Doctor Story

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Doctor Story
Part I

By: Q12

(m/m ass play anal)


I had to go to the doctor’s office to have an examination for life
insurance. I figured it would be a routine check-up because I’m in good
health for 43 years old and I lift weights to stay in shape.

I had never been to this doctor before and I didn’t know his name or how old
he was or anything. Naturally I feel a little uncomfortable with a new
doctor when I know I’m going to have to be almost naked in front of him.

I got called into the room by the male nurse who told me to take off all my
clothes except my underwear. I wore my boxer shorts today because they
covered more of my body. As I walked into the exam room I saw two more male
nurses walking around the doctor’s office. I did not see a single female
nurse in the place which I thought was kind of strange.

I took off my clothes and sat on the exam table waiting for the doctor. When
he came in I was relieved to see he was an older gentlemen in his 60’s; a
nice looking guy with graying hair. He seemed quite professional giving me
little reason to feel embarrassed in front of him.

He performed the normal set of exam procedures and then he asked me to stand
up in front of him while he sat on a little stool. He spread his legs and
pulled me a little closer to him and told me to lower my shorts. I knew he
was going to do a hernia test and examine my genitals like I’d had done
since I was a little boy but it still made me feel uncomfortable doing it in
front of another man.

I lowered my shorts down to about mid-thigh. The doctor immediately reached
up and touched my nuts and felt them between his fingers. I guess he was
feeling for lumps or something. He felt all around them for about two
minutes, which seemed like forever to me. Then he reached under my balls and
pushed up into my groin and asked me to cough. Everything was fine I guess.
Then he reached up and took my penis in his hand and lifted it up and looked
at it. He moved my penis in his hand very gently kind of stretching it a
little to look at the side of it. Then he reached up with his other hand and
started to squeeze the head of my penis as if examining the piss hole or
something. His other hand was now grasping my cock by the base and he was
holding it kind of tight while he examined the head forcing blood into the
head of my dick and making it turn purple. I figured this was all a part of
his professional examination.

The manipulation of my cock was having a strange effect on me and I actually
started to like his touch on my dick. I knew I couldn’t think like this or I
would get a hardon right in this man’s hands. But it was already too late
and my cock started to engorge with blood while he was squeezing it. I think
the doctor felt it in his hands and he stopped examining the head with his
one hand but kept his grip around the base of my cock with the other. I
hadn’t cum in about 10 days so I knew once my cock started to grow there
would be no stopping it. Man, this was going to be embarrassing! I had never
gotten a hardon in front of another man in my entire life and here I was
with a strange old man getting an erection in his hands!

As my cock started to harden I thought I felt the doctor’s hand start to
shake a little as if he was nervous or something.

“Doc, I’m sorry but your touching me there has kinda gotten the blood
flowing a little, if you know what I mean”, I said.

“I noticed”, he said as he took his hand away from my now half hard cock.
“Everything looks OK”, the doctor said and I almost felt sorry that he took
his hand away. Then he said to turn around and lean on the table and spread
my legs. I knew what was coming now as I heard him slipping on a rubber
glove. “I’m just going to check your prostate so just relax”, he said.

Yeah right I thought, I’ll relax while you stick your finger up my asshole
and poke around in there.

I leaned over and then I felt one of his hands on my ass and then a finger güvenilir bahis şirketleri
started to lightly touch my asshole. I took a breath expecting it to jab
right in like other doctors had done before but it didn’t. He lightly rubbed
the outer part of my hole all around the rim with lubricant on the tip of
his finger. “This will relax your sphincter so it won’t be so uncomfortable
when I insert my finger into your rectum”, he told me. I didn’t say
anything. Then I felt him take his hand off my ass and lightly press out on
my inner thigh and said, “spread your legs a little further please.” I
spread my legs quite wide now and I could feel my asshole start to open up a
little as he continued rubbing the rim with his finger. Then I felt another
finger join the other in the rubbing so he was rubbing my whole asshole area
and it was getting very slick with the lubricant he was using on his
fingers. I looked down between my legs and I could see my cock starting to
harden again and I was shocked.

I’m getting a hardon from this doctor giving me a rim job with his fingers.
What am I some kind of fag or something? I couldn’t believe it was
happening. Then I felt the doctor start to push his finger into my hole very
slowly and just the tip entered my hole. He stopped and just left his
fingertip in my hole about an inch. I could feel my asshole relax around his
finger and he must have felt it too because he started to push in again
until he had his finger inserted about 3 inches into my hole. He stopped
again and held it there. I relaxed more and then I felt his finger start
probing around my insides. He touched my prostate and started rubbing it
very gently as if examining it with his finger tip. At this point I looked
down at my cock and it was rock hard! It was pointing straight at me and I
could see a little clear drop of precum forming at the tip while the doctor
was rubbing my prostate. Again it was actually starting to feel good to me.
Is this what gay guys feel like? Is this what they do to each other? These
thoughts were running through my head as I felt the doctor’s finger start to
pull out of my hole very slowly.

When he had his finger out he asked me if I felt any discomfort and I kind
of groaned, “No”. He asked how long I had gone without sex because my
prostate seemed a bit enlarged. I told him it had been 10 days since my last
orgasm. Then he asked about the little fleshy growth on my asshole rim which
I’d had for about ten years. Other doctor’s had looked at it and said it was
nothing to worry about. This doctor said, I’d like you to sit on the exam
table and put your feet in the stirrups so I can have a better look at it.
“Doc, the other doctors said it was nothing to worry about”, I said
nervously. “I know and it probably is nothing to worry about but I’d like to
have a look while you’re here just to make sure”. I reluctantly agreed
partly because I was waiting for my hardon to go down before turning around
and sitting on the exam table. My cock was still half hard when I lifted
myself on the table and slid back until my feet could get into the stirrups
which the doctor had spread out.

Now this was embarrassing. Here I was with my legs spread wide and my entire
genital and asshole area exposed to this doctor whom I had never met in my
life. On top of that my cock was still half hard and dripping precum onto my
thigh for him to see. I saw him glance at it briefly while he was putting my
feet in the stirrups and I wondered what he thought. He pulled up the stool
right in front of my table and sat down so he was eye level with my asshole
and balls. He reached up and started rubbing my asshole again with two
fingers which he had dipped into the lubricant again. Then he asked if I
felt any pain in the parts of my hole during excretion. I told him I didn’t
feel any pain. I didn’t tell him I certainly wasn’t feeling pain right now
because his fingers were really starting to turn me on again. I looked down
at my cock and it was rock tipobet hard again and sticking up at a 45 degree angle
from my belly. Precum was starting to drip out the end in a steady flow. I
then saw the doctor looking at me between my legs and he was watching my
cock too! “Does this stimulate you”? he asked. I told him, “It must because
my cock is getting very hard. This has never happened before Doc, I swear”.
“It’s OK”, he said. “You must be pretty horny not having cum in 10 days,
huh? I couldn’t hold out that long, I know that”, the doctor said.

Wow, what is the doctor saying to me? Is he coming onto me? Then I felt his
other hand start feeling my balls again pulling them down and stretching
them. “You have really nice balls you know. They must be really full of
cum”. I felt his fingers start to enter my asshole again but this time they
didn’t wait, they just jabbed in. But they didn’t hurt at all this time
either. They went in easily due to the lube on his fingers and because my
asshole was so relaxed from his stimulation. Now he started moving his
fingers in and out of my hole and then I felt a third finger join the other
two. I thought this was going to hurt but it didn’t. I was just laying there
letting all this happen because it was feeling so good. I didn’t stop to
think about what I was doing with this doctor. Then I leaned up on my elbows
and looked down to watch the doctor and he was very intense and his mouth
had opened up a little as he was playing with my nuts and asshole. He had a
very lustful look on his face. He looked up at me almost meekly like he knew
he couldn’t stop what he was doing because he was too horny himself.

“I am really getting turned on looking at your balls and finger-fucking you.
Does it feel good”? I nodded to him. He had no idea how good it felt. I felt
my hips start to move with each thrust of his fingers in my asshole and my
cock was now flowing with precum. The doctor stood up and moved in closer
between my spread legs so he could fuck my asshole with his fingers better.
He added the fourth finger which I figured was coming at any time and I
almost wanted it! My hole was practically sucking his whole hand in.

The doctor was drooling now while looking at my hard cock and I reached down
and pushed it away from my body down towards my balls. It wouldn’t go very
far because it was too hard but it was standing straight up now and the
precum started flowing down the sides. I couldn’t help myself, I had to jerk
off. I didn’t care if I was in front of another guy at this point. Besides
this other guy was finger-fucking me like crazy while he was pulling on my
balls. He was completely lust crazed as he watched me start to stroke my big
hard greasy cock, up and down in long slow strokes. The stirrups had my legs
splayed wide open and it felt great. I could pump my cock into my hand by
pushing up my hips and into the doctor’s fingers in my asshole.

This was really getting very hot and horny. I could smell the sex from my
crotch and the doctor was moaning while watching me jack my cock. He leaned
over my cock while I was stroking it and stuck out the tip of his tongue and
touched it to the head of my dripping cock and he licked off a big drop of
precum. His eyes had glazed over and he was acting like he was so horny he
was out of control. This really turned me on knowing my cock and balls and
asshole were turning this old guy on. I looked down at the doctor’s crotch
and saw his hard cock in his pants and a big wet spot where his precum was
leaking out, wetting his pants. For an old guy he sure had a big looking
cock. Would it be all wrinkled as I imagined. I had never seen another guys
hard cock before and certainly not on a guy who was fingerfucking me and
licking my cock!

“Take your cock out Doc”, I said.

I couldn’t believe it was me saying it but I really wanted to see this old
guy’s hard cock. He took his hand off my balls and reached down to undo his
zipper and open his pants. He pushed his pants down and tipobet giriş stepped out of them
leaving him standing with just a jock strap on and his shirt. Then he pulled
off his shirt and stood only in his jock with the head of his now leaking
cock sticking over the waist band. It really looked hot! It wasn’t wrinkly
at all. It was shiny, hard and purple just like mine and it was big and
thick, too. He started rubbing his cock through the jock as he finger fucked
me and watched me masturbate while I was watching him. We were both really
getting horny and I knew I was going to cum any minute if I kept this up.
“Take your jock off, Doc, I want to see your whole hard cock right now”. I
was going crazy with lust now. He pulled down his jock and it fell to the
floor and he stepped out of it. Now he was standing in front of me
completely naked with his four fingers fucking in and out of my asshole. His
cock looked a lot better now that it was completely free. It was big and
leaking precum all down the sides as the doctor started stroking it up and
down to the same rhythm as my stroking.

“Why don’t you put that big hard cock in my asshole, Doc. It looks like it
will fit now that you’ve opened it up with your fist”. The doctor
immediately pulled his fist out of my asshole and moved himself into
position to fuck me with his big hard cock. He was shaking with lust. He
came in between my legs and touched his cockhead to my hole and rubbed it
around for a little while then started to push it in slowly. Even though he
had stretched my hole open with his fist his cock was so thick that it
didn’t go in easily and started to stretch my hole even wider. It hurt at
first but as he pushed it in further and further the pain started to go
away. His cock reached way up inside my asshole and started to touch my
prostate every time he thrust it into me. This was starting to drive me wild
and the doctor was starting to moan really loud. What if someone hears us
and comes in the unlocked door I thought. I didn’t worry for long because at
this point I didn’t care. I was way too hot and horny to care. I would
probably have even liked it if someone came in right now and saw me getting
fucked hard by the doctor’s big cock while I was jerking off my own big
greasy cock. This was hot, hard, man to man sex at its hottest and I was
really getting into it. I had no idea how hot this kind of male sex could
be. My balls started to pull up against my cockbase and I knew I was gonna
cum soon. The Doc was really fucking me hard, now taking full length strokes
into my hot asshole. Our hips were in sync with each other. “Give me that
cock!”, I yelled at him. “Pump it in me harder. Harder. Faster”. He reached
up and pushed my hand away from my cock and grabbed it and started stroking
my cock for me while he was fucking me. This was incredible! His hand felt
fantastic on my cock and his hand was covered with my precum which was
flowing all over his knuckles while he jacked me off.

He really started stroking me now and I figured he was gonna cum up my
asshole soon so I started rocking and pumping my hips into his cock and hand
and moaning with each stroke. “Stroke me Doc. Fuck me Doc. Harder. Faster.
Fuck that big hard cock into my hot asshole. I love it!” I couldn’t believe
I was saying these things but I did love it. My cock was burning with lust
and ready to burst with hot cum. “Cum now Doc, cum with me”.

“I’m gonna cum up your hot ass”, he moaned and really started fucking me. He
slid his hand up my slimy cockshaft and then reached up with his other hand
and started stroking my long hard cock with both hands! This took me over
the edge. He was fucking me hard and holding my dick like it was a handle to
give him leverage while plowing into my ass. I could feel the cum start at
the base of my cock and screamed, “I’m cumming! Oh,oh, oh yeah! Fuck me,
stroke me”.

He moaned loud and started breathing loud then yelled, “I’m cumming in your
asshole”. My cum started squirting up in the air between his two pumping
hands and landed on my face and all over my chest. I could feel his cum
squirting into my asshole filling me up with his hot man cum. We were
pumping at each other for several minutes during our orgasm and finally it
came to an end.

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