Drive-in with Jerry

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I went to the drive-in movies with a friend one night and I was excited since Jerry was older than me and always bought party supplies; beer, weed and crank once in awhile.

It was summer so we were wearing shorts and tee shirts hence it was hot outside. We were sitting in a Chevy blazer that had big tires and were parked towards the back of the drive-in and were high above the cars.

The beer was in the center console and as I was grabbing a beer I noticed the head of Jerry’s dick hanging out of his shorts so I kind of stared at it. I had seen dick in high school gym class but Jerry’s was big and just sitting there. He looked at me and saw where I was staring and asked me if I wanted to burn a bowl. I was shocked that my dick was getting hard looking at his dick. I said yes I’d like to get high before the movie started. Getting high just made me more curious about seeing his dick.

Halfway through the first movie I grabbed another beer and looked between Jerry’s legs again and sure enough his dick was visible and I stared a little to long because when I looked up Jerry was smiling at me and asked if I like what I saw and I could not help but grin Helvacı Escort and smile.

I watched him adjust his shorts so I could get a better view of his dick. I was again getting hard and just stared between his dick and his eyes and he asked me if I wanted to touch it and I quickly said no.

Jerry asked me if I wanted to burn a bowl and of course I did and as he started to stuff the pipe with bud he put crank on the bud and told me to take a couple big hits and I did and what a rush that was. I had only snorted with Jerry and never smoked. When I opened my eyes I looked right at his dick and asked if I could see all of his dick and maybe I can touch it and Jerry just smiled.

He said sure and pulled down his shorts and there it was and it was a great looking dick. I wasted no time grabbing his cock and asked if I could have some more hits; I was so horny. He loaded more speed into the pipe and held it to my lips as I squeezed his dick and stroked it up and down and just played with it till it was dripping with pre-cum then he asked me if I would kiss it! I was so excited that I could hardly speak so I just nodded and slowly Helvacı Escort Bayan moved my head towards his dick.

When my cheek touched his dick I rubbed it and could feel its hardness. I rubbed my face against it and brushed my lips against it and then a hand resting on my neck guided my mouth onto his dick. I was moaning and making sounds I had never made before and Jerry just sat there watching the movie.

I really liked sucking his dick and I started licking, sucking and bobbing up and down till he pulled me off his dick and told me to take my clothes off. I did as I was asked Once I was naked I noticed my dick was small from all the speed I had smoked but I didn’t care and wanted to be used however Jerry wanted to use me.

Jerry told me to get in the back seat and as I crawled into the back he grabbed my ass. I just moaned and let him fondle me his finger touched my hole and I moaned again as he stared pushing it in.

I was naked in a mans car and had just sucked his dick high on speed.

Jerry got in back and told me to come sit on his lap and I did. He was kissing me and pushing his fat tongue Escort Helvacı in my mouth. His hard wet dick between my butt cheeks felt so nasty and then he started humping me. I was so horny and my butt throbbing with desire. I could feel his dick rubbing my hole and all I could do was sit there as he held me and humped me. I felt something cool and wet on my ass then his big dick pushing into me. I started moaning and he kissed me sticking his tongue deep in my mouth and I started sucking on his tongue and moaning as he kept pressing deeper into my hairless butt as I rested my back against his chest then he started bouncing me on his dick while I sucked on his tongue and kissed his lips.

I have a mans dick buried in my cute bubble butt his hand holds me down as he continues to pump into my ass and what a wonderful feeling it is.

I’m dripping cum out of my dick and buck naked in the drive-in. Jerry holds me tight as he starts to cum in me he is mumbling, grunting and thrusting as he holds me tight.

He slowly sets my naked body on the backseat with cum on me. I’m quivering from just being fucked for the first time. Jerry is rubbing my back and asks me to come clean his dick so I start licking and sucking him till it’s clean as a whistle. I really enjoyed the drive-in movies with Jerry. Sigh

Jerry got a blowjob as we were leaving the movies and I didn’t get dressed till I swallowed his cum an hour later. I felt so nasty when high.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32