Dream Reality

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In a dark so deep that not even the shadows can creep, comes a light from off in the distance. Its brilliance is comforting; a presence that overwhelms the senses and gives a feeling that can only be explained as home. Moving towards it is the only way to fix the discomfort caused by standing exposed in a space so alone, so foreign. As I move closer the source of the light begins to take shape. It’s a rose, floating in the middle of the room. It is brilliant white and the light is coming from it. Illuminating the space so completely that it is obvious there is nothing to fear as long as this magical rose is close. As my hand closes around it and I bring it close to my nose to breathe its unearthly scent, the music starts to play. I start to sway with the rhythm, loosing myself for once, giving myself the permission to simply feel. I stop thinking and very soon the swaying turns to dancing.

As soon as I loose myself; my fears, inhibitions, hatred, pain; he comes to me. Sometimes it’s as if the song my soul has released at that moment calls him and he knows that I need him. I’ve come to this space many times and in many states of mind but it is never until I have given myself over to that place that I am able to find him, or that he finally comes to me to heal me, save me, take me. In this place I am his completely. I am free of everything, except perhaps lust.

It has always been with my body that I am best able to express myself and my feelings. With my body I know that I can show my true form, give the best of myself. I know that there are parts of me that are exposed that I am unable to share otherwise. He knows this as well. He nurtures this fact of my soul and it is with him that I experience what true abandon can be.

When he finds me he is always first behind me. His arms encircle my waist, giving me his strength as his heat washes over my body. Safe, is the thought that flows into my consciousness, I know that with him my fears are pointless. I know that should I need to face anything that I will never be alone, I only need to call. I feel his cheek brush against mine as he pulls me into Escort Etlik a waltz. He guides me through the steps leading us across the floor, through time, space, and beyond. Everything slips away as we start to dance and soon I have been turned and am truly in his arms. The music changes and we are now gliding. Our steps are effortless; we are doing something we have done since the beginning of our souls. Without words we reach for one another; the completeness that we are only able to experience when the other is around is breathtaking.

There is a fire growing between us by now. Intensity that is rarely felt explodes around us as he leads us from what I’ve always assumed was a ballroom. The rose that has been clasped between our hands is still the only light as we rush through corridors looking for a room to suit our needs. I am lifted and carried over a threshold into a room holding a huge canopied bed. With great care I am placed upon the coverlet and he steps back as if to admire the picture of me. There are times when I feel a great sadness at this act, he seems to be memorizing. It is as if he needs to remember me as I am at that exact moment, and the reason behind it is unfathomable. The glimpse of sadness only ever lasts for seconds. His attention is back on my body and it is the only time I have ever felt like a goddess. When his eyes are devouring me I feel beautiful and it is the only time I allow myself the chance to enjoy it.

It is only a matter of moments until his hands are joining his eyes and before I know it my clothes are being stripped from me. He takes great care when undressing me. Every time a new inch of skin is exposed he kisses it; leaving a trail of warm wet spots across and over my skin. The warmth of his attentions never has time to fade. As soon as I am naked his body covers mine and my lips are taken in a kiss that takes my breath away; I am overwhelmed by the emotion I feel coming from him. He kisses across my cheek to my ear, taking the earlobe into his mouth giving it a small nip with his teeth. He continues down my throat, my collarbone and down Etlik Escort my chest. He starts to circle one breast, every light touch bringing his mouth closer to my nipple. It is sweet torture. I arch into him attempting to move him faster, my body begging him to give me what I want. He does not comply and continues on with his treatment. As soon as I begin to think I can take no more, I feel my nipple pulled into his mouth. The pleasure of that moment is so intense I cry out. He sucks hard as a hand comes up to cover the other breast.

Kissing down my body he touches each rib with his lips. Moving across my stomach to my hip bone he laves at the hollow he finds there. His hands reach around my body and grab my ass. Up to this point his actions have been slow, steady, and sweet; when he buries his face between my legs it is with such swiftness I am unable to catch my breath. His tongue dips inside me for too brief a second before he takes my clit into his mouth and my hips arch off the bed. It doesn’t take him long to learn what movements make me squirm, which ones pull a cry from my lips, which movements have me threading his hair through my fingers and pulling. He teases me, tortures me; pleasures me completely. A finger slides deep inside me, followed quickly by another. I shatter.

I feel him kissing his way back up my body. The slow sweet motions from before are back. It’s as if he is memorizing my body this time with his lips and hands. Worshiping every inch of skin he can touch. I feel gorgeous; more so than I ever have in my life. In his hands, safe and admired I become someone I can only be here in this moment. I savor it, and him, with every fiber of my being.

As soon as I can my fingers are in his hair again. I bring his lips to mine, the first touch of them sending lightening down my spine. His weight atop me is perfect; he belongs here with me like this. I arch my hips moving in a way that brings us even closer together. I’m wet, hot, slick. The need to have him inside me has turned primal. The energy between us is changing again. We are becoming frantic. He kisses Etlik Escort Bayan me as if I may disappear; he possesses me with each embrace. When he finally slides inside me, buried fully, our eyes lock and it is at that time I know we share some part of our souls. Slowly; inch by excruciatingly slow inch; he slides from me only to seat himself again with the same agonizing stroke. For the second time I shatter, this time with such intensity it surprises us both.

I wrap my legs around him and my arms around his neck; I pull him to me. I want to be as close to him as I can be as I feel him inside me. I want to bring him as much pleasure as he has brought me. We are moving together now, matching each other. Our rhythm is increasing. Our bodies are becoming covered in a light sheen of sweat. I can taste the saltiness of it when I bury my face in his neck, when I nip at his ears, or when I kiss his temples. He takes my lips in another kiss. This time there is nothing sweet, this time he is claiming me. In this moment I am his and as my reality slips away from me I know that there will never be a more perfect being to share myself with than him. He is close now, he is starting to cum and as he does I cum again with him. Our eyes meet as we do, he lays his forehead on mine then and we share one small very sweet kiss.

He rolls off of me but as he does he folds me into his side, my head coming to rest on his shoulder. He is stroking my skin, kissing my temples, soothing me as we start to return to normal. I know that our time together is close to an end. I know that soon he will leave; I understand that what we have is on borrowed time. I know that if I close my eyes he will fade away and I will have to spend my nights searching for him again. It is what must happen because as much as we belong to each other we are not allowed to be together here in this realm. I fight it but his touches are doing what they are meant to do and I feel my eyelids becoming heavy. A finger brushes my cheek and tilts my lips to his for one final kiss before I slip away into sleep within a dream.

I hear the music again, floating through my unconscious mind. He has taken the rose from beside the bed and placed it in my hands as I slept and now its comforting light is what guides me back to reality. I watch it bloom as I wake, its beauty a promise that I will dance with him again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32