Don’t Fancy Yours, Mate! Ch. 02

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Apologies for any unintentional offence in Ch 1 caused by the description of “Andrew” – it wasn’t intended as a stereotype, just as an extra detail to add to the realism!

Hope you enjoy episode 2 anyway!


He awoke to feel her firm lips planting kisses on the back of his neck. He was lying naked on his side with his back to Jane, his fifty-eight year old colleague and co-delegate on a work conference. The hotel room light was switched off but she had evidently opened the curtains, and the room was unevenly lit by the city lights outside and below. The patches of light contrasted with deep shadow, giving the room a very arousing feel.

Behind him she too was lying on her side. She leaned closer against him. Her large, squashy breasts pushed into him and moulded against him. The satin of her ankle-length nightdress was soft and slippery against his skin. She flickered her hard tongue along the back of his neck, and he saw and felt her fingers glide softly over his chest.

In the half-light he could see a few age-blotches on the back of her hand. Her long fingers circled his nipple and slid down to his belly. She pulled back slightly to allow her breasts more movement, and massaged his back with them in little circular moves, brushing lightly against him then pressing them harder against him. The feel of the smooth satin and of her 36DD breasts underneath produced a contented sigh from him. He reached back and cupped her bum cheek through her nightdress, kneading and stroking the firm flesh.

She swung her thigh over him, and he ran his hand along it, stroking it through the soft satin. He squeezed her thigh gently and ran his fingertips up and down it. She caressed his belly with her fingertips.

She raised herself on one elbow and leaned over him a little. She grazed his ear with her teeth and chewed on it. As she did so she rubbed her satin-clad crotch against his backside. The nylon rustled softly and the feel of it between his skin and hers produced a grunt of approval from him.

She bit a little harder on the outer edge of his ear, sucked on his fleshy lobe and swirled her tongue in his ear-hole. As she did so she made little noises, a sort of combination of a slow pant, a sigh and a wheeze, a sound of pleasure that was put on but that was nevertheless arousing.

Apart from pushing his bum back against the movement of her crotch and continuing to fondle her thigh, he lay still for several minutes, enjoying the slow pace, and letting her take the lead. She wrapped her hand around his rising cock and she stroked him and gently shafted him before removing her hand to prevent over-arousing him.

Neither spoke. In part this was to avoid being overheard by neighbouring guests, but in part at this stage speech was an unnecessary distraction, though each murmured and whimpered softly to the other.


He smiled as he recalled the scorn and pity in the voice of Andrew, a delegate he had met: “Don’t fancy yours, mate! Pity you couldn’t find someone younger… Joan or Jane, whateve, she’s a bit past her sell-by date now, eh? You should get someone younger so you can get shagged-up every night…”

Martin doubted whether Andrew , despite having a young and sexy female companion was getting more “shagged up” than he himself was with Jane. Despite her fifty eight years Jane provided the hottest sex that he had ever known.

Martin was thirty one years old and had been with his partner for nine years. They were close and very fond of each other. Jane, too, was in a marriage of thirty-something years and seemed reasonably content with her lot. He had his partner Wendy for companionship and affection and sex that was quite good — and he had Jane for added spice that invigorated and enthralled him.

“Affair” was not really the word for his relationship with Jane. It was an arrangement of mutual consent. He had always doubted whether a “no-strings fun” relationship could remain so for more than a week or two, reasoning that one party or the other would soon demand or wish for more. But this had not yet proved to be the case with Jane, and they had been having sex once or twice a week now for just over twelve months.

They casino siteleri avoided any conversation about their personal lives and were content with talk about trivia — and enjoying sex. Great sex. Varied sex. From time to time his fifty-eight year old colleague would surprise him with something new out of her repertoire, or drop something for a while that she had often done.

She seemed to know instinctively how to maintain his interest. She wanted no declaration of everlasting love or silly and idle promise that he would leave his partner for her. To feel desirable and actually to be desired, to pleasure and be pleasured was enough for her.


She rolled him over onto his back and knelt on all fours over him. She straddled one of his thighs, trapping it between both of hers. She thrust her satin-covered crotch up and down, and rubbed it round and round against his upper thigh.

The neckline of her nightdress was cut low enough to reveal her cleavage but high enough to keep her fulsome orbs in place. It was trimmed with lace, which felt slightly scratchy as it brushed his skin. Her matronly breasts mashed against his bare chest, and again the combined sensation of her squashy flesh and the slippery satin on his skin thrilled him. He felt a slight dampness from her crotch through the satin.

The straps of her nightdress were narrow and adjustable like narrow bra straps, and one slid from her shoulder. Her nightdress stayed in place but the slipped strap gave her a slightly wanton appearance. Her ample breasts swung before his face, hanging down under the fabric, but silhouetted by the light that filtered through it.

For now he was happy just to gaze at them, admiring their size, pendulous shape and sensual movement. They swung provocatively, and her nipples were beginning to swell and to show against the fabric. He clasped her firm bum cheeks in his hands and rolled them round and round through their smooth satin covering, tugging them apart and letting them close together, stimulating her. She whimpered and kissed him on the mouth, then on his neck and throat.

Where the light caught it, it made her red nightdress shimmer and appear almost luminous against the shadows. The unevenness of the light also picked out the contrasting textures of the smooth satin and its lace trim.

She rocked backwards and forwards so that her breasts swayed just above his face.

“Mmmhh, Jane, get those lovely big tits out and suckle me, you hot sexy woman…. oh yeah!” he murmured.

She slid the narrow straps from her shoulder, tugged her neckline down and freed her ample, sagging breasts. She took her right one in her hand, squeezed it so that it became firmer, and lowered it to his mouth. She rubbed it across his lips and slapped it against his nose and chin, then repeated the process with her other breast. When she had done this a few times she let him suck each one in turn, enjoying the sensation and sound of his greedy sucking.

She rolled off him and sat up on the bed, propped on one elbow and with her legs to one side of her. He knelt behind her and kissed her neck. He scooped his hands under her big, naked breasts. He rocked them up and down, gazing in the mirror at their swaying and surging in the half-light, delighting in the feel of them, their weight, the way they overspilled his cupped palms. He ran his hand up and down her deep cleft, and fondled and mauled her squashy orbs through the warm slipperiness of her nightdress. He played with her hard nipples, teasing them with his fingertips and gently pinching them, staring at them in the mirror as they swelled and hardened to his touch.

He slid his hands down to her belly. Although she was not particularly overweight it belly was soft, and yielded to his touch. He located her navel and poked his finger into it, then rubbed her belly flesh firmly with the flat palm of his hand.

She pulled away slightly and gently pushed him onto his back, then pivoted round. She half-lay on her side with her crotch near his face and her head close to his hard cock. He stared, entranced, as she ran her hand up and down it a few times and then lowered her mouth to it.

She tilted güvenilir casino her head and closed her mouth against its length. She slid her mouth along it. She poked out her tongue and flickered it over his throbbing end and poked the tip of her tongue into his slit. She sucked him slowly and he watched the puckering of her cheeks. A couple of times she took him to the back of her throat and gagged.

He groped her bare calves below the hem of her nightdress, and mauled her thighs roughly through the warm satin. She raised one leg and he groped her inner thigh through the silky fabric, resisting for now the urge to explore higher or inside.

She swept her painted nails swept across his nipple and raked it lightly, then she took it between her finger and thumb. She pulled it and pinched it hard enough for him to draw a sharp intake of breath. She began to suck harder and faster, her head rocking up and down, and the slurping noises sent a shudder of delight through him. She paused pinching and tweaking his hard nipple sideways for a few moments then resumed again, pinching and pulling on it in synch with her sucking.

She had never done this to him previously, it was another trick she had pulled out to vary their times of pleasure, nor had he ever had this done before by anyone else.

He stared at the movement of her finger and thumb, wincing slightly with the pain she was inflicting yet aroused by it. His enjoyment of it surprised him, he had always considered it distasteful to take pleasure in pain, but here was no denying that it was an erotic sensation that added to the oral stimulation she was giving him.

She rested again from pinching his nipple but he closed his hand over hers and made her squeeze it again, and she recommenced.

She released his cock from her mouth and licked up and down, her tongue dragging lewdly along the whole length of his erection. He saw a bead of pre-cum seeping from his tip, and she held his cock in her hand and rubbed it on her cheek, adorning it with the glistening moisture. She took half his length into her mouth again and with her tongue she pushed it from side to side inside her mouth, pressing it against the inside of one cheek, then the other.

He groaned.

“Oh yes, Jane, that’s good. You’re so hot, so sexy — so gorgeous….”

He lifted the hem of her red nightdress and gazed inside at her thighs and at her full, mid-brown bush. She ceased teasing his cock in case he came. She tugged at her nghtdress and smiled at him.

“Put your head up inside her and eat my mature cunt, Martin…”

She lay back and he crawled to her. He lifted the ankle-length hem of nightdress enough to get his head inside, then shuffled up, dragging his tongue up her shadowed legs, then her inner thighs, towards her mature, hairy pussy. He let the nightdress drop back down over the back of his head. He could smell her arousal. He eased her hairy flaps open and began to massage her slit and her labia with his lips and tongue. She moaned softly.

He became aware of footsteps and voices on the corridor outside. He heard a man’s giggle, followed by a young woman’s. The woman then spoke, quietly, but not as quietly as she thought, and her words were slurred. The voice came right outside Jane’s door.

“Not here, Dave! Someone might see us! Wait till we get into my room…”

There was the fumbling sound of a key being tried unsuccessfully in the lock of Jane’s door. Martin emerged rapidly from under her nightdress and sat bolt upright. More inebriated giggles could be heard outside the door.

“Shit — it’s the wrong door! I thought this wasn’t my floor! Shit!”

More embarrassed giggles followed, but their sound and the sound of unsteady footsteps receded.

Jane and he exploded into stifled, embarrassed laughter.

“Shit! What if the key had fitted your door, Jane!” he chuckled.

“Unlikely in a hotel of this standard. Besides — we put the chain on the door for extra security you fool!” she teased.

“Oh yes. Yes we did. Now — where WAS I?” He lifted her nightdress again and gazed inside at her mature thighs and verdant bush.

“You were under there enjoying what you were eating, Martin. Go canlı casino back and enjoy the rest of your meal, love…”

“Mmmm… okay, Jane. At least we’re in good company — I bet half the delegates are at it! I bet there’ll be a fair few dozing off in the seminars tomorrow… ah well, back to… my meal…”

He slid his head up her nighdress once more. She gave a low whimper and he felt her hand stroking the back of his neck through the smooth satin. She raised her thighs and rested them over his shoulders. He lapped and frigged her in the shadow under her nightdress, thrilling in the feel of her spongy flesh under his mouth and in the feel of the warm satin against him, enjoying her astringent taste of her juice and the sound of the fabric rustling against his ears. He cupped her breasts and squeezed them, then he pinched her nipples, though not quite as hard as she had pinched his. She grooned and cooed in response.

She pulled away from him and slid off the bed. She pulled the duvet part way off and, puzzled but taking the hint, he slid off the bed as well. She kissed him and he held her close, stroking her back through the lace and mesh trim at the back of her nightdress, and caressing her bare skin above the cut-away.

“I’m a bit shy about creaking bed springs being heard if we fuck here, Martin…”

He was about to persuade her that nobody would hear. He had no objection to coming in her mouth or of being jacked off over her magnificent breasts, but her wanted to be inside her now. Before he could speak, though, she continued.

“Let’s fold the duvet in half and put it on the floor and you can take me doggy-style on it….”

He needed no further persuasion. He flung the duvet onto the floor and, still wearing her full-length nightdress around her waist, though with her naked breasts swaying freely above it, she roughly folded it in half.

She lifted the red nightdress to her knees to keep it out of the way as she knelt on all fours on the floor. He gazed at her in the light that filtered in through the uncurtained window. Where the light caught it, the red satin shone and shimmered. Then — and it looked so lewd and wanton, she raised her eyebrows at him and at the same time reached her hand don to her hip and slowly lifted her nightdress up to her waist.

Her bum caught the light and its ivory appearance added to the wantonness of her pose. Above the low-cut mesh and lace trim at the back of her nightdress the skin of her back and shoulders was pale and inviting, too. Her crotch was in shadow but he could see the outline of her pussy hair.

He dropped to his knees behind her and held his throbbing erection in his hand. He slapped her firm bum cheeks and the backs of her thighs with it, then slapped it up against her pussy.

She groaned softly.

“Now, Martin. Put it in and give me a good hard seeing to…”

He eased into her and clasped her slightly sagging belly with his left hand. With his right he teased her clit as he built up his rhythm. As he drove into her their bodies made a quiet but sensual slapping noise, and the slick moistness of her pussy meant that his thrusting was also accompanied by a soft squishy sound.

“Oh yes, Martin,” she muttered. “Keep fucking me. Fuck me harder, harder and deeper, oh yes like that, ohhh… ohhhhh!”

He quickened his pace and thrust harder and deeper into her, with his finger pressed against her hard, moist clit. She pushed back against him and he heard her breathing becoming ragged, then her body began to jerk and convulse.

He knew he was not far from his own orgasm and he pulled out of her and, holding his throbbing cock, held it over her pale, illuminated bum cheeks and watched as his milky cum spurted over them. She remained still for a few moments to savour the remnants of her powerful climax, and its glowing aftermath, but it also granted him the spectacle of seeing his spent seed dribbling down her mature, pale bum cheeks and hanging from them in creamy, gooey beads.

She gave a soft low laugh.

“You bad, bad boy, Martin!” she whispered. Then, holding the duvet she wiped herself clean.

She looked at her watch. It was a little before two in the morning. She picked up the duvet and draped it back over the bed. She slid back onto the bed and he joined her. They kissed and cuddled for a while, knowing that they would have time for sex at least one more time before he would need to sneak back to his room to maintain her discretion.

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