Dragon Knight Val and the Imps

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“500 Gold Dragons for a simple Imp hunt?” Valyria muttered to herself as her eyes scanned over the contract posted on the wooden board outside the small village of Hestle. It was the first town she had come across in some time.

‘I could use the easy money…’ the young nineteen-year-old woman thought to herself, feeling how empty her coin purse was getting. She pulled the contract and made her way to the indicated point of contact, the village chief, to reserve it.

“Hmmm… Not to sound offensive or anything, but pretty strong warriors and the like tried taking on this contract and failed…” the Hestle village chief, Illari Kircland, expressed his doubt to the girl standing in his doorway.

Val had knocked on his door and told him that she was going to take on the contract and wanted a few more details. The village chief barely believed that she was a licensed adventurer.

“Strong warriors chased off by a bunch of imps? You got scammed is what” Val said, somewhat irritated by the man’s doubt in her, “I guarantee you that I’m the real deal. I may be new, but I promise you, I’m a fully-fledged Dragon Knight from the Temple of Altinan.” she said, hoping to make the chief more confident about her abilities.

Illari did not believe the girl. She looked fairly ridiculous with a sword as tall as her sheathed in a scabbard on her back, along with how she was dressed, heels, black tights, dark grey short shorts, a leather corset that made her perfect c-cup tits pop in her white blouse, all topped with a grey jacket that she left open. The old chief would have rather have the girl suck his cock than go off and fight some imps.

“Hello?” Val said, getting impatient and sick of the way the old village chief was gawking at her. Val knew how ridiculous and a little slutty she looked, but she didn’t care. The traditional dragon knight’s outfit consisted of thicker leather jerkins and some metal plating, but Val opted for a non-traditional approach that aided in her style of fighting. Nimble but with a lot of power. A glass cannon almost.

She actually usually enjoyed the way men looked at her, gawking at her, lusting for her. She knew she was pretty, and that she had a great tight body as well. She also knew that the intense training and blessing she had received at the Temple Alti-Nan would make it a fatal mistake for any man to try anything.

“Uh…” the old chief muttered, stunned at the sight of the girl pulling the long thin sword from it’s sheath on her back with relative ease. Before he could say anything, she took the sword and drove it in the ground between them. At that moment, any idea of doing something shady or forcing himself onto the girl left the chief’s mind.

“Don’t believe me? Try to lift this.” Val challenged the chief. To humor the girl, the chief tried.

“Oh great Beado!” the chief strained hard, muttering his god’s name in vain. “Hah…well I guess… You’ve earned your shot…” the chief relented, the girl having successfully instilled confidence for her abilities in him.

“Thank you.” Val said as she pulled the sword out from ground with ease, giving a little flourish before sliding it back into its scabbard.

“I’ll reserve it for a week.” Illari said, taking the contract from her to hold on to.

“Won’t need that long.” Val said with a cocky smile before walking away. The chief didn’t care, he just enjoyed watching the girl’s nice round ass as she walked away. Eager to really start her journey, away from her overbearing hometown and away from the stuffy Temple.

The contract was simple. To track where the Imps were coming from deep in the untamed forests and to chase them away from their camp so that they would stop bothering the village. There was a bonus for bringing the Imp chief’s head. The Imp chief was known to the village as “Bastad Ben”, infamous for terrorizing and stealing the crops of the poor farmer.

These particular imps were known as Shack Imps in the Adventurer’s Encyclopedia due to their preference to build crude shack like structures for their camps. They also had a penchant for using tools beyond simple weapons. The Shack Imps were noted to be much smarter than other types of Imps, smart enough to understand and, albeit broken, speak the common tongue.

All these facts did not dissuade the young dragon knight, she was confident in her own skills and abilities. She had slain and taken down monsters much tougher than some imps.

Tracking the Imps was easy. Val had just waited by a spot that was infamous for merchant wagons being ambushed by imps, waited for a wagon to get ambushed, easily fought the imps off and followed the ones that she let live and ran away.

When Val finally came upon the camp, she kept about 800 meters away and, in the shadows, and observed it for a bit. She knew she was much deeper in the untamed forest than what was noted on the contract. She also found that the estimated of 30 imps was wrong as well since she was observing at least 60 imps. The most deceiving thing about the posted contract was that it didn’t describe “Bastad Ben” very well other than that he had two horns. It did not describe him to be much larger than the other imps at about 7 feet tall and fat it towered over the imps even while sitting in a makeshift throne. It was not hard for the adventurer to spot.

Valyria wasn’t scared by any means, but she also knew that taking on over 60 imps wasn’t practical. Lucky for her, the Temple’s boring monster knowledge lectures were informative, and she remembered that Imp chiefs will respect the notion of a one-on-one challenge from not only other imps but from other creatures as well.

“Guess you’re going down first, big guy.” Val said under her breath while moving out of the brush she was hiding in. The girl that brazenly and cockily walked towards the Shack Imps, making a beeline for the large imp chief, Bastad Ben.

“Keee! Kee! Girl! Girl! Hurt me. Hurt friends” The imp that Val had beaten and followed all the way back to the camp noticed the girl walking towards them and alerted his fellow imps. Val ignored the hisses and stares of all the imps, she was razor focused on the chief imp.

“BASTAD BEN!” Val yelled out, pointing at him. “I challenge you!” she added, giving him a thumbs down.

“Keee! Me! Bastad Ben! Big Chief! Who girl!?” The large beast roared back.

“Girl is Valyria. Dragon Knight of Atilnan.” Val replied proudly.

“Bastad Ben accept!” The imp chief grinned, slowly standing up from his throne. It had been a while since he had been challenged, and he always enjoyed raping human girls. This was not the first time a cocky adventurer girl had challenged him. Bastad Ben walked towards his challenger while staring down the other imps, they all understood not to interrupt the fight.

It was barely a fight.

Bastad Ben was much faster than Val had anticipated he would be for his size. The large imp had taken four large steps towards the girl then launched the chained ball at her with blistering speed. The dragon knight didn’t even have time to draw her sword and dodged the attack.

“What the fuck.” Val said out loud, catching her breath from the near miss and quickly drawing her sword.

‘Oh fuck. This isn’t good.’ The girl thought to herself. ‘I need to get out of here…’ She rationalized, rattled by the force from the imp chief’s opening strike. She had never seen such speed and power from a monster, let alone an imp. She could sense that there was something evil emanating from the imp. She understood she was way in over her head…

Try as she did, Bastad Ben did not let her escape. She did her best, dodging the attacks, countering where she could to try to make an opening to run, but nothing phased the monster.

“Nooo! T-this can’t be happening!” Valyria cried out in frustration as she felt herself low on mana, cornered by the large imp chief against tall imp-made walls.

“Keek! You. Lose.”

“Tsk! You wish!” the dragon knight hissed, using the last of her mana in a charged slash. escort gaziantep olgun bayan

Bastad ben caught the sword in his left hand with ease. Val stared wide-eyed, shook.

“No!” She gasped as the monster snapped the sword in half. Before she could do anything, Bastad Ben grabbed her neck with his other hand and lifted her off the ground. “Aagrh!” She choked as the monster began to squeeze her petite neck. She brought her hands up to try to pry the grip open, but his grip was much too strong.

Val had never felt so small before. The girl knew she was short and petite, but the rough oversized hands of the imp really made her really feel small. She was scared.

“Kee! Kee!” the other imps cheered at the sight.

‘Oh no…’ the adventurer thought to herself, feeling herself lose consciousness and lose bladder control. Val was scared and getting choked hard by a monster, it was only natural that she began to pee herself. The imps laughed and jeered even harder.

“Aaaaah..” Val gasped for air as the imp chief released his grip, letting the girl fall to her knees against the wall, to wallow in her humiliation for peeing herself in front of him and all his men.

The poor girl was too exhausted and scared to fight back as the imp chief took her hands and crudely tied them together in front of her with the chain of his makeshift ball and chain.

“Noo…” She whimpered as the Imp chief ripped the top of her blouse, letting her full tits bounce out on full display much the delight of the imp chief and his men. The other imps cheered and roared at the sight of the girl’s perky c-cup tits.

Val helplessly watched as the imp chief pulled his massive 16 inch girthy cock. “Auugh! Noo! S-stop!” She protested when the imp began slapping her face with it.

“You! Girl! Lick! Lick! Suck!” He ordered, grabbing her neck again.

“Aagh! O-okay! Okay! I will! I will!” Val conceded, afraid of getting choked again.

“Goood…” the imp chief mumbled and cock slapped the poor girl a few more times before resting the tip of his cock against her nice soft lips.

“Nyaah…aaahh..aahh” the girl did her best to lick the tip of her new captor’s monster cock. The cock felt like leather against her tongue, and she hated that she thought that.

“Heeee! Heee!” Bastad Ben cheered as the girl continued to lick the tip of his cock.

‘I c-can’t believe I’m doing this…’ Val shamefully thought to herself, crying as she worked her tongue down the long shaft of the imp chief’s cock.

“Sluuuut!” One of the lower Shack Imps cried out much to Val’s humiliation.

Despite her shame, Val knew that the only option she had was to make the Imps happy, unless she wanted them to really hurt and punish her. She also knew that eventually they’d let her go… For now, she was making the imp chief’s cock nice and wet.

“Heee! Now! Suck! Suck!” The imp chief demanded, gripping a bunch of the girl’s hair, pulling her off from licking his cock.

“Aah-oww! O-okay! Okay! I w-will!” She said in pain, opening her mouth as wide as she could. “Aaa-agrh!” She immediately gagged, barely able to wrap her delicate lips around the monster’s thick cock. “Aaargh!” She choked as the imp impatiently pushed down on the back of her head down on his cock.

“Kee! Kee! Kee!” the other imps cheered at the sight of the girl who had just moments ago terrorized their friends now on her knees sucking their leader’s cock.

“Aaagr-aagrhph!” the poor girl gagged harder and harder as the Imp chief mercilessly facefucked her as his men cheered him on. “AAaagrgrh!” She choked hard, feeling the large cock barely down her throat begin to pump cum down it. It was a lot.

Unfortunately for the intrepid adventurer, the shack Imp chief was far from over raping her sweet little mouth. Shack Imp’s were noted to have an almost insatiable lust, having the ability to cum multiple times in a session. Not unlike other imp types, they’re cum was also a powerful aphrodisiac to make their victims more submissive.

Its effects are almost immediately. Even as she choked and gagged on the imp’s cock Val could feel her body fill with an intense heat of sexual need and desire. She could feel her pussy get wetter and wetter, not just from having just pissed herself in fear, but from needing something to fill it.

“Hehehe!” Bastad ben chuckled, knowing what was happening to the girl from the look on her face from reluctance, fear and anger, to one of reluctance and desire.

“Aaagrhh!” Val continued to gag on the massive cock as the Imp chief face fucked, choking her on it, letting her breathe just enough so she didn’t pass out.

Eventually Val felt the cock throb and pulsate hard again, like before it had filled her throat and mouth before, but this time the imp chief pulled his cock out of from her mouth.

“Blaaah-aagrh-aahhhhh!” She gasped for air, finally able to breathe somewhat normally again. Her respite is short lived as thick strings of began to smack her face, covering her in the imp’s potent cum.

A part of Val wanted to puke, but she didn’t. A part of fall actually felt even more turned on as she was coated in layer after layer of the Imp’s cum. The humiliation of being covered in the Imp’s cum didn’t end there. Bastad Ben took his cock and rubbed it all over the girl’s face, cock slapping her a few times.

“Ah…Noo.. D-don’t!” She whined as the Imp picked her and bent her over a crude table nearby. Her stockings and short shorts didn’t provide great protection as the Imp easily rips a hole at her crotch through both pieces of clothing. “Ah-ow!” She yelped as the Imp spanked her, lining his large throbbing cock with her tight bare pussy.

“Heeeee…” the imp breathed hard in anticipation.

“P-please don’t…” Val begged despite how wet and wanton her pussy was, she was still a proud dragon knight, she rather not get raped by large hulking monster of an imp. “Oooohh!” She screamed in a mixture of pain and pleasure as the Imp slammed all 16 inches of his thick girthy cock inside the helpless girl.

Val came hard immediately. She was so ashamed at how easily her body betrayed her, yet she had never felt pleasure like this before. She could feel her body trembling. How the large monster cock stretched her pussy and made her feel so full… Somewhat lucky and unlucky for the girl was that she was blessed by Dragon God Atilan, which made her very durable, meaning her pussy wouldn’t stretch permanently, that it would stay tight no matter how large a cock, which meant she was the perfect fuck-toy for monsters.

“Feel. Goooood! Hee hee!” Bastad Ben cheered and began to slowly pump his cock in the once proud dragon knight girl. He spanked the girl too as he slammed his cock inside her, his large balls slapping against her thighs clad in ripped stockings.

“Oooh! F—fuck! Atilan! Save me-Aahh-ooh!” She moaned in pleasure against her will as the Imp railed her petite frame against the table. Val was helpless to do anything, feeling herself cum almost every time the Imp slammed his cock deep inside of her, she could only writhe and scream in pleasure.

“Keeee!” the Imp chief groaned as his cock exploded deep inside the lithe adventurer girl, filling the young woman up with his thick thick fuck sauce.

“Ooohhh!” Val came hard as she felt her womb and pussy fill with the monster’s warm cum. She could feel it ooze out of her from around the thick cock inside of her. She hated it. She hated that she loved how it felt.

“Heeee…heee…” Bastad Ben mumbled as he pulled his cock out of the girl.

“Aaaah…p-please…n-no more…” the poor girl begged with ragged breathing, body shaking, exhausted, pleasure raddled mind slowly clearing up. She could feel her pussy was left a little agape with cum dripping out of it. “No…more…” She pleaded.

“Kekeke! Yes. More!” Bastad Ben replied, much to the girl’s chagrin. The large imp picked the small, defeated knightess off from the table and dragged her over to a crude escort bayan gaziantep oral yapan imp-made stage. The imp then took the chained ball connected to the chain around the girl’s wrist and threw it over a crude wooden beam held up by two pillars. This worked as a pulley and pulled the girl’s arms up above her head.

“Ahh! N-no! S-stop! W-what’s going on!?!” Valyria demanded as she’s lifted to her tiptoes. It was reinforced to the knightess that wearing heeled boots was not a wise decision, making it even more difficult for her to keep her balance.

“You hurt imp. Big chief men. Now. Punish.” Bastad Ben explained with a sadistic grin across his face. The cruel imp had already filled and covered the cocky girl with his cum. Now he wanted to make her scream.

“W-w-what!?! No! S-stop! You did punish me!” Val protested as she stumbled around in her heels and struggled in her binds. She knew that she all the other imps had watched their leader rape her earlier, but on the stage she felt as if she could feel all their eyes staring at her. As if she could feel all their lust and anger.

Bastad Ben’s band of imps were all staring at the helpless fallen adventurer, hungry to stuff their cocks in her, eager to hear their tormentor scream. She was quite the sight, all chained up, her tight body swaying about as she’s forced to stumble around on her tiptoes in the tatters of her sexy but poorly chosen outfit, cum dripping down her face and tits, cum dripping out of her bare little pussy and down her legs. It was no wonder that the imps, creatures born out of the Dark God of Lust himself, Malkiam, wanted to make her the camp’s rape toy.

“Hee! Punish!” one of the onlooking imps shouted. “Punish! Slut!” Another added. “Bitch! Kekeke!” The imps were roaring with excitement. Their leader walked to the front of the stage to address them.

It was in their native imp language. Val had no idea of what they were saying, but she didn’t like the aggressive energy it seemed to build between the chief and his men. Bastad Ben turned his attention to the girl who could do nothing but do her best to maintain balance on her tip toes.

“Bitch…Say. Sorry.” The Imp demanded.

“W-what!? S-sorry for what?” Val asked, shocked at the demand. She knew what the Imps really wanted though. They wanted her to submit, to beg for their forgiveness for chasing and following the small scouting party from the wagon.

“You. Girl. Say. Sorry to Imp!” Bastad Ben demanded again.

“No! You were terrorizing innocents!” Val replied

‘I can’t… I won’t…’ Val thought to herself, resolving not to submit any further. Her pride as a Dragon Knight wouldn’t take it.

The imp chief just smiled and walked towards a table that was on the stage with them. Val’s eyes lit up in horror when she saw what was on the table. Crude, imp-made paddles, whips, crops and other sexual toys. Val gave a dry gulp when she saw him pick up the large paddle and a imp-made bit gag.

“Ah! No! G-get that awa-aaagrhphh!” Val protested against the bit gag being shoved into her mouth but the imp easily just shoved it in between her teeth and tied it in place. The imp-made bit gag was essentially just a thick rough stick connected to some rope. “Aaaaannaagrhh!” She groaned into the gag when the imp pulls on the chain, forcing her up further onto her tiptoes.

“Keee!” Bastad Ben roared as he swung the paddle down onto the girls tight round ass, giving the girl no time to find her balance.

“AAAAANNHGRHH!!!” Val cried into the gag, feeling herself almost lifted by the strong swing on her ass. Tears streamed down her eyes, but the damn Imp chief gives her no respite. “Aaangrh! Aaaangrh!” the poor helpless knightess yelped as Bastad Ben continued his relentless assault with the paddle.

By the time the imp chief finished spanking the poor girl, her legs are trembling, ass bright red, what was left of her short shorts and stockings around her ass were now entirely, and she was crying hard. Val wanted to tell the damn imp to stop, that she was sorry. The sadistic Bastad Ben could tell by the look of pain and fear in her face, but he wasn’t done yet.

“Aaagrh…” She whimpered into the bit gag, drool dripping down her mouth. The Imp Chief walked up to her, grabbed her, and turned her around so that his men could see his handiwork, her bright red ass.

“KEE! KEE! HEHEHE!” The imps cheered at the sight.

“Aaaangrh!” Val squealed as the Imp gave her ass a good spank with his large rough hand. The imps roared with excitement as they watched their leader spank the cocky girl in front of them, watching her tight round ass jiggle as Bastad Ben’s palm struck it, switching which cheek every subsequent spank. Each spank eliciting a yelp or a squeal from the poor girl and a smile, a cheer, or a cackle from the imps.

After a good while of spanking the poor girl with his own hand, Bastad Ben began caressing and roughly squeezing the girl’s ass, enjoying how she shook and squirmed in his grasp as he did, his face next to hers. She could feel the monster’s warm breath against her cheek.

“Aaaanngrhh…” the girl whimpered, scared of what was about to happen next. “Aaagrmph!” She squealed loudly into the bit-gag in her mouth when she felt one of the imps long yet thick finger begins to probe her tight virgin asshole to her horror. “Aaamgrph!” She let out a moan, the imp chief shoving the finger inside of her pussy quickly, giving a quick pump.

Val didn’t think she could feel any lower, any more humiliated and ashamed than she already did, but being forced to cum on a stage in front of a camp full of imps after being spanked for their amusement really burned as she turned from a reluctant captive to a wanton fucktoy as the imp made her cum again. The lower imps watched in awe as their chief fingerfucked the girl, making her cum and cum again against her will.

“Kekeke” Bastad Ben chuckled, pulling his finger out of the girl. The imp chief had not intended on making the girl cum again and again, his potent aphrodisiac cum was just very effective, his real intention for sticking his finger inside her poor sore little pussy was to coat it in his cum that still filled her pussy and dripped out of it, so he could use it as lube for when he began pushing his thick finger into her poor asshole.

“Aaanngrnngpmmpph!” Valyria screamed in horror and pain as the monster began to shove his finger inside her asshole, stretching it out as it pushed in. The cum-lube on his finger did help, but not much. “Aangrh!” Val groaned while she squirmed helplessly in the grasp of the large imp as he pumped his thick finger inside her asshole. It was a strange sensation for Val, the rough, thick finger hurt, but it also felt good, and she hated that.

‘Noo…stop… I c-can’t like this…’ Val thought to herself, feeling her body begin tobetray her again, feeling her pussy tighten and body tense from the imp chief just pumping his finger inside of her.

“Aangmprgh!” She moaned into the crude gag in her mouth, cumming hard, squirming in pleasure against the large imp chief.

“Hehehe” Bastad Ben grumbled, pulling his finger out of the girl. His finger made a small plop noise much to the chagrin of the girl and amusement of the crowd of imps. He repositioned himself and Val from holding the girl with her ass out to the crowd so that she was facing the crowd again.

“Aanmgrh…” Val whimpered, feeling the large rough hands of the monster imp wrap grab her small waist. “Aaanngrgrh!” She protested weakly into the gag as the imp began to press the tip of his thick cock against her asshole. “AAAaammghph!” She cried in pain, eyes wide open, almost lifted into the air by the waist from the imps hands while he slowly pushed his cock inside of her asshole.

“Keeee! Keeee!” the onlooking crowd of Shack Imps cheered at the of sight of their leader slowly stuffing his cock into the petite human warrior girl. The poor girl helpless to do anything but cry and writhe in pain and pleasure.

“AAanangrmpgrhh! Aampgrh!” Val moaned and otele gelen gaziantep escort bayan cried out in pain, feeling her asshole stretch hard as more and more of the monster’s cock is pushed inside.

“Good.” Bastad Ben hissed, moving the girl up and down his cock like his own personal cocksleeve. Her tight asshole tensed around his thick cock as he pumped it inside of her.

“Aaarggh-aagrh…” Val groaned. She felt the, unfortunately familiar, way the Imp Chief’s cock throbbed and pulsated inside of her. She tried to relax herself, knowing she was about to have her asshole filled with the cruel imp chief’s cum.

“HNNAGH!!” the tall Imp Chief roared as he came with his cock deep inside the small woman’s asshole, filling her last unclaimed hole with his thick warm sperm.

“Aaagrgrh…” Val whined, her body twitching overwhelmed with sensations. She didn’t even feel the monster pull his cock out of her. She was left hanging by her arms, bound and gagged, trembling on her tiptoes, with cum oozing out of her pussy and asshole. She was barely conscious. The Imp Chief loosened the chain over the beam, giving it more slack. She whimpered as she fell to her knees.

The poor defeated dragon knight girl was not given much time to relax. Bastad Ben was not finished with his sadistic show to his men.

“Girl. Wake.” The cruel Imp Chief ordered, slapping the girl’s face with his cock.

“Aaangmmgrh…” Val pleaded to be able to rest, looking up at her cruel captor with pouting eyes.

“Hehehe…” Bastad Ben chuckled. He found it funny how proud and cocky she was when she first arrived with audacity to challenge him. But now she was full of his cum in all of her holes, begging for him to stop with her eyes. “Want. Stop.?” He asked.

Val gave a weak nod up and down and a whimper. She felt pathetic.

Bastad Ben gave a devious grin and pointed his cock at the girl’s face.

“Aaangrmh!” Val protested weakly and looked away.

“No! Girl. Look up. Or. Punish!” the Imp chief demanded and threatened.

Val shamefully and sheepishly turned her head back so she was looking up at the Imp’s cock pointed at her. The imp chief grinned.

“Aaangrh!” She whined and closed her eyes as the Imp chief’s powerful stream of piss splashed against her face. She burned with humiliation hearing the cheers and hollers from the crowd of imps watching her get degraded by their leader even further. She couldn’t believe that she gave them the satisfaction of her looking back up at the Imp just so he could piss on her face.

Val was exhausted. Her eyes closed, she began to let herself fall unconscious and rest…

Unfortunately for the poor girl, Bastad Ben had further plans and had his men get a few buckets of water.

“Aaagngrh!” Val screamed awake. She screamed a few more times from getting the cold water thrown onto her. She woke to see the four Shack Imps that had just thrown the water surrounding her, behind them, towering over them, looking down at her was Bastad Ben. The imp chief had the cruel smile that Val had quickly come to hate.

The Imp chief had one of his men take the bit-gag out of the girl’s mouth.

“Blech-argh-aaaah…” Val spat out build up of saliva and cum that was still left from when Bastad ben had facefucked her. The imps on the stage chuckled at the sight, their unproportionate cocks getting even harder. The regular shack imp only stood about three feet tall, but their cocks ranged from six to eight inches and rather thick.

“Girl. Say. Sorry to Imp.” The imp chief asked once again. Val shuddered. She understood what would happen if she didn’t obey. She was afraid to find out what would happen if she did.

“O-okay…” She started, voice weak and nervous, “I- I’m s-sorry f-for a-attacking y-you… P-please… f-forgive m-me…” She asked, tears streaming down her eyes.

“Beg. Better.”

“P-Please! F-forgive me! I’m s-sorry! I’m sorry!” She cried more.

“Touch. Self.” Her cruel captor ordered. Val could barely believe what he was saying. She couldn’t believe that she was obeying, but she also didn’t want to be punished again.

The Imps all chuckled and laughed at the sight of the thoroughly used human woman begging for them to forgive her.

“Beg. For Imp. Cock” Bastad Ben ordered to Val’s horror and reluctance. “Or. Punish.”

Val remained silent for a moment.

“P-please… G-give m-me y-your cocks! I w-want y-your cocks! P-please s-stuff me with your cocks. I d-deserve i-it! P-please!” She begged to her own horror and humiliation. It didn’t take long for one of the imps on the stage to take the initiative. “Aah! Oooh…No..I-I mean y-yes!” She let out when the Imp rammed his thick seven-inch cock inside of her, her pussy having gotten tight again while her asshole was fucked.

“You. Slut.”

“Y-y-yes!Ahh! Oohh! I-I’m a s-slut…” Val said, feeling herself already on the edge again as the Shack Imp pumped his cock inside of her, roughly, faster and harder. “Auugh! Ooh! F-fuck! Ooooh-gawwd!” She moaned hard as she came.

“Rape. Toy.”

“Uh huh… I’m n-nothing b-but an Imp rapetoy-Aah-aamprgh!” the girl gagged as another Imp on the sage pushed his cock inside of her mouth. Relative to Bastad Ben, this Imp cock was much smaller, and much easier to suck. “Aaamgrph!” She squealed as the Imp fucking her from behind spanked her as his cock throbbed hard. She wanted to tell the Imp not to cum inside of her, but it didn’t help that the cock inside of her mouth was cumming already.

It didn’t take long for the Imps to begin to swarm onto the stage. Every Imp eager to stuff the helpless adventurer with their cocks in any of her holes.

“Blech-aah-grh” She gagged and spat only to have her mouth quickly invaded with another cock. “Aaagmpgrh!” and another in her poor sore pussy while a finger goes into her asshole filled. Val could barely make out anything other than imps as they swarmed her, ensuring to keep her mouth, pussy and asshole stuff with either their cocks, a finger, or a crudely had sex toy.

The poor defeated Dragon Knight girl allowed herself to get lost in the pleasure, not fighting the endless orgasms they Imps force upon her as they gangrape her. Even obeying the their orders made in their broken form of the common tongue.

“No. Swallow.” One Imp ordered as he came inside the girl’s mouth, satisfied with how rough he had just face fucked her.

Val reluctantly obeyed, shaking her head yes even as another Imp mercilessly pumped his cock in her asshole while she was on her hands and knees.

“Now. Show.” The imp ordered, slapping her face with his cock.

“Nyahh…aah-aahhh…” Val stuck her tongue out with her head tilted back, she could feel some of her drool and cum drip down from her mouth onto the ground, but she did her best for a girl who was exhausted and getting her ass fucked by an imp.

“Good. Now swallow!” the Imp ordered. Val obeyed the imp, eager to make it happy, afraid of what he might do if she didn’t.

“Nyyaaah…” Val stuck her tongue back out to show the Imp that she had swallowed. The imp and his friends all cheered and the Imp inside her asshole joined in the celebration as well by cumming all over her back.

Some Imps really enjoyed playing with and fucking the girl’s perky soft tits. During the gangrape, Val found herself more often than not on her back with a cock stuffed inside her pussy or asshole, a cock in her mouth, a cock tit fucking her, her tied hands being forced to give a hand job, and sometimes an imp or two rubbing their cocks against her soft little feet.

Sometimes the imps would all try to finish at the same time and just thoroughly cover the girl in their thick potent cum.

Sometimes they would force her onto her knees and have her open her mouth so they could fill her mouth with their cum before coating her pretty face in layer after layer of their thick cum. Most imps that finished like this on her also enjoyed peeing on her.

Eventually, by the time the sun was coming up again, the girl was left on the staged, still chained, on her knees, face down in a puddle of cum and piss, twitching from exhaustion with phallic shaped stones shoved in her pussy and asshole, utterly drenched in cum, inside and out.

She hoped the imps were done with her…

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