Discovering Danny Pt. 03

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After that memorable Wednesday afternoon, I found myself thinking of little else. When I wasn’t with him I’d be thinking of him and at night I’d find myself jacking off at the thought of exploring more of Dannys body and Dannys exploring mine.

I often wondered if Danny was thinking and doing the same.

I wasn’t ready to admit to myself that I maybe gay and to be honest I didn’t think Danny did either.

Since that day, I would have thought more would have happened between us, but it turned out to be the opposite. Things had stopped completely.

We hadn’t really talked about what happened, just that he was glad it did.

Despite Danny being the initiator, he was the one who put the brakes on. I guess he was just figuring things out, we both were.

Was it just lust, love or experimentation, I don’t think either of us really knew.

We’d still talk about the girls in our school and who we fancy and who we’d love to fuck – the usual guy talk.

I think at this moment in our lives we were two sexually charged teens who would seize any opportunity male or female as an outlet for our sexual urges. The question remained, which one did we really want.

Graduation day was fast approaching and our High school decided in their infinite wisdom that they were going to host a leavers ball as a chance to give all the kids heading off into the world, be it college or work, one last party and give them a proper send off.

Danny and I were walking through the corridors at school discussing last nights lakers game, when we turned the corner and crashed into two girls who had their faces in their phones.

Their phones dropped to the floor in the collision and Danny and I were quick to bend down and pick them up.

As we both looked up, we recognised them as Sam and Jen. We shared a few classes with them, exchanged a few glances across the room and we both thought they were pretty damn hot. Sam was obviously the dominant friend, while Jen seemed happy to go with the flow. Sort of like my relationship with Danny, where he was the dominant one.

Danny and I had previously confessed to each other that we had on the odd occasion stroked one out thinking about them.

“I’m so sorry” apologising as we handed them their phones.

“No, It’s our fault, we weren’t looking” replied Jen.

There was an awkward silence, before Danny interjected.

“Hey girls, are you going to the dance?”

“Haven’t decided yet.” Sam replied.

“Could you hurry up and decide, as I know two boys looking for a couple of pretty girls to take” he said with a wink.

“YES” Sam said emphatically.

“I mean yes we’d love to go with you” Sam corrected herself as not to sound too eager.

“SAMM!” Jen said, taken aback by her friends directness.

“Oh come on Jen, dont pretend you don’t fancy them. You even said so last period. Especially this one.” she said audibly whispering in Jens ear and tilting her head in my direction.

Jens face went even redder.

“Then it’s a date.” confirmed Danny.

“Great!” Sam snapped.

She pulled out a pen from her bag and grabbed Dannys left hand and wrote her cell number down on his palm followed by a little heart.

“Call me and we’ll sort the details yeah.”

“Later” and with that the girls giggled past the boys and went on their way.

I looked at Danny.

“Dude, what the fuck?”

“What?” he said all innocently.

“You could have asked me first”

“Ah c’mon, you said they were fucking hot and if I remember correctly there was a certain fantasy of yours when you and Jen are the only ones in detention.”

“Dude shut up! I know… but” and I trailed off into silence.

A small part of me thought we’d skip the dance and experiment with each other again, but it looks like that wasn’t on Dannys agenda.

“Look, its our last time in this dump. We might as well go out with a bang. Besides, we both know what’s going to happen after the dance… and it’s farewell virginity.” he said giving a mocking wave.

Danny had a way with words, he was talking about it as if what we had shared meant nothing and I was nothing more than his sexual outlet. Perhaps I was reading too much into this, perhaps Dannys sexual compass swung too far one way and now he’s trying to overcompensate by asking the girls out.

So why did this bother me so much?

Deep down I knew I should just ask him – Christ we’ve been friends for ever, but I really didn’t want to make things awkward between us, our friendship meant to much to me.

While I was trying to work Danny out, there were a few issues of my own I needed to resolve.

I felt so conflicted, on the one hand I was keen as anyone to have sex with a girl -especially with Jen, but I also felt there was more to explore with Danny. Was there a chance I could have my cake and eat it, could I sample Jens delights and Dannys – did I have to choose? Was Danny thinking the same? Arghh my brain hurts, what do I want??

Soon the weeks before the dance became days and finally the big day had arrived.

I had chosen Kartal Escort to get ready over Dannys and from there we would go on to collect Sam and Jen.

We were both dressed in our formal suits and I was starting to stress out big time.

“Dude, I look fucking ridiculous. I feel like a fucking penguin.”

“Chill man” Danny said cooly.

“… and what about the dancing, you know I can’t dance for shit. What if I look like a right ass on the dance floor?”

“Look it’s easy.”

Danny stood up from the desk chair he was sitting on and came over to me.

“All you have to do is stand there and grab her hips” and with that he came in close and grabbed my hips, looking directly into my eyes.

I stared back at him, scanning his face for intention. I thought, for the briefest of moments he was going to kiss me, was this going to be the moment?

However, it soon became obvious to me, that this was purely instructional and not romantic.

“Now just sway side to side” he began to move us side to side.

I could feel myself getting hard as Danny was practically rubbing his dick against me.

“And if you’re feeling particularly brave, you can grab her ass” and with that Danny grabbed my ass and smiled.

At that point I almost came in my briefs. My heart was pounding.

Then Danny broke off contact.

“Ahem, cough, cough, sports, girls. Grrr.” he said laughing.

I literally got hot under the collar and started

pacing the bedroom floor, frantically adjusting my tie.

“Dude relax.”

He began to redo my tie, so it was neat and tidy again.

“Look, I know what you need.”

He came in close again but this time grabbed the zipper of my trousers and yanked it down, then with what I could only describe as expert precision he reached in to my underwear and grabbed my dick.

“Dann…ohhh” I couldn’t finish the word.

“There we go – just relax.” he said as he started jackin’ me off.

Danny dropped to his knees and took my now rock hard cock into his mouth.

With both hands he grabbed my ass and propelled my dick deeper into his mouth.

Instinctively I grabbed his head and started to control the blow job.

Danny stopped abruptly.

“Dude, dont mess my hair” he said jokingly.

I apologised and moved my hands to the back of my head and clasped them together.

He continued with vigour.

I groaned with delight as Danny slid up and down on my dick, I could feel my head hitting the back of his throat.

“Ah, ahh, arghhhhh!!!”

It didn’t take me very long and I came in his mouth, Danny squeezed every last drop out if me as not to mess our suits.

He quickly stood up and folded my cock back into my trousers and zipped me up again.

“Feel better?” He asked casually wiping the sides of his mouth.

“Well… yes, thank you.”

“Nothing like that post nut clarity. Always helps me. Now come on we need to pickup the girls.”

Just when I thought I was out he pulled me right back in again.

Danny was seriously giving off mixed signals here and it was confusing the fuck out of me.

It amazed me how easily Danny could just turn it on, that he would think nothing of getting on his knees and letting me climax in his mouth. He was a true friend alright. Either that or his anticipation for tonight meant that he was reaching peak horniness and needed that “outlet” again.

We smartened ourselves one last time and said goodbye to Dannys parents who were waiting by the door at the foot of the stairs.

“Danny, don’t forget your dad and I won’t be here when you get back so take your key”

“Thanks mom” Danny replied and quickly kissed her cheek.


We picked up the girls and headed to the school.

The evening went better than I expected and a good time was had by all. The dance was now coming to a close and the crowd soon dispersed, spilling into the car park in all directions.

“Shall we continue the party at mine? My folks are out” Danny said with his arm around Sam while Jen and I were holding hands.

“Sure” we all agreed.

We all headed back to Dannys and went straight up to his room. Danny and I slung our jackets on the end of the bed, removed our ties and undid the top button of our shirts.

“Phew, thats better. I can breathe again.” I said.

The girls asked if there was anywhere they could change. Danny showed them the bathroom. Both girls went in with their bags and it was just Danny and I in his bedroom.

“Dude, this is it.” Danny whispered.

“Time to get laid.”

It was going to be our first time with girls and I was starting to get nervous.

“Just try and relax ok, you got this.” and he punched me on the arm.

The girls emerged from the bathroom, their dresses gone and replaced with crop tops and some very revealing jean shorts.

“Hey boys” Sam announced.

“I know, lets play a game?” and gestured for us all to sit on the floor.

“How about we each ask questions that you’re not allowed to answer no to”

I’d not heard of Kartal Escort Bayan this one and it sounded made up to me.

“And to make it easier, look what I got.”

Sam reached into her bag and pulled out a medium sized glass bottle, with a clear liquid inside.

“Its my moms vodka” she said shaking it side to side.

She unscrewed the top and took a swig.

“Ok, ok, I’ll go first” she announced excitedly.

“Mmm, what to ask, what to ask” she pondered.

“Oohh, I know” she blurted out.

She put the tip of her index finger in her mouth and bit it slightly. A clear sign she was going to ask something cheeky.

“Can we see your… dicks?”

“SAM!” Jen shouted with embarrassment.

Danny looked at me and I to him.

“And we can’t say no?” Danny replied.

“Nope” Sam replied grinning profusely.

“Well, if thems the rules. Shall we?” He looked at me and stood up.

I followed his lead as he unzipped his fly and let his cock hang out.

“OH my god” they both gasped, covering their mouths dramatically.

“They’re huge” Jen exclaimed.

Sam passed the bottle to Jen, who then took a swig.

Jen, still staring at their dicks thought of the next question.

“Can we… touch them?”

Danny liked where this was going.

“Sure” we both replied.

Sam reached out to touch Dannys cock and held it her hand, which seemed small in comparison. It twitched in her hand and grew a bit bigger as Dannys dick reacted to her touch.

Sam immediately withdrew her hand.

“It moved” she squealed with laughter.

Meanwhile Jen reached out to touch mine. Her hands were soft and she traced her thumb down my shaft.

She smiled.

“It feels nice and smooth”

“Honestly boys. I don’t know how you live with them” Sam remarked.

“They can be fun in the right hands”

Danny shot a sly glance at me and winked.

Jen passed the bottle to me.

“Your turn”

I took the bottle from her hands and took a drink.

What do I say? I tried to think of a question. They were all staring at me now.

“C’mon” they chorused.

“Right, right. Umm, can we see your boobs?”

The girls looked at each other.

“OK” and they lifted their crop tops to reveal their breasts.

Sams were bigger and more round, while Jens were a bit smaller and pert. Both had dark purple nipples.

“Nice” Danny commented.

I passed him the bottle.

“Now you dude”

Danny took a big gulp from the bottle.

“Can we touch them?” he said without hesitation.

“Go on then” Sam replied for the both of them.

Dannys hands shot out and he grabbed both of Sams tits. He felt them, squeezed them and tweaked her nipples with his thumb and index finger.

Jen turned to me.

“Do you want to feel mine?”

I reached out to feel Jens tits, caressing them and much like Danny had, played with her nipples. Her face flushed, if I didnt know better they were getting turned on by this and they weren’t the only ones.

Sam took the bottle from Danny and took another drink.

“Can we suck your dicks?”

“I thought you’d never ask” Danny replied.

Danny and I both stood up and both girls got up from sitting and moved onto their knees and shuffled in front of us.

They began to unbutton our trousers and both our dicks were now properly free. Touching their tits had given both Danny and I a boner.

Their hands grabbed on to our shafts and they began to jerk us.

I watched as Sam stroked Dannys impressive appendage.

Sam was first to take Danny in her mouth, then almost as if to see it was ok to proceed, Jen copied her and took me her in mouth. Her mouth was warm and moist as she did her best to suck me off.

They made moaning sounds, and I must admit it was really hot. Although some how in my head I couldn’t help but think Danny did it better.

Arghh! What was I thinking. I had this hot girl sucking me off and all I can think about was Danny.

Sam stopped sucking Danny off and asked if they should keep going.

“How about we just fuck” he said rather crudely.

Sam looked at Jen, who still had me in her mouth and the outline of my cock visible on her cheek.

“Looks like you’ve got a mouthful there Jen”

She took me out of her mouth and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Ok, how do you want to do this. Who wants the bed and who wants the floor?” Danny asked.

“We’ll take the bed, my knees are killing me.” Sam quickly replied as she got off her knees.

She took off her top and pulled down her shorts and thong, revealing a very neat vertical bush.

“C”mon you” she beckoned at Danny.

“Clothes off, now”

“Ooh, safety first.” Danny replied as he quickly opened a draw on his desk. He pulled out two small silver packets and tossed one of them to me.

Danny dropped his trousers fully and peeled them off at the ankles using his feet and quickly started to unbutton his shirt before leaping on to the bed with Sam.

Jen stood up and pulled her top over her Escort Kartal head and pulled her shorts and underwear down as well. She also had a well trimmed bush and I could just about see the outline of her lips.

Danny threw me a pillow and I dropped to the floor and pulled my trousers and briefs to my ankles and laid down flat. Jen immediately straddled me and voraciously started unbuttoning my shirt and pulled it open exposing my chest. Any previous coyness or embarrassment Jen showed earlier seemed like a distant memory. She kissed me passionately on the lips before moving down to my chest, kissing my nipples and biting them gently.”

“Argh” I screamed out, it hurt but it was a good pain.

I quickly ripped open the condom with my teeth and pulled it out of the wrapper. I rolled it down my cock and pinched the tip. Jen was wasting no time, she grabbed my dick and started rubbing it up and down against her pussy. She bit her lip, closed her eyes and began to moan. She was getting very wet, then pushed my dick inside of her.

Oh the sensation, the wetness, the softness, the heat of her pussy as she grinded on my dick. It felt amazing and so much different from Danny.

I turned my head to see Danny on the bed with Sam. They had gone for the classic doggy style. Sam was on all fours, holding onto the railing at the foot of Dannys bed, while Danny was busy ploughing her from behind.

Sam was very loud and alot more vocal in her excitement than Jen.

“Oh Danny, yes!, yes!, yes!. Pound my pussy. Oh god, fuck me, fuck me harder, don’t stop.”

I found myself fixated by Dannys ass, so muscular, so firm. It was covered in a blanket of soft, light coloured hair. It soon began to matte slightly from the sweat of his exertions.

The view from the floor allowed me to see everything, I could see Dannys balls and his slick massive cock going in and out of Jens pussy.

He was absolutely destroying her. The springs in the bed were going nuts.

I found myself wishing that I could trade places with Sam. That Danny was once again destroying my ass with that amazing cock of his.

I’m pretty sure that watching Danny was keeping me hard right now.

Jen didnt seem to notice my attention drifting. She was now leaning back with her hands on my knees, gyrating and thrusting away on my cock. Her pert tits bouncing.

I carried on watching Danny from behind.

Sam sounded like she was fast approaching orgasm.

“Ohhh, mmmm. I’m cumming, I’m cumming. O, o, o, my godddd!”

Dannys buttocks clenched.

“Arghh, arghh, arrghh!” He pulled her hips closer as she buried her head into the duvet.

I could see he just came inside her.

It was hot that I was fucking Jen and even hotter that I got to watch Danny. It was the best of both worlds.

That did it for me. I grabbed Jens hips and started rocking her back and fore with gusto. She wasn’t in control now, I was. I could feel her hard clit rubbing against my cock.

Jen was whimpering with delight.

“Mmmmmm, mmmmmmm, o, o, yes, yes, YES!! fuck me, fuck me, Fuckkkkk!”

I unloaded inside of her, my cock throbbing from the orgasm.

She waited a moment then pulled my dick out of her and collapsed on floor next to me.

“Fuck me!” she said blowing a strand of hair out of her flushed face.

Danny looked like he had collapsed on top of Sam and for once Sam was actually quiet.

Danny was the first to pick himself up, and stood up from the bed. His condom was hanging from the end of his dick, heavy with his recently spent seed.

He kicked my foot as he stood up.

“Dude, c’mon you’re oozing.”

I lifted my head and looked down, my cock was leaning to the side and cum was starting to seep from the edges as my dick shrunk smaller in the condom.

I managed to stand up and folllowed Danny into the bathroom. He pulled some toilet roll off for the both us as we wiped ourselves down and dropped our payload in the bin.

As we came back into the bedroom, the girls were busy putting their underwear and clothes back on. Danny and I were casually naked our cocks now in their normal flaccid state.

“Aww, you’re getting dressed” Danny playfully said.

“Sorry boys, I didn’t realise how late it was. My step brother Simon is coming to pick us up in 10 minutes”

“Then that gives us 10 minutes” Danny smiled and grabbed Sams hand pulling her towards him.

“Well then, how about we make out until our ride gets here”

She pulled the naked Danny on to the bed and they started to kiss. Jen also jumped on the bed and patted the space next to her.

As I sat down she leaned over and we started kissing. I opened an eye and watched Sam and Danny kissing.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed sex with Jen, it was certainly an enjoyable first experience, but I think I longed for Danny.

Wait. Did I just admit that to myself.

The ten minutes flew by and there was a knock at the door.

Danny and I got dressed, well half dressed just wearing sweat pants and accompanied the girls to the front door.

Danny opened the door and Sams step brother Simon was standing there. He was the same age us but went to a different school. He had jet black wavy hair with a bubblegum blue color fringe and was wearing an oversized white hoodie with tight fitting black skinny jeans.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32