Downfall of the Teacher Ch. 02

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Like most teachers I’ve had plenty of days when I’ve dreaded going into schools. Like back when I was just a trainee teacher and after making out with a cute stranger in a club I’d received a standing ovation from half a dozen of my class who unknown to me had been watching my every slutty move. Or the time when I’d bumped into three of my male student’s whilst out lingerie shopping and had to politely turn down their offer to judge what looked best on me. Or when I went on a Tinder date with a guy who turned out to be one of my student’s big brothers – if he shared any details about the rather enthusiastic blowjob I’d given him in the car park at the end of the night his little brother never let on in class.

But nothing before was like the trepidation I felt at seeing Jake. It wasn’t just the awkwardness of him having got his dick out in front of me, it was that I knew he’d picked up on my reaction to see it, the flash of awe and desire that had appeared in my eyes at the sight of such an unfeasibly majestic and terrifying manhood. Being a mature grown up there really was only one way to approach the situation – avoid Jake and hope by the time our paths did cross the situation had magically resolved itself.

Friday was easy… When I wasn’t in class I hid in the deepest corners of the staff room, downing mugs of coffee to get me through my mild hang over. And a quick check of Jake’s timetables gave me a good indication of where in school he would be so I could plan my movements without having to bump into him in the corridors.

And then it was the weekend…. Tony took me out to my favourite steakhouse – partly as a pre-emptive apology that he would be away with the boys on a stag weekend the next weekend, and partly because he had certain expectations for how I’d repay him for an expensive dinner. Good food, vintage wine and early to bed with the man I loved should have been the perfect distraction, but as I went down on Tony all I could think about was how much more I could be enjoying myself – it wasn’t just the size of Jake’s dick but the way he’d arrogantly got it out in front of me. A few minutes late Tony rolled over contentedly, leaving me with nothing but frustration and a mouth full of cum.

Even more than usual my Saturday and Sunday were haunted by the thoughts of what Monday would bring, in particular my lesson straight after lunch where I wouldn’t be able to avoid Jake. Would I be able to focus on my job with him in front of me? Did he have any idea how much the sight of his penis had affected me? Had he told the rest of the class that he’d exposed himself to his teacher? Would he try to get us alone again? How would I react if he did?

Monday morning dragged, as an uneasy sense of anxiety grew in my stomach at how the afternoon would play out. At lunchtime I picked at my sandwiches whilst pretending to mark essays to avoid any of my colleagues trying to strike up a conversation with me. And then the school bell rang and it was time to see Jake. One by one my students filed into my class, until all the seats were taken except one. Had I misjudged this entire situation – was Jake more embarrassed than me about what had happened? With each minute he failed to turn up I felt more and more relaxed, with the rest of the afternoon flying by. When I got home I took one final check of my work e-mails. In amongst the normal pointless work notes I noticed Jake had sent me a message, simply titled “Homework”. Instinctively my duty to my students took over and I opened it up.

“Hi Miss Stephenson” it began “sorry I missed class today, I had to have emergency dental work. I don’t want to mess up my scores so I hope you don’t mind me sending through my homework late. Please find it here. Thanks, Jake”

I clicked the link expecting to find his latest creative writing efforts, but something completely different appeared on my laptop screen. As an English teacher I was used to students coming up with ‘creative’ ways to do creative writing assignments, heck, I positively promoted them to do it, but sending a video when I’d asked for an essay was a whole new level. I pressed play and for ten seconds I stared at a stereotypical teenager’s bedroom – Guns n Roses and Nirvana posters on the walls, a great big television and gaming set up in the corner and scattered piles of clothing either side of the bed. Then the door opened and Jake walked in, followed by a statuesque brunette. I guessed she was about five nine, slender built but fitted with an extraordinary cleavage and carried herself with the sort of confidence that suggested this was far from the first time she’s been lead into a man’s bedroom. She Porno wore a combination of heels, black mini skirt and pink crop top that revealed slightly too much flesh, tipping her outfit over the line from sultry to slutty.

As she turned her face I suddenly realised who it was – Sarah Anderson, the nearest thing we had to a local celebrity. Her pretty face, over sized chest and eagerness to discuss her sex life in trashy magazines had overcome her lack of any discernible talent to produce a career consisting of low key modelling, dancing and acting jobs. Her big break had come a couple of months ago when details of her affair with a married soccer celebrity had graced the covers of the gutter press for a couple of days, which she’d happily utilised to take her from the small time into some presenting jobs on national television.

Jake reached round and pulled her into his body, meeting her lips with his. Despite the poor quality recording as they made out I could clearly make out the bulge of his cock grew inside his trousers it strained to be set free. I’d never been a particular fan of porn, but I quivered with anticipation at the thought of seeing his dick again and seeing how he used it on this worthless bimbo. But as I watched him pull off her top and undo her bra to unleash her glorious breasts, the sensible part of me suddenly found its voice. This most definitely wasn’t homework – Jake had sent me a sextape to watch. And whether he’d done it on purpose or accident the simple fact was as his teacher I shouldn’t be viewing it.

On screen Jake was now busy teasing Sarah’s nipples with his tongue, much to her obvious delight. If I was going to stop watching I had to do it now before the horny side of me completely silenced the sensible side of me. My hand hovered over my mouse, waiting for the rational part of my brain to take control. I knew I shouldn’t, but I just couldn’t help myself. Just a few more seconds I promised myself, just a few more, I’d stop before things got too heavy… But deep down I knew I was going to watch every last second of the video. As Jake continued to suck on her nipples, Sarah began undressing him, undoing his shirt and slipping it off his back. His chest was more muscular than I’d expected and normally enough to make a girl stop and drool, but it was clear that like me Sarah had her mind fixated on another part of Jake’s anatomy. Her hand slid down his stomach and stroked his dick through his pants before making some space between their bodies and pulling off her trousers. I recognised the look on her face as his cock jumped free, it was exactly the same as how I’d reacted.

“Holy fuck!” she exclaimed “Jenny wasn’t exaggerating”

“I promised you wouldn’t be disappointed” replied Jake as he lay down on his bed, hands behind his head and his cock standing proudly to attention. I couldn’t be sure, but it seemed like he’d positioned himself to make sure he was perfectly in picture of the camera.

Sarah obediently took the hint and kneeled down besides the bed. She grabbed the shaft of Jake’s penis and raised it to her lips before she engulfed his swollen cockhead into her mouth. And as I watched her head enthusiastically bob up and down on Jake’s dick an unexpected emotion took hold of me – jealousy. How come that silly little tart got to suck such a magnificent cock? How come it was in her mouth and not mine? How could that possibly be fair? Jake moaned loudly in appreciation of Sarah’s oral skills, but she wanted more than just to give him a blowjob. After a few minutes of intense cock sucking she stood up and pulled off her skirt and knickers.

“I need it in me, now” she hissed as she straddled him and slowly took every single inch of his cock into her cunt.

I watched mesmerised as she rode his dick, her face contorted between ecstasy and pain and her breasts swinging majestically. Each time she lowered herself down and took the full length of Jake’s penis in her she exclaimed “Fuck” and each time she screamed it louder than the previous time. It didn’t take long before she could take no more and her body shook uncontrollably as she orgasmed.

She rolled off Jake onto the mattress beside him, but he wasn’t done and clambered back atop her. “My cunt is yours all night, but you’ve got to let me recover” she pleaded, but it fell on deaf ears as he pushed back her legs and rammed his penis back inside her. It only took a few thrusts for Sarah to start moaning again, her need to recover suddenly forgotten as her pussy was pounded. Faster and faster he fucked her, until suddenly he withdrew his dick and covered her stomach and tits with his Altyazılı Porno cum, before the video footage abruptly came to an end.

I’d never known sex could be like that, let alone experienced any that came close – so passionate, so animalistic, so satisfying. And I knew a part of me would never be complete until I’d experienced it, then my inbox pinged and it was another e-mail from Jake. “Wrong attachment sent, sorry – here’s the right one…” was all it said.

When I qualified as a teacher I quickly found two rules – don’t attempt to do any marking when drunk or horny. And having just watched a video of my student pummelling a local celebrity with his over sized dick I was definitely the latter. I checked the time – Tony wouldn’t be home for another hour. There was only one thing for it – I pressed play on the video, pulled down my skirt and flicked myself off as I fantasised that it was me starring with Jake in the sextape. I knew deep down that Jake was toying with me, feeding my primal lust and desires. But frankly I didn’t care – I hadn’t ever felt this alive or excited. Whilst I’d dreaded seeing him all day, but that feeling was now mixed with excitement about our next class together. It was just a question of whether he’d attend or find another excuse not to turn up.

The next couple of days passed in a blur until Thursday came around again. As the last lesson of the day started, Jake came in with his class and sat directly in front of me, his eyes permanently focussed on me. I was used to my students checking me out whilst I tried to teach, but this was different. Normally when I caught them staring at me my pupils would look away embarrassed, but each time our eyes met Jake returned my look as if to say I should be grateful that he was choosing to stare at me. Time dragged, but eventually the bell rang to signal the end of the day.

As the class piled out I called out to him “Jake can you stay behind one moment please”. I waited for the final stragglers to leave the classroom before I started the lecture I’d be preparing in my head all lesson. “That video you sent… was incredibly inappropriate for any situation, let alone sending to your teacher”

“But did you enjoy watching it?”

“Of course I didn’t” I lied. I couldn’t tell him how turned on it had made me watching him have sex with another woman.

“Just you’re the only person I sent the link to, and it’s had six views since from the same IP address, so I figured you must have enjoyed it”

I couldn’t argue with the facts – he’d caught me out and we both knew it. All I could do was try to move the conversation away from my viewing habits. “Does your girlfriend know you’re sending out videos of you with her?” I asked, desperately trying to change the subject.

“Sarah’s not my girlfriend, she’s just a willing fucktoy”

“Fucktoy?” I asked, not realising what I was saying until the words had spluttered out of my mouth.

“Fucktoy – a girl who once they find out what my dick does for them pretty much submit and let me do whatever I like with them” he explained smugly. I asked myself what sort of girl would give herself up to a teenage boy like that, before I remembered how much just one brief sight of it had affected me. “So let’s cut to the chase, do you want me to show you it again?”

I did, I desperately did. But I couldn’t bring myself to say it. Not yet.

“You need to go before you get us both into trouble”. I knew my words carried no authority but I had to try.

“That’s not an answer to my question”

“I said go”

“Not until you answer my question: Do you want to see my cock again?”

My resistance had all but crumbled. All I’d thought about over the past week had been that magnificent penis, and now all I had to do was speak up and he would get it out in all its glory for me.

My mouth was dry as I realised what I was about to ask for. I looked at Jake – I’d never realised before what a strong, imposing man he’d grown into. Our roles were suddenly reversed – I was now the little school girl about to plead with the grown up for what I wanted. Slowly I nodded.

“I can’t hear you” he came back making sure I knew who was in control.

My brain then carried out its last rational act for some time, as I grabbed my keys and locked the classroom door before turning back to face Jake. “I want you to show me your dick” I stuttered.

Jake barely reacted to what were the hardest eight words I’d ever said. “Say please” he commanded, clearly getting off on making his teacher beg.

“Please show me your dick” I whimpered.

Slowly he undid his belt Brazzers and unzipped his trousers before pulling them down. I eyed up the bulge in his tight underwear, before they too were removed to reveal his flaccid penis. My eyes hadn’t been deceiving me, despite not being erect he was already bigger than any guy I’d ever been with.

“Can you get it hard?” I asked, trying my best to play the situation coolly.

“You want it hard why don’t you come over here and make it hard?” he retorted.

I’m sure somewhere in my head there was a voice telling me not to, I knew the consequences if things went any further – my career would be over, Tony would dump me and frankly my life would be over. But as the responsible side of my brain screamed at me to stop my body stepped forward on autopilot and I took his dick in my trembling hand, my finger and thumb unable to fully reach round it. My hand slowly slid up and down his shaft, each stroke causing it to grow bigger and harder before it stood proudly fully erect for me. But despite achieving my goal of getting him hard my I couldn’t stop wanking him, I felt like a goddess having roused such a mighty beast to life.

“I think he likes me” I shrieked as if this the first time I’d held a penis.

“I think you like him” Jake replied, as he swept back my long golden hair, creating a sense of intimacy that somehow convinced me that what I was doing wasn’t wrong.

I don’t know where the line between getting a dick hard and giving a handjob lies, but I knew I was way over it. I stared mesmerised at Jake’s gigantic penis as I continued to stroke it. Fucking hell it felt so good to be in control of such a thick, meaty cock. I realised I wasn’t a goddess – I was a silly little princess who had been granted her wish to play with a god’s dick.

“You’re pretty good with your hand Miss Stephenson, but I’m more in the mood for a blow job”

“I really can’t do that” I replied, even though the mere suggestion had left me craving taking it in my mouth.

“Well if you’re not going to blow me I guess I’ll have to go and find someone who will”

Every girl knows there’s a world of difference between tugging a guy off and blowing him. I’d already taken things far too far, but deep down I knew I wanted more and the threat of his taking his dick away from me accelerated the outcome of our session. As I sunk to my knees in front of my student I accepted my fate even though I knew how wrong what I was about to do was. Sucking off a teenage boy wasn’t something a respectable teacher would do, but damnit I wanted his dick in my mouth.

Now just inches from my face his penis was even more magnificent… the giant purple head, glistening with pre-cum, leered at me full of expectation for what was about to happen. His ball sack was swollen, full of the semen that would shortly be released into my mouth. My lips parted and broke into a smile as I dove down and fed my student’s penis into my hungry mouth.

Sometimes when giving blowjobs I let my tongue do the work – flicking and teasing at the engulfed cockhead, slowly torturing it until it can take no more and surrenders its load down my throat. But this time I wanted to force Jake to cum as quickly as possibly – his dick may have made me stop acting rationally but I wanted so show him I was equally able to make him lose control. My lips tightened and began sliding up and down his thick shaft as I slurped away hungrily. He grunted in appreciation as he lived out every schoolboy’s fantasy of having their hot teacher bowed don in front of them and pleasuring them with her mouth.

“Fucking hell Miss Stephenson you are such a cock sucker!” he exclaimed. I took his compliment with pride, right then I couldn’t believe that anyone had ever given a better a blowjob than the one I was administering in the middle of my classroom.

I could feel his cock throbbing and his breathing becoming increasingly erratic so I increased my speed, working his dick like a woman possessed. Suddenly he groaned loudly as his body spasmed and my eighteen year old student pumped load after load of hot, salty cum into my eager mouth. I swallowed as best I could, barely able to keep up with the incoming torrent, until he had unloaded every last drop.

Slowly he withdrew his dick from my mouth. “You are definitely my favourite teacher” he informed me as he did up his trousers. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone what just happened” he said as he left the classroom.

I should have felt disgusted ay myself – either for giving a blowjob to a student or cheating on Tony. Failing that I should have felt used that after cumming he’d up and left without even saying thank you. The truth was that every second I’d been sucking Jake’s cock had been utterly exhilarating. And if it felt that good in my mouth how amazing would it buried in my pussy? I knew that I wasn’t going to be satisfied until I found out…

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