Dressing Room Debauchery

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I admit I’m not always thrilled to go clothes shopping with you. Often I’ll find myself standing around holding two or three loaded clothes hangers on my finger while you examine in minute detail the pros and cons of two seemingly identical purses. Naturally my mind tends to wander, as do my eyes. I look at the racks of bras and imagine the racks that they might adorn someday. I see other women, other men with their women, I think I see one woman with her woman? That’s cool. Lesbians are awesome.

My eyes alight on you again as you are leaning over to inspect something on a lower shelf and I smile reflexively. I’ve always loved your shape, no matter what you thought of it. Muscular thighs and calves from your swimming days, an ass and breasts I could chew on for hours, and a beautiful face I’ve come to truly love.

My train of thought seems to have found its way to familiar tracks as I look at you in your cutoff shorts and purple tank top, thinking of how we used to tease each other mercilessly in public places when we first dated. We would get each other so juiced and horny that we’d rush back to our dorm rooms and throw our roommates out with no ceremony, fucking wildly until the room was saturated with sex musk. Funny that we always ran back home… We never did try anything really naughty publicly. Back then we were younger and a little intimidated by the audacity of public sex. But now?

You pick up a shirt and pants you want to try on and turn towards me. You see the gleam in my eye and look at me curiously, wondering why I’m grinning. I just say it’s nothing and follow you dutifully towards the dressing rooms. You pick up your brightly-colored card from a bored employee and disappear behind the partition. I glance around the wall at the closest room and see that the door goes all the way to the floor. There aren’t many people in the store…I don’t see surveillance cams in the ceiling…Now how can I get this clerk out of here? It seems I don’t have to as the desk phone rings and the girl is summoned to the front registers. Thank you, gods of sex!

I take one more furtive glance around and slip around the partition. Your room is easy to find by the sounds of your disrobing and when I turn the handle slowly I discover you haven’t locked it. In a swift move I yank the door open, enter and close it Güzeloba Escort behind me. You were just about to pull your shorts back on so your perfect ass is only clothed in nearly transparent panties. You yelp in surprise at the sudden intrusion and then I see anger and amusement flash across your face in quick succession when you realize it’s me.

Before you can form the words, “What the hell are you doing?” I’m lifting you up by the thighs and backing you against the cloth-covered wall of the dressing room with a muffled thump, covering your mouth with my own in a fiery kiss. Your eyes widen in alarm and your heart hammers for a moment with the suddenness of my assault, but instinctively your mouth opens and our tongues twist together. I know you like being taken forcefully and the way your lips mash against mine is the proof. You wrap your arms around my neck and lock your legs around my back as we taste the flavor of our arousal.

Within seconds of that first kiss, my erection has grown painfully thick in my constricting trousers. You keep hold of me as I undo my zipper and kick off my shoes. My pants and underwear soon follow and my cock springs out, stiffer than stone. You slide down from me, my cock lifting the edge of your shirt, and I think I can already see a trace of moisture on your panties. I put my finger to my burning lips to motion for silence and pull your shirt up and over your head, pausing for a moment to suck on your nipples through the cloth. You try to strangle back a moan but a soft sexy note escapes. That little sound sends an adrenaline rush through me as the reality of where we are and what we are doing hits me. But we’re already too far gone. My cock is viciously hard and there’s nothing that is going to stop us now, even if the whole management team breaks in.

It’s possible that I’ve never felt your nipples harder than right now as I return to suck on them. The blush on your face is radiant and your mouth looks perfect in that half-open continual gasp as you feel my tongue swirl around both of your stiffened tight areolas, ending in a powerful suction on the sensitive nubbin. You direct my hand to your panties and I groan in your ear as I feel the hot wetness soaking the fabric. Your clit is nearly tenting the cloth. I take one more mouthful of your tits and then Güzeloba Escort Bayan grab you by the thighs again. You whisper a desperate “Yes!” and jump, wrapping your legs around my waist. You pull aside the edge of your panties and the smell of lust fills the cubicle. In one unerring thrust I glide up and into your hot, tight pussy tunnel, slamming you against the wall with a thump. God, the entire store must have heard that…

Our breaths sound so loud as we pump and thrust together. It’s wild animal rutting, now. Our desire has turned to need, worse than any addiction. You feel so damn good as your flesh squeezes mine. Slippery wet pussy walls on my cockshaft…the head feels like a hard knot moving deep inside you, tapping your cervix each time your back hits the wall. We’re both biting our lips hard as I feel the trembling and clenching of your leg muscles that heralds your powerful orgasm.

Your eyes snap open as a silent scream emanates from your throat. All I can hear is the suddenly wetter, squishier thrusts of my cock into your sweet slit. All I can feel is the wonderful friction of your pussy and the dribble of hot liquid down my shaft and balls. Your body spasms from the electric jolts surging from deep inside your cunt up your spine, and you gouge light furrows into the skin of my back. I can feel my own cum boiling up from my balls when you whisper harshly into my ear with an intense fury, “Don’t you DARE fucking stop! Don’t you fucking dare! I want MORE!”

I don’t know how much longer I can last. Just hearing you say that put me dangerously close to erupting cum instantly. I salvage enough presence of mind to slow down and withdraw my dripping cock from you. A few more droplets of your juicy orgasm fall to the floor as I lower you to your feet, and turn you by the shoulder to lean over the back of the chair in the room. You turn your eyes to the side and see the full-length mirror reflecting us and you watch me position myself behind you, my feet just inside yours, aiming my rigid, straining member for your overheated entrance.

You feel the penetration begin and stifle another moan. Your pussy lips spread again for me and we both can barely contain our voices as you push back to bury my cock in your eager flesh, grinding down on the root. I grab your ass and knead Escort Güzeloba your cheeks with each slow long thrust. I settle into a rhythm, staying deep with shorter strokes. This is the only way for me to last any longer, and you love it.

The faint sounds of my thighs hitting your ass are like thunderclaps in my ears and I have a moment of conflict: do I let myself cum now and end this risky venture or keep my pace and drive you to a second explosive orgasm? Maybe I don’t have to choose…

I lean over you and one hand curls around your sweating hip inside your damp panties to find your beautiful clit. My fingers sneak below it to capture some of the delicious lubrication and coat my fingertips. I capture your swollen organ between them and stroke it up and down, applying light pressure on either side. You groan shamelessly and grind backwards to every thrust. I can feel myself approaching the point of no return and decide to make this truly memorable.

I suck the thumb of my other hand, get it good and wet, then place my hand on the base of your spine. Before you can think to protest, my thumb presses on your anus firmly and smoothly enters you. The doubly full feeling makes your clit throb and pulse. So much incredible pleasure coming from so many places is driving you insane.

You feel your mind melt away as the surge of your orgasm rushes up your body. You rock and twitch and tears spring from your eyes as we both explode…my hot white cum spurting deep inside you; your juices gushing uncontrollably. I bite the inside of my cheeks and I think I taste blood. We pant and gasp and slow our motions. I can feel your residual contractions milking cum out of my cock and each little motion is ecstatic agony to my super-sensitive organ. I pull myself from you and you twist and grab me for a kiss unlike any other we’ve shared before. We forget ourselves for a few moments more in silent appreciative kisses. Then without a word we gather our clothes and quickly redress.

We hold hands and open the door. Outside the hall is empty so we quickly move to the entrance and turn the corner. The employee has returned to the desk and is intently, almost desperately reading a manual. She doesn’t even look up as you put the card back on the counter. I see that she seems to be bright red from her neck to the tip of her nose. I squeeze your hand and we depart hastily, smiling all the way. I ask if you suppose we should buy those clothes you were trying on, and you reply, “Of course not! Not with those stains on them…”

Naughty girl. I wonder what other criminal behavior we’ve unlocked?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32