Doctor’s Orders

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Daphne leads a stressful life. Between her job, family and friends it was bound to happen. One day it did. She snapped. At work. She had one too many projects thrown at her and when her boss told her to do yet another project that was supposed to be done by someone else. She threw her computer on the floor and walked out.

Daphne’s boss told her she would have to see someone to control her anger before she could return to work. She would still have a job waiting as long as she could get her anger under control.

At the first appointment, Daphne told Dr. Delegon all about her life—the extra demands put on her shoulders at work, the joys of being a working, single mom, and she even mentioned being undersexed. Dr. Delegon listened intently to all she told him. He took a few notes here and there. At the end of the hour he gave her his initial diagnosis.

“Daphne. I believe you are the victim of a nervous breakdown,” he began. “I am therefore ordering you to take a one-week vacation. I don’t care where you go or what you do but you will find someone to care of your kids and do your job. At the end of the week, you will come back and visit with me and we’ll go from there.”

“But…” Daphne began.

“No buts,” said Dr. Delegon. “If you want to go back to your job, you will do as I say.”

“Okay,” Daphne said in a defeated tone.

She couldn’t tell you the last time she went on a vacation much less one by herself. She called her mother and made arrangements for her to keep the children while she was away.

“Mom. Isn’t 35 years old too young to be having one of these?” she asked.

“I think it will do you some good,” Daphne’s mother told her.

“You know. I do believe you are right.”

Now she just had to figure out where she could go for a week. She got online and starting looking at all the usual getaways—Hawaii, Cancun, Jamaica—but no one was booking on this short notice. She logged into her email and saw a joke sent to her from her friend, Phil, and she remembered he told her anytime she wanted to come visit she could.

Phil had his own little paradise built right on his land. It came complete with a rustic cabin, boat dock, fishing and hunting amenities and just about anything else that wouldn’t overstress her. It was perfect.

Daphne called Phil and told her what happened at work and the meeting with the doctor. He said he would be delighted to have her come and stay.

“You’ve picked just the right time,” Phil began. “I had planned to have a small gathering for Earth Day this coming week but my work schedule forced me to cancel it. I’ve already prepared everything.”

“That’s great,” Daphne responded. “It’ll probably be too cold for me to swim won’t it?”

“It depends on how cold you like your water,” he said. “Our weather is supposed to be fantastic this week. I do have a hot tub that you can relax in if the water’s too cold.”


“I’m sorry I’ll be working most of the time and I won’t get to spend much time with you,” he said.

“It’s okay,” Daphne said. “I think the doctor wants me to relax.”

She got off the phone with Phil and printed out the directions to his house. She grabbed her suitcase and threw several outfits and a couple of swimsuits in it. She could at least work on her tan.

She decided to drive overnight and arrive in the early morning. It took just over eight hours for Daphne to arrive at Phil’s.

“Wow!” she exclaimed. “This really is Paradise.”

“I told you that’s why I nicknamed it that,” he said. “Now if you’ll follow me, I’ll give you a brief tour before I have to head to work.”

Phil showed her the beautiful and calm blue water of his lake. He had volleyball nets set up on the golden sandy beach. Up the shore a bit, she saw the hot tub steaming in front of a beautiful log cabin. In front of it was the boat dock.

“As you can see, I still have all my earth day party favors and decorations set up,” he said. “I hope you don’t mind but I am planning to have just one party on Friday to observe the special Karaköy escort bayan occasion. If you think you’ll feel uncomfortable around my friends, I can always book you a room at the hotel.”

“Who knows? After four days of sun and fun, I may want to party.”

“I hate to leave you here on your own, but duty calls. There’s plenty of grub in the cabin.”

Phil gently pecked Daphne on the cheek before turning to leave.

“Dammit,” he muttered under his breath. He knew she was 20 years younger than he, but he still loved to look at her curves. Watching her tuck a stray strand of her blonde hair behind her ear as the wind whipped it in her face, turned his insides to mush.

They had always had a playful relationship, but he didn’t know if she wanted anything other than a shoulder from him right now.

Daphne stuck a toe in the water and felt just how cold it was. She decided to grab her two-piece turquoise swimsuit and tan for a while to see if the sun could heat her up enough that she’d want to jump into the lake.

She walked out to the boat dock and saw a lounge chair already set up. Looking around she could tell Paradise truly was in the middle of nowhere.

“To hell with it,” she said to no one. “I’m here to relax.”

With that, Daphne took her swimsuit off and threw it on top of her towel and lay on her stomach on the chair. She brought several books to read but her mind was too scrambled for her to settle on any one thing.

She thought of things that needed to be done at work to reduce her stress. She decided it would be worth the extra money to hire someone at least part-time to help with the children.

“Well that didn’t take long,” Daphne said. “All this trouble for me to speak my mind at work more often and to be vulnerable and admit I’m not superwoman.”

It was time for her to turn over. She sat up and grabbed her water, taking a long drink. A few droplets dribbled onto her large breasts.

She rubbed the water into her smooth skin and closed her eyes. It had been a long time since the last time she had had sex with anyone. She couldn’t even remember his name. She rubbed her breasts and twisted her nipples. It felt good, so she rubbed them harder. She squeezed on and brought the nipple to her mouth and tugged on it lightly with her teeth.

It was one of the perks of having massive DDDs adorn her chest. She moaned louder, glad no one was around to hear her cries of joy at pleasing herself. She slid her other hand down her stomach and parted her thighs.

Because she left her cell phone in her purse in the cabin she never heard Phil call to say he was able to take the rest of the day off to spend time with her. He walked up just as she took her nipple out of her mouth and threw her head back as her hand began to caress her clit.

Phil stopped in the weeds just before hitting the clearing and watched this golden goddess stroke her pussy. His dick immediately sprang to life. He stood very still, holding his breath; unsure if he should make his presence known or just watch in silence.

Daphne made his mind up for him when she pushed two fingers in her pussy, drawing out her sweet nectar and licking it off her fingers. Phil slipped off his socks and shoes and slid his pants, underwear and shirt off and stood in the weeds gently stroking his cock, mesmerized by Daphne’s actions.

After she licked all her juices from her fingers, she thrust them deep inside her again. She bucked against her hand as her thumb rubbed her clit. She could feel herself about to cum. Knowing she was alone, she moaned loudly.

“Oh God! This feels so fucking good,” she screamed. “Damn you really know how to fuck me!”

Phil began to inch his way closer and closer to Daphne. He had his hard cock between his fingers and stroked himself harder and harder. He let out a small moan of his own, startling Daphne.

She opened her eyes and looked around. Phil, now about six feet from the foot of the lounger, stood staring at Daphne, obvious Escort Kayaşehir desire showing in his eyes. Daphne watched him move his hand over his cock and rub his own balls.

She felt her pussy release more of its juices and began stroking herself in time to Phil’s rhythm. Daphne tilted her head back and rocked her hips to meet her hand. Phil felt himself about to cum and stopped stroking himself.

He knelt between Daphne’s legs and parted her thighs even farther. He smelled her sex well before his face reached her swollen lips. With a deft tongue he cleaned all her sweet cream from the outside. The more he licked though, the more Daphne bucked and squirted juice onto Phil’s face.

Daphne rose up and looked down to see Phil between her legs, his curly, blond hair dripping with sweat. Phil saw the desire deep in her blue eyes and knew she’s enjoyed his tongue assault. He slid a finger into her hot, wet cunt and Daphne licked her lips and cried out before lying back down.

Phil took her clit between his lips and sucked hard, making Daphne scream and buck uncontrollably against his face.

“OH my God,” she screamed. “Fuck me. FUCK ME FASTER you mother fucker!”

The dirty talk coming from this sweet younger woman almost made Phil shoot his load on the dock. He grabbed her hips and raised her ass off the chair so he could force his tongue deep inside her wetness.

“Mother fucker,” she cried out. “My cunt juice is squirting all over you!”

“Mmmmmmm,” Phil responded.

Daphne’s pussy, now swollen and wetter, continued to release what seemed like buckets of juice onto Phil’s face. She didn’t know how much more of the sweet torture she could take. She squeezed his face between her legs and said in a hoarse voice, “it’s my turn.”

When her legs stopped shaking, she motioned for Phil to stand in front of her. She scooted her cum soaked ass to the bottom of the lounger and grabbed Phil’s ass pulling him close to her face. She grabbed his balls in one hand and the base of his shaft with the other while slowly bringing her lips to it. She kept her eyes on Phil’s face the entire time.

When her lips wrapped around his helmet, she could feel him about to collapse. She reached her hands back around him, grabbing his ass cheeks to keep him from falling. Her head bobbed up and down him in a slow and steady rhythm. She ran her fingers in circles around his ass, tempting and teasing his hole.

Phil opened his eyes and nodded ever so lightly at Daphne, letting her know it was okay if she wanted to do what he thought she wanted. She sucked his cock hard and fast. She took one of her hands off his ass and brought it to her still wet pussy and gathered her juices onto her index finger.

She brought it back to his ass. As soon as she slowly passed his tight threshold and pushed her finger deep inside his ass, Phil shot his load down Daphne’s throat. She held on tight to him and let him buck and thrust against her face and finger. When his tremors stopped, Daphne slid her finger out of his ass and smacked her lips loose from his dick.

“God, woman,” said Phil. “You sure know how to get a man off.”

She smiled, a little of his cum sliding down her lips. Phil reached out and wiped it off her lip before reaching a hand to help her up.

“Since I have the afternoon off, how about I cook an early dinner for us?”

“Sounds great,” Daphne said before she took two steps around Phil and dove into his Paradise Lake.

“Holy fuck!” she screamed. “This is fucking cold.” She hurriedly swam to shore where Phil stood with an outstretched towel.

“I told you it would be,” he replied.

“Well, it served its purpose of cleaning me off…for now,” said Daphne smiling.

They walked hand in hand to the cabin. Phil started the grill while she scrubbed potatoes for baking. Both worked in relative silence as they prepared their dinner of steak, baked potatoes and salad.

They sat on deck chairs outside the cabin to eat.

“I didn’t know you were Küçükçekmece escort so Earth conscience,” Daphne began.

“I used to not be,” replied Phil. “When I started working on my duck blind and a few other things around here, I realized just how used and abused our planet is. I got online and started looking for ways I could help out. I started by doing all the usual things you see on TV—light bulbs, recycling, and even composting.

“I started talking to my friends about it and found out most of my friends could care less,” he said. “That’s why I planned the Earth Day party. I wanted to share with all of them just how easy it is to do their part to save the earth.”

“I know one way we can conserve energy…well make some of our own,” Daphne said as she got up and walked toward Phil.

“And how is that?” he asked, his eyes twinkling.

“Well,” she said. “We can start like this.” She sat on his lap and removed the towel she had wrapped around her. She pressed her lips to his neck and sucked lightly.

“Then,” she said as she nibbled his ear, “We can do some of that.” She ran her hands down his chest and grinded her pussy into his towel covered lap.

“After that,” she continued. “We can really stir up some energy.”

She kissed him deeply then. Her lips moved over his as her pussy ground into his hardening cock. She thrust her tongue into his mouth and pushed her pussy farther onto his lap. He reached and undid the towel confining his cock.

She teased him by rubbing her pussy up and down his cock, but not letting him enter her. She got off his lap and kissed her way to his throbbing cock. She could taste herself on his head as she took it slowly into her mouth.

Phil placed his hands through her blonde locks and guided her mouth over his swollen member. He forced her to take his cock all the way into her mouth. She gagged briefly before she relaxed her throat and took him all the way into her mouth.

She sucked him hard and fast and then slowly slid her lips up his shaft. She took just the head in and sucked on it hard. She ran her fingers up and down his chest, leaving deep red marks.

When Daphne felt Phil tugging harder and harder on her hair she knew he was close to release. She eased the pressure on his cock and slowly sucked him before gently removing her lips.

“I see you like my lips around your cock,” she said. “How about I put another set there for your enjoyment?”

Daphne straddled Phil’s legs once more and positioned her pussy right over his rigid penis. She lowered herself slowly and reached down to guide him into her. As soon as his member parted her lips, she involuntarily clinched her pussy walls hard onto his cock and came all down him.

She placed her hands on Phil’s shoulders and began to ride him. She leaned in closer to him as he reached and grabbed both her tits, twisting her nipples. He lowered his mouth to one and sucked and tugged. Daphne threw her head back and cried out.

“Oh Fuck Phil! You’re gonna make me cum all over you again.”

“I think that’s the point,” he said with her nipple still grasped between his teeth. He tugged harder on the taut nipple before trying to get as much of her ample tit into his mouth as he could.

He took his other hand and ran it down his chest until he reached the base of his cock. He flipped his hand over and began to stroke her clit as Daphne bounced up and down.

“Your cunt is so hot and wet,” Phil said. “I could fuck you all night long.”

His words spurred Daphne to fuck him faster. Her pussy again tightened on his cock and Phil had to rise up to meet her for fear he might lose her moist, warm hole.

“I’m gonna cum all over you again, damn you!” Daphne cried.

“Cum for me, baby. Cum all over my cock!”

Daphne buried her nails into Phil’s shoulders, almost drawing blood. She fucked him faster and faster, squirting more and more of her cum on his dick.

“My god! You make me so fucking wet!”

Daphne felt Phil’s cock swell just before he shot his load deep inside her. She collapsed atop his chest and rested her head on his shoulder.

She could feel her pussy spasm on his shaft, drinking in all his cum. When her breathing returned to normal, she rose up and looked into Phil’s eyes.

“You know?” she began. “I think this was just what the doctor ordered.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32