myself looking at her shaped tits as she had her top button open. She in between bend for taking the beer bottle from şişli escort the small table and keeping it back when I got glimpses of her cleavage. She had a white bra inside her Kurta. I was thoroughly enjoying the feast in front of me when she got up. Now I couldn’t any longer peep into her Kurta, so I was naturally a bit sad. But she came near me laid down on my lap. She continued her talks in my lap looking on my face. Her head was so near my half erect dick that I was totally out of state. She held my right hand and started playing with it casually and after sometime kept it on her belly just on the top part of the jeans. Half my hands rested on her jeans and rest on her belly. I tried to pull it but couldn’t reach more than her upper stomach just below her boobs when she held it again. The lower part of kurta came up with my hand and I could now see a small portion of her belly. Her navel was just below the top portion of her jeans. She had a great navel with a definite round shape and a small height. She had black mole very close to her navel, which took me by surprise.

My hands were still on her upper belly and I was trying to move it as near as her boobs as possible without she noticing it. When it almost reached her boobs she got up in a flash and I really got a bit tensed. To my relief she asked me to guide her to the toilet. She was in no state of moving about alone. I held by her waist with her left hand on my shoulder and guided her towards the toilet attached to her bedroom. It had a western style lavatory in it. She stood there inside the toilet leaning against the wall and I was about to retreat closing the door when she called me. She yelled “Are you leaving me in the half way? Now how will I come out of this jeans “. I slowly moved towards her and was in a state of confusion whether she trying to show me her private parts or else is she really innocent. The smile in her face made me believe that she really is innocent and she is in no position to open her jeans by herself. Anyway I was happy that I would be able to see more of her private parts. I went near her and knelt down in front of her. I unbuttoned the jeans and pulled down the zip. She had black panty inside. She was standing with her back leaning on the wall. It was very difficult to pull down the jeans but I found it very exciting because I could slowly see more and more of her hidden parts. While removing the jeans I took great care in touching her maximum and I brushed my hands all over her thighs in an innocent manner which she didn’t care of. She had smooth a bit hairy thighs with not even a small mark on it other than the black mole on her inner left thigh. Now she was standing in front of me with a white kurta and black panty on. I watched her from top to bottom. She asked me to balance her by her back and turned with her back towards me. I used both my hands to hold her by waist. Still she was moving front and back as a pendulum.

She lowered her panty herself to about half her thigh. I was really shocked to see her butt in front of me and as expected there was a black mole on her butt too. I couldn’t control myself and in a flash I moved my hands over her ass as if I am adjusting the hold on her waist. She asked me make her sit on the closet. I made her sit on it. Now I was there standing in front of her and the whole of her bottom was naked in front of me. I saw her pussy for the first time. It was royal site. I felt she had never trimmed or shaved her pussy, as it was very hairy. I love hairy pussy and armpits. I looked towards the pussy. Slowly her legs separated, the cunt lips opened. The first drop rushed out pushing the small skin on the top. It was a thrilling site as I am pee lover I thoroughly enjoyed the scene. I looked on each and every drop flowing out from the pussy touching the hair into the closet. Some drops remained on the hair. I was almost in a comma stage when she held my hands and asked me to give her the hose to wash her pussy. She sprayed the hose on to her pussy. All the hair got wet and as if it was feeling shame it covered the pussy. She pulled down her panty bit lower with her hands and later with her feet. It fell down to the floor. She got up and stepped out from it from supporting me. Now she looked on towards my eyes as if what to do next. My wicked mind said, “Why don’t you have a bath”. She said, “I am ready if you can help me in it”.

That was what I was waiting to hear. I made her lean against the wall opposite to the shower and I opened the shower. Water started flowing out of it onto her body when she cried out “Remove my kurta before wetting me”. I had forgot to do that as I was in really hurry to see her wet. I closed the shower. She had drenched a bit. I unbuttoned the lower button and pulled up the kurta. Now she was in front of me wearing just a white bra. I didn’t wait for her permission to unhook the bra. I made her in a position as if she is hugging me and I unhooked her bra and removed it and threw it the side. Now she was actually in a position that she soaked me. My T-shirt and lungi got a bit wet in the front. I had no underwear inside so my almost erect penis was poking onto her lower belly. She didn’t wanted my body heat to go away when I tried to separate myself from her and look on to her face so she pulled me back and hugged me tightly and said that she is feeling very cold. I used my left hand to open the shower and both got fully soaked in it. I kept on hugging her under the shower. She still was in the drunken stage to understand my wicked desires. My hands moved all over her back from her hair to her butts. I had lost my control. I started kissing her on her neck and shoulder. I made her lean against the wall moved back and closed the shower. I had a good full view of her body. She had her eyes closed as if she is watching some dream. Water droplets fell from the tip of her pointed black round nipple.

I removed my T-shirt and lungi in a flash. She had her eyes still closed. I went near her and gently kissed on her lips. She was breathing on to my face. I rearranged her hair such that I could see her face clearly. I bent down to kiss her erect nipple. I gave a small bite on her nipple for which she responded with a ssssshhhhhhhhh sound. I looked up to her eyes to see it still closed. She was enjoying it thoroughly. I took my right hand and moved it over her bush. I separated the bush to make the way the pussy. I separated the pussy lips and slowly slid in my middle finger into her pussy. She had her hands on my shoulder. She was holding it a bit harder now.

I was standing sidewise kissing her on her lips and my right middle finger played with her pussy. I continued this until I felt wet juices oozing from her pussy. I bent down and licked the oozing juices. It tasted a little salty. I helped her to the bedroom and made her lay on the bed on her back. The whole body was under my control. I started kissing from her forehead down to her lips to her boobs and settled down in the pussy. Her hairy pussy and armpits excited me a lot. I played with it for sometime. I was feeling very restless down on my dick. Although I felt she was thoroughly enjoying what I am doing with her she was not in a position to give pleasure back to me. So I decided to find a way for it my self. I took and 69 position inserting my dick in her mouth and I started fucking her mouth. I did it for sometime while my tongue played with her clitoris.

Now it was time for the real play…I made her position herself so that I perfectly can enter my dick into her pussy. I slowly inserted my naujavan into her pussy oozing with the precum. I started out slowly but took up the pace. She had started moaning. Her sound grew with my pace. I thrusted my dick inside her tight pussy. I was feeling like in seventh heaven. I felt that I was about to burst out myself in her when her moan grew the loudest and she held me so hard that I almost lost my pace. But soon I rediscovered my rhythm and fucked her hard inserting my dick into the maximum possible depth. It went on until I exploded my whole cum into her pussy. The cum overflowed from her pussy. She still laid naked her eyes closed her hands around me keeping me close to her body. I kissed her again on her lips and lay near her and didn’t know when I slept. The next morning when she found both of us naked on her bed she was shocked a bit but not sad for what happened. From that day on she took the lead in having sex. She loved to ride on top of me. We used to try out play each other and mostly we reach our orgasms almost together. We used to have sex until recently. But after my marriage we didn’t get enough time for the same.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32