Don’t Back Down: Sisterly Love

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Big Tits

It had been two weeks since I had shagged my wife’s sister – Jane – in front of her.

Two long weeks.

The morning after I had fucked Jane, Kate (my wife) was a little nervous around me. I didn’t feel guilty in the slightest – after all, Kate had let me do it. To be precise, she had encouraged me to do it and judging by the fact that she had furiously brought herself to a climax whilst I came in her sister, had obviously enjoyed it! That memory will stay with me for a very long time and just thinking about how I hammered Jane from behind whilst kissing Kate made me hard. I knew that remembering that will fuel many wanking sessions – now only if I could get hold of Jane’s thong…. I decided to bring the subject up and fuck the consequences.

“About last night…are you OK with it?

Kate looked surprised.

“Actually I was going to ask you. I don’t have a problem with it but I am a little embarrassed by what I agreed to do with Jane.”

This blew me away. You see, at the end of last nights session the girls had agreed on trying ‘sisterly love’ and I certainly was keen on them trying.

“Really! I would love to see that! When can Jane come over?” In my head I thought “Tonight. And tomorrow. And the day after.”

“I’ll ask her later”

The rest of the day was very hard – literally. By evening I was desperate for a fuck – Kate was a little shocked when I walked up behind her and slid my hand around her and gripped her crutch. Before she realised what was happening I had pulled her tracksuit bottoms down to reveal her black lace thong. Now, black lace really gets me going (?is that why she wore them?) and seeing these combined with my growing frustration pushed me over the edge. I roughly pushed her down onto her knees and shoved a finger into her from behind. She gasped, a little in excitement and a little in pain as she was dry due to the quickness of my approach. Her dryness however, did not stop me from pushing my cock hard into her in one go. Her gasp turned to a scream of pain but it was too late – I was buried deep into her and I wasn’t going to stop. I knew I wouldn’t last long and I didn’t want to, so I rammed her repeatedly and mercilessly. Seeing her cute little asshole in front of me, I shoved a finger into it. It then hit me that this was the same position that I had fucked her sister the night before, complete with the finger up her ass!

“Phone Jane NOW” I commanded. Still on all fours with my cock in her, she reached for the phone. Jane answered quickly. The sisters küçükçekmece escort began the usual small talk when Jane obviously heard what we were doing. I could only hear Kate’s replies.

“Yes….from behind…just like he had you…yes I am serious about another session…yes, you and me in front of him…”

With a loud grunt I shot my load deep inside her – just listening to the two of them planning to fuck in front of me was wild! As I pulled out my cock, a big dollop of spunk dropped out of Kate’s pussy which I scooped up, placed it on my cock and offered it to my wife who hungrily lapped up the mixture of our juices. God! Life couldn’t get better!

A week went past. A very, very frustrating week.

And then it was Saturday night. Jane had arrived early and looked stunning – when she sat down, it was hard not to notice the lace topped stockings and the matching bra. Is she wearing a G string or thong wondered? Kate was equally stunning, wearing a blouse that was practically see through revealing breasts shrouded in a purple lace bra – I knew that she would be wearing the matching thong. Just seeing these two women sat in front of me, wearing very erotic lingerie and knowing that we were going to fuck was an unbelievable feeling.

The wine had been flowing freely, the lights were dim but still there was a nervous air between the two women as both knew that tonight they would cross a line that many think about but would never do. I knew I had to make the first move and so stood up and walked over to the women, dropping my trousers on the way.

“Well, somebody better get my cock out!” I said.

Kate moved quickly and gently pulled my boxer shorts off to reveal my manhood, fully erect and shaven. With a slight pause and a giggle, she started to masturbate me slowly. I let this continue, never taking me eyes of Jane who was captivated by Kate’s movements.

“Suck it” I commanded, looking at Jane.

Jane obeyed quickly, kissing the head of my cock before sucking it in. Kate continued with her slow movements and fondled my balls. After a short while, Kate moved closer and started to lick my shaft whilst Jane continued to suck before they exchanged places. Kate’s head began to bob up and down and I began to feel that wonderful feeling build up in my balls. Both ladies began to speed up, sensing that I was going to cum when suddenly Jane moved closer to her sister so that both of their mouths were on the end of my dick and küçükyalı escort were practically kissing each other.

At this point I couldn’t hold back any longer and let fly a huge dollop of sperm so that both ladies got a mouthful as well as covering around their mouths. I was wrong – life did get better!

Kate put her arms around Jane and kissed her neck, then her cheek and then her chin. With each kiss Kate lapped up my sperm and cleaned her sister’s face before finally ending up at her lips. This was the moment that I had been waiting for – seeing these two beauties kiss and covered with my sperm was a moment that I had long fantasised about but never imagined would happen. Their kiss was tender with each sister tingling with the excitement of performing such a taboo act but soon became passionate. Each began to fondle her sisters breasts before Jane lowered her hand and began to tug at Kate’s skirt. I sat back in a chair to watch this unbelievable show. This skirt was quickly removed and soon Jane’s hand was friggin her sister through her lace thong whilst Kate was pulling off her sisters clothes. With clothes now thrown around the room, Kate spent a short time with her hand in her sisters G string before pushing her down so that Jane was lying flat on her back. Kate moved round and sat in front of her and began to pull down the G string to reveal a smooth cunt where the glistening juices were plainly visible. Kate wasted no time before she buried her face in Jane’s crutch and began to lick fervently. I had always imagined that such an act between two women would be slow and tender yet in front of me my wife was licking as if her life depended on it.

I manoeuvred around so that I could see my wife’s arse sticking up whilst she ate out her sister. What a fantastic view! I was very tempted to fuck my wife doggy style at this moment but my cock was still recovering from its workout shortly before – besides, this was a show that I wanted to last as long as possible!

Jane began to arch her back and pulled Kate’s head firmly into her twat. Her breathing changed to short, sharp gasps before she cried out loudly “Cumming….I’m cumming!”. Kate carried on with her tonguing for a few more moments before Jane sat up, eyes closed with a rigid body. Another cry escaped her lips before she let go of her sisters head.

“Christ that was good! We should have been fucking each other years ago.”

“Many years still ahead of us!”

On hearing that my maltepe escort dick found another lease of life.

They kissed some more and Jane was happy to taste her own juices from Kate’s tongue. Kate pulled her sister down and guided Jane’s head to her crutch. The carpet was already dark with the wetness of Jane and now Kate was going to add her own juices – I would be smelling their sex for a long time. Jane used her fingers, one at first before slowly pushing two then three fingers into her sister. This went on for a few minutes before Jane lowered her mouth and flicked her tongue across her sisters clit. Kate gasped hard whilst her sister continued to push her fingers in and out her twat. The tongue was moving a lot quicker now and the fingers became a blur with Jane doing her best to pummel her sister’s pussy.

I realised that I was wanking furiously and decided that I needed a piece of this action. I got on my knees behind Jane and put the tip of my cock at the glistening entrance to her very wet love tunnel. With as big a thrust as possible, I rammed myself into Jane which was made easier by her wetness. She grunted loudly and cried out in pleasure as I relentlessly battered her pussy. Her fingers continued to work my wife’s pussy whilst her tongue continued played with the clit. With both hands on her hips, It suddenly occurred to me that this was the exact position where I had fucked Jane one week previously. With this in mind, I began to play with her asshole and not meeting any resistance, pushed two fingers into her and began to finger fuck her ass.

All movements began to get quicker and the breathing heavier. We had become one, with all of us concentrating on our own pleasure waiting for that inevitable orgasm to happen.

With one final thrust, I emptied my seed deep into Jane’s belly and pushed my fingers deep into her ass. Jane screamed out in ecstasy but this scream was drowned out by Kate’s. Fuckin fantastic, I thought!

We all lay down next to each other in a sweaty mess. The usual banter began…

“You’re leaking onto my carpet again!”

“Your husbands mess…besides who sprayed that?” Jane said, whilst pointing at a very large wet patch underneath Kate’s ass.

Kate giggled and stood up. ” I suppose I had better get more drinks”

Jane and I nodded our agreement and I watched Kate’s stunning ass walk out the room to the kitchen. Jane leaned over and kissed me.

“I enjoyed that. John [her husband] never gets me off like that”

“He never has Kate to help!” I said jokingly.

“I meant with fingers up my ass”

I decided to push my luck a little bit more.

“If fingers do that, imagine what my cock could do for you?”

Jane paused and then a big grin spread across her lips.

“I do imagine…but I don’t think we need to involve Kate when we do it next week, do we?”

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