Does Size Matter?

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This story was inspired by another story entitled Size Does Matter submitted by MeredithEighty8. The point of view in that story seemed to be that the size of a man’s penis was the most important criteria for having a relationship with him. I think this is too simplistic and limiting so I’m going to give an alternative perspective on the size issue that is a bit more nuanced and inclusive.


For the last two years I have been the senior developer with a company in Atlanta that provides security software and services to other companies. During this time I worked closely with Vicky Gordon, the daughter of the owner. She was the manager of the documentation department and I had to meet with her regularly to help her write clear and usable procedures for our customers. We had always had a friendly relationship and occasionally went to lunch together to discuss work and personal topics.

My wife and I divorced a month before I started working for her father and always considered Vicky to be a good friend who would share some of the inner workings of the company so I could be aware of what was going on. I would occasionally get subtle indications from her that she would have been receptive to being more than just friends but she was married and there was no way I was going to get involved with her even if she had spelled out her desire to do so in no uncertain terms.

This was not an easy thing to do because Vicky, even at the ripe old age of thirty was a very good-looking woman. She had many attractive attributes, blonde, shoulder length hair, a very pretty face with full lips that I often imagined seeing wrapped around my hard cock, a shapely body with a nice ass supported by toned legs that always got my attention, but her best and most obvious feature were her breasts. She had mastered the art of displaying them to the fullest advantage in every outfit she wore. I often wondered if she ever got tired of men’s (and probably women’s) eyes being directed to them at every opportunity.

These beautiful tits were truly masterpieces of biological construction. They could easily have posed for the photograph that every female who wanted their breasts enhanced would show to their doctor. They were D cup in size and perfectly shaped. I knew this because she once took her jacket off while we were at lunch and wore only a thin white t-shirt under it with no bra.

“Vicky I don’t think this establishment has a wet t-shirt contest.”

“That jacket was too warm and it’s not my fault that I have nice D cup boobs. I don’t think anybody’s going to complain.”

“Some of the women might get a bit annoyed if their male companions stare at you instead of them during lunch. But you’ll get no objection from me. They really are very lovely.”

“Thank you Tyler, I’m glad you noticed.”

A couple of weeks later we went to lunch again and she dropped a couple of bombshells on me.

“Tyler I have some juicy news to tell you but you must keep it to yourself for now.”

“You know you can rely on my discretion.”

“Well, the first thing is that dad’s going to sell the company. A large corporation in New York has made a very generous offer and he’s going to take it. The new company will be making offers to some of the employees to stay and work for them but it will mean moving to New York. I’m going to be one of the people who they will ask and I’m going to accept. You will also be one of the chosen few so you better start thinking about what you’re going to do.”

“Thanks for the heads up. I’m glad for your father, he’s put a lot of work into building up his business and he deserves to be rewarded for it. Is your husband OK with moving to New York?”

“Ryan will not be going with me. That’s the second thing I have to tell you. We’re getting a divorce.”

“I’m rather surprised to hear that. You two have been together for quite a while. May I ask what brought this about?”

“Ryan has been having an affair with a twenty-three year old woman for months and he’s never worked at a steady job the whole time we’ve been married. Now that he’s heard about the sale of the company he wants me to pay him off out of the money I’ll make from the stock I own so he can be with his girlfriend. I knew I should never have married somebody nine years younger than me. If I don’t meet his demands he’ll get a lawyer and sue me for alimony. He’s really turned out to be a first class prick.”

“I’m sorry he’s causing you so much grief. My ex-wife did pretty much the same thing to me when she left so I sympathize with your situation.”

“How would you like to demonstrate a little of that sympathy to me?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“I’m going up to New York in a week to meet the new people I’ll be working with. I can arrange for you to have an interview at the same time so how would you like to make a small vacation out of the trip and go with me?”

“That sounds like a fun and very generous suggestion. We can make haramidere escort it sort of an anti-honeymoon to celebrate our divorces. I never felt like doing that before now. I accept your invitation to accompany you.”

Since the new company was paying for this little jaunt we got to go in business class on the round-trip flight. We also got put up in a charming and expensive boutique hotel not far from the building where the new company had its offices. We were met at the airport by a limo driver who helped us collect our luggage and escorted us out to the car. We crossed over one of the bridges as we entered Manhattan and got to see the skyline.

A suite had been reserved for us with two bedrooms and the view from the top floor of the hotel was spectacular. As soon as we were checked in and our luggage put away we opened the Champagne the hotel had thoughtfully provided and poured a couple of glasses. Then we took off our shoes and walked outside on the balcony to look at the city. It was just before sunset and we were both excited to be there.

“Tyler you’re much too intelligent to have missed the fact that I’ve had a crush on you ever since you came to work for my father. That doesn’t bother you does it?”

“Vicky I wouldn’t be half as intelligent as you give me credit for if it bothered me. As long as we’re confessing, I’ve often wished we could have been more than just workplace friends but I didn’t think it was wise to get involved with the married daughter of the man who signed my paycheck.”

“Dad thinks the world of you Tyler. He has never had much respect for Ryan and now I see why. Fortunately that is no longer an impediment to us becoming lovers. Drink your Champagne and then let’s go take a bath in that fabulous bathtub.”

We had dressed comfortably for the flight, me in Dockers and a polo shirt, her in leggings and a light cotton pullover sweater, so it didn’t take long to get undressed. When we were both naked I just stood there looking at her.

“Like what you see?”

“I’ve looked at you for two years and still didn’t realize how pretty you really are. I also had no idea you had a piercing in your belly button. And yes, your breasts are magnificent. I know I’ve seen them before but that was with clothes on, in the flesh, they are spectacular. I can’t wait to play with them.”

“Let’s get in the tub and you can do what every man wants to do with them.”

While the oversized tub was filling I took her in my arms and kissed her. My hands roamed all over her sexy body. “Why does this feel so good and so right?”

“Because it just is. I don’t feel the least bit unhappy about my pending divorce. I realize that I made a mistake marrying him but I did try to make it work. Now, being here with you makes it clear that our marriage was over some time ago. That really doesn’t bother me. I feel free and happy and sexy for the first time in a long time and all I want to do is be here with you.”

“You’re in luck, there’s nothing else you have to do but be here with me and I couldn’t be more delighted about that. I haven’t felt this excited and horny since I can remember. I hope you don’t want to go out to eat tonight.”

“The only thing I want to eat tonight is standing right here next to me. If that changes, they have twenty-four hour room service. The tub’s just about ready, get in.”

I let her get in first then I swung my leg over and sat facing her. I watched as she reached up to turn off the water. The faucets were placed in the wall beside the tub so neither of us had to have them poking into our back when we leaned back against the ends of the tub. She picked up a plastic bottle of body wash and poured a generous amount on her chest and breasts. She scooped up some of the warm water and began lathering up her tits.

“OK Tyler, get on your knees and move forward.”

As I complied with her request I ended up straddling her legs and moved close enough so that my cock was lying between her breasts. She used her hands to press the ample flesh of her tits around my cock the way a hot dog is enclosed in a bun.

“Ooooohhhh Tyler your cock feels so hot and hard. I’m going to move my tits up and down to get you started then I want you to fuck my tits by sliding that nice hard cock of yours between them. Push the head all the way up so I can take it in my mouth then slide it back down. Just remember, push pause pull back and repeat.”

I had seen this done in porn videos but my ex-wife’s tits weren’t quite large enough to do it so this was my first titty fuck. Seeing it done wasn’t nearly the turn on as actually doing it and suddenly I was well aware of what I had been missing all these years. Obviously she had done this many times and it felt fantastic. I let her move her tits up and down for a while until I felt the sensations in my cock that let me know it was my turn to be the driver. As soon as she felt me start to hump my hips içerenköy escort up and down she stopped moving and just mashed her stupendous boobs around my cock to form a tunnel almost as satisfying as a vagina.

Soon I was fucking her tits and sliding the head into her mouth with a steady and intense rhythm and I could feel myself edging inexorably toward an orgasm. “You know, if we keep this up you’re going to make me cum.”

“That’s exactly what I want you to do. When you’re ready, grab your cock and jerk off until you spray your hot jizz all over my chest. I want to feel your cum on me and watch it as it splatters all over me. Keep going, do it for me. Paint my whole chest with your hot sticky cream.”

It didn’t take long before I felt the familiar signs of an impending eruption so I pulled back and grabbed my cock then moved forward and began to stroke it. The lather from the body wash provided all the lubrication I needed to finish the job she had started. Her hand moved between my legs to encircle my balls and began gently squeezing and massaging them. That’s all it took to start my orgasm.

The first spurt was so forceful and plentiful that it hit her mouth and formed a long rope down her chin and over her throat. I squeezed my cock and stroked it again while her hand did the same to my balls and another long stream of pearly spunk splashed onto her chest next to the first one. We managed to coax out six more before I ran out of semen. Looking down, I could plainly see I had done what she asked of me. Her chest was indeed painted with my cum.

Staring at her tits covered in cum was a revelation to me. Now I understood why guys were so obsessed with big tits. They were fun! This was an entirely unexplored dimension of sex for me. Watching her use her finger to scoop up my jizz and then stick it into her mouth was already beginning to make my cock stiff again. This was abetted by her hand, which was still holding my balls and gently caressing them while she continued cleaning cum off her tits with her other hand.

When she was finished, I sat back against one end of the tub and she scooted forward to put her legs over and around mine to elevate her hips up out of the water.

“While we wait for you to fully recover I thought you might like to take a real close look at me and see if I meet with your approval. Go ahead, give me a thorough inspection.”

Her legs were spread wide apart and probably nobody but her gynecologist had ever had a better view of her pussy. It was as magnificent in its own right as her tits. This was not the shy demure pussy of a little girl but the highly developed, well equipped, fully functional pussy of a woman who knew what she had between her legs and was confident and experienced in using it. Her pubic mound formed a little hill above her slit. I was especially intrigued by how fine and sparse her blonde pubic hair was. It was barely more than peach fuzz and just as soft. If you were to see it from a distance further away than I was now you wouldn’t even know it was there.

The hood of her clitoris was large and prominent forming an elongated pocket of spongy flesh that housed a beautiful pink nub nearly half the size of her little finger. I pulled the hood back with my thumb to expose it completely and was immediately struck by how much it resembled a miniature cock. I couldn’t wait to lick it and suck on it.

She saw me looking fixedly at her clit and said, “When I was younger I was very self-conscious and embarrassed by how big my clit is but once I started having sex and found out just how sensitive and responsive it is I decided I liked it. What do you think?”

“I think it’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. I love it. I can’t wait to get it in my mouth so I can suck on it.”

The outer lips of her pussy were plump and well padded. They were dusky rose in color, which made a lovely contrast with the creamy white flesh of her upper thighs. These robust guardians of her vagina showcased her labia rather than conceal them. Her bright pink inner lips protruded noticeably between their larger sisters and begged to be pulled on and stretched by my lips when I sucked on them and engulfed them with my mouth. I used my thumb and finger to pull these fleshy piss flaps apart to reveal the opening of her vagina. Another masterpiece of pink, shiny, wet flesh as smooth as silk that surprised me with how tight it was when my finger invaded it. She gave me a sample of its remarkable pliancy as she squeezed my finger when it was fully inserted in the hot wet channel.

“We need to get out of this bath so I can continue my examination. I need to use other parts of my body to complete my investigation.”

“Let’s get out and dry off then you can resume your exploration in the bed.”

We practically ran the short distance to the bed after drying off. I told her to lie on her back. When she was in position I spread her legs and lay down innovia escort between them on my stomach with my head close to her glorious pussy. If she tasted half as good as she smelled I knew where I’d be for the next hour. My tongue verified that she did indeed taste delicious and I began my slow, deliberate examination of her pussy with my tongue.

Closing my eyes to maximize my sensory awareness, I dragged my tongue up one of her pouty outer lips as forcefully as possible then slid over to do the same to the other one. My ex-wife liked this strong tongue licking because it put pressure on her lip and pulled it open as my tongue slid up it. Vicky seemed to like it too from the sounds she was making while I did it. After many repetitions of this I moved the tip of my tongue to her opening and licked straight up through her labia. The long fleshy lips parted as my tongue coated them in saliva.

When I reached the top I pursed my lips and sucked one of the pink labia between them and pulled back on it. It stretched out nicely as I moved my mouth down it with my lips covering my teeth so I could chew on it. She moaned as I licked my way down to her opening again. I repeated the chewing on the other side before using my thumbs and fingers to stretch them and pull them apart so my tongue could go to work on everything between them. I flicked the tip back and forth over her pee hole then inserted it as deeply as I could into her vagina. I was rewarded with her delicious juice each time I did this.

“Oh Jesus Tyler that feels so damn good. Ryan never licked my pussy the way you’re doing it and he practically stopped doing it at all for the past year. That must have been when he met his little girlfriend. I hate that you could have been doing this to me for the last year and we’ve wasted all this time.”

“There’s nothing to stop us making up for lost time now. I love everything about your pussy and you’ll have to tell me to stop or I’ll go on all night.”

“Don’t even think about stopping. This feels terrific.”

Resuming my feasting on her delicious twat I returned my mouth to her slit and continued licking and pulling on her labia while her juice leaked steadily from her opening. My mouth made occasional forays to her vagina to slurp her nectar and invade her hot pink cocoon with as much of my tongue as I could get in her. Her entire pussy was a hot sodden mess by now and so was much of my face.


I held my mouth wide open to cover her opening so I could suck out every drop of her juice as her hips rose up to press her pussy hard against my face.

“God Tyler that was fabulous. I haven’t cum like that in months. Keep going, I want to do that again.”

I was only too happy to oblige. This time I inserted two fingers into her vagina and curled them up to stroke her g-spot as I continued to lick her outer lips with my tongue. I was purposely avoiding her clit, saving that imposing prize for later. After her third climax it was time to turn my attention to her clitoris.

She breathed in sharply when she felt my thumb on her mound as it pulled back the fleshy, spongy hood to expose her pink masterpiece. It was truly remarkable. Swollen by the attention I had already devoted to her pussy it looked even more like a miniature cock. It was as long as my little finger up to the second knuckle and almost as big around. The bulbous little head lacked only a small hole for pissing to complete the similarity to a penis. The rounded pink tip glistened with her juice.

Using my thumb and forefinger I moved the fleshy hood back and forth like I was stroking a dick. She moaned as the little pearl appeared then disappeared back into its protective cover each time I stroked it. I of course was both extremely aroused and fascinated by the largest clitoris I had ever seen much less had the opportunity to play with.

“Ohhhhhh Tyler that feels divine. It’s very sensitive and what you’re doing is making it feel like it’s on fire and buzzing with electricity at the same time. Now stop teasing me and suck on it. I’ve already cum three times and I want to keep cumming. I’ll let you know when I’ve had enough.”

Never one to disagree with a woman I’m having sex with I lowered my head and placed my lips on the tip of her clit while pulling the hood back with my thumb. As softly as I could, I sucked it and slid my lips over it until it was a captive in my mouth. The tip of my tongue slowly flicked the pink nub and her whole body tensed as she drew in a sharp deep breath. My tongue slid along the entire length of the sensitive organ causing her to moan loudly.

“Ohhhhh Godddd Yesssss Tyler that feels so wonderful. That’s it. Keep sucking it. Ohhh Ohhh Ohhh yes I’m going to cum!”

She pressed her pussy hard against my mouth as her hips rose up and her legs began to tremble. Her head flopped back as she surrendered to her orgasm completely. I hadn’t given a thought to my own arousal but I was sure my cock had to be a steel rod as she continued to cum while I sucked on her clit.

Before she could finish her climax I pushed up with my hands and slid forward between her legs until my cock was at the entrance to her vagina. She was so wet the head slid into her hot hole easily and I pushed forward to bury it in her.

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