Divorce Lawyer

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Divorce Counsel

“Well that well and truly sucked.”

Jessica eased herself into a chair across the desk from her boss, the managing partner of Hale Goodfellow and Wellmet, “Denver’s premier family law firm!” and let out a sigh. She slouched and crossed her legs catching her boss checking her out again. Of course, she dressed this way specifically to distract the straight men who were her usual opponents in court, or perhaps gain a bit a favor with a judge. Today, unfortunately, her opponent was gay and the judge had no tolerance for guys who tried to screw their kids out of child support. With the client she had represented today that was a combination no amount of flashed leg would overcome.

“What did the asshole do this time?” John Hale asked calmly. He had been practicing family law – divorce law really – for over 20 years and had pretty much seen it all, though he was often shocked he saw it so often. Jessica was still pretty new to this and had an idealistic streak. “Give her a few more years before full blown cynicism” John thought.

Jessica sat up and straightened her skirt. She was in her “court uniform” as she thought of it – pencil in skirt, high heeled pumps, button down blouse. She knew she wore it well, since all those hours in the gym or Colorado’s high country kept her in fantastic shape. It was a fantastic tension tamer as well. All that exercise kept her smallish breasts a firm.

She was once told by a boyfriend that anyone with a few thousand dollars could buy big boobs, but a great butt and legs were earned. She liked the fact that she had earned the looks she got and never tired of using them to her advantage. A well timed flash of thigh during negotiations or in court always threw off her male opponents and she would often wear something sexy under her “uniform” to really distract them. Today, however, even the lace at the top of her thigh high stockings was not enough even though Judge Cohen was a well know old lecherous man who spent his lunches at the local strip club. There are just some lines a judge won’t tolerate your client crossing.

“Well,” she began “you know how we always thought that Mr. Boyle was hiding assets so he could get out of child support payments? His books never quite made sense to us but we never really looked in to how bad they were.”

“Yeah. He is an ass that way.” John replied. “We told him to let us hire an auditor because we had to turn them over and his ex would be guaranteed to have the books audited. The woman worked for CPAs for fucks sake!”

“Oh, he’s graduated to full blown shit.” Jessica replied. “He got on the witness stand and I took him through all the financials he gave us, like how his business is failing and ran through all the numbers. It turns out he keeps two sets of books. Amazing what subpoenas to local banks can produce – like we didn’t warn the fool. Also, you know how he always shows up here in that beat up old truck from his company?”


“Turns out his other car is a Maserati Gran Turismo. So the ex-wife’s lawyer starts cross examining him by showing him a bunch of pictures of him driving up in this car to fancy steak houses – you know, like Elways and Mortons – and getting out with different women each time. He then pulls out the bills and shows how much he spends at these places. For one month his steak house bills alone were more than his claimed take home pay. It went downhill from there. In the end Judge Cohen referred the case to the DA’s office to investigate him for perjury and ordered all him to allow an accounting team into his business to really audit the books. He does not like getting lied to and he really hates it when the lie was to fuck over his own kids. Ya know, just to get outa supporting your own kids, the shit.”

“Yeah, you’re right. He’s a shit.” John agreed with Jessica. “Remember what I told you when you came over from the public defender’s office. In criminal court you saw the worst people on their best behavior but in divorce court…”

“You see the best people on their worst behavior” they said together and laughed.

“Not your fault and the prick will get what he deserves.” John comforted Jessica. “And this is another example of why we get paid up front, ’cause he sure can’t write checks from a jail cell.”

“It would not surprise me if the scum was heading to the airport now to get out of the country. I’m hopin’ his next call is from someplace without an extradition treaty to the U.S., Somalia maybe? ” Jessica said. “Look, I know it is only 3:00 but that was rough. I think Judge Cohen believes we knew and tried to helped Boyle cover. I just want to go home, pack a big bowl of weed and forget the day.”

The nice thing about working for a small law firm is that you could be completely open about lots of things, including the use of Colorado’s famously legal plant. The office represented marijuana businesses and got great discounts as a result.

“OK. First, Cohen practiced law too and knows clients lie to us all the time. He won’t blame Escort Eryaman you or me. You just got the overflow of his anger. But, can you do me a favor on your way home?” John asked.

Jessica sighed. “Please not another jerk trying to screw his kids”

“No, this one’s easy.” John said. “We’ve got the final divorce decree for Michael O’Connor and we need to drop a copy off and have him sign the original. It’ll take you five minutes and he’s a good guy.”

Jessica smiled. “Didn’t he tell us the judge could determine as a matter of fact and law that he was zombie Vlad the Impaler so long as the property settlement was 50/50?”

“Yeah, that’s the guy. You can do that when there are no kids and it is just a property split.” John chuckled. “I also liked his instructions – if it is worth less than your hourly fee let her have it. Guys would find their divorces lots easier and cheaper if they all did that.”

“Did he meet his goal to be the least expensive divorce we’ve ever done?” Jessica asked

“Nope. His ex was a bitch about a few things. She wanted to play the victim even though it wouldn’t make any difference in the property distribution. He gave up more than he should have just to make her go away and he says he is much happier that way. I’ve no doubt he is. Anyway, here’s the paperwork and he’s expecting someone between four and four-thirty today at home. Since it is near your house, would you mind?” John said.

“OK. Besides this should be good news for him, right? He took a lot of grief from her if I remember. And he is such a nice guy” Jessica was learning that most divorce cases had plenty of fault on both sides. Her afternoon in court showed that sometimes you got guys like Boyle who were complete shits to their ex-spouse and their kids and the courts and their lawyers too. Sometimes you got the other extreme, like O’Connor – nice people who select the worst partners and suffer throughout the marriage and the divorce. His ex never though the poor guy did anything right, despite going from dead broke and bankrupt, completely switching careers and now making a solid six figures with a few million in the bank. He was a super nice guy who worked his ass off for her and she couldn’t appreciate it, so he finally said enough and she left when she could no longer get her way.

“Her loss, big time. He’s well off, he works hard, makes great money, a good looking guy and he always treats women as equals and with respect. ” Jessica thought. “Not like Boyle’s comments about the receptionist being a hot piece of ass.”

Jessica thought of Mr. O’Connor as a man who had aged very well. He kept what was left of his hair short and sported a rich grey beard. “From my glasses down, Ernest Hemmingway. From my glasses up, Jean Luc Piccard.” He had once joked.

Applying the eye of a gym rat, Jessica had always seen that he kept in decent shape. He was obviously strong. Jessica had once seen him help the office manager store 50 pound boxes of paper on overhead shelves. He would pick them up and hoist them at a better pace than most 20 year olds and all just to help the very short office manager. “I do lots of heavy interval training.” He explained.

Jessica dumped Boyle’s file on her desk, grabbed the O’Connor papers and headed out. Once behind the wheel she was grateful that this side trip would be short, easy and with a good grateful client. Then a nice big bowl of that high THC weed she had picked up from her favorite dispensary… make that two bowls and my vibrator too with some decent porn… Better yet, dabs! I’ve got that fantastic shatter! And then the vibrator in the bathtub… mmmmmm Thank God for waterproof vibrators!

She felt a distinct warmth of anticipation as she walked to Mr. O’Connor’s door and surprised herself with her reaction to Mr. O’Connor when he opened the door. He wore jeans and a brown button down shirt and cowboy boots.

“Oh! Ahhhhh, hi there Mr. O’Connor.” She fumbled at his greeting. She just hadn’t expected an older man to look so… hot. Like that “World’s Most Interesting Man” commercial dignified, old yet still strong hot that not many guys pull off.

“Ms. Hernandez? Nice to see you. I was expecting John. Come in! Come in!”

“Please call me Jessica.”

“And I’ve been telling you to call me Mike, Michael or Your Majesty for some time. Mr. O’Connor won’t do. And I understand you have my final release and full pardon in there.”

“No such luck. Just a divorce decree.” Jessica smiled. She always liked this guy’s sense of humor.

“Yes. Exactly. They are one and the same. Just trying to be poetic.” He laughed as he took her coat and hung it in the hallway closet. “All important business in the kitchen, right? Besides, that will let me get out the champagne and you can help me toast.”

“I’m not sure I should be drinking with a client.” Jessica said. She had caught a distinct smell and, as they entered the kitchen she saw it.

A blowtorch and a bong all ready for dabs and a large computer screen Eryaman Escort with porn showing.

O’Connor heard her stop, turned, then followed her gaze to the bong.

He laughed. “I figured you’d want me sober to sign this, so I’m not high. And as for the porn… I expected John and it was a joke we had. I was like the laundry. I wasn’t getting done either.”

Jessica snorted with laughter.

And that bong there is to celebrate my liberation along with some champagne and I would be honored if you’d join me.”

“Ummm, well sir… I mean Michael… I’m not sure it is appropriate to get high with a client.”

“Well I know you get high.” Michael smiled, pleased with his detective work. “We use the same dispensary. I saw you in the parking lot a few times but figured discretion was best.”

Jessica blushed. “It is not so much getting high… It is the client part.”

“As I understand it, once I sign that document I’m no longer a client, correct Ms. Hernandez?” He grinned. “Just the champagne if you prefer. Or just a toast with diet coke. No pressure.”

Jessica was leaning into the temptation as she pulled the final papers from her case. “I have had a hard day.”

“If you’d like to join me in a dab I’ll pay for a cab to get you home”

“Yeah I could really use a dab and some conversation. Shall we Michael?”

“Yes indeed, Jennifer.”

Michael closed the window with the porn on his computer, much to Jennifer’s disappointment. It was a hot scene. He started playing some electronica music.

“I listen to this when I work out and it always pumps me up.”

“Really? So do I.”

They quickly got through the paperwork and the champagne cork was popped.

“As the poet said ‘”Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.’ And now I have Colorado sunshine, freedom and” He nodded mischievously in the direction of the bong “a little flower.”

The clinked glassed as Jessica chuckled at the pun. It was really good champagne.

Michael started heating the nail for the first dab. “Ladies first.”

Soon the nail was glowing hot and the smoke was shooting into Jessica’s lungs, a huge waive of relaxation and calm. The day melted away. Her anxiety melted away. And of course the tingling started and sensitivity of her nipples and clit increased. This hit was particularly potent that way. A straight shot to the brains horny on switch.

They sat at the high barstool kitchen table sipping champagne as Jessica discussed her day. It felt so good to have a guy just listen. They shared several more dabs. Jessica was really feeling the effects and began to really turn on her flirting. She touched his arm, complimented him and deliberately flashed more leg and cleavage.

She leaned in to show off her bra’s lace top, having unbuttoned an extra two buttons to flirt.

“Can I say something Michael? “

He nodded. “Umm..OK”

“You were always one of my favorite clients. You tried to make everything so easy for us.”

“Thank you Jessica.”

They had switched to Michael’s pipe and leaf marijuana. Michael took a hit and passed it to Jessica.

She took her hit and grabbed his hand. “Dance with me!”

The electronica beat was hypnotic as they moved their bodies to the music. Jessica would dance in close, then away, turning and shaking her ass. Just teasing him with her body as he gyrated his hips to the music. She danced closer and they swayed together. Jessica could feel him getting hard against her thigh, then her ass as she turned and ground against him.

She took another hit as they danced. “OK! Truth or dare?” she declared.

“That was unexpected. OK, truth” Michael said. He had not felt this horny in a long time and did not want to say anything inappropriate. Truth was he could say to the laundry “no one’s doing me either”

“OK, something safe.” She could still feel him hard against her as they swayed. He took a hit as she asked.

“What is something sexual or erotic you’ve fantasied about, have never done but would like to do?”

Michael almost choked in surprise. “Well, you mean like threesomes with porn stars?”

“Something you could reasonably expect to do someday, unless you know porn stars.” Jessica replied.

“No porn stars in my contact list, I’m afraid.” Michael ground his hardness against her. “It would have to be having sex in places or with people that are unexpected and a bit naughty. Like sneaking out of a party to fuck in the host’s bedroom, or in places like the office.”

“Or for people, maybe your former lawyer?” Jessica smiled wickedly and pressed her thigh against his rock hard cock.

“Perhaps.” Michael returned the wicked smile. “If so this is great foreplay. Truth or dare?”


“What is one sexual or erotic thing about you that would surprise me?”

Jessica took a hit and pondered. “I won a banana sucking contest once.” She grinned at Michael’s look that showed he had no idea Eryaman Escort Bayan what she was talking about.

“It was spring break in Mexico. We were high and drunk and at the pool bar and they announce this contest. They give you a banana and you go down on it like it is a cock and, well I won. Truth or dare?”

“One more truth I think.”

“Same question back at you.” Jessica said.

“I was hoping you’d do that. I have a collection of vibrators and sex toys upstairs. They’re lots of fun. Truth or dare?”

“Oh I have to make this a dare.” Jessica answered.

“I dare you to come up and check out the toys.”

Jessica immediately grabbed her glass and the champagne while Michael took the pipe filled with weed. He led her to the bedroom and lit some candles then laid the toys one by one on the bed.

“So you see silk to blindfold or tie someone up, some feather toys to tease your partner, massage oils, this small toy and this large Hitachi with the attachments. There are several that hit the clit and g spot.”

Jessica gasped. “Holy shit those look like fun.”

Michael smiled. “Close your eyes and let me show you.”

She complied then gave a gasp of surprised pleasure when she felt the slight brush of a feather against the top of her feet and ankles. The soft teasing traced her legs to the hem of her skirt, then teased her through her skirt against her ass and through her blouse. Michael stepped closer, pressing his hardness against her while teasing the tops of her breasts with the feathers.

“Am I going to fast or too far?” he breathed in her ears.

“Oh please keep going” Jessica hissed.

“I won’t stop until you are screaming at me as you cum.”

“I think I like that plan. And please more. Touch me harder please.”

“How about we remove some of these clothes? They are in the way.” He unbuttoned her blouse as he pressed his hardness against her ass. Soon the blouse and the skirt were on the floor. The feathers teased across her breasts, up and down her outer thighs, then her inner thighs then across her panties.

“Let’s get things out of the way again, OK?” Michael dropped his pants and his underwear. Jessica hadn’t noticed him taking off his shirt. He licked down her back and slid her panties down, kissing the cheeks of her ass. The feathers teased her swollen pussy.

“I think heels and stockings are sexy. Can we keep those on?” Michael asked.

“Oh God Yes! Anything!” Jessica moaned. “Please stop teasing me! I need more!”

Michael bent her over the bed and she felt his hot breath and tongue teasing up her thigh. She gasped when the tip of his tongue found her clit. He stroked it between two fingers as his tongue teased.

“Oh FUCK Yes! Oh that is so good!” Jessica moaned. “More please. Please”

Michael slowly … aching slowly slid a finger into Jessica’s wetness, then a second. Sliding them in and out as his tongue licked and teased her clit.

Michael stood and unsnapped her bra. “Please lit down”. Michael lay over her and they kissed deeply while he fingered her clit. He moved down kissing her neck, teasing and biting her nipples. His hand moved away.

“Oh please give me more” Jessica moaned.

“I will”

Jessica heard a low hum and felt the smaller of the two vibrators teasing up her thigh. Soon it was on her clit and she moaned in delight. Michael gently bit her nipples as she moaned louder.

Michael slid the small vibrator inside her, then rubbed it on her clit as he finger fucked her faster and faster.


“And that was the small one.” Michael growled. “Please suck my dick while I use the big one.”

Jessica heard the louder purr of the Hitachi as she shifted to her knees and teased the head of his cock with her tongue.

“OMIGOD! HOLY SHIT!” she gasped as Michael pressed the Hitachi against her pussy. “Does that go lower?”

“Sorry no.”

“Oh fuck it is so good though.” She moaned before taking his cock as deeply into her mouth as possible. She moaned as the vibrator worked its magic.

Then Michael pulled his big surprise. He has used an attachment and she felt it press against the entrance of her vagina and slowly insert until the pleasure was everywhere. Her Clit! Her ass! Her pussy inside and out! She moaned as she sucked on his cock, giving him vibrations of his own.

“Oh God Yeah! Oh suck my cock! Michael moaned.


Jessica never thought she would ever have said that but she was grabbing at the vibrator and pushing it away. She really could take no more right now.

She rolled onto her back and felt Michael move her legs against his chest, kissing her calves as he rubbed his cock on her clit. He had taken the time to put on a condom.

He entered her slowly and gently as she gasped in pleasure. She was still sensitive from her orgasms and moaned as his thrusts went in slowly and deeply. He felt so good. His cock so deep and his pelvis against her clit as he rocked in and out then left to right and around in circles. His pace quickened. Then quickened again.

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