Disciplined for Peeping Ch. 02

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To bring you up to date:

Molly had just learned that Tony, now her next door neighbor, was a consultant who worked with rich clients helping them make decisions, both personal and business. In addition, Molly had stumbled onto an “experience” that had had Tony over the knee of one of his clients getting a bare bottom spanking. Worse, not knowing this was an “experience”, she was a peeping Jane from next door who was commanded over and willingly participated, receiving a bare bottom spanking from Ronnie (Veronica) and asking Tony to fuck her in the ass. Ronnie had left her $200 as a gift. Oh my!

We join Tony and Molly in Tony’s kitchen.

Molly is stunned that Tony had received hundreds of dollars as a gift after Ronnie had spanked his bottom. “Do you do this type of thing often?”

Tony needed to explain. “No, in fact this is the first time sex in any form was involved. Ronnie has been a client for more than a year. She has wanted me to spank her for months, but I firmly refused. Apparently, spanking her had been a frequent part of foreplay with Walter, her late husband, and she had learned to love it. Finally, she asked if she could spank me. I wasn’t wild about the idea, but I thought it would be quick and it would satisfy her. She has become a good friend. Then she saw you watching through the open window next door. We thought the house next door was vacant. Ronnie caught you, and the situation exploded. I tried to tell Ronnie that you weren’t part of the experience, but she wouldn’t listen. Then we all got into it.”

Molly thought for a moment. Then she slid the $200 across the table to Tony. “I am not a whore.”

Tony stuttered “No, no one thinks you are a whore. Listen to me.”

“I am not a whore. I am not accepting money for sex. Give it back to her.”

Tony thought for a minute. “You’re right. I’ll give it all back to her. If she doesn’t take it, I’ll donate the money to a charity in her name.”

“Good.” Molly got up to leave.

“Wait. Don’t you want to have dinner, so we can get to know each other better?”

“No. Good night. And don’t contact me again.” And with that she left and went next door.

Tony was devastated. Over the next week he tried to contact Molly to apologize. He didn’t have her cell number, email or even her last name, so he could only write letters to “Molly” at the address next door and leave flowers on her doorstep. Molly wouldn’t answer her door to him, so he didn’t know what else to do.

Tony met later that week with Ronnie and gave her back all the money and explained that neither Molly nor he were whores. Ronnie accepted the money only to add more to it ($700 was too small a donation for her) and donated it to St. Jude.

Ronnie said “We have to apologize, and we have to make her accept our apology. We want her for a friend, at least. We are going next door and not leaving until she talks with us.” They walked next door and rang the bell. Nothing happened, so they waited. Then Ronnie banged on the door and yelled “Molly, we are not leaving until you talk to us.” Ronnie kept yelling until Molly came to the door.

“Fine. What do you want?” Molly did not look happy.

Ronnie remained calm “We want to apologize. I shouldn’t have left a gift. We don’t think you are a whore. We want you for çorum seks hikayeleri a friend and want to get to know you better.”

Ronnie and Tony stood there silently waiting.

Finally Molly said “All right. I will forgive you on two conditions. First, I spank Ronnie’s bare bottom, and second I fuck Tony in the ass with a strap on. If you still want my forgiveness, be here at 3:00 next Saturday. I’ll be out of town this week on business, so you have plenty of time to think about it.” With that she shut the door.

Ronnie spoke first. “Yes! I can hardly wait. I told you I wanted my bottom spanked, and she is going to do it!”

“Wait a minute. I’m not sure I want my ass plundered.”

Ronnie tried to be helpful. “Don’t mess this up for me, Tony. Let’s go get some things to help you prepare. We’ll get you a butt plug training kit and anal douche.”

“Wait a minute. What if I don’t want to do this?”

“Do you want to be friends with Molly and maybe more than friends after awhile?”

“Yes, I guess I do. All right. Where do we go for these supplies?”

“Leave it to me.” So, off they went for the needed toys, lube and tools. They came back to Tony’s place, and Ronnie came inside with Tony. “Go upstairs and get undressed. I’ll come up and help with the small butt plug.”

But Tony got a bit reluctant. “Do I really need help?”

“No, but I really want to be a part of this. Now shush and do it!”

Tony went upstairs and undressed.

Ronnie came up and saw him. She picked up some lube and smallest butt plug. “Come here Tony and lay across my lap.”

Tony laid across Ronnie’s lap. Ronnie couldn’t resist and gave Tony a hard hand spank on his right cheek.


“Oh don’t be a baby, I just couldn’t resist. Now relax” Ronnie put lube on her finger and started to massage Tony’s anus, just rubbing around the outside. After a few minutes of this, she added more lube and slowly inserted her finger in Tony’s butt-hole. “How’s that feel, Tony?”

“After I relaxed a bit, it was OK.”

“Good, now I’m going to insert the smallest butt plug. Relax.” Ronnie lubed the plug and slowly inserted into Tony’s anus. She let Tony relax a bit, then slowly started to pull the plug a bit out and push it back in, stretching his butt-hole just a bit. “Leave that in for a half hour and then you can pull it out. I’ll come back tomorrow after you get off work, and we’ll continue. Normally, this would take weeks, but we only have one week, so it will be somewhat of a crash course. Now, I want you to pay close attention to your diet this week. No red meat. We want you regular, so lots of fiber.”

“But Molly couldn’t have done all this, since it was so spur of the moment.”

“Don’t worry about Molly. I think her normal masturbation practice includes butt play, so she was ready.”

Ronnie visited Tony every day and worked on stretching Tony’s anus. Finally, Saturday came. Since they were to be at Molly’s at 3:00. Ronnie was at Tony’s at 1:00. She started to give Tony final directions. “Tony, go poop. I’m coming with you to administer an anal douche until your are nice and clean.” After Ronnie judged Tony to be nice and clean, she told him to take a shower paying special attention to his bottom. After that Ronnie took some baby wipes and made sure he was prepped.

“Tony, get dressed and use your best underwear. We want to impress Molly even if it’s just for a moment until you are naked.”

Although Tony still had misgivings, he did as Ronnie directed.

A few minutes before 3:00, Ronnie and Tony walked next door. Molly opened the door before they could even knock. “I knew you’d be here. Come in.”

Ronnie gently pushed Tony inside, and they both stood in front of Molly. “Tony, get undressed.”

“Right now?”

“Yes, do it!”

Tony took his clothes off and stood there naked in front of the two women. He was embarrassed, but he was in good shape, so he wasn’t ashamed.

Molly stepped next to him, reached out grabbing his left nipple, pinching and twisting it. “Now go upstairs to the bedroom. There is a chair with a towel on the seat. Sit down there, so you can watch.”

Once Tony was out of hearing, Ronnie asked Molly if she too should get undressed downstairs.

“No, not yet. Ronnie, you don’t have to do this. I forgive you and do want you for a friend. However, I do want to fuck Tony in the ass because I think we could develop a relationship. I don’t want him thinking he can just take advantage of me, although I loved everything that happened a few weeks ago in his bedroom.”

“Oh no, Molly! I want this. I have been looking forward to it all week. Spanking was often part of foreplay with my late husband, Walter. I’ll tell you all about our sex lives sometime, but not tonight. I want to focus on what’s happening now. In fact, in case you don’t have a paddle, I brought mine.” With that, Ronnie reached into her purse and handed Molly a leather paddle. I’ve worked with Tony this week trying to stretch his anus. We flushed him out earlier, and he’s had a shower. He is all clean for you. You’re not going to hurt him, are you?”

Molly just smiled. “No, I’m using a smallish penis with my strap-on. Actually, I had to buy one since I’ve never done this before. It will be a new experience for both of us.”

“All right, Ronnie. Let’s get started. The same safe word as before – red – although I don’t think you are going to use it. Shall we join Tony upstairs?” Molly led Ronnie to the upstairs bedroom. Once inside, Molly turned and said “while we are in this room, you will address me as Ma’am. Is that understood?” Ronnie and Tony both nodded. Ronnie tried unsuccessfully to hide her smirk.

Molly laid the leather paddle next to a strap-on harness with a smallish penis, large bottle of lube, and a condom. Tony eyed this as Molly sat on the edge of the bed. “Ronnie, take off your skirt and lay across my lap.”

Ronnie did as directed and said “Molly, I mean Ma’am, please spank me hard on my bare bottom.” Ronnie knew what was expected of her. So, Molly put her thumbs on both sides of Ronnie’s panties and pulled them down to her knees.

Molly started slowly with almost gentle pats on Ronnie’s bottom. Ronnie whispered “Molly, please, harder.” So Molly picked up the pace and started spanking hard on Ronnie’s bottom. It quickly went from white to pink to light red.

“Get up Ronnie and take off your clothes. Naughty girls don’t get to keep their clothes on when they are being punished.”

Ronnie stood up and smiled. She pulled off her panties, undid her blouse, tossed it aside, undid her bra, and tossed it on top of the rest of her clothes. She then handed Molly the paddle and laid back down over Molly’s lap. “Molly, please spank my bottom hard with the paddle.”

Molly didn’t hesitate. She spanked Ronnie’s bottom and upper thighs until they were all a fiery red. Tears were running down Ronnie’s cheeks, but she wouldn’t say the safe word. Molly finally stopped. She gave Ronnie a moment to collect herself. Then helped her up and sat her on the edge off the bed. Ronnie looked at Molly, smiled, and said “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It has been too long. That was wonderful – just like Walter would have done.”

Molly put two pillows on the edge of the bed, took off her clothes and put on her strap-on harness. “Tony, it’s your turn now. Slip the condom onto my penis. Now get on all fours on the bed with your ass ready for lube. Ronnie, would you please lube Tony’s ass and my penis for me?”

“Oh, yes Ma’am. My pleasure!” Ronnie first did the strap-on penis with a large amount of lube. Then she moved to Tony’s bottom and began licking around his anus, finally sticking her tongue into his butt. Then she took her time lubing around the rim of Tony’s anus and pushing lube into Tony’s anus. From the look of Tony’s enlarging erection, he seemed to be getting turned on by the whole process, especially seeing Ronnie’s very red butt.

“Tony, now get on your back on the edge of the bed.” Tony did as he was told.” Molly got between Tony’s legs with her penis just touching Tony’s anus. She then reached down, put her hand around his cock, and slowly pumped. When his cock was fully erect, she started to slowly insert her penis into Tony’s anus. “Tony, tell me if it is too much.” Tony kept quiet.

While Tony and Molly were focused on his anus, Ronnie put her knees on each each side of Tony’s head. She raised up and lowered her pussy onto Tony’s mouth. Tony knew what was expected of him and he began to lick. While Tony was focused on Ronnie’s pussy, Molly pushed her penis all the way into Tony’s anus and began to slowly pull out and then back in.

Ronnie couldn’t stop and was soon squirting on Tony’s face as she climaxed. She then knelt down and took Tony’s cock in her mouth. It was awkward with Molly still fucking him, but Ronnie and Molly worked together. Soon Tony started to cum. Ronnie kept him in her mouth and took it all, but she didn’t swallow.

Molly pulled out of Tony’s ass. Ronnie stood up and moved in front of Molly. She kissed Molly and shared Tony’s cum with her. They shared his cum back and forth making sure Tony could see. Finally they both swallowed it all.

Ronnie turned Molly around and laid her down on the bed with her legs hanging over he edge. Ronnie knelt down so she could lick Molly’s cunt. Tony moved above Molly on the bed and put her head in his lap. He reached down to her nipples and began to play with them gently at first. Tony watched Molly get more aroused from Ronnie’s tonguing and began to get rougher with her nipples. Soon Molly was screaming her orgasm.

Ronnie and Tony moved so they could gently kiss Molly while she came down from her orgasm.

When they had all recovered or at least calmed down, they got dressed and went downstairs. Molly got out bottles of cold water and glasses of white wine. They all looked at each other, and finally Ronnie said “now what?”

To be continued.

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