Dominant, Wife, Scavenger Hunt Pt. 05

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This is a story about a woman who is shared by her husband but ends up taken not given

A Dominant, A Scavenger Hunt,

And Someone Else’s Wife

Part Five

The Dominant takes charge of both

Now I knew where I was going with this. I sent my driver to my house to retrieve something special for tonight, I was ready to start Dominating both husband and wife. I instructed Deb to lay down face upon the bed. I had the two guys join me in painting her in cum. She sucked until the first guy came, then the second, then Me. She had cum on her face, hair, tits, abdomen, and pussy. Now I was to start.

I had them both stand side by side, I cuffed her right hand to his left wrist, which was still bound behind his back, handed her the ice bucket, and told them we needed ice. The ice machine was 25 feet down the hall, and she had to work single handed while he is bound, and she is covered in cum.

“How do you expect us to go down the hall naked, bound together with cum all over my wife?”

“It isn’t that far and I telling her to go, you’re just going along for the walk.”

“But we can’t walk in a hotel corridor naked.”

“Have you ever seen the internet? Maltepe Escort It’s full of naked walks in Las Vegas hotel hallways. But that doesn’t matter, I gave her instructions and the only way you get out of it is if she lets you out.”

“No way, If I’m going, he’s going with me.”

“Then get to it bitches.”

With that they walked out the door to get ice, with me standing in the doorway watching them fight and pull against each other. Isn’t married life wonderful? They finally started trying to walk together and got the ice, and now were coming back. A Young man exited a room two doors down as they were approaching, and he laughed at Doug and Propositioned Deb. Sometimes the universe gives you little gifts, and that was one of them. They both returned red faced and embarrassed. Back in the room, I uncuffed Deb and sat Doug in his seat bound.

“OK Deb, up on the bed face down and ass up. It’s time for me to have some fun now.”

I was hard as a rock, and I was ready. I pulled the plug from her ass and got behind her on the bed.

“Be careful, She’s. Not very used to having her ass fucked.”

“Now you’re going to be her protector. Maltepe Escort Bayan And didn’t we tell you No Talking?”

I was going to overlook his misjudgment, but his wife wasn’t.

“Stick my plug in his mouth, that will shut him up.”

“You know the rules Doug, she has to do what I want, and unfortunately you have to do what she wants.”

With that I walked over to him and plugged his pie hole. Hearing the evil laugh coming from her was priceless and scary. This guy has made her angry for years, and now he agreed to be her sub. He never really knew his wife until this night, but he was beginning to figure it out. Being sufficiently stretch, I lined up and took her in one thrust, and no scream, no grunt, just a moaning.

“I’ve been waiting all night for this, now fuck my ass and fuck it hard.”

I violated her mostly virgin ass for at least 20 minutes. If she hadn’t been so tight, I probably could have lasted longer, but it was just too damn good. I didn’t want to give it up, but I promised my friends they could have her ass after I did. So I moved to her mouth and the guy who fucked her earlier took his place.

“Yeah, Escort Maltepe keep fucking me, fuck that tight ass, fill me up.”

“Oh, don’t you worry about that, we still have two more fresh cocks coming for you to fuck,”

“Oh, two of my holes at once?”

“Add one more to that Debbie”. You will be sealed air tight by the time the morning sun rises.”

I had to leave her warm no, she was suckling. Time to end this episode, so I turned it up to 5 and waited for the inevitable. She moaned, grunted, squealed, and finally screamed in ecstasy, then passed out cold. I turned the machine off and put Amyl Nitrate vial under her nose to bring her back. She popped up still trying to cum but had not a drop left to give. I just held her close until she found her way back, then had the guys help me get her off the machine and into bed. She laid there huffing and grunting “Hugh…Hugh…Hugh”, then finally drifted off to a blissful sleep.

I untied Doug, sent everyone home, and slept right along side her until noon the next day. She woke a few times during the night, gasping for a drink, and I had water and Gator-Aid at the ready for her. I could feel her body quivering on and off through the night, going through the after tremors that normally accompanied a full on cum till you drop type of night.

That was 16 months ago, and they’ve returned once for a re-engagement. What can I say, some women just LOVE to cum over and over and over. And I love the women who love that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32