Driving Daydream

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It had been a long shift, at the end of an even longer week. Shift work had always gotten the better of him, but while the hours sometimes got the better of him, he appreciated that his job allowed him time to see his friends and the (occasional) sleep in.

Still only just beginning the long drive home, his mind was already drifting, the dark expanse of road in front stretching away into oblivion. He was already thinking about rest, and how his recent frustrations had led to relaxation by masturbation, rather than an intimate moment with his partner.

It wasn’t that she wasn’t willing, far from it, it’s just that her sexual drive was not as high (or as refined) as his own. He needed, wanted, that physical connection more than she did. And like most men, he loved getting head. Having his partner lower her warm lips around his swollen cock and having her gently suck him off was an amazing experience, and he was always appreciative, but she would do it to please him, not because she enjoyed it herself. He had come to suspect that she actually didn’t like blowing him at all, that it was more of a ‘chore’ for her, than a sexual act.

Which is what has led him to be thinking of that very same act as he drove home. He wanted to feel lips around his shaft, a tongue on his balls, and the sensation of his orgasm exploding in her throat. She never let him finish in her mouth. He didn’t want to ask her in case she retreated in repulsion. But he wanted that now. Craved it, even.

Realizing that she would be well and truly asleep by the time he arrived home, (if she wasn’t already), and that she would be reluctant to stir from her own dreams, he remembered his long lost friend. A girl he hadn’t seen, nor spoken to in nearly three years, but who had changed his life forever.


Jasmine had been riding shotgun on a night they had both been enjoying. They had spent it out in town, just as friends – both had partners after all – but they did have history. They had shared a short but meaningful relationship, but had stopped seeing each other because she was leaving the country, and his work at the time left little for much else. Jasmine had returned six months later, but both had moved on. This was dinner in town to celebrate their friendship, and their continued support of each other through hard times.

They had finished their meal, and walked along the banks of the Yarra River, Southbank, Melbourne, looking up at the stars, talking about life, love and where they were headed next. They had both consumed a few glasses of wine, he stopping at two, being the responsible driver, she, unrestricted, drinking Yalova Escort the rest of the bottle. As they strolled through the night life, she took his arm, and placed her head on his shoulder.

He wasn’t sure what to make of it, and stopped walking. Jasmine turned her head to him, and kissed him, softly, sweetly. To his surprise, he found himself kissing her back. Their lips parted and his tongue massaged hers gently, fondly. The familiar scent of her body filled his heart with desire, but he reluctantly pulled away, and broke the moment.

They walked in silence back to the car, the unspoken argument in both of their minds about the taboo to which they had both succumbed hanging thick in the air.

Jasmine hardly spoke in the car on the way home. It was a fair drive back out of town, especially in Saturday night traffic, and whilst she made general conversation, she seemed to be conflicted.

He asked her what was bothering her. Jasmine replied that it was nothing really, and she was just tired. She stretched in the passenger seat beside him, and he couldn’t help but stare at her shapely legs contained in her sheer black lace stockings. He plucked up the courage and asked her if it was the kiss that was bothering her.

Jasmine turned to him and said, simply, “It’s not the kiss. I loved it. It reminds me why I fell in love with you. You’re so passionate.”

“Then what is it? Have I done something?”

“No”, she laughed, “I’m just, well, wondering.”

“Wondering what?”

Jasmine furrowed her brow, thinking. She seemed to make a decision. She turned to him and stared playfully with her green eyes, a smile starting to curl in the corner of her mouth.

“Have you ever been given a blowjob while driving?”

He nearly lost control of the car. He corrected, slowed his speed (not to mention his heart rate) and glanced over at the girl who had peaked his sexual appetite.

“No.” he replied. And then, more boldly, “Why? Are you offering?”

Jasmine licked her lips, deliberately and devilishly running her pink tongue across her mouth. He could see her newly moistened lips glisten in the night light. She unbuckled her seatbelt and leaned across to him, sucking his earlobe into her mouth and nibbling on it. She whispered, “I’m game. It’ll be our little secret, my present to you for buying me dinner.”

Jasmine placed a hand on his crotch, and squeezed the forming bulge in his pants.

He moaned.

She slowly began to unbuckle his belt, and unzip his fly.

“You can’t be serious?” He exclaimed, “This is a well lit area. I’m driving, Yalova Escort Bayan people will see.”

As she reached into his pants and past his boxers with one hand, fishing for his cock, she looked up at him, deep into his eyes, and said, “Let them look.”

Jasmine’s small, pale hand closed around his shaft and she began to gently stroke him, making sure he was complicit in her plans before taking the next step. Upon seeing the pleasure in his face, she removed his hard dick from his pants, and began to stroke him quickly, getting him to complete hardness with little effort.

“Oh, it’s been so long since I’ve seen your cock. I’ve missed it. I loved the way this dick of yours felt inside me. Inside my mouth, deep in my pussy.”

She opened her mouth, and lowered her head to his lap. The bright lights shone in through the windows, illuminating her in an orange glow as he felt her warm breath on his member. He struggled to keep his eyes on the road as he felt her wet tongue tickle the head of his rock hard tool, slipping and sliding as she beat him off.

“Ready, baby?” she asked. He grunted something sounding like a yes, and moaned loudly as he felt his entire length slide past her lips and relished the feeling of being totally engulfed in her talented mouth. She was a great cock-sucker, and enjoyed it because of the feeling of power it gave her, while she gave pleasure to someone else.

Jasmine’s head began to bob up and down on his cock now. She wasn’t one to mess around. She quickened her pace and used one hand to stroke his cock, the other to massage his big, hairy balls, and all the while she swirled her tongue around the head of his prick, slurping and sucking just like she used to.

As he continued to drive, he was aware that he was about to pull up at a red light. He slowed, and began to look around outside at the other vehicles on the road. Jasmine felt the car slowing and simply sucked him off harder, wanting to make him blow his load at the traffic lights, give the other onlookers a real show. He looked to his right, and sure enough, a carload of young hoons out for a night of mischief were pulled up along side. It didn’t take them long to notice, and they began to honk their horns and yell out of the car at him, cheering them both on. The guy closest to him wound down his window, and indicated for him to do the same. He did, and as Jasmine expertly performed her oral stimulation, the guy reached over and gave him a high-five.

The lights changed and the hoons sped off, and he put the car in gear, continuing to drive as his lover pleasured him with skill. Escort Yalova He couldn’t take it anymore, and pulled into a parking space out the front of a park. He turned off the car, moved the seat back, and reclined, letting Jasmine do her worst.

Jasmine pulled off of his cock just briefly enough to say, “I want to taste you. I’m still fucking hungry, so shoot that cum deep into my throat, baby. Give me every drop.” She then dropped her head back in his lap and began to beat him off with a flurry of strokes, using her hands, fingers, lips, tongue and throat.

He couldn’t take it. She was stunningly gorgeous, incredibly talented, and had his cock deep in her mouth, wanting to taste his hot load. Not wanting to disappoint, he closed his eyes, and let the inevitable approach.

He felt the orgasm build. Like fire through his body, he warned her he was close. Jasmine only sucked harder. He felt his toes curl upwards as he placed a hand on her head and held her in place. She moaned her approval. His breathing became ragged and forced as he neared climax. She slurped, licked, sucked him toward the finish line. He lost control, and did what he needed to.

He exploded in her mouth.

He shot load after load into her mouth, squirting his thick seed down her throat and making sure she caught every juicy drop. Jasmine milked his cock dry, and kept a tight seal around his head as she drank his cum.

When he was finished, and floating along nicely, she pulled off his cock, and opened her mouth, to show him his own handiwork. The white spunk in her mouth covered her tongue, and she rolled it around her mouth, relishing the texture, before closing her lips and swallowing the lot with an audible gulp. She returned to her seat, smiling and happy with herself, and he just sat there, bewildered and with his pants around his ankles, his softening cock bouncing in the light.

He squeezed his cock though his pants at the memory of that night. Remembering that night had made him incredibly horny, and ready to ‘relax’ in his own way. He finally reached home, locked the car and went inside. Sure enough, his partner was asleep, and out for the count. The bulge in his pants wasn’t going to wait. He locked the bathroom door and removed his dick from his pants, pulling back the skin and stroking himself for all he was worth, remembering Jasmine’s face, her smile, her smell, and the feeling of blowing his load in her mouth.

He came, blasting his jizz all over the bathroom wall and making an impressive mess. He cleaned, changed for bed, and quickly started his iMac to check his messages. Nothing exciting, mostly junk mail, and a Facebook notification stating new messages.

He logged in, and saw the friend request icon lit up. He clicked it, and in shock and surprise muttered the words, “Fuck me”.

There on his screen was Jasmine’s smile, requesting to be added as his friend.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32