Down at the Sunset Bar , Grille

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First, let me say that I hate business trips. A week here, a week there, I hate living out of my suitcase. Sure business is good, but it takes a toll on your personal life. I’m only 30 but I’ve already been through 3 fiancé’s who could not handle me being away so much.

I don’t like all of the loneliness either but I’m getting used to it I guess. Until they send me to Poh-dunk Texas. I’m there for a week with nothing to do. Only a few bars in town and after the first night, I’ve experienced each one. This must be a cattle town because they sure have a lot of heifers.

Anyway, I make it through the week, somehow, and it’s finally Friday. Of course, I can’t get a flight out of Poh-dunk until Saturday morning so I’m stuck spending one more night in this town. I’ve already watched all of the porn the hotel has to offer and I’m kind of tired of jacking off. It would be nice to find a woman who didn’t weigh more than the entire offensive line of the Dallas Cowboys, but, as I said, I’ve been to every bar in town.

I decided on the Sunset Bar & Grille. Not because it was anything special, only because I liked that song from the eighties. It was clean enough and dark enough that I could lose myself in the drudgery of another night in Poh-dunk.

The place was busy but not crowded. All of the tables and booths were filled with no seats open at the bar, so I got the bartender’s attention and ordered a Jack on the rocks. I gave him my American Express card and started a tab. He handed me my drink and I moved off to the side near the juke box.

With not really much in mind, I people watched for a while, hoping someone would get up soon and I could grab a seat. There were the three overweight women sitting in the booth, probably complaining why they were dateless once again on another Friday night. Then there was the occasional single guy, like myself, just wanting some company in the couple filled bar.

Most of the couples seemed to be married, talking with their spouses but not really paying much attention to what was being said. Oh sure, a few leaned in, focusing on what he or she was saying like it was life or death. Well, not really life or death. Probably hoping they were going to get laid tonight I suspect.

My eyes traveled from couple to couple, getting blank expressions in return. All except for one couple. Not the couple really, just her. She sat there with her husband/boyfriend, but, honestly, who cared. His back was to me and she was looking at him as I stood near the wall, just over his left shoulder.

At first, it was that body that got my attention. She was wearing this red top. I have no idea what material but it was clingy. Clingy and low cut enough to let everyone who looked at her know that she was braless. God, her tits were huge! Her cleavage looked so soft and inviting. Each breast, so round and full, pushing against, straining at the thin material of her top.

Her black skirt sat up high on her thigh, revealing her silky smooth thighs and legs. Even sitting down, you could see that her skirt was just tight enough to show off the round fullness of her ass. I hoped she would get up soon and walk toward the restroom so I could follow each movement of her ass as she walked away from me.

She sat with her legs crossed on that bar stool, her black high heels perched seductively on her feet. One heel dangled precariously, swaying back and forth, supported only by her curled up toes. At least if I was alone at the bar, I would have this woman to watch all night. My cock swelled a bit as I watched her from afar and I fantasized about her, hoping to get a few glimpses of her body so I could have a real woman to jack off to tonight before bed.

At least, that’s what I thought in the instant that I saw her. What a body! Everything I like in a woman. Big, full tits, soft silky legs and a nice round ass. Mmmmm. She was, by far, the hottest woman I saw in the place. I kept staring at her from the dark corner of the bar as she talked with that guy.

She had a big smile to go along with that shoulder length auburn hair. But what really caught my attention were her blue eyes. Even from way over here, I could see something in them. Not really sure what it was, but it was something. I stared into her eyes as she sat there, laughing, talking with him.

Then she looked up and saw me behind him in the darkness of that bar. Maybe she could feel the weight of my stare as it drank in her body. At first, she only glanced at me and then back at him, maybe a minute or two, then back at me. My eyes never left duran izle her and she gave me a slight smile.

This went on for what seemed like forever. But each time, her glance remained with me a bit longer. Soon, she was talking to him, but looking at me. My cock stiffened as I saw her watching me watch her.

It must have been my lucky night, because the couple behind her got up and left the bar, so I made my way over and sat down on the stool behind her. I ordered another Jack on the rocks and tried to listen in. Her voice was sultry, even in the din of that bar. Her perfume was nothing I had ever experienced before. This woman oozed sensuality as she sat there with her back to me.

I turned slightly and looked down. Sure enough, I was right! She had the most incredible ass. So round as she sat there on that stool, and I loved how her skirt kept creeping higher on her thigh. Maybe it was the booze or maybe it was because she got me so horny, I’m not sure. After a few minutes, I turned back, facing the bar, and let my right hand casually slide down to my side. Then, slowly, ever so slowly, I reached over and cupped her ass.

I stood there, holding my breath, just waiting for her to scream, turn and slap me. Or throw a drink in my face. Or tell the guy what was happening and get smacked. I waited. And waited. Nothing happened!

A smiled to myself and slowly moved my hand over the curve of this woman’s ass. Surely she would say something. I was wrong! Her voice never cracked or wavered as she spoke with that guy. All the while, my hand slowly traced the curve of that perfect ass next to me. I slowly squeezed and she shifted slightly in her seat.

I smiled and looked at the mirror behind the bar, hoping to catch her gaze in the reflection. Nothing! I kept squeezing and massaging her ass as she sat there, ignoring me. It seemed like hours, my hand exploring her magnificent ass, all the while my cock stiffened in my pants.

My hand touched the side of her bare thigh. My God, her skin felt incredible, so soft and warm. My finger traced a thin line up the side of her thigh, to the hem of her skirt, around her full hips, to the glorious curve of her ass. My hand stroking and squeezing her incredible ass.

Shifting in her seat, she turned slightly and faced forward at the bar. She raised her glass to her lips and took a sip as she looked up at the mirror. Her eyes met my reflection and she took another sip. I slowly slid my right hand up her hip to her waist.

She continued to talk with that guy but leaned forward, placing her elbows on the bar. Slowly, I raised my hand higher up her body. At last, my hand found the fullness of her chest. I gently cupped the outside of her tit as she told him she needed to make a phone call. With that, I pulled my hand back as she reached for her purse, got up and walked out of the back of the bar to the patio. I watched her ass sway back in forth in that mirror.

I asked the bartender where the men’s room was and he motioned back toward the patio. After a moment or two, I asked him to save my seat as I walked out back. There were maybe a dozen people out there, mostly smoking. They were all broken out in groups except for her, standing over by the pole, talking on her cell phone.

I stood there, watching her. She looked incredible and I could see her nipples were stiff through the fabric of her top. Maybe it was the cool air. Or, maybe it was what I had been doing to her in that bar. I heard her say, “Ok then, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” She ended her call and I made my way over to her.

After moving across the patio next to her, she looked up at me, smiled slightly, and said “You’re a bit forward, aren’t you?” Her lips were full and her eyes were alive.

Saying nothing, I moved closer, put both of my hands on her face and kissed her, hard on the lips. She inhaled sharply, surprised and confused by my actions. I held her there for seconds, kissing her, as I pushed my tongue into her mouth. She let out a slight moan as I felt her lips part and her tongue touching mine.

I was lost in her and I kept kissing her, sucking her lips and tongue. She moaned again into my mouth and her eyes closed. I wrapped my arms around her and felt her do the same to me. She held me there as we kissed, like she was hanging on for dear life. My cock ached as I held her body next to mine.

My hands wandered over her body. Both hands on her hips, sliding down, cupping her ass, our kissing louder, wetter. She moaned again and I opened my eyes. People were eli roth presents my possessed pet izle watching, and then turning away from our make out session.

Smiling to myself, I got bolder. They say the meek shall inherit the earth. I say, fuck that! The bold get what they want. And right now, I wanted her. My hands massaged and squeezed her incredible ass as her tongue danced in my mouth. Slowly, I pulled up on her skirt. I could feel the material pulling up over her round hips and ass. I put both hands on her ass and my cock swelled more when I found out she was not wearing panties.

My hands explored her ass, squeezing, massaging the round flesh. She continued moaning as she sucked hard on my tongue. I was aware of the eyes that were now on us but I didn’t care. That guy, her husband/boyfriend, could walk out here at any minute and see me mauling his woman, but I didn’t care. I just sucked on her tongue and fondled her naked ass.

She moaned again and pulled her lips back from our kiss. She opened her eyes and saw the people watching, and then quickly turning away. She looked up at me and apprehensively said “We shouldn’t do this. Not here.” Her body, however, was saying something else. Her hips rolled slightly and her knees buckled a bit. She tried to pull her skirt back down, embarrassed by her lack of lingerie.

I began to kiss her neck. I slowly kissed down and back up, nibbling on her ear lobe. I could see her skin react and I could feel the goose bumps under my tongue. I kept licking and kissing down her neck. Lowering my head, I kissed her exposed cleavage. Her skin was hot, almost on fire. My hands cupped her breasts and I rolled her nipple in my right hand as I massaged her left breast.

She moaned loudly again, having finally gotten her skirt back down, groaned “No.” Her hand gently stroked the back of my head as I kissed and licked her deep cleavage. My fingers working one, then the other nipple. I heard her moan again, slightly louder this time, as her knees buckled yet again.

She closed her eyes and threw her head back, losing herself in the moment and forgetting about our lack of privacy. I cupped and squeezed each full breast. My God, she had incredible tits! I was not going miss out on this moment. I reached inside her top, through the exposed cleavage, and lifted out one of her massive tits. I lowered my mouth and greedily licked and sucked her tit, trying to devour her with my lips.

She moaned and groaned as I sucked her nipple into my mouth. I pulled her top down farther and pulled out her other tit. My God, she looked incredible. Those huge tits hanging out, the elasticity of her top trying to pull back in form only pushed them out farther. She was driving me wild and I licked and sucked first one, then the other glorious tit. She moaned louder, her head thrown back, eyes closed.

I looked up as all eyes were on us. I smiled again to myself as I turned her around, her back to me. Taking both of her wrists in mine, I placed her hands on the pole in front of us and bent her slightly forward. From behind, I cupped each one of her glorious tits as I kissed and licked my way down her neck. She briefly opened her eyes as the group looked away. She whimpered and softly moaned “No” again as I pinched her nipples and nibbled her ear lobe.

She put her head down and closed her eyes. With that, I let go of her stiff nipples and reached for the hem of her skirt. In one quick motion, I lifted the garment up and over her hips. Her ass looked incredible, the rumpled material of her skirt bunched up around her waist and framing the fullness of her ass in the soft light of the patio. I knelt down behind her and pushed her legs apart. She inhaled sharply as she felt my tongue lick up her pussy lips from behind.

She moaned and groaned as I spread her wide with my hands. Her juices were already on her thighs. My tongue licked up and down. Her pussy was so wet and swollen. I parted my lips and sucked on her lip, pulling on one then the other pussy lips with my mouth. She opened her eyes and saw the returning stares. She said “Don’t” as I pushed my tongue between her lips.

She closed her eyes and threw her head down as I licked her from behind. She must have been an incredible sight for all to see, her big tits hanging out, nipples hard, as she bent over while I licked her bare ass and pussy from behind.

I pulled the soft flesh of her ass apart wider as my tongue buried inside her pussy. My God, she was soaked! elite izle Her juices on my lips, cheeks and chin as I continued to lick and suck her pussy. She began to move back and forth, fucking herself on my tongue. Spreading her lips wider, I pushed my tongue deep inside her pussy.

She tasted sweeter than any wine and I lapped at each drop. Her moans became louder and deeper and I could take no more. Getting to my feet, I undid my belt and zipper. In one motion, I pushed my pants down to my knees. With both hands on her full hips, I slid the head of my swollen cock along her wet pussy lips.

“Everyone’s watching,” she said to me in an embarrassed, lusty tone. She opened her eyes and looked back at me as I pushed the head of my cock against her, spreading her lips wider. She moaned loudly as I pushed deeper still. Her wet pussy swallowed my swollen cockhead.

I pulled her back as I pushed deeper, finally sinking the length of my thick shaft between her stretched pussy lips. She looked back at all of the eyes on her, her mouth open, gasping, as I began to slide in and out of her wetness.

In and out, deeper and deeper, I began fucking this gorgeous stranger in front of a dozen people. Her tits swayed back and forth with each thrust, nipples hanging low from the weight of their fullness. She closed her eyes again and moaned loudly with each thrust of my cock.



I pulled her hips, pulling her back on my cock as I fucked her. I looked down at her ass as my cock drove in and out. That perfectly round ass, a half moon cheek on either side of my thick wet dick as I fucked her. Her pussy lips, wet and stretched around my shaft as it slipped in and out.

Soon, she was fucking me as hard as I was fucking her. My stomach slapped against her ass with each thrust and my balls bounced against her clit. She began bucking me, riding my cock as I felt a rush of fluid from between her legs.

“OH MY GOD!” she yelled as her orgasm hit. Her fingers strangled that pole in front of her as she held on with each wave of her orgasm crashing into her. I could take no more as my balls swelled and I reached the point of no return.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuugggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I grunted. My cock exploded inside her pussy, my balls pumping stream after stream of warm cum into her wetness. I held her there on my cock, making her take all of my cum inside her. I came longer and harder than ever before.

Finally, I opened my eyes. All of those strangers were staring at us. I grinned as I slowly pulled my cock from her pussy. I watched as my thick cock slipped from her, an almost audible popping sound. A long bead of cum stretched from my cock head to between her gaping pussy lips. It broke near the tip of my cock and swung down, landing on the back of her exposed thigh.

She must have opened her eyes as well. Realizing what she must look like, she let go of the pole and hurriedly tried to stuff her big tits back inside her top. Having achieved some success, she reached for her skirt and pushed it back down her hips. She quickly gathered up her purse and turned to face me before leaving.

Saying nothing, I reached for her cheek and gave her a long, slow sensual kiss. When we had opened our eyes, we were alone on the patio. I could see the battle of emotions going on inside her from those incredible blue eyes.

“We shouldn’t have …” was all she said as she shook her head and hurried off to the restroom. Her reaction to the plethora of emotions she was feeling, confusion, embarrassment, arousal, lust and passion, was almost as much fun for me as the incredible sex I’d just had.

I put myself back together and walked back into the bar. True to his word, the bartender had saved my seat and I sat back down to finish my drink. In the mirror, I saw her walk back into the bar and make her way next to me. Without acknowledging me, she sat down on her stool.

“That must have been some phone call,” that guy said to her.

“You have no idea. I can’t wait to tell you about it when we get home.” Something had changed in her. More assured, more confident, certainly no shame or guilt.

She fidgeted slightly in her chair and I could smell the musk from our fuck rising up from underneath her short skirt. The smell of our cum, blended together with the scent of lust, was intoxicating.

I smiled into the mirror and asked the bartender for my tab. I thought about staying a while. The idea that she was sitting there, talking with her husband/boyfriend/whatever with my cum dripping out of her used pussy was highly erotic to me. Instead, I closed out my tab and left the bartender a $20.00 tip. He saw it and said “Thanks man. You must like it here.”

I laughed at him and said “You have no idea.” I turned and made my way to my car for the lonely ride back to my hotel having never said a word to that incredible stranger.

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