Drunk Driving Ch. 03

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The soft light spilled over her scantily clad body as she lay face down on her bed. I moved towards her gently calling her name. There was no response. Her breathing was shallow as if she was asleep. She would have looked so peaceful and angelic had it not been for the see through g string panties she was wearing. With her skirt in a crumpled ball on the floor I was able to fully appreciate the voluptuous little 19 year old ass in front of me.

Shaking her slightly, she only giggled, there was no other movement. Her night of drinking was catching up with her. I had been furious with her and her friends for taking my car out to go drinking. What really bothered me was the irresponsible action of driving home drunk. That was what really upset me. I could live with a car accident, but drunk driving really pissed me off. All of them knew that a drunk driver had taken my wife only two short years ago.

I was in the final stage of teaching all three a real good lesson about getting so drunk. Emily was probably still out in the front yard lying in the rain and I could hear Emily still retching in the bathroom. Both of them were still reeling from my violation of their young taunt bodies. Now was my daughters turn to learn a lesson.

The alcohol had apparently won the battle and was successful in knocking her out cold. She didn’t respond to my attempts to wake her and I was not complaining. After the incident with Emily and the umbrella I was turned on. My intentions originally were not to screw any of them, but after Sandra walked in on me my hormones got out of control.

After fondling and fingering that young sexy woman, I was ready to bang the hell out of her. The spoiling of that opportunity brought me to my present situation. I never noticed how sexy my daughter had become. Her ass reminded me of her mothers with relative ease.

“Heidi? Heidi? Are you awake,” I asked? She remained still as night.

The shadows danced over her body as my desire easily overcame me. Reaching out I pulled on the sleeve of her shirt. It slid down her torso as it folded her arm. I continued to pull until both arms were completely inside her top. I could see so much of her already, but it wasn’t enough. I pulled upwards with one hand as I raised her head with the other. Her shirt popped off with out disturbing her.

It took only a moment before I was pulling excitedly at her bra strap. I noticed the corporate logo of WW on the label. I chuckled to myself as I thought about how wicked I was being too. I rolled her to the side as I withdrew her see through bra from underneath her body. Her small, b cup tits eagerly jumped into the fresh air. I stared for a moment at her chest, adoration swelling inside me.

Holding her on her side, her tits protruded firmly from her body. The firmness of her youth was apparent. Using the tip of my index finger I gently touched her nipple. It grew receptive to my touch as I encircled her breast. Leaning forward I took the nipple into my mouth. My mouth was dry with anticipation, but quickly moistened as I explored her firm vibrant body.

I didn’t care that this was my daughter; my sexual apatite had been unleashed. The other two girls had unwillingly aided me in opening myself again to the pleasures of desire. It had been too long without my wife and sometimes you can’t satisfy yourself in these matters. The touch of soft skin against my body was what I desired with great urgency.

Her hardened nipple rolled over my lips as my saliva covered her teat. The soft taste of her body filled my mouth. I slid the nipple between my teeth as her breast popped out of my mouth. Her eyes were still closed and her mouth hung open, oblivious to my fondling. My hands caressed both of her breasts, squeezing and kneading them in my fingers. I twisted her nipples before I rolled the hard protrusions around on my palms, feeling them poke me as my arousal continued to rise. It had been far too long since I had felt breasts like these; I was making the most of it.

Resting my head on her chest put me into a haze of delight. The feel of her nipples hard against my unshaven cheek was almost more than I could take. I pushed her tits together while my face was still between them and rubbed them against my eyes. My excitement would have been unavoidable to anyone near by. Anyone except Heidi, she was still out cold totally unaware of the initial stages of my assault.

Thoughts of rubbing my cock between her tits excited me. I quickly fantasized about the feeling of those hard nipples stabbing into the soft adana escort underside of my manhood. Without a moment of hesitation, I yanked at the button on my pants and yanked them to my knees. I circled the bed to the side, high stepping out of my pants and underwear. Pulling her body close to me, she nearly flopped off the bed. Spreading my legs to support her, I lowered my hips and rubbed my swollen manhood against her nipple.

I held her in position as I delicately tickled the underside of my cock with her breast. I never touched her breasts or my cock while I did this. I just allowed my cock to trace over her soft vibrant body and into her mouth.

I was amazed at her ability. I was able to slide most of my rock hard cock into her mouth and down her throat without her even budging or cocking. A gentle gurgling dribbled from her lips as she held my cock tight. I backed off slightly and she returned to normal. I pumped her mouth gently as I listened for her cooing.

I enjoyed her mouth almost too much as I started to feel the surging of ejaculation start deep in my balls. I considered cumming down her throat and being done with it. I knew I would thoroughly enjoy it, but a desire to punish her more still consumed me, so I withdrew from her throat. My wet spit covered cock stood over her face. I could feel her breath on my balls. She was licking her lips, subconsciously trying to remove as much of my taste as she could.

I stood amazed. Not only did my daughter like to suck cock, she also was incredibly good at it. This was one area in which she and my wife had nothing in common. My wife would always refuse to let my cock go anywhere near her mouth, at the time it was a point of contention. Now it didn’t matter.

“What a little cock sucking slut you are,” I chortled, “let’s see if you like my asshole too.”

I was thoroughly enjoying myself as I slid my hips forward over her face. With one hand I pulled my balls out of her reach as I lowered my ass to her mouth. Her tongue darted out as it searched for my cock, only slowing as it found my skin once again. Timidly, she probed and searched my butt until she found my asshole. I dropped my balls back onto her head. She resisted at first unsure of what she was encountering. Dropping my hips even more I forced her mouth onto my asshole. I wiggled around against her face as I felt her mouth open as she gasped for air. She wasn’t interested in licking me anymore.

Frustrated by her refusal to lick my ass, I felt it would be best if I showed her how it was supposed to be done. I flipped her over onto her stomach, pushing her face into the bed. I pulled apart her ass cheeks exposing her sweet puckering brown hole. Her ass cheeks filled my hands and their soft delicate texture distracted me from my anger. My rubbing and fondling of her was met with no resistance. Tracing my fingers over her asshole brought a small grunt from my daughter. Heidi’s ass relaxed as I spread her legs far enough apart to allow my whole body between them. Her pussy peeked out from under her as if jealous of the workout her ass was getting. I love the sight of a peeking pussy. Slowly I lowered my face over her asshole. I teased her ass as I flicked my tongue at her, barely touching her skin. I splayed my finger across her as cheeks as I pulled them abruptly apart, making way for my face. I dove at her darker core driving my tongue into her. Her body naturally reacted as it surged in reaction to my penetration.

I flicked my tongue over her asshole, swirling it around and around. She squeezed her cheeks together in an attempt to hold me at bay. My strong hands were no match for her as I held her firmly against the bed, licking her hole and forcing my tongue inside her. I slid my finger closer to her love button as I engrossed myself in the pleasure. My index finger made contact with her brown ring and I dug it in to her now slobbery bottom. Pulling her bottom open even further, I covered her with my mouth and sucked on her ass. I could feel her relaxing as she must have gotten over her initial discomfort.

I slid my other hand in close as well, digging another finger into the other side of her bottom. This time her resistance was nullified by my flicking tongue. Her ass tasted better than I ever remembered her mothers being. Thoughts raced through my head, thoughts of excitement and lust. I was starting to loose control of my self. All I wanted to do was bury myself deep inside her body. It was irrelevant that she was my daughter, I had been thwarted twice already afyon escort tonight, there wasn’t going to be a third.

Raising my head out of her ass, I looked over her ass to admire her body. My work was far from over; I still needed to get off myself. I licked my right index finger and worked it towards her ass. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted the ass lube I had brought in with me. An idea jumped into my head. I grabbed the gel, opened it with my teeth and dripped it high above her ass. I watched as it dripped down the crack of her ass and coated my finger. Swirling it around her entire crack made her open her legs even more.

“You fuckin little slut. All you want is to get fucked now,” I snapped. “Well daddy is more than happy to help you.”

With that I jammed my finger into her ass. Her ass cheeks clenched hard around my hand and her legs swiftly swung together. My body was still in the way, preventing her from closing them totally. I continued to drip the lube down her ass crack as I started to pump my finger in and out of her ass. Her body wiggled as she tried to stop my assault. To teach her a really good lesson I slid my middle finger into her ass as well. The lube was sufficient to prevent any resistance to my fingers. She squirmed and wiggled with pleasure as I pumped her hard in the ass.

It was then that I noticed her pussy, glistening with the lube I had poured over her ass. It attracted my attention light a lighthouse in the night. I had a free hand, so I grabbed her pussy and running my fingers up and down her slit. Heidi had obviously been enjoying her anal assault despite her meager attempts to stop me. As my fingers pushed through her closed pussy lips her wetness became readily apparent. The smell of her wet pussy sprayed out into the air. The sweet musky smell filled my senses.

“I have to fuck you, I can’t stop it,” I muttered to myself.

My cock was so hard it was standing bolt upright; my pre shot was dripping down the tip onto the bed. I knew it wasn’t going to take much to make me blow my load. All I needed to do was to crawl up on top and start pumping. Her ass looked so sweet with my fingers pumping her. Her pussy looked and smelled great too as I worked my middle finger on her clit. I could see her juices running down my hand as I worked over her pussy. Her legs had become relaxed as she had reopened them allowing me full access to her young hard body.

Here I was rubbing both the pussy and the asshole of my daughter. I was ready to fuck the young girl but couldn’t decide how. I wanted to wait a bit to try to get my hard on to relax a bit so I could fuck her for at least a few minutes. I removed my hand from her pussy and wiped her wetness all over my cock. Several times I went back to her for more of her juice to wipe all over me. With my cock now wet with her juices I wiped my fingers across my face and under my nose. My senses came alive as the smell of her pussy forcibly filled my nostrils.

It was more than I could take. I removed my hand from her ass and watched as her asshole slowly closed back to its normal size. Still covered in lube, I had never seen my daughter looking any better.

I decided I was ready to feel that tight pussy gripping my manhood, I knew she was ready for it too. I lined up my cock with the lips of her pussy, wiggling the head up and down, working the head between her lips. I watched as I cock disappeared inside her, as pushed my self as deep as I could. I repositioned my feet above her hips to allow for greater penetration. She was so wet that she took my entire length with no trouble.

She was not a virgin by any means. Her pussy grabbed at my cock, hungry for satisfaction. Nature took over as I started to pump her in a slow but steady rhythmical action. She grunted subconsciously, even drunk she new she was getting a good fuck. I was surprised at my ability to control myself and not shoot my load as soon as I entered her. My excitement held in my cum as I was almost past the point that I could ejaculate. I watched my cock push into her pussy only be filled with her scent as I drew out my sopping wet member. She groaned with desire as I filled her.

It was while watching that I remembered, this was supposed to be a punishment not just a good fuck. I paused for a moment and quickly thought of what to do next. Then it came to me. I pulled my cock out of her gripping pussy as she groaned with displeasure. I was already at the right angle to push my cock into her ass. Heidi’s ass cheeks relaxed as I knew that I had hit alanya escort on the right method for both of us. Her ass was still covered in the anal lube I had being using on her as I moved towards her. The head of my cock entered her ass with an audible popping sound. The wetness of her pussy had provided an extra layer of lubrication for me that allowed my cock to fill her ass. She wiggled harder than before as I placed both of my hands into the small of her back, guiding her down as I pushed my manhood into the depths of her ass. I didn’t stop pushing until I felt her as cheeks pushing my balls against my body.

In and out, slow and fast. I was reliving the past as fucked my daughter. Her groans quickly turned to grunts as I knew I had filled her ass more than she was prepared to take on her first try. Now she would learn, but hopefully not. I thought this would be great if she regularly came home dead drunk. It would give me a chance to fuck her without her being able to know it had been me.

As these thoughts raced through my head my pleasure started to overcome me. The tightness in my balls told the tell tale sign that I was about to ejaculate. I tried to squeeze it back and hold on as much as I could. I pushed my cock deep inside her ass as she panted underneath me. I few quick pumps and I was starting to cum harder than I had ever before in my life. I feeling of euphoria swept over me. The same feeling you get when you experience sex for the first time. My cock swelled against her tight anal passage as my shot bolted out of my cock.

I could do little but hold my cock deep inside her bowels as I shot load after load into her. I could feel the power with which I was ejaculating. The force of my own orgasm left me winded and lightheaded. As I finished, I collapsed onto of my daughter.

I lay on top of her for a few minutes as I regained my sea legs. He hand slid up from her side and caressed my hip as I lay panting on top of her. When I was ready I pulled myself up off of Heidi. My cock was still deep inside her ass and was still feeling firm. I could hear her gasps, I moved my hips just a little bit and I could feel my cock was coming back to life.

“How about another round, you little slut?” I asked.

Only her occasional groan broke the silence. I took her silence for acceptance as I pulled out my cock. I could see bits of her dirt on my cock. I was almost hard again as I slid my rising cock into her pussy. This time she was dry. Her asshole gaped open at me with out pulling closed. It held there for a moment until I pushed my cock into her dry love hole. I kneaded her ass in my hands as I pushed my cock inside. It didn’t take long for my hard on to return. It wasn’t anywhere near as hard as the first time, but I’m sure she was going to enjoy it all the same. With a pumping motion I started to fuck her pussy, it took but a moment for her to regain her wetness. It was much looser that her ass had been, but it was still tighter than an adult woman’s pussy would have been. Over time she would get used to getting fucked.

After only a few moments of almost dry fucking her, I shot another load into her pussy. The feelings were less than euphoric, but still rather enjoyable. Heidi had stopped grunting. She must have enjoyed being fucked the way she was used to. There was no returning my cock to life now. In an instant I was soft as water and totally sated.

Heidi lay on the bed as I drew myself away from her. She still didn’t move. I watched her soft features and as I recalled my enjoyment of them. What a night, I thought. I grabbed her g string and slid it back up over her legs. I managed to pull them up high enough to force the material up into her cracks. With my fingers I parted her ass and pushed some of the material into her ass, doing the same with her pussy the undies all but disappeared. I roughly slung her bra on her just clipping it around her body. I replaced her shirt over her head as I headed for the door collecting my own clothes on my way to the bathroom.

As I stood in the hallway with the moonlight now shinning down upon me, I remembered I had to go out side and collect Emily from the yard. She was probably drenched by now and was at risk of catching the flu or something. I stopped into the bathroom to clean myself up. I saw Sandra lying passed out on the floor. I stood over for a moment my flaccid cock daring to drip onto her. I reached down grabbing a towel and wiped off my cock.

Another day I though to myself, these girls would never learn. They were bound to do this again, especially if I shrugged it off tomorrow. That was it. If I pretended like I wasn’t upset they would be more likely to repeat their drunken escapades and I could have some fun too. That was it; I would be happy tomorrow and understanding. How could I not be?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32