Draining Daddy

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“Hey, baby, my husband isn’t home. Come on over. He still doesn’t know yet,” Beth told her lover, Lamar Bothwell.

“Aw, babe, you want more of my big black cock, don’t you? Can I bring my friends over?” Lamar urged his married girlfriend.

“Hell, yes! The more guys fuck me, the better. I’ll pull a train for you. Maybe then if we get caught, you guys can hold Dan down and make him suck your cum out of my pussy and ass! He’s always wanted my ass, but licking it is close as he can get.

“If I have my way, he’ll be stuck eating me out and never get to fuck me or any other woman again. His cock is average, but only a stud like you deserves to get laid. I never plan to put out for him again. Maybe some time in a cock cage will straighten him out and put him in his proper place. White boys shouldn’t get to fuck any pussy, let alone ass.

“Who knows, maybe you boys can fuck him up the ass and make him suck your dicks! My stepdaughter is eighteen now, so you can fuck her, too! It would do the little princess some good to meet a real man. Then she would stop thinking that her daddy hung the moon. I’m sick of her hero worship of her firefighter dad,” Beth ranted, truly disgusted with her husband now.

Dora put the phone down and tears streamed down her face. Her stepmother was a lying, cheating wife to her father, whose plans for him evidently weren’t so loving. She wondered who else might have fucked her stepmom over the years. She’d noticed that she had no younger siblings, which made her wonder now if that was because her stepmom was truly repulsed by her dad even then. How long had this been going on? Her father should get tested for HIV.

Dora made a snap decision and got into her new car. She just hoped that her father didn’t have a fire to fight right then. He needed to get home and catch his wife in the act of adultery. If one or two buddies from his ladder company were with him, then the odds of Lamar and his buddies bullying him were much reduced. She was more than willing to help him fight these jerks. As small as she was, she could pack a serious left hook and knew how to make it count. There would be one punch for her father and one for herself, since she had no intention of letting some jerk like Lamar fuck her at all.

Dora drove furiously for several minutes until she arrived at the fire station. There, her father sat talking with his buddies, all of the covered in soot. He was about to call it an early day, due to the stress of the last fire his ladder company extinguished. He dropped his Coke bottle when he saw his daughter pull up in such an obvious state of distress. Dan rushed to hug her and comfort her, assuming that she had been hurt by some guy her own age. What she told him then ripped his heart out and chopped it to bits.

“Daddy, Mom’s a cheating slut! I heard her talk on the phone to her boyfriend, Lamar! She hates you and wants to humiliate you! You need to come with me now if you can and catch her in the act!” Dora fumed, her Irish temper out of control.

“You’re serious?” Dan asked in some disbelief.

“Would I joke about something like that? You know me, Daddy. I’m not one to play that kind of prank. I’d never do that to you. I wouldn’t be this pissed-off, either,” Dora observed.

“You’re right. Alright, boys, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go catch my wife in the arms of another man. I’m sure as hell not looking forward to this confrontation. I expect to be heavily sauced tonight, buddies,” Dan shrugged, fighting his hardest not to cry.

“It’s not just one other man, Daddy. Lamar has friends and they are supposed to join in on the act. They talked of holding you down and doing horrible things to you, in order to make you bursa eskort bayan put up with her cheating. She said something about ‘pulling a train’, too. Daddy, you need back-up,” she warned her father.

“Hell’s bells, Dan, we’d better follow you there and have your back! If Lamar and his pals want to get nasty, we can kick some serious ass! I think that the ladder company has one last job for the day. Don’t you agree? Let’s not get cleaned up first, either. Like your daughter said, we need to catch ’em red-handed,” Dan’s captain, Oliver Ramirez, told him in his Louisiana accent. The captain was definitely a Creole and it showed in his attitude.

“I think that this should stay on the clock, don’t you agree?” Jimmy Logan suggested. He was a hefty Comanche and former professional boxer who still packed a serious punch.

“Works for me, since this will help morale for sure. Dan, it’s your wife, so we’ll just listen while you talk, but I think that our presence will make sure that these jackals sit down and shut up,” Captain Ramirez approved that plan.

“Thanks, skip. Alright, let’s roll,” Dan kissed Dora on the forehead and got into his car.

Dora followed him in her car and the firefighters pursued them to the O’Neal house. Sure enough, there were a number of cars already around the house, but Captain Ramirez called for some tow trucks. In the meantime, the posse parked where its members could.

Screams and moans came through the master bedroom window, which was open. Clearly, Beth was too busy getting reamed by the various Bulls to notice an entire ladder company of sooty firemen and her own stepdaughter coming through the front door. Just as obviously, Lamar and his friends found something to do that didn’t appeal to Beth so much. Mrs. O’Neal actually shrieked in pain as Lamar’s cousin Elroy shoved his un-lubricated dick up her asshole and started ripping her open.

The next thing that happened was absolute bedlam. Lamar pulled his bloody dick out of Beth’s mouth just in time to prevent her from biting it off in a desperate attempt to inform the guys of her change of mind. This fantasy gang-bang had turned into a hellish gang-rape. He tried to knock out her teeth in retaliation. That was when Dora planted her father’s sledgehammer on Lamar’s cock and balls, making him double over in screaming agony. Meanwhile, Dan took a baseball bat to Elroy’s skull, knocking him out as well.

Tyrone, Lamar’s best friend, saw red and lunged at Dan. A solid right hook from Jimmy Logan flattened him as well. Captain Ramirez punched Tyrone’s brother Jubal in the stomach and the rest of the gang escaped through the bedroom window, their baggy pants flashing most of the block to everyone’s revulsion.

“Alright, Beth, I think that we have your attention. It’s clear that you had a change of heart about pulling this train, but it’s too late now. You obviously had plans for me that included rape, forced cuckoldry, and chastity, among other things. I can’t love or trust you anymore. I simply can’t. Even now, I think that you only regret how crazy it got, not the cheating. You obviously have done more than a little of that. From what my daughter tells me, you have, or rather had, a boyfriend. So you and me are finished. I want a divorce,” Dan announced to his wife, after the authorities had taken the rapists into custody.

“But I was raped!” Beth pleaded.

“Only at the end. Before that, you cheated on me with Lamar and his gang. You had plans to cause me to be anally and orally raped, to make me eat another man’s cum out of your slimy cunt, and to force me to wear a chastity device. Dora heard it all, Beth. My daughter chose to warn me, thank God. It’s over. I’m bursa otele gelen eskort bayan keeping the house and my daughter. Note that I didn’t say ‘our’ daughter. I don’t think that she wants to have much to do with you anymore. Of course, as you’ve told me more than once, she was never your daughter to begin with,” Dan spoke harshly.

“You got that right, Daddy. I’m the new woman of the house,” Dora leaned in to whisper to her stepmother, “And I’m gonna take your place in every way possible.”

Beth fainted, but that was as much from her injuries as from the shocking news. The firefighters took her to the emergency room for her torn sphincter and rectal bleeding. A rape kit was prepared, so most of Lamar’s group were headed to prison soon along with Lamar himself. Dan smirked as he thought that they would get to feel what it meant to be on the other end of forced sodomy.

Dan felt a little bad that Beth was sexually assaulted at the end, but since she had been such an awful wife, the empathy didn’t last. He had bigger concerns, such as learning to live as a divorced man. Sacrament or not, he wouldn’t stay married to a lying bitch like Beth. She never had treated his daughter as she truly deserved, anyway.

The weeks went by with events unfolding largely as expected. Beth testified against Lamar and the others, resulting in convictions for the lot of them for aggravated sexual assault and forcible sodomy. She no longer had illusions about her lovers, but she also knew that any chance of reconciliation with Dan was non-existent. He would never trust her again. She’d thrown away the love of a decent man for a gang of thugs.

Four months after she was rescued from the gang-rape, Beth emptied a bottle of Ambien and slit her wrists to finish the job. Neither Dan nor Dora attended the wake or funeral and she was cremated to save money on the wishes of her sister, Lucy. Dan’s sister-in-law never thought much of her sister, but she was still her own flesh and blood. Only Lucy and their dying mother paid their last respects.

In the meantime, Dora did exactly what she told her stepmother she would do. She became the new lady of the house, taking over the kitchen duties and everything else. When autumn came, she refused to leave for school, preferring to take online courses instead. This allowed her to continue her education, but still take care of Daddy.

In all ways except one, Dora was like a new wife to her father, and that would be the next thing on her agenda. Seducing him would take some time. First, she started wearing skimpier clothes around him without actually going out much. This naturally made Dan wonder for whom she was showing off. She sneaked around and bookmarked incest sites, so that he saw stories that featured father-daughter sex. She flirted constantly with her dad, to the exclusion of any other guy. She celebrated his birthday and made it especially nice, between a cake baked from scratch and a home-cooked meal. She brought her father beer whenever he wanted some. Most of all, she snuggled up with him in bed and he made no attempt to resist her. As lonely as Dan was, he needed the human contact.

This last situation gave Dora her opening to seduce her father. Dan was more than a little buzzed on Christmas Eve of that, having drunk three shots of Irish whiskey that evening. It was depressing to be a single dad on the day before Christmas, although he admitted to himself that Dora made it a lot easier on him. Still, he felt awful that his daughter didn’t have her real mother, the woman who died giving birth to her.

Dora waited until Dan needed assistance walking to the master bedroom, and bursa eve gelen escort then she undressed him for a shower. Under that pretext, she stripped as well to “help” him bathe. His inhibitions weakened, Dan didn’t protest as Dora fondled him while she washed him. His cock hardened naturally at the sight, touch, and even the smell of this lovely young woman. The fact that she was his own daughter was lost in the lust of the moment.

When Dora dried off her father and herself, she led Dan to the bed and put him on his stomach for a sensual massage. She rubbed his body everywhere she could, including his firm, manly ass and his cock. This massage had the additional benefit of lubricating his dick for her pussy. Unknown to Dan, Dora also applied a decent amount of lube to her cunt to make her plans go smoother.

Once Dan was ready to spoon and too tipsy to think about his naked state, Dora turned off the lights and slipped into bed with her father. She was still very nude, of course, and Daddy’s cock hadn’t softened yet. All that was left was to press her bottom up against her father’s dick and let nature take its course. Dan’s pesky conscience and silly taboos against incest wouldn’t get in the way this time.

Dan may well have been drunk and half-asleep as he spooned with his daughter, but his cock was fully awake and capable of entering her in the dark. He wasn’t so far gone in his intoxicated state as to make him go limp. The smooth, pale skin of his now nineteen-year old daughter felt extremely sensual to the touch and pleased him very much. He felt himself overcome by the intensity of their shared lust. The heat of the moment was too much for Dan to stop himself in time. His guard was down and his willpower had eroded to almost nothing.

Before Dan realized what he did, his cock thrust deeply inside his once virgin daughter. Dora pushed back furiously to help her father use her twat. She had done it, given her cherry to Daddy, the only man she truly loved. She’d avoided boyfriends for a reason. She’d long desired her father and that stupid hussy gave her the opportunity to have him by being such a whore for other men. For Dora, this wasn’t a fling, of course. It was a very passionate, extremely intimate love affair. It was about romance as well as carnal desires. She wanted to surrender her body to her beloved dad.

Something about the forbidden nature of this first sexual encounter made Dora wetter than she might have normally been. As her father fucked her, she felt her juices leaking as far as her calves. She tried to put away any fears of his reaction the next day, when he was sure to discover her trick. For this night, at least, Dan and Dora were lovers as well as Daddy and his girl. She loved how far inside her Dan could bury his cock.

Due to the sheer sensuality of this particular sex act, Dan couldn’t keep himself going much longer in Dora’s pussy without serious danger of immediate orgasm. Nor did Dora wish to delay his release. Once he came inside his daughter, the deed was done and things couldn’t go back to normal. She wanted him to finish the encounter, so as to totally consummate their new union.

Not much later, it was too late to stop Dan. He expelled a potent amount of seed stored up during the months since his second marriage ended. It was a wonderful, messy experience that Dora determined to have recur every chance she had. She fully intended to drain Daddy on a daily basis as long as they lived on this Earth. As her exhausted father dozed off after his release and his limp dick slid out of her pussy, Dora followed him into slumber, feeling happier than ever in this very intimate position.

Dora now knew what it felt to be Daddy’s woman and she swore to herself to never risk that. She would be faithful until the last breath escaped her lungs. After all, draining Daddy was the best revenge against those women who wanted to steal him. They’d never stand a chance against this redheaded Irish daughter. Daddy was her man and she wouldn’t share or give him up at any price.

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