Dream Girl

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//Author’s Note: This story is part of a small collection of Lesbian stories I’ll be uploading this week. This particular one is an all new entry, never before submitted.



Des pulled the pillow tightly down over her face, giving herself the freedom to scream like she’d been aching to do for the last twenty minutes. She tried to bring her legs together and found incredible resistance in the shape of her girlfriend’s head. She squeezed, tighter and tighter, as Paige’s tongue swirled around her clit like a vortex. A whirlpool of saliva, taste buds, and thoroughly-overwhelmed nerve endings.

Her thighs fell away, and instantly she felt kisses being planted. Traveling up past her navel. Across her pale, lightly-freckled skin. Between breasts that almost disappeared every time she laid on her back. Between nipples so pink that Paige couldn’t help but take a languorous detour to each. Across her collarbone. Along the side of her neck. Des pushed the pillow further up, off of her face, and moaned as she leaned away.

“You know what that does to me,” Des whimpered, as her girlfriend’s tongue trailed along the edge of her ear. “Ooooh fuck.”

“I’m sorry,” Paige whispered, wavy brown hair falling messily. “Does that mean you want me to stop?”

God, she’s so beautiful, Des thought. Paige’s face was dominated by her nose. It wasn’t overly large, but it was by far her most striking feature after her eyes. Those dark, glittering eyes. Paige could display so much naked hunger and need with them. They said everything about her.

“If you don’t, I’m gonna need you to fuck me all over again!”

Paige laughed softly as she suckled on Des’ lobe. “If you have the time, then I definitely have the urge.”

Des groaned unhappily as she took Paige’s cheeks in her hands, pulled her so that they were face-to-face, and kissed her. “I don’t,” she said, pausing the kiss only long enough to speak and draw air, “but tomorrow. Definitely tomorrow.”

Paige hovered over her, lip curled in an uneven smile. It was all Des could do to stop. Took every ounce of her willpower. She’d never understood how she’d gotten so lucky as to have someone as amazing as Paige in her life, but Des tried not to lose too much time on deep existentialism. Paige was hers and Des belonged, heart and soul, to Paige.

The brunette bounced up with a grin, showing off her physique with flair as she used a single pushup to throw herself back onto her knees. She wasn’t in quite the same shape she’d been in in 2016, and certainly not 2012, but even in the off years Paige had an amazing form. Her hips had haunted Des’ dreams long before she and Paige had become ‘She and Paige’. Paige turned and sauntered out of the bedroom, rolling those magnificent hips. She gave Des a lingering smile over her shoulder as she disappeared into the hall, heading toward the bathroom.

Des sighed happily as she sank back into the bed. Her copper blonde hair was matted and damp with sweat. It always looked more orange when it was wet. She writhed and gasped, not fully sure when she’d taken up her nipples between her fingers. If she didn’t stop teasing herself, she was going to find herself in that shower in the next ten seconds, and then it would be an hour or more before she’d be ready to head home.

I don’t want to stop, she thought, as she pulled aside the shower curtain. No matter how good Paige looked, no matter what shape she was in, she always looked better wet. The glossy shine gave definition to muscles and curves. Highlighted Paige’s rippled abs. I don’t ever want to stop.


“Good morning,” Des said, as she bounced into the kitchen. Initially her parents both froze, but over the few seconds it took Des to stride to the cupboard, grab her mug, and pour herself a cup of coffee, the two of them slowly turned to look at each other.

“Um…” her father said, blinking slowly.

“Any good news today?” Des sang, looking down at the paper still unopened in the middle of the kitchen table.

“Honey,” her mother said, lilting upward at the end.

“Look,” Des interrupted, stirring in a spoonful of sugar. “If this is about me moving out, again, then can we save this conversation until later? You know I can’t technically live at Paige’s while she’s on scholarship.” Her father nearly choked on his coffee. Des handed him a couple paper towels and took an experimental sip of her own coffee, to make sure she’d gotten the taste right, on her way toward the door. “I’ve gotta go. I’m already late for work, and I probably won’t be home until late. Don’t wait up.”

“Des?” her mother called, but the redhead was already jogging out the door. “Des!”


Des smiled as she keyed in the final paperwork of her first post-lunch appointment. The customer had been pleasant, and the tip generous, but that wasn’t what had her buzzing. She put through the payment and switched over casino siteleri to the scheduling section of their program. Her fingers were on auto-pilot as she put Mrs. Hentzler down for another massage appointment in two weeks.

“Hey,” she typed into her phone. “I know you won’t be able to respond to this, but I just got done with a woman whose ass looks JUST LIKE YOURS. Hers was not so firm as yours, but it still took all of my formidable will to not spread her legs right there on my table and lick her…”

“…lick her ass for the full hour. Every time I looked at her, all I could see was you. I think she could smell how turned on I was.”

Des bit her lip and, in a fit of aroused inspiration, slipped her hand inside of the waistband of her leggings and slid her finger between her dew-slick folds. It was difficult to suppress the urge to shiver while she touched herself right there in the kiosk, in the middle of the hallway. She thumbed her way back to the home screen of her phone and cooed at the white fluid coating the pad of her withdrawn fingertip. She quickly took a picture of it and sighed happily, while simultaneously licking her fingers clean and sending the picture of her glazed frosting to Paige.

A door opened down the hall behind her and Des smoothly returned to her task. Finishing out the appointment event and logging off while happily sucking on her two middle fingers. Marinne, one of her coworkers, did a double take as she escorted her own client toward the front, and Des blushed as she scurried back to her room.

“I think she liked that she could smell how turned on I was.”

She tucked her phone into her purse and dropped it back into its little cubby, resolved that that would be the last text she sent Paige before the end of the day. Paige likely wouldn’t respond at all. She wasn’t allowed to have her phone nearby when training. A quick look at the clock told Des she had a few minutes free, so she darted back out into the hallway toward the rear of the building. The breakroom was empty except for the new girl, Kristen, whom Des knew little more about than her name. She seemed nice enough the one time they’d talked, but Des was on a mission. She managed to get back and quickly sip down almost half a cup of coffee before her door opened.

“Hello,” Des said cheerfully, as an older man in jeans and a light jacket quietly shut the door behind him. “How is the shoulder today?”

“Better,” he said, voice trailing off slightly at the end.

“Good!” Des allowed herself a small smile where he couldn’t see, as she was facing away from the door. “Why don’t you take off your shirt for me, hop onto the table, and I’ll be right with you.”

She was always careful about her posture with her customers. Especially the men, although quite a few of the women responded to it as well. She never did anything suggestive, and had never led anyone on. Her career largely depended on her reputation and her reputation was too important to risk on fleeting tips, but there was a lot of room for her to work without making anything explicitly sexual. She often wore very tight leggings, and knew how to clench her thighs just so. How to arch her back. She had her room setup so that she was often facing away from the door to show off her ass. She knew how to pitch her voice lower when she was very close to them. How to pair her whispering voice with just the right amount of touch. The right number of candles. How to create a veil of intimacy without descending into indecency. She’d never compared tip numbers with her co-workers, as that was severely frowned upon, but she was confident that she did very well for herself.

Des winced as she sucked down the rest of her coffee; it had really been too hot to do more than sip, but she needed the boost.

“Okay,” she said, after taking a moment to compose herself. “Now, you liked the… lavender massage oil the best, right?”

“Yup,” the man said, as he settled, face down, onto the table. The lavender oil was Paige’s favorite too. Des smiled as she poured some out into a little bowl, set it onto the edge of the table, and worked a few drops around her hands and fingers.

The door opened, and both of them looked up in surprise. Interruptions during sessions were a big no-no except in emergencies. Des and her supervisor Ann shared a bewildering look at each other.

“Oh,” Ann said, only opening the door enough to poke her head in and frown. “You’re here. Why are you here?”

“I’m on the schedule,” Des said with a light shrug. “I have appointments.”

“I just…” Ann blinked and paused. “Okay,” she said, after a minute, and shut the door.

“What was all that about?” the man asked.

“Oh don’t worry about her. Let’s just focus on on our breathing for a moment.” Des scooped a palmful of oil out of the bowl and drizzled it across the man’s shoulder and upper back. Her own breath came out slowly as she leaned over slot oyna his back. “In and out. Nice and slow. Good. Now… how did you do with the exercises I showed you last week?”


“You. Bitch.”

Des giggled as she heard the door slam. “I see you got my texts.”

“Yes!” Paige shouted, slinging her duffle bag to the floor. “In the locker room, surrounded by everyone.”


Des had just enough time to turn toward Paige before Paige scooped her up by the ass. She squealed happily as she was deposited on the edge of the table, immediately spreading her legs and wrapping them around Paige. The brunette leaned forward, hands planted on the table right next to her hips, until they were face-to-face.

“I couldn’t even look at the pictures until I got on the bus.”

She squeaked when her girlfriend bit her lower lip and gave a light tug. Back arching inward.

“That woman,” Paige murmured, after she’d let go. “The one with the ass like mine.”

“Not as good as yours,” Des whispered back.

“I kind of like the idea of you fucking someone else but thinking about me.”

“Mmm-mmm,” Des said, shaking her head. “I only want to be fucked by you.”

“Is that right?”

“Only you.” Des gasped when Paige grabbed her legs just behind the knees and lifted them up. She had to reach back and brace herself against the table to keep from rolling and hitting her head, but she loved it when Paige picked her up and tossed her around. Posed her like a little doll.

Des shifted, leaning back a little more so that she was bracing herself on her elbows, and wiggled her hips back and forth when Paige tugged on her shorts and panties. If the sight of her nipples, poking through her plain, white t-shirt, hadn’t given away how turned on she was, the smell of her exposed pussy surely did. She’d been in a lather all afternoon, and it had been agony to resist cumming and wait for Paige.

Beautiful, beautiful agony.

Paige wasted no time in pulling Des’ hips out just past the edge of the table and getting to work. She loved oral, and preferred giving. It was part of her nature to be a giver, and while that did present some difficulties where Des had to work extra hard to give back it was always worth it. She was already thinking forward to the shower they would inevitably take after this, and how she might try using a little conditioner as lube to finger Paige from behind.

Or at least she thought about that until Paige’s tongue touched down, at which point any thought beyond the moment became impossible.

Des’ jaw hung loose as she moaned, light and soft. Delicate laps at her outer lips. She pulled her legs back, spreading herself. Heels drawn tight against the backs of her thighs. Knees just to the outside of her shoulders. It was hard not to bounce her hips, grinding her cleft against Paige’s face, but that was likely to get her spanked. When Paige put her somewhere, she was supposed to stay there.

She thought about it anyway. The sting of a good spank was a pain she enjoyed, and the two of them were perfect for their parts. Her own cheeks had a lovely, bubbly roundness to them, and Paige’s hands were purpose-built for the task. Des shivered.

The brunette’s eyes were heavy and low. Absorbed in her efforts. It was a weakness for her when Des let her pubic hair grow just a little bit extra. Just a little bit fuller. Mostly above the channel with just a little extending to either side. Des had never gotten a straight answer as to whether it was the aesthetic or the tangible effect that Paige preferred, and suspected it was somewhere in the middle.

In the years since they’d finally become more than childhood friends, Des had been carefully keeping track of all the things she did that unravelled Paige. The little touches that set her off. The secret places. If she brought her feet down just a bit more, enough to lay them gently on Paige’s shoulder, she could easily take over the whole encounter. Grab the back of Paige’s head and guide her as she pleased. It wouldn’t take much more than that.

Of course, taking control right then was the furthest thing from Des’ mind. She’d been carefully stoking Paige all day, getting Paige just the right kind of worked up to come home and break her down. She was right where she wanted to be.

Paige tilted her head to the side and drew one of the inner lips into her mouth. Sucking. Pulling sweetly. Just the right amount of pinching. Just the right pressure with her teeth. Kneading the silky fold with her tongue. Just as Des had spent the last few years learning everything about Paige, Paige had been doing the same. Learning to wait and be patient before touching Des’ clit. Saving that for the coup de grace. She was putty in the gymnast’s calloused, powerful hands. Soft and pliable clay wanting nothing more than to be molded.

“Fuuuck,” Des moaned, eyes rolling back, as her favorite tongue in canlı casino siteleri the world circled and pushed against her opening. Pressing harder. Insistently. It was as glorious to squeeze and clench, keeping Paige out, as it was seconds later to release and let her in. The brunette lapped at her ring, drawing out more and more of her juice. Des twitched and shuddered when the tip of her girlfriend’s nose brushed through the folds below her clit. Millimeters away.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck.”

One arm slid up, between her left calf and thigh. Des gasped as Paige’s palm came to rest just above her mound. Those dark, glittering eyes staring up at her. She gripped Des’ mass of short orange curls and pulled, stretching the lips and tugging at the skin. Kept her fingers knitted tightly while her thumb stretched to gently work its way down between the tops of her lips. Des whimpered softly, and a grimace spread across her face as Paige’s lips pressed around her ring. The warm tongue wormed deeper.

“Oh,” Des moaned, one eye rolling higher than the other. “Oh gyuuuuuuuh. Oh my God.”

The corners of Paige’s eyes curled up, betraying a smile where her lips where otherwise busy keeping a tight seal. Tiny movements with her thumb. Tiny strokes, back and forth, over Des’ clit. Brushing over the top of it. Feather-light. Whisper-soft.


“Oh God.”


Her head rolled back, shrinking into her shoulders, and Des let out a long, low moan. A perverse tingle ran up her spine that she was being far too loud for Paige’s apartment, and the only real chance they had of not getting in trouble was the remote chance that all of her girlfriend’s neighbors were out at the same time.

Paige sat back, keeping her thumb steady, and lifted her head ever so slightly. Sat up just enough that Des could see her whole face. Enough that Des could see the mixture of juices and saliva sliding down in a thick sheet over Paige’s extended tongue. Drop after drop fell against her folds, and Des flinched with every one.

“I love how… plump… your lips get,” Paige said, her voice husky. “Do you have any idea how wet you are?”

“No,” Des whined.

“Let me show you. It’s just flowing out of you.”

Paige’s middle finger pressed slowly and smoothly against her anus, and Des groaned as she felt the slim digit sink deep. Paige leaned back in and ran her tongue straight up the middle, gathering as it went, and then rifled the collected fluids back down between Des’ spread folds. Paige had, by Des’ estimation, the perfect tongue. Thick and wide. Just long enough to reach all the right spots and dextrous enough to curl inside her just so.

Another long, slow lick from bottom to top. Des reached down and around to pull at the bottoms of her cheeks, spreading herself just that little bit extra, and when Paige spat out the wad of saliva and honey, it struck her in the very center of her pink pussy. Hers was a pussy. Delicate and sweet. It was to be stroked and petted. Not at all like the way she abused Paige’s cunt.

Paige jammed her forearm in hard against the back of Des’ knee, a sign between them that Des would soon need something to strain against. The differences were instantaneous. Her thumb moved faster, focusing more on the tiny space underneath the clit. Brushing upward against it rather than across the top. Her tongue teased the tiny opening just above the ring, applying pressure for just a moment before moving right back down. Pressing against the clenched muscle.

“Hnnnnngh,” Des moaned, straining against her girlfriend’s arms. Her eyes pinched shut. “Hnnnngh!”

The second finger sliding into her ass was it. The index finger, hard and straight alongside the middle, stretched her just that much more. The outer ring spasmed while the inner ring clamped like a vice around Paige’s fingers. She didn’t even need to move them, really, to push Des over the edge.

Des sang, a soaring aria of sensual joy near the upper edges of her register. Paige played her body masterfully, hitting all the right notes in just the right order. Copper hair fanned out beneath her. Sheer bliss.

Paige smiled broadly as she stood up and leaned over the table. Both hands planted. Des’ shivered watching her girlfriend flex ever-so-subtly, twisting her arms so that her forearms, biceps, and deltoids stood out in sharp relief. She wrapped her legs tightly around Paige’s waist, ankles interlocking, and lifted herself. Both hands cupping Paige’s face.

“Never stop fucking me,” she whimpered.


Des quirked her head as she walked down the hall. Her feet hurt, and she was tired after a long day. The afternoon had been an exercise in patience, waiting for the moment when she could close the door to Paige’s apartment and shut out the world, but the closer she got to it, the more certain she was that the door was already open. Then she saw the RA standing in the doorway.

“Hey Xander,” she said loudly, lilting at the end of his name to add an unspoken question mark.

Xander whirled, not having noticed her coming, and stared at her wide-eyed. “Uhhh… He-heeey Des. What are you… um…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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