Discreet Encounter

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On Saturday night, the Maple Root Inn just outside the small town of Brenton was alive with the sounds of music from famous rock bands that had disbanded twenty years ago. The strains now came from local groups with big dreams and very little talent trying to imitate their idols and after a few drinks, the illusion was created with patrons clapping loudly at the end of each song. The lounge area was a mixed array of people each with their own stories, their own problems, and their own sorrows trying to escape the realities of life with cheap liquor and an endless stream of cigarettes, but there were the regulars. The ones who sat at the end of the bar night after night, ordered the same drinks, had the same conversations with the bartender throughout the evening, and were usually the last to leave. Then there were the bar flies who came in on Saturday nights with too tight jeans, too much makeup, and hair that was held in place by industrial strength hairspray and seemed to defy gravity. Their entire existence depended on their weekend escapades to get them through another week in a dead end job or standing in the welfare line begging for money to feed their kids. With nothing to look forward to in the future, their hopes were pinned on finding a man to somehow save them from their destiny. It was a seedy world within a seedy world and the perfect setting for encounters that needed to be discreet without anyone casting a judgmental eye toward the other.

A soft spoken medium height man wearing jeans, a red plaid cowboy shirt, and a black ball cap walked into the bar around 9pm. His reddish brown hair, hazel eyes, straight cut jaw and trimmed beard accented the well-defined muscles of his body. He didn’t come in with a swagger and didn’t need to. He walked with confidence going directly to the bar where he sat down and ordered a beer. The bartender nodded and brought the new patron a brew and took patron’s money. There the man sipped his beer in silence not speaking to anyone and waited. Fifteen minutes later a slim woman with long brown hair, an oval face with deep blue eyes, and pouty lips painted in a glossy shade of pink walked into the smoky room. She wore a simple black dress that hugged her figure and high heels that accentuated her long shapely legs. Nervously she scanned the room obviously looking for someone. She looked out of place at the inn, but no one seemed to notice and as she found the person she was looking for, she made her way towards the bar slowly with her heart pounding in her chest. Quietly she sat down next to the man in the red plaid shirt and jeans and waited for him to speak. The scent of her light spicy perfume was familiar to him and it made him smile.

“I wasn’t sure if you would come,” he said in a low voice.

“I wasn’t sure if I would either.”

“Something to drink?”

“White wine.”

The man in the red plaid shirt called the bartender over, ordered a white wine, and paid for it with neither one speaking to the other as if it were some unwritten rule Yozgat Escort of the place not to do so.

“Were you asked any questions?” he asked.

“No, it was surprisingly easy.”


“And you?”

“The same, but I didn’t expect there would be a problem.”

She took a deep breath letting it out slowly and resumed sipping her wine.

“Do you still want to do it?” he asked.

She stared at her wine glass watching a drop of condensation drip down the side of it.


He nodded and took another gulp of his beer then set the glass on the bar counter.

“I really want you.”

She felt a tug inside her that ignited her desire for him and felt more at ease.

They sat at the bar for a few more minutes speaking softly to each other bolstering their courage with their drinks until the glasses were empty. Then he left first giving her a nod as he did so. A few moments later she followed suit and both headed towards the Blue Star Motel in the valley.


The Blue Star Motel was off the Merkel Highway. The exit loomed ahead and both turned off onto the side road that led to the motel each thinking about what they were about to do feeling both anxious and excited at the same time. When they arrived, they pulled into the parking lot choosing to park their cars some distance away from the other. He went into the motel, paid for the room, got the key and left signaling her that he had the room. She got out of her car, looked to the left and then to right before following him to Room 6 on the back side of the motel. Inserting the key in the lock, he pushed the door open into the room and she closed it behind her. The drab gray drapes were drawn and the lamp switch was turned on to illuminate a bed with a floral orange and brown spread on it. A utilitarian dresser was along the wall opposite the bed and two side stands were on either side of it. A bathroom the size of a closet and two white towels with wash cloths hung neatly on the rack in anticipation. She put her purse down on the dresser and sat on the bed.

“Are we doing the right thing?”

He didn’t answer, but pulled her to him by her shoulders and she could feel the warmth of his chest against her breasts.

“I don’t know. Right now I don’t care. All I see is you. All I want is you.”

He lifted her chin up with his hand and her lips found his. The desire of waiting for so long, the months of denying each other, and the finality of what they were about to do now culminated in a kiss that sealed their fate. His tongue darted in and out of her mouth and she moaned thinking of what he was about to do to her. Her desires rose and her breath hitched as he unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor revealing the black lace bra and bikini panties that were wet in the crotch.

“You’re beautiful,” he said as he pulled off his shirt, removed his jeans, and tossed them on the floor.

He didn’t wear briefs, but stood there naked Yozgat Escort Bayan glorious in his solidly built physique and his cock was hard and throbbing. He slid the straps off her bra off her shoulders to gaze at the soft mounds with the pink taut nipples that begged to be sucked. He obliged by cupping one of the mounds in his hand, leaned over, and sucked on the nipple sending electrical currents through her body that made her shiver. She raked her hand through his hair while he sucked on one breast then to the other flicking the nub with his tongue as he did. Standing up, his eyes glazed over as he stroked his cock with his hand bringing it to its full hardness and pressed it against her stomach.

“I have to be inside you,” he whispered hoarsely in her ear.

The moment had come. The moment that would ultimately connect their bodies forever and although she nervously slid off her bra and panties and climbed on the bed slowly, she knew there was no turning back. He stood at the end of the bed stroking his cock, fondling his balls, and admiring her. Her breasts were firm, the small of her belly flat, and her mound unshaven and natural was exactly the way he liked it. Her arms lay at her side and when she moved, the glistening of her pussy juices shimmered in the soft buttery glow of the lamp light.

“My God,” he groaned as he climbed on top of her.

Her body was warm to the touch and when his cock pressed against the soft curls of her mound, it spewed precum and he slowed moved his body in a circular motion to rub the sexual juices over her belly. He kissed her on the lips again as he took her arms and put them over her head causing her breasts to protrude and her back to arch. He was drunk on her as he gyrated over her body with his cock sliding up and down over her breasts then to her pussy teasing her for what was to come. With his left hand holding her arms over her head, he let his right hand slide down the length of her body caressing the curves that were now moving with his every touch. He kissed her lightly on the lips again while he maneuvered his cock at her entrance and paused.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” she replied and he immediately plunged into her soft, swollen pussy.

She moaned with unabashed pleasure as he pushed deeper penetrating every fold only to pull back and push into her again. His cock was hard, thick, and slid into her like silk. The fullness of his balls pressed against her with each thrust. She felt her body tense with excitement as she began to gyrate her hips meeting his every need. The tangle of her pussy curls wrapped around his cock as he dove into her again and again. He let her arms fall to her aside as he grabbed her hips with both hands and brought her pussy up to him. His body began to sweat as his muscles convulsed under the desire to fill her. She grabbed the sheets and squeezed feeling her own wave of orgasm rise.

“Feels so good baby,” he moaned.

“More,” was all she could say.

He Escort Yozgat pumped her until he felt himself getting close to orgasm then stopped and pulled out.

“Roll over,” he growled and she obeyed without question.

Once on her stomach, he pulled her hips up to him and ran his finger over her ass entrance in a circular motion then inserted the length of it into her. She grabbed the pillow and bit her lip to keep from exploding with ecstasy as he probed her. He fingered her until she moaned uncontrollably then released it only to shove his cock into her pussy again driving it so deep that he felt a part of her. He bucked. His balls slapped against her as he stared at her ass rushing towards his destination.

“I need in your ass,” he said.

“Put in, baby,” she replied without hesitation.

He slid out of her pussy and positioned his cock over her ass. His legs began to quiver as he pushed his cock in her hole feeling the tightness grasp him. Slowly he began to pump her until she relaxed then began to pound furiously invading her opening with all his strength. She gripped the pillow and bit her lip. She had never felt anything as exciting and sexually hot as his long thick cock penetrated her ass over and over again taking her in a way that she had never experienced before.

“I’m going to cum soon,” she cried.

He slowed his thrusts and pulled out of her only to insert it back into her pussy.

“I want all that cum juice on my cock,” he said as he began pumping her again.

She felt herself begin to rise, the excitement of her orgasm bringing her closer and closer to cumming. He could feel his own cum rise up from his balls pulsating as it did along his shaft. His breath became short and ragged as his cum rose and when it couldn’t be held back any longer, the head of his cock shot streams of white hot cream in burning spurts filling her pussy until it overflowed. When she felt him explode inside her, she let go of her own orgasm allowing it to take over her body releasing her cum juices over his cock and drenching it. The more he shot his cream, the more she moaned with her own orgasm until both were drained and finally collapsed on the bed next to each other where they lay enjoying the euphoria that had swept over them. For several minutes they remained there until reality began to fill their world once more and time forced them into a sense of urgency. Reluctantly they cleaned up washing off all remnants of their encounter, put their clothes back on, and then sat on the bed quietly holding hands.

“It was great,” he said bringing her hand to his lips and kissing it.

“It was amazing.”

“Do you feel guilty?”

“I don’t know. Maybe.”

They sat in silence for several moments contemplating the aftermath of two people who made a decision that would alter their lives forever and weren’t sure what to do next. Finally, he kissed her again this time on the lips and embraced her one last time.

“We better go,” he said quietly.

Slowly they rose together. She turned off the light and he locked the door leaving their private world behind them. He walked to his car first then she followed and without looking back, they drove off into the darkness and disappeared into the night.


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