Doctor Diana’s orders

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This story delves into a bunch of fantasies; manipulation by a female doctor, wife swapping, anal… If those don’t interest you, I suggest you find another. If they do, enjoy!

“And that’s when I realized that the penis is a magic wand,” Diana told my wife. “When you control it you control the man, or men.” I couldn’t believe that those words had just come from her mouth.

Four of us were sitting on my back deck, enjoying a warm June evening. My college friend, JD, and Diana, his second wife, were visiting us for the weekend. We had met Diana a couple of times previously but had never really spent much time with her. Our impression of her was as a very religious woman, she wore it on her sleeve, as did JD. They were very involved in the church and travelled extensively on charitable missions, always eager to spread the word and comfortable in sharing prayer with strangers.

Diana was a very natural beauty, tall and blonde with a luscious mouth. Plump red lips and bright teeth that were always displayed in a genuine smile. She was very fit, her long legs tapered from a strong ass, and in her bikini, she looked 10 years younger than her actual 45. I didn’t get any sexual vibe from her, probably because she spent most of the conversation on religion and charity. However, her breasts were magnificent. Easily a D-cup and natural, they had a hypnotic sway beneath her clothing, a light sundress this day, which rose well above her knees.

Her eyes were a brilliant blue and shone through a fashionable pair of tortoise shell glasses, giving her the sexy librarian look, combined with her very sparse use of makeup and her ever-present ponytail of dirty blonde hair. Those eyes would soon be focused intently on me as she began to manipulate me for her satisfaction.

Diana was a urologist and had a successful practice in Maryland. She had never really talked much about her profession to us before, she was always on other topics. How was I to know that this would be the most interesting conversation of my life.

We had spent the afternoon boating with another couple, and had gone through a cooler of beer and a thermos of margaritas, which surprised me given that I thought they were pretty much one and done when it came to drinking. During dinner, we’d polished off a bottle of Malbec, and I had just opened a second when Karen asked Diana about her medical training.

I saw a flash of a darker emotion in her eyes as she detailed her training and spoke of the sexual harassment and abuse she’d been forced to endure in her quest to complete it as a woman in a man’s world. It was kind of uncomfortable for a few minutes, but then she shrugged and laughed, “but hey, here I am now, right?”

“But Diana, why urology?” asked Karen.

Now the blonde’s expression changed to one of satisfaction, as she began, “Well, that’s a long story. But,” and her eyes locked on mine, “I think you’ll find it very stimulating.”

She told us how, during her training, all of the prospective doctors did training in several specialties, in order to get a feel for the options available to them in their careers. For a few weeks, they would concentrate on orthopedics, pediatrics, etc. and get hands-on training. They did the rotations as a group, in her case there were 4 students with a qualified MD.

One of the students in her group, a rich frat-boy type named Joseph Dunleavy, was her tormenter, constantly making lewd remarks, demeaning women in general and female doctors in particular often. Diana’s response was generally to ignore, it was common for women to have to endure such treatment. But she relished the idea of achieving retribution. She was to have her opportunity.

After a few weeks of the OB/GYN rotation, the students had reached the point where it was necessary for each to examine a patient. The plan was to evaluate actual patients if they would consent to it, but it was not easy to find volunteers since the entire class would be present for the exam.

On the third day, one of the students was scheduled to examine a female patient, but she had a change of heart and refused to participate. The instructor explained to Diana that he needed her to volunteer to act as the examinee, as there were no other options available. Though she was not required to, Diana felt it was in her best interest to be a team player, and she consented.

She went behind a curtain, and nervously undressed, donning the “gown of humiliation” which left her ass open to the breeze. She left her panties on, and regretted her choice that morning, a very skimpy pair of white lace high-hipped Victoria’s Secret silkies. The instructor called to her and she entered the area, her cheeks burning in embarrassment.

By this point in her story, I was already hardening in my shorts, picturing my buddy’s wife walking out in front of a group in a gown and her panties. I discretely tried to arrange my cock to hide it. I couldn’t believe the Jekyll and Hyde personality split of this conservative, straight-laced bahis şirketleri wife, telling us about an incident involving her panties.

She was fortunate in that the examining student, Michael, was a very serious young man, and he proceeded to conduct the eval in the most professional way. He made a light-hearted remark, “now, this won’t hurt a bit,” as he had her hop up on the table, but it was obvious that he was as uncomfortable as she was. Well…almost. The student was to carry on a continuous description of his procedure as he conducted the examination, and he did so.

“Now, Ms. Jackson, we’ll begin with the breast exam. I’ll just unfold your gown here,” and he struggled with it before realizing that it was still tied behind her neck.

“Wow, smooth. Wait til he gets to her bra!” heckled Joseph.

He earned a stern look from the instructor, “none of that, please.”

Diana reached back and tugged the ties loose, and Michael carefully folded the gown down her abdomen, revealing her lovely breasts. Her nipples, always fairly large, were standing erect. Diana didn’t know whether it was from the cool air or a little excitement from being exposed. She thought she heard a soft “phew” from one of her classmates. She blushed crimson, and was even more embarrassed when Joseph commented, “Wow, is it cold in here, or is it me?”

But, she explained, that was the moment that triggered her to transform from being a victim to defending herself against the bullying which she’d been subjected to for years.

“No, Joseph, it’s most definitely not you,” she retorted, staring directly at him. The other interns chuckled and now it was Joseph’s turn to blush angrily. She lay back and told Michael to continue.

“Ms. Jackson, do you do regular examinations for lumps?”

“Yes, I do, doctor.” She felt a little silly, as though she was playing doctor with another kid, but maintained her demeanor.

“Ok, in the interest of brevity, I’ll just give you a quick exam, so that we can move on.” Michael did a very cursory examination of her, consciously avoiding touching her nipples, which were hypnotic to the rest of the room. Fairly quickly he wrapped it up and immediately covered her with the gown.

“Now, if you’ll just place your feet in the stirrups, we’ll proceed with the pelvic exam.”

She lifted them, and he guided her feet into place, then very carefully folded the gown up to her tummy, exposing her panties. It felt like all of the air left the room then, and Diana felt the power of her femininity. Her panties, carefully formed around her moderate bush of pubic hair, had completely mesmerized the crowd. As she scanned the room, every pair of eyes was focused between her legs. There was nothing medical going on in the room, the sexiness of her panties had transformed the event from an examination of her vagina to an unveiling of her pussy. It was sexual now, and nobody could dispute it.

Michael had a hard time maintaining his composure. Diana had always been just a friend and colleague to him. Although he noticed how attractive she was, he had never really noticed her sexuality. Now she lay back, legs spread, and her panties exposed, the hollows of her inner thighs dipping towards her vagina, and just a dusting of soft fuzzy hair covering her cheeks. The panties had changed everything, and he began to perspire.

“I’ll need to remove these to proceed,” he stammered. Tentatively he grasped the skimpy sides of the panties. Diana felt almost total control over the other student as his unease became apparent, although she was the one laying exposed to the group. Looking at his perspiring face, she smiled and lifted her hips, her meaning obvious, she was giving him permission to pull down her panties.

His shaking hands tugged the sides of the silky garment, and he eased them over her hips, lifting her legs one by one to completely remove her underwear. Then she noticed that the front of his scrubs had begun to tent out a little, and Diana decided to quit teasing the poor guy, he didn’t deserve to be humiliated in front of his class. But her vagina was now on display, the full bush well-groomed (thank god) and the outer labia spread to reveal a glimpse of the pink flesh of her insides.

Diana felt a little uneasy about one thing. The control she felt over a room full of men was exciting her, she could see that they were in various states of excitement and unease, and she felt a bit of moisture as her pussy responded. She feared that her lubrication would be apparent and hoped that Michael couldn’t smell her musk.

Now she looked directly at me, her gaze boring into my psyche. Pointedly looking at my crotch, she asked, “this isn’t making you uncomfortable, is it, Tom? Picturing me out of my little panties, my wetness exposed to my friends, the smell of my aroused vagina filling the room?” I felt myself redden, I was unable to respond. I just looked over at my wife and Diana’s husband.

She looked at them too, “is this ok with you, bahis firmaları Karen? Your husband hardening in front of us? As I’ve learned, this is all about the power we have over our opposite sex.” They both looked pointedly at my crotch, which gave them the answer.

My wife, who I thought might be a little upset by this interaction, gave me the same look. Carrying a nice buzz, she was obviously enjoying the manipulation both in the story and here on her deck. “Not a bit, Diana. I’m kind of enjoying this. Obviously, my husband is as well. In fact, Tom, why don’t you show our guest how much you’re enjoying her story?”

I was taken aback, “what?”

“You know what your wife means,” Diana said soothingly. “If you would like me to continue, maybe you should show your physical appreciation. I’m quite sure that you’re as erect as my fellow doctors were at the time.”

Then she stood and smiled, turned around and bent over straight-legged. She flipped her dress up over her perfect ass and looked around at me. She was wearing a pink thong, the thin strap just barely covering her asshole, the tiny circle of brown ridges surrounding it exposed. Her mound was contained in the skimpy garment. I held my breath, my cock pulsed in appreciation.

“I guess it’s only fair to show you what my boys were dealing with, huh?” And, just like that, locked onto my eyes, my friend’s wife inched her panties down. The waistband pulled out, then down around her cheeks. The strap fighting to remain in her crack, then popping free to reveal her little starfish, then inching down out of her until her labia appeared. She pulled the thong down to just above her knees, then straightened up and turned back towards me. In two steps she stood before me, her creamy thighs holding the thong which had just been released from between them, her sundress swaying lightly in the breeze.

I was frozen, no idea what to do. Karen looked on wide-eyed, JD had no expression. I gazed up at my tormentor, who gave me a condescending smirk. “Well?”

I had no response.

She leaned down and her hair fell around my face, her perfume lightly present. “Can you smell me?” She stepped closer, her legs on either side of my right leg, her panties stretched across it.

Oh my god, I could. I smelled her, her pussy, her overpowering scent. It was an amazing musk of arousal. I looked at her panties and saw a bead of moisture trickle down her flawless thigh. It met the pink band and was absorbed instantly. I inhaled and closed my eyes, she smelled like heaven.

Diana stepped back and brought her knees together, the panties slipped down and were held there, then she separated her knees and they slid down to her ankles. She stepped out of them with one bare foot, then lifted the other towards me, her thong dangling from her toes. I looked at Karen and she smiled and nodded. She was under the vixen’s spell as well.

Diana lifted the scrap to my face, revealing her pussy as the dress slid up her thigh. She was perfectly groomed, as I would expect. Just a light dusting of blonde pubic hair, a little thicker as it approached her vagina. The scent became even stronger. I couldn’t help myself from leaning in, inches away, and inhaled deeply. I thought I might orgasm.

“So, do you think they could smell me that day? Can you feel the effect I had on my fellow doctors?”

I nodded.

“So why don’t you show me.”

The last was an order, given sweetly, but still an order. I didn’t look to Karen this time, I needed to obey. Diana took her panties and held them as she stepped back, giving me room to remove my shorts. My jockeys were tented fiercely, the head of my engorged cock peeking out of the waistband. Diana crossed her arms under her ample breasts and waited. I reddened as I lifted up and dropped my last covering, revealing my throbbing, oozing cock to the group.

Diana dropped her panties onto it, then turned to my wife. “Karen, you can see how I love my specialty. Sometimes I can’t help myself from exercising my power, I’ll give my patients a peek at a nipple, or my panties, or just allow them a little smell. Sometimes I’ll get so juicy that I’ll smear a little of my pussy on as cologne, and they don’t know what hits them. Or even just dab a little under their nose, by accident, and they’re like zombies. It’s almost impossible for a man to get through an exam with me with a soft cock. And they NEVER miss an appointment!”

I looked at the panties, still warm, dangling from my cock now. “Go ahead, Tom, they’re yours honey.” Even with my wife watching, I couldn’t resist taking a smell, and, my god, it was worth a divorce to have that sample.

Now Diana suddenly suspended my torture and sat before us. Smiling at her husband she lifted her heels to her chair and revealed her pussy again, labia now slightly spread apart, revealing the inner flesh, glistening in the evening light. In that pose, with her husband’s friend sitting naked and erect before her, she seemed completely comfortable.

“So, kaçak bahis siteleri my classmates all had a view of my vagina, just like this, and I loved it. And I know that they did as well, just as you do, right Tom?”

I nodded, my eyes fixed on her beautiful pussy. “And you, Karen?” I looked at my wife now, and was amazed to see her just as transfixed on Diana’s crotch as I was. Her eyes lifted to Diana’s face, and she nodded as well.

Diana laughed delightedly, “Good! Everybody loves a wet pussy!” she said as she continued her story.

The med student, Michael, began the exam and continued to dictate to the class as he proceeded. He had to detail every step of the process, from the external exam to the internal. As he prepared to penetrate her with his gloved fingers, he picked up the lube from the tray, and spread it on them. Then Joseph, the asshole, couldn’t resist harassing Diana. “Doesn’t look like she needs much of that!” he laughed, making everybody in the room cringe.

“That’s enough!” barked the instructor, as the other students scowled at the student. “We are all to be professional, got it?” Joseph nodded, but snuck an evil smirk at Diana, laying there with her labia spread and Michael’s fingers probing inside her channel.

“I’m sure you’re nervous, Joseph,” she said easily. “A naked woman must be intimidating when you’re seeing one for the first time.”

That brought relieved laughter from the group, and Joseph was finally cowed. He spoke no more through the exam. In fact, nobody in the room did, except Michael and herself. At the end of the session the men couldn’t seem to get out of the hospital fast enough, and Diana knew why. When she went to dress, she wasn’t at all surprised to find that her panties had disappeared, but she had no idea which classmate had scored that sweet prize, or if it had even been the instructor. When she walked to her car, she saw one of the students masturbating in his, he never even saw her, his eyes were tightly closed, picturing her exposure. She smiled and watched from behind his shoulder until he came, creating a huge mess over his scrubs and his steering wheel.

When his eyes reopened, he turned to find her smiling at him. Diana blew him a kiss and got into her car.

It was later in the month when Diana really had the chance to take control. Nothing had been said since their adventure together, the male students went out of their way to be completely professional with her.

They were in their urology rotation, and as she prepared to examine her patient, the older man balked. “I ain’t having a girl working on me down there!” He left the room full of students smiling at that, but now Diana had no patient. The instructor turned to the class.

“Ok, gentlemen, looks like we’ll need a volunteer to get this done, then we can all enjoy our weekend.”

The interns all looked at one another, but no hand went up.

“Come on, we just need one of you.” Nothing.

He turned to Diana. “Well, Ms. Jackson, you’re in a unique position, and since you were such a good sport in OB, I’ll give you the option. You can select a classmate, or we can wait until next week.”

Diana didn’t hesitate. She locked eyes on Joseph, and told the Dr. “I think Mr. Dunleavy is overdue for an exam. Let’s take care of that.” There was a murmur of laughter in the room, and Joseph raised objections, but the instructor wouldn’t budge.

“The gowns are behind the curtain, Mr. Dunleavy. Let’s take a 15-minute break.”

Diana excused herself to the ladies’ room and looked in the mirror. Her heart pounded nervously, but she smiled at her reflection. “I think I’ll make this a most enjoyable afternoon for Joseph.”

She took a small spray bottle from her bag and spritzed some perfume. She wished she was wearing a blouse, so that she could unbutton a few, but in scrubs…

Feeling bold, she nodded in decision and removed her bra. The scrubs made it hard to tell, but her breasts moved easily in them, and her nipples made themselves known with slight bumps, and hardened more as they rubbed on the cotton. She allowed a few hairs to escape her ponytail, and touched up her lip gloss. This was going to be fun. She was surprised at the sexual excitement she felt, not at the prospect of having Joseph naked, but at having total control of him.

Back in the room, Joseph waited nervously, standing there in a gown, still wearing his black socks.

“Ok, Mr. Dunleavy, hop up on the table, please.” He complied and scooted back. “Well, this is unusual, but this table has stirrups, so let’s use them to make you more comfortable and have the exam go more smoothly.” She lifted his legs and placed his feet into them, placing him in the humiliation position that women were familiar with.

She very slowly folded up her patient’s gown, revealing his flaccid penis, which looked to be about 3 inches long. “Well, Mr. Dunleavy has been kind enough to remove his tighty-whiteys for us, thank you for that.” There was a bit of laughter. “Since we have the luxury of the stirrups, I think I’ll begin with the prostate exam. Although usually performed with the patient leaning over the table, this will enable us to conduct the entire exam more rapidly.”

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