Donor Uncle in Apartment Pt. 08

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It was a winter evening, and the time was 8.00 PM. Pawan Kumar was ready with his suitcase as he had to board the train to Puri at 9.30 PM. Debashree, Tapasi, Basanti, and Sumati, all of them were standing nearer to him.

He turned his head towards Debashree and Tapasi, “Listen, Girls, I will be away for only 3 days as I have a Bank’s job at Puri. But during my absence, don’t move outside unnecessarily, and try to reach home before evening. I expect full concentration from both of you in your studies only.”

“Yes, Uncle,” replied Debashree in a very soft voice.

Tapasi was very happy that they will have enough time to eat each other’s pussy without any hindrance.

Then Pawan Kumar turned his face towards his maids, “Basanti and Sumati, provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner to my two girls in time with warm milk in bedtime. you ensure that the entrance grill would be locked always and inspect it before going to bed. Do you both understand?”

“Yes, Sahib,” both of them replied.

Then he noticed Debashree’s lips were opening to say something.

“Yes, Debashree, do you want to say something? “he asked.

“Uncle, since you are going to Puri, please meet my grandmother. Convey our love and affection to her, “said Debashree,

“Sure, my dear. I will meet your grandmother,” he replied smilingly.

In fact, he was visiting Puri only to meet Ritu (Rupa’s mother and grandmother of Debashree). It had been quite a long time he had not visited her.

There was a direct train from Kolkata to Puri. It was an overnight journey. Pawan Kumar reached Puri in the early morning. It was still dark. He pushed the calling bell at the main entrance door of Ritu’s house. The door was opened by an old woman. She was in white saree. Her hair was grey. She must be between 65 to 68 years of age. In the early morning, she resembled a Sadhavi (a Nun in a monastery). He could smell a piousness around her, a fragrance of sandalwood and flowers, he guessed she might be doing puja (an act of worship) at this early hour of the morning.

“If I am not wrong, you are Mr. Pawan Kumar? “the elderly lady asked.

“Yes, Madam,” confirmed Pawan Kumar.

“Don’t call me Madam, this word is prevalent in your city area. I am much elder to you, so call me Kusum Didi (elder sister),” she interrupted in a dominant voice, and said, “Please come inside.”

Pawan Kumar was in awe of her. He wondered who this lady could be.

Then he heard her voice, “Should I address you as only Pawan?”

“Sure, Kusum Didi,” he grinned.

“You see, Ritu is still sleeping, so you better refresh yourself,” she said and ushered him into the nearest bedroom.

Pawan Kumar had not slept well on the train so the moment she left he jumped into bed and had a deep slumber.

———— ——– ————- ———–

He must have been in deep slumber for around 3 hours then he woke up as he felt the soft touch of a hand on his face. He opened his eyes and found Ritu, the old lady of 58 years old, looking bright from the fresh bath with a cream-colored saree. She was looking beautiful at this age as her white skin was tanned, and there was no shrinkage of her skin even an inch in her entire body. Her thick natural rosy-colored lascivious lips were looking more attractive and inviting to him. There was a thin line of sindoor(vermilion) strip on her parted hair and a red bindi on her forehead. Without saying anything, he dragged her towards him in such a manner that she lay on top of him and he planted a hot kiss on her lips, he could feel her huge breasts pressing on her chest. He could hear the tingling of a lot of glass bangles in her wrists. Ritu was his unofficial wife.

“How are you my dear wife?” asked Pawan Kumar.

“I am fine,” she replied smilingly.

“Are you applying the sindoor(vermilion) every day? “asked Pawan Kumar.

“You married me in a temple at Kolkata. Since my returning to Puri, I have been applying sindoor on my head which is the Hindu symbol of me being married to you, “said Ritu.

“Suppose, your daughter, Rupa, and your granddaughters Kakoli and Debashree visit you suddenly, what will you do? “asked Pawan Kumar.

“There is a remote chance of visit of my granddaughters to here as Kakoli is married and settled in Chennai. Debashree is studying in Kolkata, and she may visit sometimes. Then Rupa, my daughter who may visit occasionally to inquire about the welfare of her old mother. But if they visit here then I will be in a widow outfit again. I don’t want to let the whole world knows that we both are married,” she replied smilingly.

Pawan Kumar again bent her head towards his face and started kissing, then he squeezed her breasts.

“Ritu, with the advanced age, your breasts have also grown bigger and heavier,” he said.

“Leave me, my dear husband. The door is opened and at any moment Kusum Didi may drop-in, “said Ritu and tried to get herself free from his embrace.

“Kusum Didi, that elderly old woman!” exclaimed Pawan Kumar.

“Yes,” mecidiyeköy escort replied Ritu.

It was a winter morning, and Pawan Kumar felt chillness. He was shivering a little bit.

“We have an early winter here unlike Kolkata. I have arranged hot water in the bathroom. Get yourself refreshed fast, and I am preparing coffee for you,” said Ritu and left.

Pawan Kumar had finished his bathing. It was 9.00 AM, in the morning.

Ritu entered the room, and said, “Come, I will serve you coffee in my home garden which I have developed for years. You will enjoy your coffee with warm sun.”

She led him to the backside of the house, a place which was exactly behind their bedrooms. Pawan Kumar followed her through a narrow lane from the house to the backside. Rupa’s house was situated around 1 KM away from the seashore. Pawan Kumar had not imagined that she had such a big space in the backyard.

The property although it belonged to Ritu now, in fact, it was purchased by her late Father-in-law, might be 100 years ago. The space at the back of the house would be around 7000 square feet, surrounded by a high stone wall of 8 feet height. The surface of the earth was sandy soil because of nearer to the sea. There were around 100 nos or more than that of Jhao trees and shrubs (Tamarix dioica) covering from inside just near the wall. It was an artificial dense jungle and like a fortress from outside. Even if somebody would peep through with the help of a ladder on the wall from outside, he or she could not see anything inside due to the dense trees. Ritu had created a flower garden inside in an open place after putting her effort with special friendly soil for the flowers. There was another adjunct open place near the flower garden where there were 4 nos of Rattan chairs with cushions. There was also a long rattan sofa with cushion where one could easily lie down.

“This is the place to lie or relax in the pleasant warmth of the sun in winter, you lie somewhere sunny and enjoy the heat, basking in the sun. We used to relax here in the winter morning, absorbing in the sun’s heat ourselves while oiling our bodies. During hot summer days, you can sit under the cool shadows of these trees, and an evening, you can enjoy and can be relaxed with a cold wind blowing from the seaside and swaying of these trees,” explained Ritu.

Pawan Kumar sat on a rattan chair and Ritu served him coffee.

“Really! This is the idle place to bask in the sunshine,” said Pawan Kumar.

Then Pawan Kumar could see a blue Maruti-800 car parking nearby inside the wall.

“When did you purchase this car? Do you know driving?” asked Pawan Kumar.

“I have purchased it long back. I don’t know driving but when the necessity for a car arises, I hire a driver, “replied Ritu.

Sun, sea, and sand – the three ‘S’ words would always bring to mind peace, relaxation, fun, magnificent landscapes, and good times! For, everyone the word Beach would be also synonymous with a special attachment to these three ‘S’.

Sitting closely, their bodies touching each other on the sea beach, stretching their legs, both Pawan Kumar and Ritu were watching massive waves crashing and throwing up white spray just a few feet away from them. The heat of the winter sun was falling on the body of Pawan Kumar, and it was feeling like a warm coat. The time was 11.00 AM. Pawan Kumar was feeling very soothing due to the warm sun.

“We have never felt cold at Kolkata, “he said to Ritu.

“But winter at Puri is too cold,” replied Ritu.

Pawan Kumar glanced deeply into the ocean. The ocean was reflecting on changing colors – just like emotions. The Wild, dark black waves were giving him thrill and making him stand in awe of nature. But after ebbing away of the waves, the Calm, azure blue waters tempted him to put in a toe.

He glanced towards Rituparna aka Ritu, she had been changed quite a lot within six years. She had already grey hair covering more than half of her head. She was already 58 years old lady. But the surprise of the fact was that at this age, she had perfect and tight skin. Pawan Kumar couldn’t find any shrinkage in her skin, even her two breasts were perfect and erect.

“Ritu, what’s the secret of your youthfulness? You are still young, “he asked.

“Hey, I am an elderly lady. Don’t call me young. I am not only a grandmother but a great grandmother as my granddaughter Kakoli has been blessed with a son. Of course, I am practicing yoga and meditation regularly, and that is the secret of my youthfulness’ replied with a smile.

“A few months before, you visited Chennai. Tell me about my daughter Rupa and my granddaughter Kakoli,” asked Ritu.

“When I visited Chennai, your daughter Rupa was in Nursing Home to take care of Kakoli. Kakoli had a healthy male baby, I mean your great-grandson, “replied Pawan Kumar.

“How about my granddaughter Debashree? She must be a big girl by now,” asked Ritu.

“Yes, Debashree has become a big merter escort girl now. She is 19 years and in college. Both Manasi’s daughter Tapasi and Debashree are like twins, they are studying and staying together. I have left them alone with my maids. Your granddaughter Debashree has conveyed love and affection towards you, “said Pawan Kumar.

Pawan Kumar could feel the soft sand between his toes, and he was watching the endless crashing of the waves.

Ritu glanced at him, and said, “What’s are you brooding over so deeply?”

“Nothing! Not any serious thing. The vibe of the ocean makes everything better – it calms the mind, body, and soul. You will instantly relax and revitalize your spirit, no matter how far from the ocean you are. This Puri beach is the perfect place to calm your mind, body, and soul. Feel the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, the sand between your toes and hear the lulling sound of waves gently breaking on the shore,” said Pawan Kumar.

“Yes, I head for the beach every evening and soak up the vibe of the great oceans. The crashing waves are mighty, the golden sands are endless and the beauty of the ocean is unsurpassed – just like your Love. The beach inspires, uplifts, and calms the mind, body, and soul – in the same way, that great love will do. I hear the crashing of wild stormy waves, enjoy the soft lull of calm waters, feel the hot sand under my feet, and remember you. A few years before, walking along this shore with you created a lot of memories that are still in my mind which would last forever. Do you remember how you held my hands as the sunset in fiery tones of red and orange over the ocean? Then you embraced me and kissed me deeply on my lips. I have Kept those romantic memories alive with this sea beach, “said Ritu in a romantic voice.

“The beach inspires, uplifts, and calms the mind, body, and soul – in the same way, that great love will do. The beach is endless and ever-changing. It braves the strongest storms and then calms everything. It sees the rise and fall of the tides and the shifting of the seasons. Your love is endless and strong – like the Beach,” said Ritu.

“Ritu, I love you too much. I remember our memories on this beach when you were pregnant. We were walking alone as waves wash up onto the shore, meditating upon the meaning of life. We both were strolling hand in hand along the endless sands, “said Pawan Kumar and kissed her hand.

Then they heard the laughter of a little boy of 6 years near them. The boy was jumping amongst the waves and trying to free his hand from the clutches of Kusum Didi.

Immediately, Ritu screamed, “Krishna, Krishna, don’t try to go ahead.”

Then she again screamed in a high voice, “Kusum Didi, don’t allow him to go far in the sea, waves are coming.”

“Don’t worry! I have held his hand tightly. We are in low water,” replied Kusum Didi.

“See our son. He is now a big boy of 6 years. I have put him in a local boarding school which is the best one so that he could not only get the proper education but also the proper manner and discipline. He would be self-confident,” said Ritu.

“So, you have named him Krishna,” said Pawan Kumar.

“He resembles your shadow, his body movement, his face, and everything is a replica of you, “said Ritu.

She continued, “Sometimes, I wonder, Time or period whatever you may call it is very powerful and mighty, it can turn everything up. It may be called destiny. Just think about the events before 6 years ago when I went to Kolkata to help my pregnant daughter Rupa. But during my staying there, I was impregnated by you in my late fifties, and now I am the mother of this boy. Of course, nobody from my family knows this secret except you and Kusum Didi. Everybody thinks he is adopted.”

“My God! you have confided our secret to this elderly lady Kusum Didi. By the way, who is this Kusum Didi? You have never referred about her to me in the past,” exclaimed Pawan Kumar.

“It’s a long story. As you know, Puri is one of the famous religious places of Hindu in India. There are a lot of Maths (Monasteries)here. In those days, when I was pregnant with your baby, I became very pious and spiritual. Every day, I used to visit one math and listened to the spiritual speech of Guru. There I happened to meet Kusum Didi, who was a resident of that math. She was a sadhavi (Nun) of that math. Within a few days, we became very close to each other. She looked so pure, pious, and spiritual in her white saree, just like a white angel, an elder sister to me. Gradually, I came to know more details about her. She had a child marriage. When she was only10 years old, even she had not seen her husband properly, she became a widow. As per the tradition in that period, her family left her in the math. Just imagine, how merciless her family was during that period leaving a tender girl of 10 years in a math. From that age, she had completely surrendered herself before God and became a Sadhavi and led a spiritual life.

In mutlukent escort those days, I was in the advanced stage of my pregnancy. One evening, while I was listening to spiritual speech in math, suddenly I felt labor pain. Immediately, Kusum Didi rushed me into a nearby hospital, and I safely delivered my son (Krishna). After my delivery, I requested her to stay with me sometimes. She was taking care of me like an elder sister till Krishna became 6 months older. I was staying alone in a big house of my own, so one day, I requested her to stay with me permanently. At first, she was not agreed and hesitant as she had some health problems but with my repeated request and pleas, she agreed to stay with me. From that day till now, we are living like two sisters,” explained Ritu.

“What’s are her health problems? “asked Pawan Kumar.

“She is a patient of mild hypothermia. Sometimes, during winter, her body will collapse like ice, her body temperature will go down, she will have a fast heart rate and fast respiratory rate. She would not lose her consciousness; she would be in her senses. If you don’t treat her immediately, then there would be a possibility of losing her pulsation and palpitation leading to death,” explained Ritu.

“Then how do you treat her?” asked Pawan Kumar.

“There are specific tablets which she has to take immediately. Then I used to massage a specific medicated oil in her entire body. After 30 minutes, she would regain her normal temperature,” said Ritu.

“Ohh my God! Thank you, Ritu. You are saving the life of an elderly lady of 68 years. God will always help you,” said Pawan Kumar.

“She is not only my elder sister but she is like an angel to me. I have shared everything with her including your relationship with me. She knows that we both are married in Temple and you are the father of Krishna, “said Ritu.

“It’s OK. Now, I respect more to Kusum Didi. She is also like my elder sister, “said Pawan Kumar.

By afternoon, they left the sea beach and had their lunch. Then all of them went to Boarding school and left Krishna there.

Before seeing them off, Krishna indicated towards Pawan Kumar, and asked, “Mom, who is he?”

“He is your papa,” replied Ritu.

“Then, why is he not staying with us? “asked Krishna.

Pawan Kumar came forward, kissed his son on his cheek, and said, “Son, I am in the USA, so I can’t visit you frequently. You understand, how far is the USA from India. But I will visit you on more occasions for you. Now, Happy, my son?”

“Thank you, Papa. I love you very much,” said the little boy, and entered into the school premises.

It was late evening; the time was 8. 30PM. The main purpose of Pawan Kumar’s visit to Puri was to fuck Ritu, spending 3 nights with her. He reviewed and analyzed his last 4 month’s activities. He had fucked young virgin girls like Urmi in Santosh’s house, Sumati in a dump yard, Jyoti, and Rekha in Visakhapatnam. Even he had already fucked two pregnant sisters, Moushumi at Visakhapatnam, Rimi at Chennai, even fucked their pregnant mother Rakhi Majumdar at Chennai. He also fucked the pregnant Payal at Kolkata and her pregnant daughter Aprajita at Bangalore. Then luckily, he got a chance to fuck a young virgin medical student, Preeti in train. The last one was a middle-aged lady Pramila, mother of Urmi.

Infect, he was quite fed up with all these young pussies, and he wanted a change, wanted an elderly pussy of Ritu. Although Ritu had no young body like others as she was now an elderly lady of 58 years old but his possession of the entire generation of Ritu was giving him a different sensual pleasure. He was very proud of the feeling that he might be the only person in this world to fuck three generations of a family. It started from Rupa, whom he repeatedly fucked in the Apartment and impregnated her with a son. Next came, Ritu, Rupa’s widowed mother whom he fucked and had a son from her, then Kakoli, the young eldest daughter of Rupa whom he fucked before her marriage and made her pregnant who had now a baby of few months from him. So, he completed the circle by fucking the three generations, Ritu, Rupa, and Kakoli, with each a son from him.

His thought was interrupted by the voice of Ritu, “Pawan, come. Dinner is ready.”

“Ritu, listen. How can we spend tonight? You are sleeping with Kusum Didi?” he asked.

“Oh my God! Are you gone crazy? At this age, still, you want sex! I am already 58 years old and you must be touching 60 years. Do you think at this stage, we should be involved in sex? After the birth of Krishna and the entry of Kusum Didi in my life, I have become spiritual and pious and completely forgotten sex. Even I don’t remember how your cock looks like,” she said in a dry tone.

“Sorry, I am extremely sorry, Ritu. I think I have knocked on the wrong door. I was in a holiday mood and intended to stay here for 3 days with my wife, but I am surprised to find that my wife has been turned in to a pious and spiritual lady, a Nun. Don’t worry! I will back to Kolkata tomorrow morning, “said Pawan Kumar in a hurt voice.

Ritu heaved a long sigh and stared at him for a long time.

Then she said, “Listen, Pawan. I don’t want to displease you because I love you very much and you are my husband, the father of my son. Wait for me here, I would be coming in mid-night after sleeping of Kusum Didi. Now, please be hurry for dinner.”

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