Down on the Farm

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Living in the country isn’t bad, except for the damned grass.

I had actually been looking for a large lot with a manufactured home, something that was maybe in my budget when the small farm had come on the market.

A older couple had lived in the tiny little A-frame, the husband had passed and the lady was moved to full time care in a living center.

After almost a full year of sitting vacant, the family put the 5 acres and house on the market. I happened to be standing in the real estate office when the listing came in.

The dumpy real estate lady had looked at the listing, then pushed it aside as she shuffled through stacks of double wides and units in trailor parks that didn’t interest me.

I spotted the price tag, $75,000. “Fixer upper” it said. Hell, I could fix stuff. I had a bit more than half the money, and there was always the bank. So we drove out to look. Just coming down the long driveway past the little creek in the pasture below, I was hooked!

So here I was, a single guy with a A-frame house that ran on wood heat, no bedroom, just a loft upstairs on one end. “Fixer upper” they had said. Meant it, too!


Except for the damned grass. 5 acres of it. And Blackberries, no shortage of those. Well, there was a lean-to barn, the description said “needs repair” Shed is a better term, and “lean” was a good description. I had that stiffened up in no time, found a bundle of shingles in there to patch the roof on the A-frame. I had discovered the leaks in the roof right over the bed the first time it rained. I rooted the nest of Raccoons living under the house out of there, much to their chagrin, sealed up the hole where they were getting in.

But within a month, things were pretty good.

I bought a broken down old riding mower, some tinkering rewarded me with it firing up and the blades worked, so I attacked the 3′ tall stuff in the upper field. There was a half wild Cow in the lower pasture that came with the place. It had water from the creek and all the grass it could eat. I had thought about the cow being out there a year with no one around. After trying to catch it just once, I realized it really DID intend to stomp me into the ground so I just left it alone. Besides, it had horns and I didn’t. At least I didn’t have to mow that grass.

My upper fence line nestled against a line of houses, all the back yards faced my place. First I walked the line, picking up rib bones and sticks, chunks of metal that I assume the neighbors no longer wanted. I knew during the dry season the grass would be a danger. I figured a nice wide firebreak would do the job of keeping them safe and me out of court. So I was cutting a few feet, letting the machine clear out, then a few feet more.

As I got to the end of the first row, I saw a flash of color, looked over. A very nice looking lady was stretched out on a lawn chair, she had obviously been sunning herself topless. She was shiny and slick with oil. She had grabbed a towel to cover her breasts, and she seemed just a bit irritated at my noisy interruption.

I nodded and continued on. Reaching the end of the row, I turned to go back, she covered up again as I approached. This went on for over an hour, finally she jumped up and flounced off towards the house, clutching the towel to her chest. Her body language displayed her upset. I looked her over as she walked away. Jet black hair hung well past her shoulders, the dark skin was a full contrast to the lime green bikini bottoms she wore.

Beautiful! But obviously upset with me.

Well, yea. I was making a racket and intruding on her privacy, still. I needed the damned grass cut!

Two tanks of fuel and I had the job done, I knew I would need to do it again in a week or so. I put the machine away and went back to my house.

I kept thinking of her up there, so I went upstairs and looked out the window. Sure enough, from there I could look down into her yard about 150 feet away. She was out again, laying back with the same lime green bottoms on. I got some glimpses of her bare breasts through the bushes that partially obscured her.

I went and got my field glasses, a nice powerful set. I knew that I shouldn’t do that, but hell, I was Yozgat Escort young and male. Through the binoculars it was like I was standing right next to her, but the lens must have caught the light. She suddenly sat up, grabbed the towel, looked my way and gave me the finger.

Embarrassed, I put them away and went back to puttering around my place.

Two weeks later, more damned grass. I wasn’t looking forward to it, it was hot as hell out. I pulled on a pair of blue jeans and that was it, started the mower and began to cut. I had a Dog by now, a little Terrier that happily became a family member in just a few days. She was running around in the big field sticking her nose into everything.

I got up close to the lady’s fenceline, sure enough, here she sat, that same towel clutched to her chest, a pissed off look on her face.

I shut the mower down, introduced myself.

“Hello. I’m Dan. Sorry if I am disturbing you.”

“Sofia. Are you going to be long?”

“I need to keep the grass down in case of a fire.”

“Oh. Well, hurry up.”

I just nodded, fired up my mower. Hell, I wasn’t going dead slow deliberately, only 1st gear worked. I was conscious of my bare upper body, soaked with sweat and streaked with dirt that flew up as I mowed. I pointedly pretended to ignore her as I went by her yard.

She seemed to relax but kept the towel close at hand, each time I got near she pulled it over herself. I somehow managed to not turn my head and look, although I was aware of her out of the corner of my eye.

Just as I got to the end and turned, I spotted my dog suddenly go all excited and take off. There was a flutter of black in the grass in front of her, then she was on something, pinned it to the ground.

I jumped off the mower and trotted over to investigate. She had a half grown crow pinned down with her front paw. I reached down and picked it up, it was obviously hurt. The side of it’s skull was bulging out, there was what looked like a BB pellet wound.

Sofia was watching intently as I looked the bird over.

“What’s that?” she called out.

“A baby crow, it’s hurt.”

“Oh, let me see?”

She jumped up and headed for the fenceline, clutching the towel to her as she came. I walked over and showed it to her.

“Poor thing.” Her fingers stroked the back of it’s head, it tried to peck her but missed.

“I will see if I can help it.”

I turned and headed towards my house. There was an old bird cage in the shed, I got it down and put the bird inside. It couldn’t stand, it just flopped over on it’s side.

I had some antibiotic ointment in the house that I had used on a cat I owned once, kept it around for some reason. I retrieved that and a sharp knife, I knew I had to lance the wound.

I had just gotten back to the shed when Sofia stepped in. She had her top on now, I got an idea of what she was covering up before. She was nicely filled out, I did my best not to stare.

“What are you going to do?”

“I have to open the wound and treat it.”

She watched intently as I held the little Crow, it was struggling and making it hard to do anything.

“Let me help.”

Sofia reached out and grasped the bird with both hands, that freed mine so I used the point to make a small incision. Her hands were firm but gentle as she held the creature, tilting it’s neck to give me access. At a touch of the blade, Instantly the swelling burst and drained. I cleaned it out as best I could, used a small plastic syringe to inject the ointment directly. I spotted the small lead pellet embedded, used the point of the blade to flip it, it came right out. The bird shook it’s head over and over.

“There, all we can do.”

I set the little bird inside the cage, filled the small dish with cool water. It seemed to be able to sit upright now, and had ceased struggling.

“Thanks.” I told her. “I need to finish mowing now.”

“Sure, go ahead.” she smiled at me, that made my knees weak for a moment as she turned and walked away.

I watched the cheeks of her absolutely fine behind alternately bounce up and down as she went up the slight grade. Italian, or perhaps Greek popped in my mind, Yozgat Escort Bayan her body was dark and unblemished, shining from the coating of oil that remained. Her hair was black as coal with those waves in it that some women are blessed with. I just shook my head, returned to my mower and went back to work.

Each time I went by she reached for the towel to cover herself, I made it a point to not look her way. I did notice that she was getting slower reaching each time and more careless with it. Where she had been clutching the towel to herself with both hands, now she just draped it over her breasts.

I finished up and put the machine away, went to check on the bird. It was better, it could stand up now. I realized it needed food, what the hell does a Crow eat?

I thought for a second, then made a bowl of Cream of Wheat. I set some in with the little bird, backed off. Nothing, it just stood there. I waited, it wouldn’t eat or drink.

Deciding to force the situation, I got an eyedropper, filled it, held the bird lightly and dripped some in it’s mouth. It struggled at first, suddenly realized this was food, it’s head went back and it’s mouth came open!

The next morning I woke up to a racket, it was the bird calling. The instant it saw me, it’s head went back and it’s mouth popped open. I got a laugh out of that, hell, it was cute. I fed it some more, then some water. As I was doing so, there was a knock on my door.

It was Sofia. She had on a light yellow blouse that buttoned up the front, she wore it pulled out of the waistband of her levi shorts. Bare legs, with flipflops. For the first time I realized she didn’t shave her legs, they had more hair on them than mine do. A lot more. I hadn’t noticed that before with the oil all over her.

“How’s the little bird doing?”

I grinned and let her in, showed her how I could reach out with the eyedropper and feed the Crow. The instant I stepped up close, it’s head went back, waiting.

She delighted in that, her laugh a singsong blend of music to my ears. Together, we fed it until it finally stopped, would eat no more.

“Coffee?” I asked her.


Sofia was the first woman to ever be in my little house, she sat at the table I had made out of split logs and sanded until it was smooth on the top. It was different and sturdy, she rubbed the fine finish, interested. I was proud of hand fitting each piece, there were no cracks or gaps, each piece solidly doweled and glued to the next.

I had restained all the inside Cedar walls, and the beams, it was clean and gleamed. I still had the bathroom to finish, and the upstairs, but I was slowly building a fine home.

She seemed impressed, we chatted for a solid two hours.

As she prepared to leave, she turned and looked at me.

“Most men would have just put that bird out of it’s misery.”

“Yea, probably.” I blushed a little.

I realized she was looking at me with interest, then she was gone.

It was about a week later, another knock at my door.

I opened the door to Sofia. She had on a halter top this time, white shorts, plus she seemed to have paid a bit more attention to her hair and makeup. I was pleased to see her.

“How’s the bird doing?”

“About ready to go, want to watch?”

I had been taking it out of it’s cage and holding it by the feet, to let it exercise it’s wings. I knew it could fly, and it seemed to be fully healed.

We went outside, I held the Crow carefully, then released my grip. It stood uncertainly clutching my hand for a few seconds, then spread it’s wings and flew off to some nearby trees.

We watched as it called out in delight at it’s freedom, I felt Sofia as she wrapped one arm around my waist for a gleeful hug.

It was nice to watch, just a simple life but one saved. I hugged her back, she looked up at me, I saw her eyes change. Then I was kissing her, or she was kissing me, I am not fully sure.

We stopped and looked at each other for a few moments. I just took her hand in mine, led her easily up my steps to the little loft. I was glad I had made up my bed with fresh bedding.

We kissed again, then she stepped back, reached Escort Yozgat behind and tripped the catch on her halter top. She hesitated, then let it slide down and off her fine breasts. They stood high and firm, the skin dark, only a mild transition to lighter where she wore a top.

I know I was pleased, she was beautiful. I also caught a glimpse of her underarms, I knew she didn’t shave her legs but now I knew she didn’t shave her underarms either. It was different, interesting.

She had an earthy smell about her too, not unpleasant. I was used to perfumes and powders, those are fine. But this was the smell of a woman, excited, natural.

She stepped into my arms, reached down and lifted my pullover shirt, I lifted my arms to help. Then she pressed herself against me, her erect nipples poked me delightfully.

I had the urge to wallow, rub myself against her, she beat me to that. It had been a good 4 months since I was even around any women, let alone date or have any type of interaction. I had put all of my money and effort into my little piece of the world.

Then we took turns tripping our shorts, quickly we were both naked. She sat and reached out to touch me with both hands, curious. I would say I am normal in the equipment department, she touched and inspected me like she was looking for something, maybe she was.

I pressed her back, she had a huge mass of jet black pubic hair, I began to nuzzle my way up her legs when she stopped me.

“Don’t do that.”

It surprised me but I licked and teased her abdomen instead, then concentrated on her upper body. Her nipples contracted right down to tiny buttons, hard and firm. Sofia was firm everywhere, she was also hairy everywhere. Even circling her nipples was a row of fine soft hairs, black as coal. The swell of her breasts were hairless, but I noted she had fine hairs between them, down her abdomen, blending into the heavy mass of pubic hair surrounding her loins.

Most of my experiences up to then were rushed and hurried, eager type lovemaking. Something different was going on here, we kissed and cuddled, explored every inch of each other’s bodies. It went on so long I lost my erection, rested and it came back again, there seemed to be no need to hurry at all.

Then she let me know she was ready, she reached for one of my pillows, tucked in under the back of her neck, lay back and opened her legs. I could barely discern the pink of her as she did so, I lay beside her and rolled up on top, supporting myself with my elbows.

Her hand reached down and gripped me firmly, then she pressed me up against her opening. Releasing me, she spread herself with her fingers, I pressed gently and there was no resistance at all as I slid fully inside.

With Sofia, each stroke was slow and measured, mercilessly slow. Every movement of our bodies were in unison, none of this wild thrashing, no struggle to stay attached.

We were a perfect fit.

Our orgasms were slow, too, I felt her convulse and just allowed myself to go with her, we then mashed against each other as the sensations engulfed us.

Just as we were resting, basking in the glow of our union, I heard the Crow outside calling. We started laughing, we laughed so hard I was squeezed out of her.

She joined me later in my best described as primitive showerstall, put in as an afterthought by someone, but functional. We dried and dressed to the screams of the little Crow outside.

Holding hands, we went back downstairs, they are a bit steep so I led the way.

“I wonder?” I thought. I got my eyedropper, some Cream of Wheat, we went outside and sat on the west deck.

I waited, the Crow flew over and sat on the railing. I held up the eyedropper. It hopped right up on my arm, digging in for support. It’s head went back, mouth opened, I fed it. We sat out there for over an hour, just watching the bird. Finally it flew off, perched on a limb a few feet away and called out.

“Looks like you are a Mommy!” Sofia said, with a giggle.

Then she rose to go. That made me sad. I didn’t want her to go, I wanted her right here with me.

“When will you come back over?”

“Dan, I shouldn’t, I have a boyfriend.”

“OH…ok..I didn’t know.. But why…?”

“I don’t know, it just felt right.”

She smiled, headed off up the field. I watched her go, she got to the fence, easily hopped it. She turned and looked back, waved.

I had a feeling she would be back. I could hardly wait for the grass to grow.

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