Dominating a Neighbor Ch. 02

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The next morning I woke up with Kyle curled up against my side. I was glad I took the time with him. Our nightly conversations had shown me a lot of his soul, and I was very attracted to him. It went further than the good body that had first interested me. Sometimes you can cruise a guy online and it’s just for a night, or a couple of times. Enjoy the body, then go on to the next one. I wanted Kyle deeper. I didn’t regret all the time I had invested in him one bit. I knew he was much more comfortable with me than if I had rushed things. That would keep him bound to me more than the strongest ropes.

I lay there lost in my thoughts until Kyle stirred, snuggling closer to me. “Mmmm. Good morning, Master.” He paused. “That feels weird. But I … I like it.”

“It is a lot to take in. Did you sleep well?”

“Like a log. Better than in quite a while.” Kyle’s hand was lazily moving over my chest and abs.

When it moved down towards my waist, I said “Go ahead, just slowly, easy. We have all the time in the world.” He didn’t say anything, but he started to massage my cock softly. It stirred. I let him feel me a while, his eyes on my equipment. I wanted him to know my stuff better than his own.

“We’re not going to go too fast boy. But I will be giving you instructions, and I will expect you to do as I tell you.” I felt his cock poke against my leg, he was excited by the prospect.

“What will you do if I fail?” Kyle asked. His voice had timidness and teasing in it.

“You’ll have to be punished. If you’re going to be my boy, you will have to obey. I am the one in control. I will decide what correction you get. And if you deserve them, what rewards you get.” His cock got even harder on my leg. “Pay a little more attention to my balls.”

Kyle attended to my balls some as I stroked his back, both of us laying in silence a bit. His voice small, he asked “What kind of punishments?”

“Hmmm. That will depend. It’s not like you’ll get 10 spanks for each infraction.” Kyle’s cock jumped at the mention of spanking, which is exactly why I did it. “Sometimes it will be something else. Trying to get out of punishment will be very very unpleasant for you.”

“I’ll be a good boy.”

“I know you’ll do your best.” I kissed the top of his head. We got onto wandering conversation after that. We had a lot of topics we had covered before we physically met, so we fell into talking. All the time he kept up his duty on my junk. This was so much better than just watching him over a cam. The morning wore on, and I decided it was time for breakfast. I took him to the shower, and we did that together. He washed me, and I returned the favor. We dried off, put on shorts and headed to the kitchen. I sat him on one of the stools while I fixed breakfast. This is the only meal I like making. Eggs, toast, bacon. I sat across from him and we ate. He complimented my skills. Then we finished up. “Now, boy, you need to clean up. Do the dishes by hand this time.” I got up and headed to the sofa in the living room. I caught a glimpse of his face, an incredulous look. He had a hint of rebellion. But he started on cleaning up the mess I had made.

From my vantage point, I could discreetly watch him. He didn’t like the order I’d given him. He was struggling internally. But he did it. This was different from a sexual command. It was work. Granted not arduous, but actual work. When he was finished he came to join me. I wrapped him in my arms and kissed him, a kiss he gladly returned. My cock was rising. “We need to get back to the bed. I need a blow job.”

“Yes, Master.” Kyle had a smile on his face. He was seeing this as a reward for following orders. I lay myself on the bed after dropping my shorts. He shucked his shorts as well and crawled between my legs.

His lips were warm on my dick head. He left them there a bit, massaging it. I knew I was leaking some precum. Well, that was a taste he would become very familiar with. He began to suck down my shaft. It was great watching his lips stretch to wrap around all the girth I had. It took effort for him. Well, I never said being my boy would be easy. I liked that he needed to concentrate, this wouldn’t be a simple blow.

He did have a talented throat, and apparently no gag reflex. “Balls.” I said. Kyle was going to have to learn how I like my dick sucked. I don’t like lazy, I want the guy servicing me to work on it, to keep the balls involved. Not just up and down and a bit of suction. He was going at it full on. He had just needed to add in some ballwork, now he was. Kyle’s mouth moved from my pole to work on licking my nuts. Wisely, his hand began to stroke my cock.

He tried to get a ball in his mouth. He managed it, but there was no way he was getting both in. He made the attempt, carefully, since he didn’t want to put me off. He switched which of my nuts was in his mouth while using his hand on my shaft. Good, he was working everything. It was always amusing to watch a talented gaziantep escort cocksucker have trouble with the size of my equipment. I could lay back and have him work on me almost literally all day.

Kyle switched back to sucking my dick, fondling my balls. He took it easy for a while enjoying, as I did, the sensations. He must have decided it was time to get me to cum because he put some speed into it. Last night, I was so excited to finally have him in my bed that I had to work to keep myself under control. Most of that newness had worn off. I was still excited just by having him, but it wasn’t threatening to make me lose it. I could keep my sperm in and enjoy a long servicing. Not all the newness was gone, so it took more effort on my part than a normal hook-up. I did like this boy. He got tired, I could hear his breathing get heavier, and he went back to licking my balls. I could see the expression of puzzlement on his face. Probably no one had ever been able to hold back when he went full out on them before. He had a right to be puzzled, as I had to exert some effort to not only keep myself from shooting, but to keep from revealing the effort I was making not to.

He didn’t just stick a dick in his mouth and go up and down, the lips moved, the tongue moved. His face shifted around. He sucked cock like it was a profession. I’d had some talented cocksuckers in my day, some really talented cocksuckers, but Kyle had them all beat. Damn, if I had gone for just a quick shag on the boy, his mouth may have changed my mind.

Kyle had caught his breath and gone back to work on my pole. His undulating lips were going all the way up and down my inches, and he kept that up for quite a while, all the time working his tongue and keeping my balls going. I just lay there with my hands behind my head, watching him or just gazing at the ceiling in pleasure. Ahh, he was speeding up again. The mattress was bouncing as he really worked it. Control. Keep control. I stayed bottled up, but I knew I was putting out precum at a respectable rate.

I could really hear his breathing when he gave up and went back to licking my balls, his hot breath giving me added pleasure in my orbs. Naturally, his frustration was a great aphrodisiac. He rested a bit longer this time.

I love having a boner with a guy working it. Makes everything right in the world. Kyle licked up my cock. Getting to the head, he licked small over it, then big, really putting contact on it with his tongue. Oooo, he was swirling around it. That’s always been my favorite move, even if I never tell anyone. Then he started to take it all in his mouth, bit by bit, as he got more and more in. It wasn’t too long before he was back to deepthroating. Nice combination, the talent of his mouth and the ability to get a big cock all the way in. Some deepthroaters think just being able to swallow the whole thing is enough. It’s not. If you have a cock in your mouth, work it. If I wanted just a hole, I’d face fuck you. If I’m letting you blow me, remember it’s an honor and show me some appreciation.

There he was, speeding up again, almost desperate in his rapidity. I just about wanted to laugh. Then he slowed down. He was learning. More tongue work before he sped up again. He alternated fast and slow for a while before really putting the pedal to the metal. He didn’t know how close he got me. His whole body seemed to be in it now. My internal controls were maxed out as I kept from shooting in his mouth. I could see the sweat build up on his shoulders, his skin turning a bit red from exertion. Like an athlete giving his last push, he kept on, but so did I.

Finally he lost it, sinking back to put his face in my balls. I looked at him, raising my head a bit. His face was raw confusion. He knew he was a good cocksucker, and that when he really tried, he should be able to get a man to cum, but I had shown resistance to all his efforts. He had no idea how.

I reached down and took my cock in my hand, stroking it. “It’s OK boy, you did really well. Damn fine work. But I’m in control. I decide when and how.” A few more strokes, and I let myself blow, aiming to his face and hair. He backed up a little, reaching to wipe some cum off of him and lick it down.

His confusion turned to awe, and he just stared at me. I caressed his face. “I’m proud of you boy, you didn’t stop. You pleased me very much. A lesser man would have shot off a long time ago.”

“You’re not a lesser man, Master.” He was a bit hoarse.

“No, I’m not. Come up here.” He shuffled up so I could hold him by me. I could feel he was exhausted, so we held each other for a while, just enjoying the feel of each other’s bodies. Kyle had to be going through a number of thoughts. How hard he had worked to get me off, only for me to do it in the end. Really pushing himself to the fullest and not succeeding. But he needed to know I was the one who put everything in motion.

The day was progressing, and I did have things to do. As enjoyable as it would be to romp around in bed with him all day, I needed to get dressed and out.

“Boy.” I said, moving my hand up and down his side.

“Yes, Master.” He didn’t look up at me, just responded, he was watching my cock.

“We need to get up. I have to go out. You can go back home for a while.” I kissed the top of his head.

“I want to stay with you, Master.” He started to stroke my dick. Good boy, and a good attempt, but it wasn’t going to work.

“No. I have things to do. You will want to make sure your place is all tidy. I will visit you this evening.” I began to move. He tried to keep stroking me, but I was soon out of reach.

He had a disappointed look on his face. “Now boy, you don’t need to put on a sad face. Master will visit you later. Plus I’m sure you had things you wanted to do as well.” I slipped on boxers and ruffled his hair.

“Yes, Master.” He sighed, and put on the shorts which were all the clothes he had over here.

He watched me dress. Slacks, shirt. I was ready in minutes. His hair was a bit of a mess, and anyone watching would know he was over just for a booty call. I wondered if the thought would strike him. He needed a bit of time away from me. I wanted him to be sure, not to make all sorts of commitments in the heat of lust.

I kept my hand on his ass as we walked to my front door. Just outside I kissed him. “I’ll see you this afternoon.”

“Yes, Master. I will be looking forward to it.” Kyle seemed a bit lost for what to do. He really didn’t want to split up, but he wasn’t prepared to push the issue with me. Good. Let him struggle a bit with the small stuff and get used to doing things my way. That will make it easier when he has to do something a bit harder.

I ran some errands, then joined a few friends for a long lunch. We had a great time. At the end, most had gone on, leaving just me and one buddy of mine, another dom. I told him about my latest conquest, and how I was interested to see how he took to actual obedience. That’s the real key to domming a boy. Not getting him to suck you or take your fuck. Give him an order like “do the dishes” or “run to the store and get me X,’ or even “wear blue boxers today.” If he obeys, he’s doing it right. It’s more than just getting a cock to him. He’s willing to let you be in charge. Real control isn’t getting a guy lost in lust to suck you. It’s getting a guy to clean your house when he is in full control of his faculties.

I took a bit doing my running around town, then headed back to my apartment. I brought my stuff in, put it up and decided to catch up on some reading I had put off. A bourbon and my iPad with me on the couch was just the thing. My phone dinged with a text [Master, you’re home!]. I left it a few minutes. He was on my schedule, I wasn’t on his.

[Yup, I’m relaxing a bit]

[Want me to come over? I can blow you while you lay back?] Eager boy. It is tempting. His mouth has some mad skills. But more than a great blowjob, I needed him to learn I made all the decisions.

[No. I’ll be over to your place later] That was my original plan and I was going to stick to it. I knew what was going to happen next. And it did. The little bubble telling me he was typing came and went a few times as he put something in and erased it. He had to be torn. He wanted to be in my arms, but he also wanted to obey. How far did he think he could push me? A message finally came through. The right one.

[Yes Master]

Obedience had won. Excellent. I was a little worried he would pester me and I’d have to get stern too soon. But if he could keep himself under control at the start, I wouldn’t have to scare him much. I didn’t reply.

I actually dozed a bit. On awakening, I smiled at myself. A nap was a good thing. I planned on being up late. More reading and I took care of some things around the place. As the sun set, I decided it was time for me to head over to Kyle’s apartment. I didn’t give him a text heads-up. He needed to be prepared for me whenever I wanted. I knocked on his door.

When he opened it, his face lit up. “Master!” He said, giving me a hug, which I returned. I was glad he hadn’t been staring out the window, that would have been a sign of too much obsession. I added a kiss to the hug, one hand going under his shirt and feeling up his back, the other into his shorts to cup his ass.

When I broke the kiss, I started to move around the apartment, inspecting things. Kyle followed me like a puppy. I’ve had a sub that comes to clean my place regularly, so I can tell about housekeeping. Kyle had done a passable job, but I could tell he was a bit messy. That is something we will be working on. Opening some of the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen and bedroom showed some organization was also going to be needed. “OK, decent job, but you need to focus more on dusting. It sounds petty, but it makes the place better for important guests.” I looked at him. “And who would be your most important guest?” I asked, meaningfully.

“You, Master. I’ll dust.” He was crestfallen.

“You also have some piles of things around. I can tell you straightened, but things need a home, and they need to go there when you are done with them. Stop just putting things out of the way.”

“Yes, Master.” Kyle got a bit more hang-dog. I took him in my arms and kissed his forehead.

“Don’t be down. It’s an OK job, but we have things to work on.” I squeezed him tight. Let him feel the heat of my body. That will be encouragement.

“I will do it, Master, all of it.” Kyle wrapped his arms around me.

“Perfect. So, want to buy your Master dinner?” I have plenty of money, but there is no reason I have to spend it when I have subs that will buy me things. I don’t put them in the poor house or anything, but I see it as part of their service to me. This goes different ways. Sometimes the sub has a gift they want to give me. Once one bought me a really great set of boots. He really liked licking them. I’ve had subs take me on vacations, paying for everything. Other times it’s like this, I suggest they spend money on me. Dinner, what have you. Usually, you offer to treat someone. With a sub, you tell him how his money will be spent.

“Yes, Master. But don’t you want to… to…” Kyle seemed like he wasn’t sure how to form the rest of his question.

“Fuck your brains out? Don’t worry, we’ll do that afterwards. Let’s get you into some decent clothes.” I opened his closet and looked at what he had. This is another bit of dominance. I picked out his clothes. This is nothing like that baby fetish, which I’ve indulged in a time or two. This is telling a fully grown man what he’ll be wearing when you step out. Just one more thing he surrenders to you. It seems so small, but it has a bigger impact than you can imagine. Even little choices are mine to control.

He looked good in the outfit I selected. But I knew he would. He’s a very handsome man. I could tell my sizing him up made him a bit uncomfortable. I let that hang just a moment before kissing him and suggesting (well, telling) a restaurant. We headed out, had a great meal, and he paid. I earnestly enjoyed his company. He loosened up a bit over dinner, as he got more comfortable being in my actual presence. He had a good wit, was somewhat funny, and was decently well read. I had limited interest in a slave/sub who just kissed my ass, I wanted one that could be a decent partner, albeit an obedient one. Kyle was shaping up to be the boy I had been looking for for years.

We went back to his place. I needed to fuck him in his own bed. I could tell he got a bit nervous once we were in. I was in his place, but I was the one in charge. It’s a turnabout from the normal situation, and I wanted him to feel it. Feel me in his place like he felt my cock in his ass. I led to the bedroom. There, I kicked off my shoes and lay in the middle of the bed. “Take off your clothes. Slowly. I want to watch.” I put my hands behind my head and watched him.

I could almost see his mouth getting dry. He wanted it, wanted to obey, to have more sex, but getting ordered around in his own place was confusing him. His hands reached for the buttons of his shirt and began to undo them. Good boy. I gave a small smile of pleasure, and that gave him a bit of assurance. The rational part of his brain should have known everything was fine. He knew he had a good body, and that I liked it, but the emotional part wasn’t used to actually taking orders. “Neatly.” I said, as he was about to toss the shirt to the floor. He still wasn’t speaking. He folded it and put in the hamper. Shoes off, and put in their place. Socks off. Belt put away. Pants opened. A breath. Pants off and in the hamper. He stopped a moment to look at me, and I let him. Let him know what he was doing for me. He was hard in his boxers. I knew this would turn him on. It was the excitement that drove him now. Boxers off. “Come here.” I lifted my arm and he crawled into bed and next to me.

We just held each other a bit. I fondled his cock. “Still liking all of this?” He was rock hard in my hand.

“Yes, Master.” He answered, knowing it was true. I wanted him to acknowledge that. To be fully aware of his erection at that moment. And while I was asking about him. So he knew I cared. And I did. I had no desire to just use his body and discard it.

“You can undress me now.” I got up, standing by the bed.

“Oh, yes Master.” He seemed reverent as he removed my shirt, and the rest of my clothes. A small gasp as he took my boxers off and saw my 8 inches. That was a little funny, it’s not like he hadn’t seen it before. But it’s nice to be appreciated.

“Go ahead.” I knew what he wanted. He started sucking me. Damn that boy could give some fine head. I just stood there, legs wide, watching him service me. He would look up every so often and gaze into my eyes. It was motivation for him. He was going all up and down the shaft, and one hand was working my balls, the other my ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32