Dr. Rojas

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“Okay, take off your clothes and let me have a good look at you.”

I was standing in Dr. Rojas medical office aboard ship preparing to undergo a preemployment physical examination. I had passed the blood and urine tests for drug use and sexually transmitted diseases a few weeks earlier. Dr. Rojas was not only the ships medical officer, but also the ships chiropractor.

She had the hint of a Spanish accent. “Everything, even your shoes and socks. I want to see everything. You’re not gay are you?”

“Of course not. What made you think that?”

“We don’t get many men aboard ship that shave their pubic areas, but it’s no matter.”

I was dismayed when I saw rubber gloves and the tube of KY jelly. I knew what that meant from my days in the Navy. She was smiling and enjoying my discomfort when she said, “Okay, bend over and grab the edge of the table. I want to check your prostate.”

I did as I was told but my muscles were tense as I felt the greased finger slide its way deep into my rectum. “Relax and enjoy it.” She wiggled her finger a little. “Many almanbahis şikayet people like it, I know I do.” With that, she slowly slid her finger in and out a few more times. She was right, it did feel pretty good, especially when she started to fondle by balls with the other hand.

I wanted to turn around and reevaluate Dr. Rojas, but I remembered that she was, perhaps, 40, short and a little heavy, with really big boobs and an ass to match. She had told me earlier that she was from Panama and studied medicine in England. She didn’t have a US green card but didn’t need one to work on the ship since it had Panamanian registry.

By the time she told me to turn around I was fully aroused. “See, I knew you would like it. You are a very handsome young man and very well endowed. I’ll bet you like the girls and they like you. Now, I need to check you for hernia.”

Her hands were soft and warm as she felt my balls and told me to turn my head away and cough. She had me do it five times, each time holding my penis to one side. Her mouth was even softer and warmer almanbahis canlı casino when she dropped to her knees and swallowed the head of my fully erect penis. Her tongue was like magic as it swirled around the tip of my sensitive cock. Suddenly, without warning, she grabbed me by the hips and held me while she swallowed almost all of it. I looked down, fascinated as this diminutive woman slid my big cock in and out of her throat. Her tongue was tickling the sensitive area just under the head.

Just as suddenly, she stopped, got to her feet, locked the door, pulled up her skirt, dropped her panties, leaned over the table and said, “It’s your turn to inspect me but not with your finger. Use some of that jelly. On second thought, as big as you are use a lot.”

I lubricated her ass hole very well and when I put my cock against it she said, “Now, very slowly and very carefully.”

I was surprised how easy it slid in and how good it felt. It was not as tight as I would have thought. With her bent over like that I had complete access to it and her. I was almanbahis casino holding on to her hips and pounding away, my balls slapping against her right at pussy level. She let go of the table with one hand and was alternately fondling my balls and fingering her pussy. Each time I slid it home she gave a little grunt.

I think I could have kept it up for hours, but she began to moan. “I think I am going to cum. I want you to cum with me. Fuck me harder. Oh si, that’s it, oh God, now, pronto, ahora!”

I pulled her ass tight against me and could feel my sperm pulsing out the end of my cock, squirting shot after shot deep into her. We both remained motionless, catching our breath for quite a few minutes before she disengaged herself from me and stood up.

She was still gasping when she said, “Oh my God, that was good. Now, clean up and get dressed. You’ve passed the physicals and you’ve got the job. I look forward to working with you.

We did work together for a long time. It was a very satisfactory, not always professional relationship.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32