Dorian’s Descendants Short Story Pt. 02

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Name: Awn

Relation: Dorian’s Son

Mother: Floria

Excerpts from the journal of Cag Vullo

The first time I saw the name Awn was shortly after our planet legalized slavery. I was signing the paperwork that made my wife and I into legal slaves. Though we had absolutely no idea who’s property we would become, the choice was an easy one. We could either continue to work ourselves to death while barely managing to get by, or serve a rich master that would provide for us in exchange for labor. We were young, too naive to predict the cruel treatment we’d be subjected to.

We were brought to our new master’s house, which could be more accurately described as a castle. I held Bianca’s hand as we were marched up the steps to our new life.

Inside the mansion was like stepping into another world. Like the majority of our planet, we had never seen anything close to the decadence of Awn’s manor.

We were escorted by our new master’s guards, all female, and all wearing tight bodysuits. They took us to the slaves quarters, of which we’d be the only occupants. There, we were stripped completely naked and locked in collars that barred Awn’s symbol. Bianca was clearly very embarrassed, so I tried to put on a brave face.

They then marched us through the mansion towards a destination that was unknown to us. We reached the grand staircase, with a large painting of a man at the top. As we passed it, I read the inscription: Dorian, Beloved Father.

We reached the end of the upstairs hall, which ended in two massive double doors. The guards pushed it open, revealing what I quickly discerned to be the main bedroom. There, waiting for us, was our new master. He was quite muscular and had black hair, with facial features that clearly marked him as the son of the man in the portrait. He looked to be in his mid thirties, a full decade older than us.

There we stood, afraid to move as he examined our naked bodies with his intimidating gaze. I was nearly a head shorter than him, lacking his powerful build. He eyed every inch of Bianca’s front, enjoying her perky breasts, her flat stomach, her childbearing bahis siteleri hips, strong thighs, and hairless pussy. I had to force myself to stand there as he eyed my young wife. He commanded her to turn around, and seemed very pleased at her firm ass.

The embarrassing inspection was far from the worst thing he did on that first day, as next he commanded the guards to shackle my hands behind my back, with a chain connecting the cuffs to a steel ring on the wall, preventing me from moving closer to him. He then brought Bianca forth, forcing her to kneel. I watched in horror as he unfastened his pants, allowing his large cock to be freed. It hung in front of her, easily double the size of mine.

He commanded her to suck, and she looked back at me in fear before he forced her to face his crotch again. I yelled for her to stop, but she opened her mouth and accepted it reluctantly.

I watched as he used my wife’s mouth, forcing her to suck his superior dick. I begged him to stop, but it only seemed to egg him on. He finished in her mouth, and I watched as she spit our new master’s cum onto the floor, coughing.

Devastated, I was unchained and returned to the slaves quarters with Bianca. The guards locked my tiny dick in a chastity cage, as was Awn’s orders. We spent the night there, holding each other for comfort as I tried everything I could to block out what had happened.

Journal skips ahead

After days of him repeatedly using my wife’s mouth while forcing me to watch, I didn’t think it could get worse. I was very wrong.

He summoned us to his room at the end of the day as usual. The guards shackled me, and removed my chastity cage. After seeing her blow Awn so many times without being allowed to cum, I was deeply ashamed to admit that the sight had started to arouse me.

Unfortunately, he didn’t intend on settling for a blowjob this time.

Bianca submissively kneeled in front of him as usual, but he shook his head and eyed me with a

devious grin. He ordered her on the bed, surprising both of us. I watched as she fearfully climbed the bed, laying on her back. He spread canlı bahis siteleri her legs, taking a moment to appreciate the view of her pussy while I pulled at my chains. The guards grabbed my head, strapping a gag to my face. I could no longer plead to him, to bargen. I could only watch.

He climbed between her legs, taking her time to line up his cock while knowing that I could do nothing. With a thrust, his large cock entered my young wife’s vagina, making her cry out as I thrashed in my bindings.

Awn ravaged her, pounding her pussy while I screamed into the gag, trying desperately to escape and push him off of her.

Her cries slowly turned into acceptance, and he looked back at me as he used my girl’s pussy. He noticed my involuntarily hardening erection, and began to laugh. He ridiculed me at the fact that I could become so hard while watching another man fuck my wife. I could only make muffled yells into the gag, ashamed that his words only increased my lust.

When he finished, he shot thick jets of cum all over Bianca’s abs and chest, much thicker than I had ever been able to produce.

I was returned alone to the slaves quarters, as she would now be spending the night in Awn’s room.

Journal skips ahead

Each time I watched them have sex, my arousal grew. I could no longer deny that some part of me enjoyed the humiliation of being chucked. My balled ached, yearning to be allowed to cum. I was kept in constant chastity, only being allowed out when I watched them fuck. It could only be described as utter torture, and a growing piece of me loved it.

Journal skips ahead

The worst night, or rather best, started normally. I was chained in my usual spot, gagged. However, instead of getting on the bed,, Bianca stood in front of me, with Awn behind her.

His grin was far more devious than normal, as he revealed his intentions, wrapping his arm around her to put his strong hand on her abs.

This night, he wasn’t going to pull out. Awn carefully explained that this session was going to end one way: with Bianca pregnant.

My cock felt like it would burst canlı bahis at this reveal, nearly able to orgasm without touching it. A superior man was going to knock up my beautiful young wife, and I could do nothing to stop him.

He tossed her onto the bed, wasting no time as he entered her. They fucked wildly, like animals. Awn tossed insult after insult at me, explaining that my useless little cock probably couldn’t get her pregnant anyways. Yelling me that my girl would bare his superior children, instead of mine.

Bianca had long since accepted her position, as now she only begged for his cum. She wanted to have his baby, and he knew it.

I pulled at my binding, wanting desperately to be able to touch my cock, to release my weak sperm. I squirmed, consumed by lust as he pounded away.

When he finally organized, he howled with pleasure, filling my wife’s womb with his seed. She wrapped her legs around him, accepting all of it as her pussy was filled.

I screamed into the gag with frustration, overwhelmingly horny as I watched another man steal my breeding rights.

Journal skips ahead

With Bianca now halfway through her pregnancy, they find every chance they can get to humiliate me. They never stop reminding me how the baby inside my wife isn’t mine, always forcing me to watch as he caresses her growing belly.

Despite being unable to even remember when my last orgasm was, I’m still consumed with the urge to cum. Master Awn always enjoys explaining that ill never be permitted to experience an orgasm ever again, since my little cucky cock doesn’t deserve to feel pleasure.

He takes great satisfaction at explaining to me that my bloodline is over, that my inferior genes aren’t allowed to be passed on. He tells me that my kids would have been weak anyways, so I should be glad that Bianca will give birth to his children instead.

Their words never fail to drive me crazy with arousal.

Journal skips ahead

Master Awn and Bianca confirmed their third pregnancy today, which was the result of the previous night.

I’ve grown to enjoy raising their two children, taking deep satisfaction at knowing they aren’t mine. My cuck sperm will never get a girl pregnant.

I eagerly await for the birth, as I’ll be allowed to take care of another baby from a superior man. I hope they have many, many more.

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