Doctor Gets a Prescription Ch. 04

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The momentary relief after escaping from Ranjith’s sexual assault did not last long for Sujitha. Her eyes eagerly searched for Aunt Prema’s house immediately after the auto rickshaw took the turn from the main road and moved in a snail’s pace on the bumpy road leading to Sujitha’s house. She easily spotted Aunt Prema waiting for her arrival. As the auto stopped eventually, Sujitha quickly disposed the driver without even waiting to collect the change. She badly needed a bath after letting her body to be teased incredibly by a horny man’s hands and mouth.

Sujitha walked past Aunt Prema quickly, not to let her see the torn clothes and the swollen face. She virtually threw her apron and her vanity bag on her bed before pulling a nice long towel and walking towards the bathroom in a hurry. Once in, it didn’t take much time for her to get rid of the clothes. Ranjith had made a mess out of her blouse and bra and most of the hooks were missing. She could clearly see a few marks on her breasts and her nipples had gone sore. She shook her head as if she wanted to forget the whole episode at once simply because of overwhelming humiliation. She felt more at ease after pouring the cold water all over her body. By the time she finished bathing, the whole bathroom was filled with the fragrance of her favorite soap and her young body. As she moved inside the house, she saw Aunt Prema serving food to her children. Sujitha paused for a moment before picking up the torn blouse and ripped bra from her shoulders and throwing it inside the bucket that was kept to collect rags. She quickly moved into her room and changed into a nightie, a loose nightwear that she always preferred to wear while at home.

“Sujitha,” Aunt Prema called out from the main room. “Your dinner is getting cold.”

“Sorry Aunt Prema,” Sujitha replied as she began walking towards the bed. “I am not feeling hungry.”

Sujitha crawled onto the bed, closed her eyes and tried to sleep. The moment she closed her eyes, she started seeing images of Ranjith coming down heavily on her body. She felt as though his ugly face was lowering at her with a smirk. She could hear him laughing aloud like a demon. She struggled to brush off those haunting memories of the incident that took place in her clinic half an hour ago. She couldn’t stretch on the bed anymore as she sat up and her hands involuntarily went across her chest.


Sujitha looked up and saw Aunt Prema entering her room. She knew that her aunt would never let her sleep without taking dinner.

“Sujitha, you know I don’t like this,” Aunt Prema came close to her bed and spoke firmly. “You should never skip dinner.”

“Oh Aunt Prema,” Sujitha whimpered. “Please let me sleep; I am not feeling hungry.”

Prema stood there looking closely at her niece. She started realizing that something serious might have happened. Sujitha always remained very conscious about her food habits and hence it was obvious that she was terribly upset about something.

“I will bring a glass of milk,” Aunt Prema placed her right hand on her niece’s head and stroked her forehead. “You can’t sleep if your stomach is empty.”

Sujitha didn’t answer her aunt but instead nodded her head gently. Aunt Prema could be a very persistent woman if she wants to be and Sujitha didn’t want that to happen today. Aunt Prema soon rushed out of the room and returned with a glass of warm milk. Sujitha opened her wallet and looked for some pills, just to make her aunt believe that she had some headache. Aunt Prema soon retreated from the room and once again Sujitha was left alone, just with the hard memories of the day’s events. She kept creeping on the cot, changing positions for more than two hours before her eyes finally swirled into sleep because of fatigue.

It was around midnight that Sujitha woke up again, with another nightmare. She sat up and immediately felt a gentle perspiration on her forehead. She took long breaths to relax her body and mind. Just about when she was about to stretch again, she suddenly saw Aunt Prema sleeping on the floor, close to the bed where she was sleeping. Sujitha was surprised because she knew that Aunt Prema had always preferred to sleep alone. She was too curious to know why her aunt was in her room and wasn’t willing to wait till the next day morning.

“Aunt Prema,” Sujitha leaned forward and began patting on her aunt’s shoulders gently. Prema was quickly awakened by her touch as she sat up with a jerk. After rubbing her eyes, Prema looked up at her niece and forced a smile on her face.

“What brings you here?” Sujitha asked with surprise.

“I thought you are not well,” Prema replied and looked up at the clock. It was almost twelve.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” Prema asked with a touch of anxiety. Sujitha didn’t reply.

Prema slowly got up from the floor and sat close to Sujitha. She looked into her young niece’s eyes through the semi darkness in the room and gently pulled her to let Rize Escort her head rest on her shoulder.

“I can presume you have some problem,” Prema spoke as she stroked Sujitha’s cheeks with her fingers. “I don’t want you to tell me anything now. But, I am saddened to see you so depressed.”

Sujitha couldn’t hold her emotions any longer. She hugged her aunt and began weeping profusely within seconds. Prema remained calm and patient till she saw her niece regaining composure after a few minutes of crying.

“I saw your blouse; it was torn,” Prema spoke softly. “I guess you had another incident today.”

“Oh Aunt Prema,” Sujitha murmured in disgust. “It was even harder today.”

Prema was really shocked as Sujitha began narrating the whole story that happened during the fag end of her day in the clinic. Sujitha paused every now and then to weep before continuing the story. Prema couldn’t resist a deep sigh once her niece was through with her torrid tale.

“I am glad that you never let him do what he wished,” Prema gave a pat on Sujitha’s back. “You have done a clever job.”

“But, I am trembling even now,” Sujitha sounded in extreme distress. “He felt like a beast. He never seemed to be regarding me as a woman with any dignity. He went about mauling me as though I am made of rubber.”

Prema struggled hard to conceal a cheeky smile.

“That is why they are men,” Prema said smilingly. “You know what Kumar did to me the other day. He invariably does the same every time. You should know that man always is the predator during sex. It is not just about letting his penis inside you and exploding. He wants to feel that he is dominating the woman on the bed.”

“That sounds funny,” Sujitha tried to smile as she spoke. “We have no choices anyway. We need to rely on men for sex all through our life. Isn’t it?”

“Not necessarily,” Prema quipped at once. “There is a way to be making love the softer way.”

“And what is that?” Sujitha queried innocuously.

“Well, I am afraid it is too late now,” Prema sounded evasive. “You need to go to work tomorrow and I need to get up early as well.”

“You are trying to avoid talking about that,” Sujitha said categorically. “I don’t mind listening. I can’t be asking anybody else about all this. I don’t mind even if you are blunt.”

“Ok,” Prema conceded realizing that her niece was as usual at her adamant best. “I don’t mind telling a few things if you insist. But, just go and secure the door.”

Sujitha was still confused but she didn’t waste any time in getting off the bed to go to the door and close it from inside. She was slightly puzzled to see a strange look in her aunt’s eyes as she returned to the bed. Prema made her sit on the bed lowered her head and spoke almost like whispering.

“We both share a few of each others secrets,” Prema hushed at Sujitha. “Let me caution you; this could well be the biggest one that we need to keep it ourselves.”

Having said these words, Prema moved around the bed and crawled inside from the opposite side. She wasn’t stretching straight but lay resting on her elbows with her head tilting towards her shoulder. She gestured to Sujitha to get closer to her. Suddenly, she was looking like a totally different woman. Her eyes began emitting enchanting sparks at her young niece. She gently pushed off her loose hair behind unveiling her shoulders and breasts.

Sujitha somehow felt that this could be another expedition into some fantasy. She moved close to her aunt and looked deep into her eyes, which were glowing in the partially dark room. Once Sujitha was comfortably inside the bed, Prema inched forward and hugged her with her left arm and pressing her body against her.

“I repeat Sujitha,” Prema whispered again. “This is our biggest secret till date. You can stop me anytime if you feel like.”

“What are we about to do?” Sujitha queried curiously.

Prema giggled without replying to her. Her magic smile stayed intact as she leaned further bringing her face closer to Sujitha. Both the women felt each other breath on their chests. Sujitha was looking like spellbound looking deep into her aunt’s eyes. Her aunt’s lips looked so close and red just an inch away from hers. The young woman felt a gentle tease all over her body but found the whole thing quite exciting.

“Have you ever been kissed by a woman?” Prema whispered again. Her voice sounded like as though they were soaked in honey. “Quite a few times,” Sujitha replied with a reciprocating smile. “Even you kissed me several times.”

Prema laughed again. She never thought that her niece, a doctor could sound so naïve.

“This is different,” Prema said amidst her laughter. She eventually stopped laughing, as she feared that her young niece might feel offended.

“How?” Sujitha asked.

Prema concluded that she needed to be more proactive with her niece. She finally moved another inch towards her and gently pressed Rize Escort Bayan her lips against her niece.

“Ohhhhh!” A very feeble moan escaped Sujitha’s lips.

“Tell me honey,” Prema lifted her lips and asked. “Did you feel the difference?”

“Yes I did Aunt Prema,” Sujitha replied with a gentle blush.

“Listen to me,” Prema brought some firmness in her voice. “You shouldn’t call me aunt for sometime from now. Is that clear?”

“Yes,” Sujitha spoke as if she was in slumber. She wasn’t aware that her aunt was equally getting excited about the whole thing. Sujitha’s lips rendered a terrific taste although it was just a gentle kiss to get going. The mature lady needed more of it and she lowered her head once again. Sujitha’s arms became active at once as they began stroking her aunt’s hair while her lips got enveloped by hers.

It was Prema’s turn to stroke and caress Sujitha’s hair gently while her face loomed large over the young woman. Her right hand went to grip Sujitha’s left leg by the ankle and soon it began moving further brushing her calf before it stayed still on her thigh. Soon, her fingers moved up to her waist to grip the soft lump of muscle on the left. Sujitha’s eyes closed like reflex action as she began feeling Prema’s finger tips stroking her stomach and making circles around her deep navel. She gagged once holding her breath feeling the touch of her sensuous aunt over her delicate skin.

“I think I now know what we are doing,” Sujitha said with a curious smile. She realized that their pressing bodies generated tremendous radiation of an unprecedented desire. Prema let her lips brush against her cheeks, chin and right below her ears. Her tongue popped out to tease her neck sending a few mild tremors on the young lady.

“Ohhh!” Sujitha gasped feeling a tingle inside her.

Prema kept looking at her excited niece while her right hand gently pushed the thin fabric of her nightie above her waist. She halted to gauge Sujitha’s reaction and continued pushing further up till she could see the young breasts being held underneath a rather tight dark bra. Sujitha was letting her well shaped breasts swell in and out as she breathed hard and long. Lying sideways on the bed, she was revealing her bulging breasts and the deep cleavage.

Sujitha couldn’t withstand any longer as she felt her aunt’s hot breath falling inside her cleavage. She pulled Prema towards her chest by clenching the back of her head and heaved in expectation. Prema quickly took the clue from her niece and tightened her hug and let her breasts deliberately brush against her silken skin on the stomach. Sujitha moaned again and searched for her aunt’s wonder breasts and cupped them with soft hands. Suddenly, the whole atmosphere was set on fire as the women indulged in yet another kiss, this time a prolonged one. Prema could feel Sujitha desperately trying to push aside the top portion of her ‘mundu’ that was covering her blouse. Sujitha’s long finger nails brushed unintentionally against her hardening nipples and Prema eventually reciprocated by reaching to her niece’s chest to stroke her fingers around her young breasts. She had a few fingernail marks and tooth marks on her tense breasts, thanks to Ranjith’s rude handling earlier in the day. However, she felt a very special excitement as Prema’s fingers delicately touched those areas. Instead of feeling the pain, Sujitha felt the touches soothing on her aching breasts.

“May I?” Prema asked suggestively after breaking the long kiss. Sujitha was licking her lips with relish and didn’t hesitate to nod her head in agreement.

Prema’s hands skillfully unclasped Sujitha’s bra. The tight bra looked like two halves letting Sujitha’s marvelous breasts to swing in the air due to the jerking impact. She soon felt her aunt’s hands gripping her waists rather tentatively while her head came lowering towards her naked breasts. Sujitha quickly pulled off her loose nightie through her head and laid back on the bed stretching her beautiful body for her aunt. She felt Prema’s hand cupping each one of her breasts, squeezing them gently, rubbing the nipples and giving them a slender pinch. She squirmed every time Prema’s gentle touches turned gradually into strong squeezes. Her soft lips joined the fun by kissing her nipples and suckling it softly. Sujitha trembled as Prema’s hands frequented her belly caressing and stroking very gently.

“This isn’t fairplay,” Sujitha hushed at her aunt with a wink.

“I got it honey,” Prema smirked. She pulled out her ‘mundu’ from her waist in a split second. She watched Sujitha staring at her swelling chest as she began unbuttoning her blouse. She knew that her niece was excited and hence she didn’t waste much time removing her bra to sit exposing her slightly sagging breasts close to her niece’s eyes. Sujitha wasn’t looking content as her left hand reached to her aunt’s waist to disrobe her petticoat. They sat nude to the hilt Escort Rize staring at each other’s body for a while they went into a hug that lasted for several moments. Their lips kept pressing against each other and their fingers kept trailing all over the bodies. Finally, it was Prema who seized the initiative by pushing Sujitha on to the bed yet again.

Sujitha watched her aunt’s face approaching her as she lay with her legs spread really wide. Prema quickly latched on to the opportunity and buried herself between the young thighs. Sujitha squirmed again feeling her aunt’s sharp nose brushing against her wet pussy lips through the fabric of the panties. Prema got right in between her niece’s flexed legs and her arms stretched well above to hold her breasts. She began inching up on Sujitha’s tender body and planted a few kisses all over her silky stomach. Her tongue jumped out eagerly and slipped inside her navel. Sujitha squealed in pleasure and held her aunt’s face with both her hands. She kept moaning and gasping while Prema traced down her thighs with her tongue brushing and teasing all the way.

Prema’s erotic teasing continued for a few minutes before Sujitha decided to join the act by toppling her aunt onto the bed. The young lady crept on her aunt’s body and gazed at her face with passion. Prema wasn’t getting younger any more but her body still looked attractive. Although a bit sagging, her breasts looked tense and well sized as they bulged in and out as she breathed.

“Do you like watching me like this?” Prema asked with a naughty wink.

“Indeed I do, I just remember the day I saw you with Kumar.” Sujitha replied with a smile. “I thought he was tormenting your wonderful body.”

“Not exactly,” Prema quipped. “I did enjoy then; as much as I have begun enjoying now.”

Sujitha swiftly kissed her aunt and her lips zipped through her neck, chest and finally landed up on her stomach. She kissed her navels a few times and made a few circles around. She looked up and saw Prema moving her body in arousal. Her hands stroked Prema’s enormous breasts for a while before her fists closed in on top of them. Prema hissed like a serpent feeling her nipples getting gripped and soon began groaning louder as Sujitha began squeezing them in alternates. Prema almost screamed and pulled her niece further against her body between her legs as she felt her nipples being sucked by a pair of soft lips. Sujitha wasn’t relenting on her aunt’s nipples as she kept sucking them while her right hand eagerly slid down Prema’s abdomen. Her fingers halted on her mound under a thin lacey pantie and began exploring the bushy surface by stroking all around. Prema started panting deliriously as Sujitha’s fingers went about cupping and caressing her pussy lips. Sujitha was enraged by some sudden excitement as her gentle rubs on her aunt’s pussy soon became harder and faster.

Prema smiled seeing the erotic expressions that flashed on her niece’s face and realizing what was about to follow. Sujitha wasn’t concealing her curiosity to please herself by pleasing her aunt. She wanted to relish tasting the mature woman, feel and tease her pussy with her tongue, and draw her pussy lips inside her waiting mouth. They hugged and their bodies rolled on the bed a few times before Prema regained her position on the top of her young niece.

Prema was in a rage as she reached towards Sujitha’s wet cunt and began brushing her lips against her public hair. The experienced women obviously knew to arouse a woman by feeling the right spot and she was exactly doing that. Sujitha started writhing while Prema went about licking her moist pussy much quicker than she had hoped. The young lady’s pussy felt the tingling sensations building up all the time. She knew that the tip of Prema’s tongue was trying to make a smooth entry inside her engorged pussy and felt a tense feeling from head to foot. She was trying hard not to scream in joy although a few loud groans did manage to escape her lips. But, she couldn’t contain a loud scream as Prema inserted two fingers inside her soggy cunt and began driving in and out with an unbelievable speed. Sujitha squealed in pleasure while she felt her aunt’s fingers getting in and out of her and letting her first orgasm to build very soon. Prema’s fingers did not relent even after Sujitha reached her ultimate climax with a very loud squeal.

The young lady’s body trembled and she felt her legs getting weak. She flexed involuntarily thrusting her waist up in the air letting her aunt’s mouth pressing hard against her. Surprisingly, Prema kept going letting her mouth engrossed on her niece’s oozing pussy. A few more minutes after, Sujitha squirmed yet again letting her clit explode for the second time in quick succession.

“Prema..! You bitch,” Sujitha screamed aloud throwing all caution to the wind. “What have you done?”

Prema wasn’t yielding to any of her screams and cries as she went about sucking Sujitha’s pussy without showing any signs of stopping. Sujitha’s hands firmly gripped the edge of the bed as she kept screaming louder and louder feeling a series of orgasms. Prema eventually stopped and they were both gasping for breath after what had been a streaming love making session.

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