Dream Lover

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It began with a touch…the minute, imperceptible tracing of a single finger down the curve of her hip, in the soft black velvet of her dreams.

She felt his warmth…his heat against her back, and she began to stir…her eyes opening wide, unseeing in the lightlessness of the world.

Gently, he touched her eyelids, willing them to close once more…to embrace the darkness…the night, as the moist warmth of his breath waft intimately Yalova Escort against her neck.

By force of will, unspoken, he held her fast as his hand began a lazy exploration of her breasts…fondling…stroking…circling the rigid peaks of her nipples until she felt a silken cord begin to tighten within her being.

His lips caressed the hollows of her throat…hot…wet…in the dark…in the night, as his Yalova Escort Bayan fingers continued ever downward, stroking her heated flesh…moisture flowing unbidden between her thighs.

A shallow gasp (whose?) as they probed deeply, gently between her trembling folds…searching…discovering…enticing.

Tenderly, with an ease born of experience, he nudged her topmost thigh forward…the rigidity of Escort Yalova his arousal seeking access within the soft molten core of her body.

A moan… lost in the velvet hush of the room.

She felt the hardness of him thrusting deeply within her, his fingers enflaming her…stealing her very breath as they caressed the slippery hub of her desire.

“Yes…oh please…yes!” she cried into the stillness of the room, her cataclysmic release overcoming her…the pulsating heat of his essence filling her body.

And then it was over…his breath coming in ragged gasps against her neck, his trembling hand holding her fast against him…their bodies entwined in the dark…in the night…like a dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32