Double Dates

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Randi had just finished applying the final touches to her dark smoky eye make-up when Steve padded into the bathroom. She smiled at her young lover in the mirror as she reached into her cosmetic bag for her cinnamon lip gloss. Clad only in loose fitting Under Armor gym shorts, Randi’s eyes drank in his broad shoulders, deep hairless chest and taut abs as he leaned over her, placing his hands on either side of the sink, before resting his chin lightly on her shoulder. Looking back at him was a striking 43 year old mother of two wearing a short, silk, jade green robe. A petite woman with perky breasts, a tiny waist and slender legs, her long blonde hair fell below her shoulders and had been straightened with a flat iron. Beautiful blue eyes flashed through the smoky make-up as she applied the lip gloss liberally with a thin applicator.

Steve pushed his groin into her tight ass and Randi smiled as she felt his cock begin to stiffen. Although she had left him breathless with their earlier lovemaking, Steve was always ready for more. He was a close college friend of her first lover, Marcus, and Steve and Randi had started their own affair on a business trip she and Marcus had taken to Chicago six months ago. Although she had taken numerous additional lovers since that time, she and Steve had maintained a steady diet of one another. So steady that Randi had to convince her husband that business required her to take at least two trips a month to Chicago. A sales executive at a large and prosperous electronics firm, Randi was able to cover her tracks by doing some business on these frequent trips, but most of the time was spent at Steve’s condo exploring the sexual pleasures that she had come to crave.

On her last trip to the city, Steve had taken her to a lavish party thrown by a small group of young men with mature lovers. A “Cougar Party” he called it, and Randi had enjoyed herself immensely. So much, in fact, that she had a date later in the evening with a young Latino lawyer she had fucked there. Randi knew that Steve loved for her to describe for him her various trysts and he was looking forward to seeing her after their date. Although Steve was more than fine with her going out with Manuel, or Manny as he was known, Randi had to admit that she wasn’t too crazy about Steve’s plans for the evening. As silly as it sounded, given the fact she was married to someone else, Randi was more than a liitle jealous when she thought about Steve with other women.

Steve slowly lifted the front of her robe revealing her newly shaven pussy and began to gently rub between her legs. “Won’t your husband find it strange that you decided to shave your pussy clean on a business trip?” he whispered hotly in her ear before licking her neck lightly and taking an earlobe softly between his full lips.

Randi felt her pussy moisten as Steve slowly slid one of his fingers past her swollen lips. “He may” she replied “but I’ll play it off like I did it to suprise him. It’s worked before.”

Steve pulled the sash and spread her robe open, one hand sliding across her firm belly to a pert breast, feeling a nipple harden. “I still can’t believe you called him last night!” he laughed as he nuzzled her neck.

“You bastard!” Randi exclaimed as she turned in his arms and smacked him playfully, but forcefully on the chest with a tiny fist. ” I was drunk! Don’t put that on me!” she laughed pulling Steve to her, his tongue sliding between her wetly shining lips as they began to kiss, gently at first and then more deeply as Randi’s hands slid down to cradle his face.

Steve recalled the previous evening as Randi sat astride him, rocking slowly on his thick, hard cock when he suggested that she call her husband on her cell phone while they were fucking. Although she initiallly rejected this idea, Steve could tell from the glint in her eyes that it intrigued her. Steve persisted and, with a cruel laugh, she finally gave in. As she was talking to her husband, Randi slowly rolled her hips vigorously against her young lover, supporting herself with one french manicured hand resting on his deep chest as Steve grabbed her ass cheeks and thrust deep into her warm, wet tunnel.

When Randi’s breathing started to noticeably labor, she brought the conversation to an abrupt end, telling her husband she loved him before flipping the cell shut and tossing it on the bed next to them. Steve quickly rolled her over on her back and began to lustily fuck her with long, deep strokes causing the lovely MILF to writhe in ectasy beneath him.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! FUCK ME BABY!!! YOU”VE GOT ME SO FUCKING HOT!!!!! OHHHH SHIIIITT! she screamed before pulling Steve’s lips to hers, their tongues dueling; “completing the circiut” as she called it.

Randi began to gently rub his cock through the thin fabric of his gym shorts bringing Steve quickly back to the present. As they kissed, Steve’s finger continued to probe Randi’s pussy, causing her to softly moan into his mouth. Breaking their kiss, Randi panted “Ohh Baby! I’d love to fuck you right now, but I don’t have time. Manny said he’d send Escort Karaköy a cab for me at 7:00!”

Bending to her knees, Randi pulled his shorts down, catching his fat cock as it sprang free. Randi gently kissed the head of his cock before taking him into her warm, wet mouth. After several moments, she pulled away and began to firmly stroke his long shaft as she bent lower to lick and suck each of his heavy nuts. As she stroked him, Steve could feel her wedding bands sliding over the sensitive skin of his dick, his eyes drawn to the large diamond in her engagement ring.

Randi licked slowly up the length of his shaft before taking him deep into her mouth once again. Her head bobbed rhytmically, her cheeks hollowing, as she grabbed his rock hard ass cheeks with her hands. Randi was an incredible cocksucker and Steve, much too quickly as far as he was concerned, felt his balls begin to tighten. Steve pulled his wetly shining cock from her eager lips and grabbed it by its thick base, holding it away from her.

“What’s the matter Baby?!” Randi gasped breathlessly “You know you can cum in my mouth!!” she smiled up at him.

Steve raised his eyebrows and from the look on his face, Randi knew what her young stud wanted from her. Rising to her feet, she leaned up on her toes to kiss him quickly, her tongue darting into his mouth. Smiling lustily at her lover she purred:

“I’ll go get my cigarettes!”


Manny sat at his table in the club and watched Randi dance with one of the young men she had attracted earlier in the evening. Wearing a short, black leather skirt and a white sleeveless top, a thin strip of her tight tanned midriff visible between, Randi moved sensuously on the dance floor, despite the fact she was wearing black anklestrap sandals with 4 inch heels. Manny had a theory that women who dance well were typically very good in bed and his experience with Randi did not in anyway disprove this theory. She had insisted on a quickie when she had arrived at his apartment and he eagerly obliged by bending her over his couch and sliding the thin strip of her thong to one side before thrusting his long cock into her wet pussy from behind.

She was quite popular at the club and she was dancing with this particular young man for the third time. Andre was a huge man with coal black skin, easily 6’2″ and 250 solid pounds Manny guessed.In his early twenties, he had the heavily muscled frame of a body builder and his hair was braided into a thick ponytail. Andre had approached the two of them earlier and politely asked Manny if he could dance with his lady. Seeing Randi’s eyes flash as she looked him over, a wide smile creeping across her beautiful face, Andre reached down taking her tiny hand in his big mitt and helped her up from the table.

During a particularly fast number, Randi turned her back to Andre and ground her firm leather-clad ass against his crotch, smiling sexily over her shoulder. When that song ended and a much slower one started, Randi wriggled against his massive bulk, her arms stretched over his incredibly broad shoulders. As they danced, Andre grabbed her ass and pulled her tight against his groin. When he slid his hands lightly up her sides, Randi lifted her head and pulled his face to hers, her mouth open expectantly. Andre’s tongue disappeared between her lips and they kissed deeply, Randi pulling him tightly against her body. After several moments, they broke their kiss and Randi grabbed his hand leading him back to her table. Grabbing her purse, she told Manny “I need some fresh air. I’ll be right back!” Andre leaned down to whisper something in her ear causing her to giggle as he took her by the hand and led her outside. Manny smiled to himself, recognizing that Randi might be awhile , and went to the bar for another round.

Outside, the air was crisp and clean and Andre led Randi to his white Escalade. Leaning against the side of the SUV, Randi reached into her clutch purse and pulled out a pack of Virginia Slims Menthol 120s. Flipping the top of the hard pack, she removed one of the long, white cigarettes and brought it to her wetly shining lips to accept a light from a Zippo Andre had pulled from his baggy jeans.

Randi took a deep drag and , tilting her chin upward, exhaled a long, thin stream up into the night air. Andre lit a small blunt and inhaled deeply, holding the sweet smelling smoke in his lungs. Randi smiled and reached for the joint taking a hit herself, coughing slightly before exhaling. She handed the blunt back to Andre and said softly “You know . . . That stuff makes me horny!” a sexy smile crawling across her lips.

Laughing deeply, Andre took another hit. “Why do I not see that as a problem?” he asked with a playful glint in his eyes. With that he leaned down over the petite soccer mom, Randi raising her chin to kiss him. Their tongues wound gently around one another, before Andre took he in his arms, kissing her deeply. He opened the rear door to his SUV and with a dramatic sweep of his arm invited Randi in. Randi took a last drag of her Kayaşehir escort cigarette and crushed it on the blacktop before sliding into the seat, her skirt hiking sexily up one of her firm thighs.

Randi creeped across the leather seat with Andre close behind. Her arms wrapped around his bull neck and she pulled him hungrily to her lips, her tongue extended meeting his. Andre’s big hands slid up one slender leg and disappeared beneath her skirt, Randi spreading herself to provide easy access. As they continued to kiss her hands slid down his thick chest to the tops of his jeans were she quickly undid the snap and lowered the zipper. Andre raised up and pushed his pants to his ankles and Randi’s hand wrapped around his long, thick cock. Although several of her lovers were handsomely hung, Steve and Marcus came quickly to mind, Randi had never been with a young man of Andre’s proportions. As she stroked him, her fingers could not meet and the head of his cock looked like a thick purple plum. His shaft was thick and his balls were very heavy in her hands.

Andre leaned back in the seat as Randi lowered her lips to his monsterous cock, kissing its bulbous head hungrily, the tiny tip of her tongue lapping at the pre-cum that was alredy pooling at its tip. Dropping her jaw as far as she could, Randi slowly slid his cock into her warm, wet mouth. Breathing through her nose, she took as much as she could manage into her throat and began to bob her head up and down.

Andre pushed her long blonde hair back from her face as he watched the beautiful MILF suck his dick. The lovely wife and mother was very skilled and she impressed the young man with both her technique and enthusiasm. She pulled her mouth from his wetly shining cock with a deep gasp. Panting, she grinned up at Andre and began to run her tongue up and down his thick shaft, stopping only to stuff one of his heavy nuts into her mouth.

Shortly, after running the flat of her tongue along the undersize of his dickhead, Randi raised up and took him back into her mouth, this time jerking him with both of her hands. She began to moan as she sucked his cock, the light from the lamppost causing her wedding band to sparkle as it slid up and down his dark shaft in concert with her loving mouth.

Randi pulled her lips from Andre’s cock with a loud pop and leering leewdly at him, laid back on the leather seat, hiking her skirt above her tiny waist. When Andre slid his hands up her legs and hooked his fingers behind her black lace thong, Randi raised her hips allowing him to slowy peel it down her shapely legs.

Moving eagerly between her outstretched legs, Andre positioned the head of his rock hard cock at the mouth of her shaved pussy. Grabbing him with both of her tiny hands, Randi impaled herself with Andre’s cock, only taking about a third of it into her hot, wet tunnel before stopping. Her head arched backward on the seat, her eyes bulging briefly as her pussy stretched to accomodate the young man’s girth. After several moments, Andre leaned forward and slid the rest of his cock more easily into Randi’s married pussy. He hesitated, and then began to slowly saw his cock in and out of Randi causing her to inhale sharply. Ever so slowly, Andre began to pick up the pace of his thrusts and Randi began to writhe and squeal in ectasy.

“AAAAhhhhhhh! . . . BABY! . . . That’s it! . . . Easy Baby!. . . Easy!!! Let me get used to this thing!!! OHHHHH Shit!!! You feel wonderful Baby!!!”

Minutes later Andre braced himself with one thick arm on the side of the SUV and began to lustily fuck the soccer mom. Randi wriggled beneath him, moaning loudly, each strong thrust rocking the SUV side to side. Her breathing became much heavier as she felt herself crashing towards an orgasm.

“OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH GAAAWWWWDD! FUCK ME BABY! GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR BIG HARD COCK!!!! FUUCCKK MEEE!” Randi thrust her ass off the seat to meet his assault as she came, screaming obscenities, her head thrashing back and forth. Andre began to fuck her even faster as he felt his nuts begin to tighten. A low growl started deep in his chest building to a loud grunt as he spewed load after load of his hot jizz deep into her womb. Randi rolled her hips as she came, her hands grabbing his tree trunk thighs.

As his dick continued to spasm into her warm tunnel, Andre opened his eyes to find Randi smiling up at him, her blue eyes flashing through the dark smoky make-up. When he leaned down towards her, Randi lifted her head from the seat, her mouth open, the tip of her tongue extended. As they kissed, Andre’s dick continued to spurt as the two lovers tried to catch their breath, their brief but savage encounter nearly over.


Steve had met a woman at the last Cougar Party named Carol Mott, who had given him her number and insisted that he call. Steve figured she was probably 10-12 years older than Randi but she was a handsome woman with a round, full figure,long legs and heavy breasts. Her hair was almost white and she had lively green eyes, and full sensuous lips. Her hair hung Küçükçekmece escort bayan in long bangs, almost to her eyes, and was cut straight across her shoulders giving her a vaguely Egyptian look. She was clearly quite wealthy and she moved gracefully, like a dancer, when she greeted him at the door.

She and Steve had dinner at her elegant penthouse apartment that had sweeping views of the city. The rooms were expensively decorated and he saw several displays of family pictures showing what could only have been her husband, children and grandchildren. Taking their drinks into the front room were a gas log fire was burning, the two faced each other in overstuffed wing-backed chairs.

Placing her wineglass in front of her, Carol picked up a silver cigarette case and removed a long pinkish cigarette with a gold tipped filter. Lighting the cigarette, she exhaled a long, thin stream in Steve’s direction and settled back in her chair her legs crossed. She was wearing a long, black dress slit high on the side and the plunging neckline gave Steve ample view of her swelling freckled breasts. She eyed Steve cooly through the smoke, her make-up perfectly applied, the tip of her tongue barely visible as it ran along the length of her lips.

“So tell me about your friend . . .Randi is it? She is an amazingly beautiful creature. When I first saw her I thought she was that Kelly girl from the Regis show. How did you meet?”

Steve had heard this comparison before but felt that Randi was even more attractive, in a slutty kind of way. Steve told her about her first affair with his friend Marcus and meeting her during a business trip the two of them took. Carol smiled lewdly as Steve described their ongoing relationship.

“Does her husband know about you? Some men get off on that , you know.”

“No. I know that’s not the case with Randi’s husband.” Looking Carol directly in the eye, he added “What about yours?”

Carol laughed and looked away briefly, before explaining. “My husband is a very fine man, a good Catholic man, and he is, as you may have guessed, very wealthy. He does wonderful things with his money, he is very generous and loves the family we have raised. But to answer your question directly, If he ever discovered my . . . outside interests ,” Carol lifted an eyebrow at this ” I’m afraid he might kill me!”

She laughed briefly before becoming much more serious. Taking a long,draw off the gold tip of her cigarette, she exhaled slowly and said “Please take off your clothes now. I want to see your magnificent body.”

Steve slowly did as she requested, Carol’s eyes alight with desire as they slid over his naked frame. Looking hungrily at the young man, she took a last draw from her cigarette and crushed it out whispering ” I”d like to suck your cock now.”

Steve began to stiffen as he walked slowly towards her chair, Carol gently lifting his cock to her painted lips and placed its bulbous head on the top of her outstretched tongue. Lifting his cock slighlty, she ran the point of her tongue acros the sensitive underside causing Steve to shudder.

Carol took him into her mouth and began to slowly bob her head upa dnd down his thick shaft, briskly stroking him with one hand. She moaned as she blew him, whether in passion or simply for Steve’s plesure, he didn’t know. She grabbed him by the hips and looking up at him with her liquid green eyes, slowly, ever so slowly, took him down her throat driving her young lover crazy. With one hand firmly on the back of her head , Steve began to fuck her face, feeling his orgasm come in a rush. With a short shout, Steve shot a hot load of seed down Carol’s throat where she greedily swallowed the torrent erupting from him.

Moments later, Carol pulled her lips away from his wetly shining cock and softly kissed the still swollen head. “MMmmmmm!” she purred, “I do love young cock!” before briefly taking him back into her mouth.

Carol stood and turned her back to Steve pulling her hair to one side to expose the top of her zipper. Steve pulled it down to the round swell of her ass and she turned to face him. She shrugged first one, then her other shoulder out of the dress and allowed it to pool at her feet. Completely naked, her skin was freckled from years in the sun and her full breasts fell slightly. She was a bit fleshy around her stomach and thighs and her bush was full, though neatly trimmed.

When Steve raised her eyes back to hers, she smiled sexily and stepped out of the folds of fabric at her feet. Without saying a word, she turned and walked away, her calves flexing above the high heels she wore. Steve followed her into the bedroom.


Manny called his lover Shonda when they got back to his apartment. She was with her husband at a democrat fundraiser but she told Manny she would try to get away. When he hung up, he turned in time to see Randi wriggle naked onto Andre’s lap, wearing only her strappy heels. As he held the base of his thick shaft, Randi slowly lowered herself onto him. From Manny’s viewpoint, the scene struck him like a sword swallowers trick, as the immense dark snake somehow disappeared into Randi’s pussy. She braced her hands on the slabs of muscle of his shoulders and eased herself up and down his long, thick cock. Andre’s hands cupped her firm ass cheeks as she rode him, each white globe barely visible in his big, black hands.

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