Dreams Become Reality

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“Is that my shirt?” Debra asks as her daughter walks into the kitchen wearing just a shirt and pink panties.

“It is mom,” she answers walking past her mother to the refrigerator. She opens it, pulling out a jug of sweet tea.

Debra finds herself staring at her daughter’s ass or more so lower to the crease of the panties stuck between her daughter’s pussy lips. When she realizes what she is doing, she shakes her head and looks away.

How can I be thinking of her in that way?

“Everything alright mom?” Jenny asks.

“Huh?” she says. “Oh yeah, everything is fine.”

“Well I’m going to bed,” Jenny says gulping down the tea. She sets it in the sink and leaves her mother alone in the kitchen.

Debra watches her daughter leave, never taking her eyes off her ass. Jenny has only been away to college for two semesters, but she seems to have changed so much. She never realized how much, until now, she found her daughter attractive beyond beauty alone. Jenny had taken after her in looks and thinking back, she reminded Debra of herself twenty years ago. She sighs heavily, puts down her glass and heads for the bedroom.

When she gets to the room her husband, George, is already asleep. She thinks about waking him as she feels herself, noticing her pussy leaking and decides to leave him sleeping. Debra finds it strange and arousing at the same time that her pussy is wet from the thought of being with her daughter. By the time she lays down and closes her eyes, she begins imagining herself with Jenny and quickly falls asleep.

She wakes up to feel a tongue caressing her pussy lips. Her hands instinctively reach down, thinking it is George, to push him further toward her pussy. Instead of finding short cropped hair, she is surprised to find long hair. She jumps in reaction to it and quickly two hands stroke her thighs.

“Mom, it’s me,” Jenny says in a whisper.

“What pendik sarışın escort are you doing?” she asks her daughter.

“I saw how you have been looking at me all afternoon since I got back home,” Jenny answers. “I’ve wanted to do this for like ever. I just didn’t know you did.”

“I…I’m not sure I want to,” Debra admits, but deep down she really knows the answer. The last time she was with another woman was in college, but that was so long ago and this time it’s her daughter.

Jenny can see the debate going on from her mother’s face and to help her decide she slips two fingers suddenly, deep into her mother’s pussy. Debra moans, despite herself and licks her lips. She may as well not let a chance like this slip by.

“Just be careful not to wake up your father,” she says.

“Don’t worry mom,” Jenny says. “I have had a lot of practice.”

The statement gets her attention as she tries to focus on it and Jenny’s fingers sliding in and out slowly. She moans and lies back deciding it best to find out later. Jenny dips her head in and flicks her mother’s clit with her tongue while still slowly pushing her fingers in and out.

Debra feels like she in on fire. She motions for her daughter to climb onto the bed and on top of her. With Jenny’s pussy just inches from her face, she gouges her tongue deep into her pussy, lick hungrily. Jenny replaces her two fingers, massaging the inner walls of Debra’s pussy. Her tongue goes back to working on her clit.

Debra hasn’t had attention like this in a long time and soon she orgasms. Her pussy juices flow steadily out over Jenny’s fingers and down her ass cheeks. Jenny’s tongue slips away from her clit to lap up the juices. Her mother’s orgasm triggers her own. As soon as the juices hit her tongue, Debra works furiously at the young pussy causing multiple orgasms pendik şişman escort from her daughter. Soon Debra’s face is covered in a thick coat of cum.

As Debra works her daughter’s pussy, Jenny says, “I got something special for us.” Before Debra can pull away and ask what it is Jenny is already shoving it in her pussy.

The massive ten inch dildo spreads apart her pussy lips and with the cum slides in smoothly. The dildo stretches Debra’s walls like never before. George has a pretty big cock, but nowhere near this size. Never has she ever had something this big or long go in her. Debra has to bury her face into her daughter pussy just to moan.

You like that mom?” Jenny asks.

For and answer Debra doesn’t says again but except moan into Jenny’s pussy and nod her head.

Jenny smile wickedly. “I thought you would,” she says seductively. “Let’s see just how much you like it.”

With that Jenny starts sliding the dildo in and out faster and faster. Debra squirms and jolts from its pleasure with each thrust as it stretches her pussy more and more to the point of climaxing again and again.

Debra throws back her head, free from Jenny’s pussy and is about to scream when she slams it back, this time in between her ass cheeks.

“Now that seems like a good place,” Jenny moans. “Lick my asshole,” she groans.

Debra uncertain at first pushes her tongue out to touch the tiny puckered hole. Jenny squirms in excitement. She takes out the dildo, dropping it to the side of her mother’s thigh. “That’s it,” she urges. “Lick that little fuck hole.”

Debra is surprised at her daughter’s domination, but pushes it aside as she digs in. Her asshole tastes like wild strawberries and the smell is intoxicating, almost to the point of making her want to devour the, as Jenny put it, fuck hole. She wiggles her tongue around, getting pendik sınırsız eskort bayanlar it nice and wet and after a few minutes, switches between her daughter’s asshole and pussy, until it brings on another miniature orgasm.

“Here,” Jenny offers as soon as the orgasm subsides. “Use this.” She hands Debra the massive dildo.

Debra takes it in her hands and says, “You want this in your ass?”

“Of course I do,” Jenny replies.

Debra is hesitant, but if that’s what Jenny wants then that is what Jenny will get. She licks the tight hole a couple more times before places the head, which as Debra now sees, is shaped like a cock, full of veins and everything. She also notices it is slick, like some kind of lube is on it. She presses it up to her asshole and slowly it begins its journey in. Jenny moans a little as her hole doesn’t quite give way easily. Her daughter’s moans increases the wetness already between her legs and to the puddle already formed on the sheet beneath her.

Eventually the dildo breaks past the head and the rest slides right in. Jenny has to stuff her face into the mattress to scream, not one of pain but pleasure. “Do it mom,” she groans loudly. “Fuck my ass. Fuck my ass hard.”

The request turns Debra on even more and she complies, driving the dildo in fast. In and out, faster and faster. Jenny drops her head back into her mother’s pussy, digging her tongue in as far as she can, moaning and groaning into her pussy.

Then without notice, Jenny gushes her pussy juice all over her mother’s breasts. Her hot juices flow down the sides of her breasts and ribs and down her stomach, making any fiction between the two women nonexistent. The felling of the hot cum combined with her daughter’s tongue sends her over the edge as well and another burst flows smoothly from her pussy.

After lapping each other’s cum up, Jenny slides in next to her mother and locks her lips onto hers. They kiss for several minutes before breaking apart. Jenny lays her head atop her mother’s breasts. “I’ve been waiting a long time for this.”

“So have I,” Debra says running her fingers through Jenny’s hair.

“Can we do this more often?”

Debra smiles. “As much as you’d like.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32