Donna’s Metamorphosis Pt. 03

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It was finally Saturday night and we were getting ready to go next door. I had dressed in shorts and a tank top. Donna wore shorts and a halter top without a bra.

We brought a couple of bottles of wine.

I didn’t tell Donna about the orgy as I knew she would find out soon enough.

We were the first to arrive. As we sat in the family room, Vanessa told us that two more couples would be joining us.

Vanessa and Lisa wore shorts and halter tops and were braless.

Vanessa had food catered in and there was plenty to eat and drink. Donna already had a couple of glasses of wine before the other guests arrived.

I asked who the other couples were and Lisa said they are old friends and are nudists too.

Vanessa chimed in and said that her and Lisa have now embraced the nudist lifestyle.

Just then, the doorbell rang and it was the two couples.

Donna looked like she saw a ghost. She recognized the one guy as the guy with the horse sized cock that fucked her. He was with one of the women that Donna had sex with.

She also recognized the other woman as the one who was lactating and drank her milk. The other guy she didn’t remember.

Vanessa introduced everyone.

The guy with the huge cock came over to me and shook my hands and said, “Tony, my name is Richard and I just wanted to say that your wife is the hottest fuck I ever had. She couldn’t get enough last week.”

I smiled and told him that Donna said he was good in bed.

I could see Donna turning red and I just smiled at her.

Then Vanessa told us to dear edward izle get naked if we wanted to and hit the hot tub.

It didn’t take long before we were all naked and into the hot tub. Lisa and Vanessa staid out to serve food and drink though.

The lactating woman sat along side of Donna. The woman had her hands on Donna’s thigh and positioned her tit in front of Donna.

Then Donna, without any encouragement, slipped her mouth over the woman’s swollen nipple and started sucking.

It didn’t take long before Donna was sucking milk from the woman’s tit. When she finished one tit, she went to the other one until it was dry.

After Donna finished with her, Richard with the huge cock sat next to Donna.

He looked at me and said, “Tony, would you mind if I fucked your wife in front of you?”

I looked at Donna for a few seconds as she looked back.

Then I said, “No, I don’t mind. She is all yours. She told me a lot about that cock of yours. I would love to see it in action.”

Richard took Donna by her hand and placed her on a blanket that Vanessa put down.

His cock was long and thick and only semi hard. He had Donna kneel and told her to suck his cock.

We watched as she tried to take his cock all in her mouth but couldn’t. However, she did manage to his cock hard and ready for her cunt.

She laid back and spread her legs wide. He mounted her and placed his huge cock at her slit.

After a couple of attempts, he started sliding his cock in her cunt. As it entered her, she looked death in the dorms izle over at me. Soon, his cock was fully inserted in her cunt.

After they rested a bit, he started pumping his cock in her cunt…slowly at first then picked up the pace.

Donna’s body was writhing under him as he fucked her. Her hips rising to meet his thrusts.

Then she started screaming out that she was cumming.

At the same time the guy started shooting streams of cum deep into her.

He shot so much cum in her cunt, it oozed out of her with his cock in her.

When he pulled out, his cum flowed freely.

Donna laid there in exhaustion as we all clapped and smiled.

About an hour later Donna joined the rest of us. I told her she was terrific and that I loved her.

She asked me a hundred times if I loved her. I told her I did and that I was happy that she did it.

I whispered to her that I love the new Donna.

Vanessa came over and took Donna.

A half hour later, Donna came back and sat next to me.

Then she said to me, “Tony, Vanessa and I had an interesting talk. She told me that you asked her to get me started with women and more.”

I said to Donna, “Babe, I wanted you to try new things but I knew you would not do it on your own, so I arranged for Vanessa and Lisa to help you out.”

I continued, “Now, the guy fucking you, to me, was a bonus. I am glad you let him fuck you. And,I am glad you liked it.”

Donna then said, “Tony, then I am glad you asked for their help. diary of a gigolo izle I am a new person. And, if I am now the woman you want me to be, then so be it. Just remember you created the new me.”

I told her that from now on she was allowed to do whatever she wanted with men and women. However, when it came to men, she could only fuck them in our house, with me around.

She smiled and agreed.

“By the way,” she said, “I have decided to be a full blown nudist so don’t buy me any more clothes.”

With that, she got up, went over to Vanessa and told her that I gave my ok for her to enjoy her new lifestyle.

The rest of the night the group had the wildest orgy with Donna being the slut of the night.

I went over to Richard and asked him if he liked Donna. He said he did. I then asked him if he would like to fuck her regularly. He said yes. Then I asked if he was attached and he said no.

“Richard,” I said, “Would you like to move in with us? You would have complete access to Donna, anytime. We are nudists and expect you to be the same. You would have your own room and I would join you two if I wanted to. Does that work for you?”

Richard said he would like to see what Donna thought. Then he called her over.

“Donna,” Richard said, “Your husband just asked me to move in with you two and you would be available to me anytime. Is that ok with you?”

Donna looked at me and then Richard and then his huge hanging cock.

“Gentleman,” she said, ” It would be my pleasure to have a guest stay in our home. I look forward to it.”

It was early in the morning when we left but before we went home, I told everyone that next Saturday we would continue the orgy at our house.

I told Vanessa to bring a couple of more people and she agreed.

Richard went home to get some things and would be back in the morning.

Look for Part 4

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