Discovery of my Pee/Piss fetish

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All the characters in this story are above age of 18 and all the sexual encounters were consensual.

I’m M (32) straight. This is the real story of how I discovered pee fetish, couple of years ago, when I was with my exgf (29,F).

Now I’ve been familiar with pee/water-sports fetishes. The source of course being porn. The first thing I saw was squirting videos and that seemed very intriguing. It then led to solo pissing videos and then self pee and golden shower, pissing on various parts of your partner etc. While it was fun watching those, it always seemed like a thing that’s to be enjoyed by watching it being performed by the porn-stars. There was no literal appeal of doing it as it seemed rather gross to actually try it.

Fast forward to my ex gf, things changed. She was horny as fuck. I am always hesitant to initiate physical contact as I’m kind of shy. In our relationship, however she was the one who initiated the physical relationship, that too with very loud and clear demands. This part is important because this gave me a lot of excitement and also I felt the freedom to do whatever.

We were having rather colourful sex life. Although super horny, she wasn’t really the one who had any ideas about different things to do. She would always rely on me to explore new things. Apart from lot of sex, the only other thing we would do was sexting.

As an adventure we first tried some car fun. She would touch me while I drove and then came hand-jobs in car. She was still hesitant about blowjobs especially about prospects of me ending up jerking off in her mouth. That changed over the period of time. She became more receptive to blowjobs after I started giving her warnings before cumming.

I, however have huge CIM (cum in mouth) and BJ overflow (Love to see my cum dripping off of her mouth as it overflows!) fantasies. I took a very slow and patient approach towards it and I would cum during BJs without warnings on very few occasions. She would quickly move when I’m about to explode and that would kind of ruin the orgasm. Over the period of time, I got her comfortable enough to even swallow my cum. (That’s the story for some other time!) The good part was, she wanted to do it coz it excited her to be able to pull it off.

We were doing everything we could try and things looked great. Halfway into our relationship, there was a time when she had taken a vacation from work for 15 days and went to her hometown. It was of course going to be tough for both of us to survive without steamy sex. We would do the sexting and video-calls etc. but it was very limited due to lack of istanbul seks hikayeleri privacy at home. Most we could do was talk on calls. All the lewd lusty thoughts exchanged at night.

On one such night when we were talking (not even sexual talk, just simple talk), I heard some noise in the background which felt rather peculiar. When I asked about it, she laughed and said she got up and went to bathroom for peeing and the noise I heard was that of her peeing. The sound of her pee stream got stuck in my head and I kept thinking about it for a while.

Two three days later, co-incidentally, when I called her again, she was again in the bathroom taking a pee! Now this time, I heard it and instantly got extremely turned on. I imagined her taking off her panties and lowering herself on the toilet seat. She was petite and thin but had thick thighs and enormous ass. The thought of that scenario was very exciting for me.

I loved licking her. I would always put all my attention on her ass. Burying my face between her ass-cheeks or thighs was my favourite thing to do. Now, however I was riddled with the question of what if she was peeing all over me when I did the same thing! Taking aim and drenching me with it! All of a sudden that wasn’t gross at all and to my surprise I wanted to make her pee all over me, on my face, in my mouth and everywhere else.

How do I tell her about it though?! I was confident that she wouldn’t be mad at me for saying it but I wanted to succeed as well. So, as always I took a slow approach. I decided to randomly bring out the topic of her peeing while on call. I just randomly told her that I discovered it that, even her pee stream has a very melodious sound and I wish I could hear it again and again. She was surprised and thought I was pranking. I clarified it that I wasn’t and in fact I not only found that sound cute, I even kept imagining how cute she must look when she was peeing. I told her that the sound and the imagination turned me on like crazy which was a discovery for me too! So I first told her that I want to listen to the sound of her pee every time she went.

She felt it was silly but she didn’t mind. It went on that way for a couple of days and during that time I told her how hard I would get every time I heard her pee. I sent her the picture of the throbbing hard-on I would get after just hearing her peeing sound. She was impressed and proud to know that she could turn me on by just taking a piss on a call.

On the next day, I upped my game and told her that I want to see her taking a pee. She was totally shocked but then she realised it was bound to happen. She agreed to video-call me while peeing. When I saw her peeing first time. It was beyond my wildest imaginations. The way she peed was hot and cute at the same time. Her pee would come out and make a thin stream first, then turn into a thick stream with a loud noise and end with splatters coming out in short bursts going in random directions wetting her thighs!

I obviously came hard and instantly. She could recognise how much intense the ejaculation was when I saw her taking a pee. She felt like she had hit a jackpot of orgasm. She quickly understood, this turned me on, on an entirely different level which she had never seen before. She felt it was wild and she was extremely turned on too!

After that incident she of course had a lot of questions. At night we talked about it at length. She was super impressed with this new idea. She however didn’t know there was a lot more to this fetish of mine than she had realised.

She asked me the obvious things. That was, why had I not told her about this fantasy earlier. Answer to that was simple, I didn’t know about this fantasy of mine until that time either. I carefully told her that there is a lot more to pee fetish than just seeing or hearing the sound of pee. By this time she was all in for this new fantasy and wanted to explore.

This was the right time to unload all the information. I told her that I actually wanted to get drenched in her pee and let her use me like a pole and pee on me like a cat or a bitch. I told her how I wanted her to take aim on my face and in my mouth. She was shocked of course but I had already eased her well enough to not go crazy. She felt it was strange but she laughed and said she would pee on me as much as I want. That was a pretty nice thing to hear. A big relief of a kind.

The bigger thing was still pending, which I still didn’t have courage to ask her. That was, if I could do the same to her? Well, as it turned out, I didn’t have to ask her that. She asked me about it right away! She wanted to know if I wanted to pee on her and she also wanted to know the thrill of being peed on. She quickly pointed out that she is already used to swallow my cum so it wouldn’t matter if I was cumming or peeing, she would enjoy it without any issues. She literally told me right away that I too can pee on her however I pleased and she wouldn’t mind even drinking my pee.

It was pretty much decided what we were going to do when she returned from home. I had asked her to drink a fuck ton of water and not pee on entire journey so that she can just shower me with her pee with all the force. I too did the same.

By the time she came back we were just barely holding on to our pee. On the way back home she said in the car that we were going straight to the bathroom at home. That was the strangest yet the most exciting feeling we had. We got in our apartment and instead of making out we were getting undressed and running to the bathroom.

I first let her do her thing. Got her to calm down a bit, slowly pulled her panties, and licked her already wet pussy which was obviously different in taste than usual as there were a bit of pee already there. Then I took her in my lap and instructed to not let everything out at once and slowly start it while sitting in my lap and then go ahead and get up and drench me entirely. She was already given all freedom to use me like a tool, with all force and rough attitude. For the next few minutes, she slowly squirted her pee on me, little by little and then grabbed my face and shoved it between her legs and rammed her lips on my face while she peed little by little. The last stream was saved to be used with all force in full volume to overflow my mouth. After all that was done, I she tasted her own pee from my mouth and we gave it back and forth until we swallowed it all.

Next was my turn but it was too hot to handle. I had a never before kind of boner and peeing with that kind of boner was almost impossible so I fucked her first and unloaded my cum inside her.

I thought we would do my turn later but she wasn’t going to wait. She wanted me to pee on her and get used just like I was. After fucking and unloading the cum I could handle the peeing and gave her exactly what she wanted. The crazy thing is, I got another boner super quickly as seeing her playing with my pee was too much to handle. Needless to say we had to fuck again right there in the bathroom, in the middle of our pee action!

We had made a huge puddle of our pee on the bathroom floor and we were just mindlessly fucking right in the middle of our pee puddle!

We enjoyed a lot more peeing action after that and it was unbelievably exciting every time we did it. We improvised and figured many new things with the pee fetish. One thing I could say for sure is, we never got bored of it. We have broken up since almost 8 months but when we talked casually over fb few days back she was quick to remind the uniqueness of our pee action. Neither of us had imagined anything like this happening in our lives and it probably won’t happen again with anyone else!

This of course wasn’t the only crazy thing we did. We had the most colourful adventures over the period of more than 3 years. But those adventures are for some other time when I’m free again.

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