Displayed at Hotel

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You receive a text message that is short, clear and precise. A time and location as well as what to wear. You are directed to a hotel, a boutique hotel with eclectic decor, but large enough to provide some anominity.

As directed you are wearing a skirt and a shirt that buttons up the front. Under your skirt you are wearing garters and hose, as the instructions directed, but no panties. You are very aware, feeling naked, as you walk into the lobby, particularly since you have no purse or other bag.

At the front desk you ask for the envelope and head for the bar to read the instructions as directed. You order the drink you were instructed to drink – a Cosmopolitan – and sit on the stool, again as directed. You hike your skirt up so you feel the cool leather of the bar stool on your bare ass.

Inside the envelope is a piece of paper – the room number – and a long black silk scarf. You finish the drink, leave the cash from the envelope to pay for the drink and head for the elevators. You feel the burn of the alcohol in your belly and the excitement of the coming evening, uncertain of what to expect and excited by that – by not knowing.

You reach the indicated room. As instructed you wrap the scarf around your eyes, blindfolding yourself and knock.

There is no response – you don’t know how long you have waited, it seems like forever, but you realize you expected an immediate response.

You stand in the hallway, you feel intensely that you are not wearing any panties, feel the cool air on you, and wait, patiently. Well, not really patiently but as patiently as you can.

Finally, the door opens. You Ümraniye Olgun Escort feel hands reach out to yours, pulling you forward, but hear nothing. You hear the door close behind you and her the lock being turned.

The click of the lock seem very loud.

Still blindfolded you are lead forward into the room. The person leading you stops, and you stop too. You try to figure out who is there – is it a man or a woman? You can’t tell from the hands because the contact is not enough. You breath deeply through your nose, trying to catch a scent, but smell nothing but the room.

Your shirt is unbuttoned, slowly, carefully, so you feel each button as it is loosened. Whoever is unbuttoning your blouse is not rushed, but moving steadily –it’s not dispassionate, you can sense the intensity of whoever is undressing you, but there is a sense that while there is plenty of time, there is also a desire to not waste and time. You feel the shirt being pulled off of your shoulders. Next, your bra is unhooked and removed. Finally, you feel your skirt being unzipped and slid down over your hips.

You are now standing, naked except for your heels, blindfolded. And you do not know who is there. You feel something smooth on your skin and realize that you are being caressed with another silk scarf, it is being dragged first over your shoulders, then down to your breasts. You feel the soft smoothness of the scarf as it lightly caresses your body. You feel it rise up to your shoulders and then slide down one arm. The scarf is wrapped around one wrist and then the other, pulling your wrists together behind you. You Ümraniye Sarışın Escort feel another scarf around your forearms, just below your elbows, pulling your arms together, straining your shoulders. You imagine what this position does to your breasts, making the stand out still more.

You feel the scarf being tied pulling your elbows together, securing your arms behind you. Blindfolded and bound, you feel hands slide down your shoulders, tight from your arms being bound behind your back, over your chest, down between your breasts, between your legs. You feel a finger spread you open and slide just inside you, collecting your wetness before moving to your clit. You feel the finger start to circle your clit, slowly, gently. Your knees wobble a bit and the hand is removed.

You consider your situation: you have left your home without any identification or means to communication, no money no phone. You are in a strange hotel, blindfolded, naked and bound being stroked by an unknown person or persons. The thoughts increase your excite and you feel your juices start to flow down your thighs.

You feel the hand move back to your ass and gently press you forward. You walk forward haltingly, your knees week from the stroking, blindfolded, arms bound. You are led over something and realize that you have stepped out onto a balcony.

Your mind races – what floor am I on again you wonder. Am I high enough that no one can see me? Before you can fashion any further thoughts, you feel the fingers, again, spreading you open, stroking you, feel lips on the back of your neck, teeth biting your neck, as Ümraniye Şişman Escort the fingers inside of you move faster, more insistently, stroking you.

You are bent forward – forward! Your mind reels, on a balcony? You feel the cold metal of the railing just below your breasts and you lean forward. On your face you feel the wind – you are bent forward hanging over the railing, your arms bound at the elbows behind you. You feel your legs spread and your ankles bound to the lower portion of the railing.

You feel yourself being spread from behind, and feel a cock slide into you, pressing you against the railing. You hope it’s strong enough to support what is coming next. You feel his hands grip your hips as he starts to fuck you, slamming in and out of you, driving you against the railing. You feel your hips press against the railing as he drives into you, and then pull back as he slides almost out of you before driving into you again.

He pulls out of you – you feel the tip of his cock press against your ass and, as he presses inside of your ass, he pulls of the blindfold. He keep pushing, forcing his cock into your ass as you take in the sight – you are high up in the hotel, but not that high. You can see people below and, on the neighboring buildings, can see apartments with people coming and going. No one appears to have noticed you yet as he starts to fuck your ass harder and harder, his hips slapping against your as he drives in and out of your ass.

You try to be quiet to avoid drawing attention to your self but notice someone pointing from across the street, binoculars being pointed in your direction as the man in your ass cums, shooting his cum into your ass.

You feel him pull out of your ass, feel his cum dripping out of your ass and down the back of your thighs, and your juices dripping down your inner thighs. You hear the sliding glass door close behind you as you are left, bound, on the balcony.

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