Don’t You, Darling?

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If there was one thing that Cordy really hated above all other things, it was wet hair. Not the sort of shower wet, fresh and clean really lovely smelling type of wet – the drowned rat, really gross limp and matted kind of wet. Yep, that sucked. Her hair, long, dark and brown, had not been made to hang limp over her green eyes. It was not at all a good look. To top it all off, she was muddy and…her shoes were quite, quite ruined. (They’d been such lovely shoes, too…small and dainty and gave her an extra sort of height that she was really quite grateful for.)

The worse part, of course, was that she was late. Dad was going to kill her.

Well, she reflected a little bitterly. That was, if he had actually noticed she was gone in the first place. It was an ironic contradiction of sorts. Her father was strict, but always usually too busy to recognize when she broke his rules. Always that company of his…she could almost swear it was his real child, not her…

She was half-surprised to find him sitting on a chair in the lounge room, reading, when she opened the door and entered the house. She’d expected him to be in his study, typing away on that infernal machine of his, and that she’d be able to sneak past without him noticing. So much for that idea.

“Hi dad,” Cordy said, a little nervously, stepping into the room.

“Cordelia,” her father nodded. “A little late this evening, are we?”

“Yeah, sorry about that, dad – ” Cordy started.

“Where have you been?” her father’s crisp, British tones cut her off. “You’re…wet.”

In more places than one, Cordy thought. After what she and Lila had been doing…

“I was with Lila,” she said truthfully. Inside her, too, sometimes…

Her father raised a brow. “And what were you two doing? Mud wrestling?”

“We were…um…” Cordy’s mind blanked. What to say? She still had the mud on her clothes, her hair was wet…tell him the truth? What, tell her father that his teenage daughter had been fucking her best friend in the rain? She didn’t think so…


She jumped.

“What were you doing?”

She felt her face heating. “We were, um, gardening.” Well, she had had her face in bush…

“At two in the morning?”

“Dad, I –”

“Don’t lie to me, Cordelia.”

“We were kissing.” The words slipped, unbidden, from her lips.

“Ah.” Her father set his book down, delicately, on the table. “And was that all?”

“N-no, dad.”

He gestured at the seat beside him. “Sit down. What else, then?”

She sat, her face hot, her hands shaking slightly. How to tell him?

“We…made love, dad.”

“You fucked,” her father stated.

Cordy blinked. He’d never sworn in her presence before. “Y-yes…I made love with her…”

“You fucked her,” her father repeated, almost as though relishing the words. “You fucked your best friend.”

“Yes, dad.” Cordy said obediently.

“I want you to stop seeing her.” The words were clipped, precise.

“What? No, daddy!” she was aghast.

“I don’t like what you’ve been doing. You’re to stop seeing her, immediately.”

“I – I won’t!” Lila was about the only real friend she had…the only one who could stir her blood. Like hell she was going to give that up…just because a man who couldn’t be bothered paying enough attention to notice his daughter was a lesbian was telling her she had to!

Her father raised a brow. “Won’t you, darling?”

She flinched. He never called her that. It was always “Cordelia.” Never “princess” or “sweetheart” or “precious” like the other girls. It was always just “Cordelia”. And now, suddenly, he was calling her by endearments?

“No,” she said, her voice shaking samsun escort slightly. “I won’t.”

“Ah,” he said, his voice very low. “Ah…then. You’re a dyke, darling? Is that what you think? You want to eat cunt and finger pussy all day, all night?”

“Yes!” she half shouted, defiantly. “Yes, I’m a lesbian! And if you’d paid me the least bit of attention for the last eighteen years, maybe you’d have realized that!”

Her father shook his head, slowly. “You should not speak like that to me, Cordelia,” he said, gravely, as he reached out to take her wrist in his hand, his thumb stroking over her skin. “I am, after all, your father.”

He tugged, suddenly, and she found herself sprawled across his lap.

“And I can still take you over my knee.”

“What?!” Cordy shrieked, struggling. “What are you doing?”

“Disciplining you,” her father said calmly. “I should have done this a long time ago. Maybe then you wouldn’t have had these silly ideas in your head…”

His hand slid down her body, flipping up her skirt, exposing her buttocks, covered by the scrap of white cotton. Pure, he thought. Deceptively innocent. He tugged at the waistband of her panties and she stiffened. “No, daddy,” she pleaded. “Please –”

There was an audible tear as he ripped them off. His hand settled, lightly, over her exposed cheek, and he squeezed, gently.



His open palm landed on her bare bottom, and she cried out. Her skin heated and stung. “Daddy, please –”


She squirmed, writhed beneath the arm that kept her down, pinned against him. “Daddy!”

He paused, relishing the sound of his name on her lips. His palm landed again.

She whimpered. “Daddy, I’m sorry…”

He slapped her again. “Sorry, my little slut? Sorry for what? Sorry for the fact that you don’t like cock, and prefer to eat cunt?”

“Yes, daddy, yes! I’m sorry! Please, please…I’m sorry…”


“You’ve been a very bad girl, Cordelia. You know that, don’t you?”


“Yes, daddy, yes…”

His hand stroked over her bottom again, soothing the red, stinging skin. He leaned in, very close to her ear, and whispered, “You’re liking this, aren’t you? You like my hand on your arse…you like the way your skin feels when I hit you.” He pressed his mouth to her ear. “You’re wet.”

Her voice was very, very soft. “No…”

“You’re not a dyke, darling…you just think you are. You think you don’t like cock…?” He took her earlobe into his mouth and suckled. “I’m going to make you beg, for mine…”


“I…won’t,” she gasped.

He smiled. SMACK. “You will.”

She was whimpering, now, squirming, writhing against him. And beneath her stomach, she was feeling a very distinctive bulge. His cock was hard, and rubbing against her through the material of his dressing robe. Her eyes closed, and she whimpered again, feeling his hand smack her arse, again and again…

She shrieked as it slapped against her pussy.


She could hear the smile in his voice. “Did you like that, little girl? Did that feel good?”

She groaned. His hand was there, now, between her legs, stroking the folds of her bare, smooth cunt, tracing her lips, running swiftly over her clit. “Oh, god, daddy…”

He slapped her again. She moaned. His hand connected wetly with her cunt…she was wet. Oh god, she was excited…

Slap. Whimper. Slap. Moan.

She was going to cum.


“Please what, darling?”

“Please spank me…”

“Spank your what, hmm?”

“Spank my pussy, daddy…”

“Yell it, baby…”

She was in a frenzy, delirious. “Spank my little cunt, daddy! Make me cum!”

He spanked it hard, repetitively, and her skin stung and she shrieked and writhed and thrashed against him, her cunt clenching down around nothing. He murmured a litany as his hand connected with her sopping cunt, “Yes, baby, cum for daddy. Scream for me, little girl…” He shoved two fingers inside her cunt, and immediately she jerked, spasmed, clenched around his fingers, cumming, hard. “Yes, daddy, yes! Oh, god, yes…ohhhhh!”

“That’s right baby. Cum on my fingers…yes…good girl…” He curled his fingers up into her, shoving them in and out a few more times, milking her orgasm. She moaned, lay limp against him. He drew his fingers out of her cunt, slid them into his mouth and licked, savoring the taste of his little girl.

There was a moment, where neither spoke, and he simply stared down at the soft, pink bottom spread across his lap, where nothing entered her mind except the soft languor that always follow an enormous orgasm.

Then, “Daddy…?”


“Can I get up now?”

He smiled, softly. “Still think you don’t like men, princess?”

She opened her mouth to concede, say what he wanted to hear, and paused, considering, then spoke. “Yes, daddy…I do.”

His smile widened, and with a little shove of his hands, she found herself sprawling, somewhat exposed, on the floor, her skirt hiked up to her hips, her little pussy bare for him to see. He reached down, grabbed a handful of her hair, and pulled her head to his cock, sprung free now from behind his robe. Her eyes, wide and surprised, stared at him. He stared back at her calmly and dropped his eyes to his cock.

“Open your mouth,” he ordered.

She shook her head mutely.

He grabbed his cock in one hand and pressed it, gently, against her lips. Pre-cum was dribbling from the tip. It glazed her lips as he rubbed the head of his cock back and forth, gently, across her mouth…

Her lips parted, and her father’s cock slid inside.

A simultaneous groan, from both of them. She, as she felt the hot thick length sliding into her mouth, the taste of him, the scent of him overwhelming her. He, as he felt the soft lips wrap around him, the hot moistness of her enclosing him. “Suck,” he ordered, his voice a little hoarse.

She sucked.

“Yes,” he smiled. “That’s my good little girl. Suck daddy’s cock. Oh god…yes…” Her tongue slid around his length as her mouth slid up and down on him, her lips glistening like the skin of his shaft. His cock nudged her throat. “Oh baby…yes. Suck me.”

His hips were thrusting at her now, sliding his cock into her mouth more quickly, fucking her face, his hands tight in her hair, pulling her down into his cock, urging her to suck, suck, more of him. “I’m going to cum, babygirl…daddy’s going to cum…” his voice was strained, hoarse, frantic. “Suck me, god, yes! Swallow it all…” Her mouth was filled, suddenly, with a flood of hot, creamy cum. She blinked wide eyes, made a little moaning sound and swallowed it down, little bits of it dripping from her mouth and down her chin. He smiled at her, pulled his cock from her mouth with a wet sound, and stroked her hair, lovingly. Cordy bent forward, taking his cock back to lick clean. He groaned, dropping back onto the chair, eyes half closed.

“And you say you don’t like cock,” he murmured.

She pulled away and looked seriously up at him. “I don’t, daddy.”

He sat up, a little smirk of amusement on his face. “Lying slut,” he murmured, dropping down onto the floor before her. She was startled, her eyes wide, and moved to scoot away quickly. He grabbed her legs though, and pulled her to him. “Daddy!” she yelped. “What are you…”

Her unfinished question was answered as she felt the sharp sting of his hand on her exposed pussy, spanking her roughly. Her voice petered off into a little whimper of mixed pleasure and pain, as he spanked her again, the palm of his hand striking wetly against her glistening cunt. “Daddy…” she breathed.

Without a word, he slide his hands down to her ankles and spread her legs apart, lifting them onto his shoulder so she was lying prone on the ground, legs spread, cunt exposed to him. He dipped his head, his mouth finding her pussy, and Cordy shrieked. “Daddy…daddy, what are you doing?”

His voice was muffled against his daughter’s bare cunt. “Eating you, little girl…what does it look like? Isn’t this what you like, hmm…?” He lifted his head. “When you and your little friend go rolling in the mud…isn’t this what you do? Stick your pretty little tongues inside each other?”

She was silent…dripping. His mouth went back to her cunt, his lips sucking at her folds, his tongue sliding between her crevices…inside her cunt. She moaned, her hands lifting to his head, pressing his face into her, and he smiled to himself. He slid his tongue further into her pussy…she bucked her hips into him. He shifted, his mouth now over her clit, and sucked at the tiny nub, licking at it with the tip of his tongue and she writhed, panting, her face flushed. “Daddy, please…”

“Please what, darling…?”

“Please…I want…”

“What, hmm…?” he slid the tip of his finger teasingly, inside her pussy. She jerked, hips arching.


His finger slid in just a little farther. “You want to be filled, hmm…?”

She was breathless. “Yes…”

“You want your little cunt stretched…your little body stuffed…?”

“Yes…” she was almost whispering now.

“Stuffed with my cock?”

She moaned. “Yes…!”

“Beg me,” he whispered. “Say it.”

She was silent for a moment, staring at him, his mouth wet with her cunt juices, a wild, feral look in his eyes. “Fuck me, daddy.”

He smiled, softly. “If you insist, darling…”

He slid up her body, grabbing her wrists in his hands to pin above her head, her breasts arching up to him, her legs spread wide to him. She felt, for a moment, the thickness of his cock nudging at her cunt. He thrust, shoving himself inside her completely, and she gasped, moaning, writhing, her body jerking up towards him. He withdrew, slowly, and then slowly ground his cock into her again. “Daddy,” she panted. “Daddy, fuck me.”

“I thought you didn’t like cock, little girl…” He thrust, hard, into her.

She bit her lip. “Daddy…please…”

“Please what?”

“Please fuck my pussy, hard…I want your cock. Please…”

He rammed himself inside her, and she groaned in satisfaction. “Yes…yes daddy. Fuck your little girl…fuck me hard!”

He was ramming her now, his cock sliding in and out of her cunt with a frantic, almost desperate rhythm, jack hammering into her pussy, wet, slick sounds that accompanied the slap of their skin together, as he shoved himself inside his little girl, and she opened, hips lifting, arching, to take him.

Her cunt was clenching around him…clutching, convulsing. Her body was tensing beneath him, and he could feel the tightening of his own body, the swelling of his cock…

The eruption. The jerking spasms of his shaft inside her grasping pussy, the jetting spurts of hot cum into her cunt, the hoarse, gasping breathing, the slow, wet trickle of their combined cum trickling down her legs…

They lay together for a moment, and then he pulled away, withdrew from her body and picked her up in his arms, pressing his lips against hers, kissing her deeply, lovingly. “Come on little girl,” he said a little roughly. “It’s way past your bedtime.”

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