Drive Me

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We are driving to the Orpheum to see the latest Broadway show there. I am dressed in a long dark green velvet dress that matches my eyes and I rented you a handsome tux for the event. We are representing my family’s charities and interests that evening.

You are driving on the interstate when my warm hand drags your right one under my skirt, slowly. You smile but don’t look at me, keeping your attention on the road. You push aside the material and my g-string finding the source of my warmth. You take two fingers and ram them in me, leaving your thumb to rub against my clit. You hear me cry as you enter me and exhale as you play with my clit. Risking a glance at me, you see I have folded down the bustier of my dress. I am playing with my nipples, you think happily, Thank Goodness for tinted windows!

You look back at the road, continuing your job. My hand creeps over to your pants and strokes him lightly, while pleasuring my breasts with my other hand. He reacts and suddenly the car is filled with my scent: you are rock hard and your fingers aren’t nearing enough. I giggle as you pull off the side of the road and into a deserted parking lot. You push the seat back and reach for me, placing me bodily next you. We kiss as I lay down across you but soon you push the seat as far haramidere escort back as it will go. I wriggle between the wheel and your now-warm body as you free your hardness. He springs out and I am on him in seconds. My warm juices cover him inside of me, as I slide him in and out madly. You reach for my exposed breast and suck it wantonly. Your hand reaches under my sweet ass pulling me closer so you can get deeper into my wetness. I cry as you fill me completely, knowing there isn’t much time, you speed up to thrust him in me. I cry so with every stroke that your hardness rips through me. You can feel me tighten around him but you do not let up, pounding into me so hard even as I come onto him. Wetting him completely, some of it dripping onto the underside of your boxers. I cry and collapse against you.

Having more room, you pull me closer, penetrating me in the deepest way you can. I moan happily against your shoulder. You reach over and kiss me in the midst of our endless passion. You are ramming me at top speed, finding your moment like it is hidden in me. Its like you want to tear me apart if only to find that one moment of ecstasy. I break from our kiss and sit up, allowing you full access again. You smile into içerenköy escort my shoulder and rip me apart looking. You grab my breast, sucking on it now; I cry. You found…it! You cry against my chest as you come forcefully, shaking us both.

You look up to me to see and feel I joined you also. You are happy. I say, “Wow…we made a mess!” and giggle. You can feel our juices pooling around him and you say, “Yes we did,” with a broad grin. I move back to the passenger’s side and rearrange myself. You stop me and undo your seat belt. Now that there is more room you position me with my legs open to you. Lifting my skirt, you disappear beneath it gratefully. I feel your moist tongue start licking me clean. Muffled, I hear you say, “All done,” as you pull away. I hold you to me with my legs curled on your back. You are happy to get in another snack before the show. You hear my head thump softly against the window and my cries get louder. Inserting a pair of fingers into me gets more cries. Finally, your tongue searching for my creamy center. I cry as tense my thighs, almost catching your head. I come again into your waiting mouth. It flows into you and you take it all.

You get up after licking me clean again and innovia escort your fingers. You get ready to drive as I ask you, “Don’t you need to be cleaned up?” You look at me, daringly. I reach across the seat and find him still hard. I fuss at him for getting dirty as I take him into my mouth. He gets harder with every stroke I take him in. I lick him, getting our juices off diligently and replacing them with my saliva. You sit back; enjoying it all, wondering if we are going to get to that show tonight.

You push him further into my mouth and your right hand takes my neck guiding me. You stroke my neck thoughtfully. I deep throat him wonderfully as you cry and tense. I take him in fully, clearing my whole throat so you can feel it all, me engulfing him completely. You pull me off a little as you come into my mouth. You let out a plaintive “Baby!!” as you come into me. I suck him clean for you, making you shiver but smile. I sit up wiping my face and smiling. You reach for me and kiss me hard, loving the taste of our juices mixing in our mouths too.

Reaching down to put my breast back in my bustier, you think better of it and lean over to suck it hard; making me cry again. You laugh as I push your hand to me again. Starting this whole thing over again….

We eventually see the show. We come in during intermission and find our seats. We play with each other all night and when the show is over, you drive us home quickly. Pleasuring me with your fingers again, slowly on the way home. We collapse into our bed at 2am, making love passionately and deliberately for the last time that night. We fall asleep in each others arms, at peace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32